How to Make a Classy Anime/Manga Thread - Look Here Before Making One!

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    In the efforts to add a semblance of organization and higher quality to this dear board, I have decided to create a simple base guide for what to expect and what one should try and put into a thread here!

    This is not a rule, only a recommendation! You do not have to follow this guide or be organized like the below, but it is just a gentle advisory to make things easier for the people viewing the thread, and the people whom you wish to watch this anime (or read this manga)!

    Without further ado, let us try an example post.
    Annotations are in green to explain why so-and-so could be present.

    - - - - -

    Ore no Kami-sama to Nihongo ni Baka Tsundere Moe Kawaii Subarashii Wake ga Nai Tasukete Yo! ( 俺の神様と日本語に馬鹿ツンデレ萌えかわいいすばらしいわけがない助けてよ!)​
    Alternative Title: *unintelligible in English*, "Orekami"​
    You should keep a title in Japanese and English. Preferably, use the English title!
    A picture is usually necessary. It helps gives readers an idea of what the show's animation, character design, and atmosphere may be like. Here I used something I drew because I do not have time to draw beautiful works of art for Orekami, so this is a placeholder until I may. Usually it is good to use an official poster, or some such.
    A plot summary, you can grab from Wikipedia, Crunchyroll, or wherever such. Please do not make it as long as this one, and do not spoil the entire plot!

    Genre: Harem, Romance, Action, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Comedy, Drama, Tragedy, Ecchi​
    Episodes: 22 (+ 2 OVAs)​
    Animation: SHAFT, KyoAni, Gainax​
    Writing: Gainax, the ghost of Satoshi Kon​
    Seasons: 1​
    Airing: Crunchyroll​
    Personal Rating: 10/10​

    All of these modules help a reader understand what sort of show it is like. These are probably the most important parts of your post, because not everyone has the same tastes, or the same amount of time.

    Watch on Crunchyroll
    TV Tropes Article
    Wikipedia Article

    These links help the viewer get a better idea of what the show is like. If you can throw in some places to watch the anime, then you can do so as well. No download links to torrents, please; that is against the rules.

    This anime is a masterpiece of fictional work. A touching story about the true nature of humanity, the consciousness that exists in us as a result of lightspeed communication, and our place in the universe, it touches upon philosophical themes from Nietzsche to Kierkegaard all while displaying pompously drawn breasts on screen at the same time, for some reason. This perfect balance of deep thinking and banal physical tastes sums up OreKami as one of the greatest anime ever created, one that will be remembered for decades, for it speaks to us not simply on an intellectual or physical level, but on both.

    The characters were immensely well written. Despite Hito being your everyday six-foot shirtless bishounen with long flowing hair, and Gazpacho's breasts taking up more screen time than her actual face, these characters' personalities, problems, and emotions were the centerpieces of this touching melodrama of existential struggle. No anime fan who has watched this could ever forget the tearjerking scene featuring Hito and Fried Chicken (which I shall not spoil). I did not cry this much since Clannad! Remember to keep tissues at all times for this anime. Who knows what you could use them for; especially with the three studios working on this together. There are many characters spanning this space time sequence, but I will not spoil them.

    Much of the first episode seems off-putting and generic, but do not let that fool you, as by the end any anime fan is in for an insane ride through space and time. The plot has an excellent pace yet at the same time manages to tie in all of these genres together in a way I dare say is the War and Peace or Les Miserables of the anime world. Although the series has one of the famous "Gainax endings", this one makes sense and is not just a bunch of people clapping for some reason (which actually happens in the first episode regardless).

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Orekami. It is an anime that allows us to think deeply about our lifestyles; our habits; our place in the universe. It is an existential journey of the soul, and what it means to be human. All at the same time while there are about four beach episodes. and buckets of fanservice. I watch it for the plot. Definitely. Of course.

    This is the opinion section, and here I wrote an essay, though keeping it shorter is better. This is completely optional.

    Has anyone else watched this show?

    - - - - -

    (Thank you to everyone in the Spam Zone thread who contributed to the above plot.)

    That is a simple example of what a classy first post in a thread can be like. Organized and giving a good general idea of what the show is like.
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