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    Hello to all fellow KHVidans!

    Is it starting to get hot here or is it just me? Well, the sun is beginning to shine high, the flowers are in full bloom and Sea Salt Ice Cream is now on sale, this can mean only one thing… we at KHV are holding our second KHVids Podcast Summer Mini Series! Here is where we give you the opportunity to let your voice be heard!​


    What is the Summer Mini Series?

    The Summer Mini Series is a summer activity with the opportunity for all members of KHV to become involved with the KH-Vids podcasts. Members in groups have the ability to make their own podcast episode and which will be posted on KHV for all to hear! Based on last year, we will be keeping the Mini Series open and active from May to August. This means that the opportunity to hand in a podcast for Mini Series will run from now till 31st July, but may change depending on popularity and activity shown by members. This means after reading this thread all the way through, you can start organising and putting a group together to make a Mini Series podcast! I will post up a thread soon where member can organise groups, post interests and say if you’re looking to start a group or join one. This will NOT affect the official podcasts and is not a supplement for them, it is instead a way for members to participate in the community and talk with friends or even strangers for the first time on topics you find fun and interesting.​

    What will I need to take part?

    You will need:​
    • A willing group of victims members (Min.: 3, Max.: 5)
    • Registered KH-Vids members with at least 10 posts.
    • A method of voice calling. (E.g. Skype)
    • A voice calling recorder. (E.g. voipcallrecording or ifree-recorder)
    • A program to edit the audio. (E.g. Audacity)
    • Microphones for all participants, and clear enough for all to hear.
    • A willingness to talk and listen to others! :]

    What topics can I talk about?

    Podcasts can include one topic that is discussed throughout the podcast or hold a wide range. They can be based around anything, you have total freedom in what you want to do (within the restriction of the Rules) but remember that you are recording for people to listen to. Try to not pick a very narrow topic that many people may not understand or take interest in, or that you have to explain what everything is all the time! XD However, you MUST contact Peace and War with the topic you wish to discuss, and the same topic cannot be talked about by the same groups (more on this in the Rules below).​

    Summer Mini Series Rules

    Violating any of these extensively will mean your episode is not eligible for the Summer Mini Series, and will most likely NOT BE POSTED. Please read over them carefully.​
    • A member from each podcast group MUST contact Peace and War BEFORE recording an episode, informing about the members of the group and the topic(s) of discussion. Contact me through one of the methods listed in Contact Me! with the title ‘Mini Series Proposal - *insert your username here*’. One may not simply send in a podcast without telling me! : P
    • Each Mini Series podcast must be comprised of different topics to one another. So, for example, two groups cannot talk about Doctor Who for a whole episode. The first group to get an approved Proposal will be able to pick a full Doctor Who episode (so first come, first serve deal). However, subsequent groups may talk about Doctor Who for a small part of their podcast but not the majority and must have other topics lined up as well. After you submit the Mini Series Proposal, I MUST confirm the topic is eligible for you to talk about it and record it. I will reply as fast as I can.
    • The members in each podcast group are in control of their own episode: getting a group together, recording, editing, and submitting it to Peace and War. You may ask for help from others not in your group such as editing the podcast if you are unable but you MUST credit whoever helped you when you submit it. You may receive help from fellow members ONLY (talk to me if you cannot find anyone but make sure you post in this thread asking for help first off). Additionally, a number of Staff members have volunteered to help out in certain areas shown here. Only ask for help from them in the areas they've volunteered to help with, k?
    • Each Mini Series podcast should be no more than 45 minutes. If this occurs, you must cut it down until it reaches 45 minutes, otherwise it will not be eligible and will not be posted.
    • One member per podcast group. Per two podcast groups, if in a different podcast group. (For example: If I am in a group with members A, B and C, I cannot be in another group with any of those members again. However, I could be in one other group if it included members D, E and F). This goes for any participating Staff members, they'll do a maximum of two Mini Series Podcasts (unless they really want more!).
    • The format of the podcast MUST in MP3 when handed in to Peace and War.
    • No vulgar language, swearing must be kept to a minimum
    • No use of sexual jokes, racial jokes, offensive terms.
    • No bashing of other members or fan sites.
    Here are some guidelines to follow for the Mini Series:
    • Participants may be any registered KHV members, from regular members to premiums and staff.
    • Avoid inside jokes, try to talk with an audience in mind who may not understand your topic.
    • If your podcast has spoilers about a TV series, game, movie, book, etc, you will NEED to mention so in the description when submitting.
    • Try to stay on topic. If you go off topic, try to get back on the topic of the podcast.
    • Plan beforehand with your group what you’ll talk about and make sure everyone has an equal turn in talking.
    • Keep in mind throughout the Podcast recording how much time you have left before 45 minutes is up.
    • If you need to, take a moment to re-focus mid podcast and edit it out afterward.
    • Enjoy it, duh, this is meant to be something to enjoy! : D

    Recording and Editing - credit to Misty

    MP3 Skype Recorder
    (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)

    Step #1: Download & install
    Head over to this page and click “Download latest version 3.1 - [BMP3SkypeRecorderSetup.exe[/B] (2.4 MB) (recommended).” Run the installer and open the program once it finishes.

