KH: Elevator.

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    KH: Elevator

    “Kairi, get in the car already!â€

    Kairi sighed and hoisted her bag further up her shoulder, sliding into the car and giving her parents a slight glare. They always seemed to be harassing her recently. What was it? Had someone stuck a sticker saying “Annoy me†onto her back? It hadn’t been there when she has checked her reflection in the mirror that morning. Perhaps her Dad was getting more crafty after all. Eh, she didn’t doubt it.

    After rambling mindlessly in her head for a while she noticed her Mum was trying to talk to her. She quickly paid attention, scratching her knee slightly.

    “….So we’ll pick you up from outside the mall in three hours, okay?â€

    “Yeah, sure.†Kairi replied, staring out of the window as they drove past some roadworks. The workmen were shirtless; she silently thanked God for hot days.

    “No, not ‘sure’ Kairi, you say ‘Thankyou’ to your mother.†Her Dad said sternly. Glancing into the side mirror Kairi saw his jaw was clenched. Why were they so irritable today?

    “Thanks, Mum.†She retained her silence until they rounded the street where the mall was. Destiny Islands had changed so much in recent years. Gone was the primitive technology and basic wooden buildings. Now, nearly everywhere had electricity - and modern things were cropping up everywhere; new school, factories, homes, and the new mall. It was an improvement - but sometimes it felt like something was missing. Or had been taken away.

    “So, who are you meeting up with, Kairi?â€

    “Erm…†She licked her lips. “Just Selphie. Maybe some others later.â€

    Lies. All lies. Riku Riku Riku Riku.

    She was meeting up with Riku of course.

    Five minutes later she stood alone inside the entrance, twirling the bottom of her pink skirt around her fingers nervously. Her eyes darted about, looking for any sign of her silver haired friend. But of course, she hoped he could be more than just a friend. If only he could see how much she wanted that. If only.

    He appeared then, and her heart hammered wildly. He was dressed simply in denim cut offs and a sleeveless blue shirt. The muscles on his arms were prominent and Kairi reminded herself not to stare.

    “Hi,†she said breathlessly, and mentally slapped herself. Kairi! You sound like some childish giggly girl! She took a deep breath and smiled at him. He grinned back.


    He was almost unreadable.

    How does he always stay so calm and collected?

    Once again Kairi reminded herself that in his eyes this was just the two of them hanging out as friends. Of course he wouldn’t be as anxious as her. They were just two friends. Hanging out together. Platonic.

    Yeah, as if.

    “So, what do ya’ wanna do, Kairi?†He said softly, his smile still in place.

    Kiss you. So badly. “I’m a bit hungry. Shall we grab some food or something?â€

    He nodded. “Sure.â€

    The escalators were jam packed so they walked side by side to the elevator, red hair and silver sticking out from the crowds strikingly. Riku was slightly ahead; he always did like to lead the way. Even from a young age, when they used to play on the islet together, he had always taken the role of leader over Sora or Wakka. Tidus had never cared.

    Once they were inside Riku’s hand brushed her arm when he pushed the button for the second floor. Kairi’s heart fluttered wildly in her chest. Every time they accidentally touched she hoped by some coincidence it would keep happening. She hummed quietly while the silver box began to rise.

    For about five seconds, everything was normal.

    Then out of nowhere there was a screeching sound and the elevator stopped, the lights flickering out. Kairi let out a little scream and spun around, looking for light. There was a faint glow coming from the control box, with an emergency red light flashing on and off. Riku called out her name in the dark. His voice sounded faint, to her alarm. Kairi felt her pulse quicken.


    “Riku!†She shrieked, flailing her arms out wildly in the darkness. Out of panic small tears had started to appear in the corners of her eyes. She wiped them away hurriedly.

    “It’s okay Kairi, calm down, we’ll be fine.â€

    “We’re trapped!†She wailed, sliding down to sit on the floor. Soon her eyes began to adjust to the small glow of the emergency light; faintly she saw Riku attempting to make a call. His fingers tapped nervously on the elevator wall.

    “It won’t dial,†he muttered, looking down at her, “guess we’re stuck here for a while, eh?â€

    His blue eyes were hardly doing anything good for her nerves.

    “Y-Yeah…†She looked at her hands. They looked pale in here. Fidgeting, Kairi picked at the corner of her skirt.

