Full transcript of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 secret movies now available

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    Courtesy of the always hard-working SQEX☆GAL, we now have a full transcript of all the secret scenes in the newly released KINGDOM HEARTS 2.5 HD Remix. @Ami Mizuno updated us yesterday with an early translation, but this one includes another new Re:Coded scene and is a complete transcript, including some interesting translator notes.

    This may go without saying but if you'd like to remain spoiler-free for your own playthrough of 2.5, stay away! I've hidden everything under spoiler tags just to be sure, but tread carefully!

    Re:Coded Secret Movies
    Braig: That was a troublesome plan, but it all went accordingly, didn’t it?

    Braig: Master Xemnas isn’t here, so does that mean it’s already begun?

    Young Master Xehanort: Yes.

    いやぁ ゼアノートの爺さんはやっぱり怖いねぇ
    Braig: Well then! That old man Xehanort really is frightening.

    Braig: How far will he read?

    Translator's Note: (My opinion: Braig uses the verb 読む which is specifically used for reading, and given the stress Nomura has put on the term “Tome of Prophecy”, I am inclined to think that’s what he’s referring.)

    Braig: Honestly, I don’t really know what that old man’s real goal is.

    Braig: You are yourself now too, but do you got it figured out?

    Young Master Xehanort: The fate which I must follow as an omen is decided.

    Braig: In short, you don’t really get it yet.

    Young Master Xehanort: Keyblade Masters have Keyblades that are passed down for generation after generation.

    Young Master Xehanort: And during that long history, the number of apprentices increase...

    Young Master Xehanort: The number of inherited Keyblades also increase in great numbers, but...

    Young Master Xehanort: Among them, one is the oldest...

    Young Master Xehanort: For sure it is the Keyblade that Master Xehanort possesses.

    Young Master Xehanort: It is the mark of inheritance.

    Young Master Xehanort: I haven’t obtained that yet.

    Braig: I see how it is then.

    Braig: That’s has to do with the Keyblade War too, right?

    Braig: Whatever, I’ll go towards my own goals regardless.

    Braig: So, who shall I take with me?

    Translator's Note: My conclusion: In this scene, Braig and Young Master Xehanort have come into being once again, but Xehanort cannot wield a Keyblade because he hasn’t been given the mark of inheritance yet. Also, as I mentioned in the note above, Braig mentions Old Man Xehanort reading, which I am inclined to think he refers to the Tome of Prophecy, seeing as both these secret scenes were designed to bring attention to Kingdom Hearts X [chi].

    Additional Re:Coded Scene (takes place before entering Castle Oblivion)
    Maleficent: That explains it...

    Maleficent: I didn’t recognize it because he called it some sort of “data world.”

    Maleficent: The Tome of Prophecy!

    Maleficent: Once, a long time ago, there was a book called by that name.

    Maleficent: It was a book that documented the complete future of the worlds.

    Pete: Oh yeah? If there really was something like that, wouldn’t you be free to do whatever you wanted with the worlds?

    Maleficent: It would seem that from that book, you could go as far as taking out people and power that existed in the future, reproducing the world of the future.

    Pete: What? Worlds and people from a book?

    Pete: No matter how you look at it, that’s got to be a fairytale!

    Pete: You had me going there for a second

    Maleficent: Yes... It’s just like a fairytale.

    Maleficent: But... Wouldn’t you say the so called “data world” is the same thing?

    Maleficent: Perhaps there is some connection between that Tome of Prophecy from the past and the journal they made for the sake of leaving a record.

    Pete: This is getting interesting, Maleficent!

    Maleficent: We really must get our hands on this so called, “data”.

    Translator's Note: My Conclusion: Just like how in Recoded, worlds are made out of the data in Jiminy’s Journal, worlds and more can also be recreated out of the Tome of Prophecy. Maleficent obviously heard about it before, maybe even in the Keyblade War era.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Misty, Oct 3, 2014.

    1. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      Hope you don't mind Misty, but I took the liberty of replacing the second vid with one that was HD and didn't lag.


      Considering this scene takes place before Castle Oblivion in Re:coded, it'd be after Data-Sora saved them and they left. It does give insight as to why Maleficent was still after the "Data worlds" in KH3D, and makes me wonder how much she knows about the Tome of Prophecy, and whether Xehanort told her about that as well.
    2. AzzyFox
      That would explain why Pete and Maleficent wanted the world data in KH3D. Nice way to drag Re:coded out of the depths of useless filler.
    3. Light-Rune Maven
      Light-Rune Maven
      This greatly interest me; oddly for only one reason. As fascinating as the tome of prophecy sounds, the main thing I noted was how at the end of the first video braig said: "So, who will I take with me?" It seemed to me as if he wanted YMX to pick one of the reconstructed Org. members at random.

      Notice that in the scene, Isa is still there... but in DDD, he's gone when the others wake up. Maybe Isa isn't a big bad guy after all? Perhaps it could be that they took him against his will like they almost did with Sora? It's definitely worth considering, but Saix had the supposed signs of MX possession when he was still and Organization XIII member, so I can't really be sure. Still; I just can't stop thinking about what it could entail.
    4. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      I believe the reason for this is that despite being a Xehanort, Saix really had no idea until DDD. His actions in Days and KH2 were most likely an instinct resulting from being part Xehanort, yet didn't realize it, and felt what he was doing was completely natural.
    5. Eric Luna
      Eric Luna
      This really opens up the story.