    Step #2: Configure MP3 Skype Recorder
    In the window that opens, you’ll have a relatively simple user interface. If you want to change where your recordings are saved, you can click the folder button and choose a different one (default is the Desktop).

    I’d recommend setting your Recording Mode to Stereo and your Recording Bit Rate to 128.

    Close out of the program completely, for now. Check your system tray to make sure it’s not open in there.

    Step #3: Allow access to Skype
    Open up Skype and then open MP3 Skype Recorder. Skype should have a small notification towards the top asking if you’d like to allow MP3 Skype Recorder access to record. Allow it.

    In MP3 Skype Recorder, it should now say Connected to Skype at the bottom. Keep it open.

    Step #4: Start a Skype call & record it
    You can call a friend or make a Skype test call—either will work fine. Once the call has started, open up MP3 Skype Recorder and hit the Record button (red circle, furthest to the left). A window should appear telling you that a recording is in progress. Have a test call with you and the other person talking back and forth a bit. Once you’ve got an adequate test, you can either end the call via Skype, or hit the Stop button in MP3 Skype Recorder. The file will appear in whichever folder you chose to save to, and you should get a confirmation in the window that appeared earlier.

    Having trouble recording?
    No worries! Feel free to contact me with questions and I’ll do my best. There’s plenty of software out there that can do the same thing and even function similarly if you really can’t get it working. Here’s a few option—I haven’t personally tested all of them, but I can offer whatever help within my power.

    Messenger Plus (Windows & Mac)
    Download link:

    Callgraph (Windows)
    Download link:
    Warning: I’ve had trouble getting this program to work. Use at your own risk.

    Garageband, Soundflower, & LineIn (Mac)
    Downloads & tutorial: (Supports Mac only)
    Warning: this is an advanced method and is not recommended if you don’t know what you’re doing!

    SkypeCallRecorder (Linux)

    Got another program that works for you? Feel free to post and share it with others!

    Can’t get it working? Simply ask for help. If you really can’t get it working, though, contact me (Misty) and I can record for you.

    Editing your podcast
    You have your recording all done, but it needs some editing! Maybe you want to add an intro or cut out some chatter. It’s not hard!

    There are a lot of audio editing programs out there. Because you’ll probably just be doing simple edits, you won’t need anything fancy. Mac users will probably find GarageBand sufficient. Audacity is a fantastic program that’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. If you need help using it, check out their beginner’s tutorial.

    I personally use REAPER, and Jayn wrote up a great tutorial on using it. It’s more so for the Chorus than editing podcasts, but it’s worth a look if you’re really lost.

    As with recording, if you need help, feel free to ask!

    • Do test records before the actual recording! The worst thing out there is having a great conversation only to find that the recording didn’t work or you forgot to hit the button.
    • Make sure everyone in the call is using a decent microphone. The recording will only be as high quality as the inputs—built-in microphones usually aren’t very good. There are a lot of cheap options out there.
    • Make sure everyone uses headphones during the call. This is the only way to avoid echo!
    • Edit the podcast naturally. Cutting out chatter is a good thing, but be forgiving—if the chatter is interesting or funny, leave it in, even if it’s not completely on topic.

    Submitting a Mini Series Podcast

    After your podcast has fully been edited and ready for submission you will need to contact me through any of the ways listed in Contact Me! below.
    • All Members in the group, along with any help you had
    • Link to the Podcast file (MP3 ONLY. Recommend uploading to
    • Description of your podcast topics that you discussed in the end, whether it contained spoilers and anything else of note.
    Once that's all done and I've had a quick listen over it, I'll post it ASAP for the community to hear and cheer about! : D

    Contact Me!
    If you have any questions post them in the thread below, I will help clarify any problems you may have. All in all have fun and enjoy yourself, I was in your shoes last year and I loved taking part, so give it a go and I know you will too! : D

    Any questions or comments post them below.
    I'll post a link to the group volunteering thread ASAP.
    Thanks guys, keep on trucking!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Peace and War, May 17, 2013.