KH3 D23 2017 Trailer + KH3 Coming in 2018!

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    With the surprise reveal of a Toy Story world came a trailer as well (which you can check out above). Apart from the Toy Story reveal, Kingdom Hearts III has been confirmed for a 2018 release!

    Edit: The post has been edited to include the English subbed version of the trailer!
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by ~Master Xehanort~, Jul 15, 2017.

    1. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      Updated to include the English subbed trailer!
    2. Truly Mad Moves
      Truly Mad Moves
      I've been worried for years that adapting worlds based on CGI movies wouldn't work in this series because it would invariably just look exactly like the movie, only worse. I should have remembered how good Chicken Little looked in KH2... should have had more faith... because my GOSH, does this look good. It's like they stepped straight out of Toy Story 3.

      Speaking of which, from the looks of Andy's bedroom, it seems they're adapting Toy Story 2 or 3 rather than the original. Not sure what's going on here, but then again I haven't watched the subbed version yet. Excuse me...

      EDIT: Seen it, caught some glimpses of reports, seems this is another original story just like the Big Hero 6 world, perhaps one set between Toy Story 1 and 2 given the absence of Bullseye and Jessie, buuuut, they do say some friends are missing, so perhaps we have to FIND Bullseye and Jessie. I assume Mr. Potato Head and Slinky are absent because they're trademarked. C'est la vie.
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    3. Day~Dream
      I called it! I knew they'd reveal the release year. I am beyond excited. Though most likely that's the Japanese release year (I assume it'll be released at the end of the year around December in Japan and then we'll get it early 2019) it would be a pleasant surprise if they did a world wide release though.
    4. Iskandar
      I've been dreading this for so long, and now it happened. I would have taken almost any other Pixar movie, but we just had to get Toy Story. I never really liked Toy Story, and lately I just find it irritating. Though I won't deny that seeing them jump off the room and fighting heartless on the ground is a nice touch at least. Though it better not be a pain to get back up. Wonder how far in the game this'll be. I remember thinking Tron was going to be a later world, but it was one of the first in KH3D