    “That’s a nice skirt, you know.â€

    Jumping, Kairi glanced upwards. “It is?â€

    His smile was heart breaking. “Yeah. I like it on you.â€

    What does that mean? Is he implying something? I don’t know…

    Awkward silence followed. Kairi shivered slightly; it was getting pretty cold sitting still in there. She regretted leaving her jacket next to her bed back home.

    “Are you cold, Kairi?†His voice seemed softer than usual.

    “K-Kinda… A.. A little.†She stuttered.

    Then she almost died of happiness when she felt his arms wrap around her. “O-Oh.†She sighed, her heart almost aching with how nice she felt. One of his hands slowly crept to hold hers; and he pulled her back to lean against him. He was warm; Kairi allowed a smile to escape onto her lips.

    “Better?†He said; his voice was in her ear.

    “Thankyou, Riku.†Thank Ansem I didn’t stutter.

    “It’s what I’m here for.†She could almost hear him grinning like a cat.

    Finally she relaxed, her breaths coming slower now. But… perhaps she should do something… while she had the chance…

    Sometimes it’s good to dive in the deep end.


    He stirred. “What is it?†His hand stroked her arm soothingly.

    “I…†Oh dear, she was blushing already. “It’s just…â€

    “Hmm?†His hand danced over hers, tickling slightly. Was that what friends did?

    “I think I’m in love with you.â€

    He was silent. Beneath her he froze; she could feel it.

    No. No no no. Please, no.

    The silence was deafening. It roared in her ears, taunting her. Feelings of doubt Kairi had tried to suppress crept back, clawing their way into her heart. Biting her bottom lip, she attempted to stand up, to get away from him.

    “I only have one response hat, Kairi.â€

    Her hands shook. He sounded so… I’m not even sure anymore.


    A pair of lips cut off hers in the darkness.

    * * *

    “Hello this is Destiny Mall emergency call. What is the problem?â€

    Riku broke away to look at the in-built phone. “Nothing. We’re fine!â€

    They laughed together after that.
  2. P E A N U T ~*~Never Surrender~*~

    Apr 25, 2008
    Awww, that was cute! As much as I dislike the RikuxKairi thing anymore, that was adorable. :3

    Your writing was addictive, as always. I love seeing you write new things. *Sigh* this reminds me of the days of your fanfic. Good times...good times. ;D
  3. Juicy Chaser

    May 29, 2008

    Thanks <3
    I kind of miss those days too D:
    Glad to hear I still have it in me. :3
  4. Arch Mana Knight

    Oct 5, 2007
    That was good but...poor Sora. Riku didn't even try as hard as him to find Kairi! D8

    Keep writing...although I dunno how long they could stay in the Elevator. XD
  5. Juicy Chaser

    May 29, 2008
    Heh heh... nah, this is a oneshot. xD

    That could be intresting though ;D
  6. Ralor Twilight Town Denizen

    Oct 18, 2007
    In my own fantasies
    If it's a one-shot, can you just tell us something?

    Why exactly were Kairi's parents acting so b*****?

    Anyways, I like the story, even though it's a bit short. And I love the RikuXKairi
  7. Rissy Queen of the Clouds

    Jul 16, 2008
    in the Sky
    I like it, even though I'm not a Riku or Kairi fan. You made it seem more realistic, and didn't always focus on their movements, like in some of favorite books. It's interesting, and it reminds me of a personal experience.
    One thing I don't like about Kairi. She just blurted it out, and what would have been better was something like Riku just kissing her when she says the beginning of Love. That would've been something more interesting in my part. But that was good also. (:
    I like your writing, I never read your fanfic, seeing you did well. <3
    Great Job, Continue. <3
  8. Forever Love Life Without Limits

    Jul 18, 2007
    Shaping my life.
    Aww. I loved it.

    Although the Riku&Kairi pairing isn't my favorite, it was still adorable and lovable all the same. It was cute, and I enjoyed it.

    I'm starting to think back to your fic as well, and I desperately want to reread it. xD

    Anyway, good job, sweetie. Can't wait to see more from you!
  9. Juicy Chaser

    May 29, 2008
    It was a bit short, I agree. Im glad someone likes the RikuXKairi xD

    I... hmm.. I was going to try and come up with an explanation to why they were so mean to her, but I thought, eh, lets just make her a typical teen who can't get on with her parents xD

    Approval from my Rissy is goood (:
    I wanted a moment of doubt from when she said I love you to the kiss.

    Your reviews always make me smile, because I always want your approval (:

    If your going to re-read it, just be warned; the first chapters were awful, if you remember xD I was still new to writing at the beginning.