KH-Vids Podcast Episode #71: Happy N7 Day

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    After taking the last week off, your podcast hosts @Misty and @libregkd are joined by @Calxiyn and @Peace and War to celebrate the recently passed N7 Day, a special celebration of all things Mass Effect!

    Before we kick into that, we address some changes coming to the podcast -- namely noting the departure of our host @Llave from the team, and how we'll be filling his seat, as well as some schedule changes for the coming weeks. We also discuss some Kingdom Hearts news, the most important of which is the announcement of the new Kingdom Hearts Collector's Edition pack with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5.

    From there we geek out about Mass Effect -- be warned, spoilers are rampant! We cover what's been announced thus far about the next entry in the Mass Effect series and what we want to see in it, the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition and how that will affect Mass Effect, BioWare's in-progress Shadow Realms project, the ending of Mass Effect 3, the possibility of a Mass Effect trilogy remaster, and more! As expected, @Misty waxes poetic over Knights of the Old Republic and her Liara love affair.

    We go a bit over time with Mass Effect, but stick around for some quick user-submitted questions! @Graxe conducts an insect survey, @Plums commits Question Fraud, and we pull out Table Topics once again!

    Please everyone listen, enjoy, and leave us a comment!


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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Nov 11, 2014.

    1. Llave
      It's so weird being able to listen to a podcast and everything being fresh. (Of course the topic had to be one that i'd ACTUALLY TALK IN.)

      Also 'grats Cal on being a regular, proud of you girl~
    2. Amaury
      And it's all your fault! :D

      Not really.
    3. Hayabusa
      As much as I enjoyed the big epic moments of Mass Effect 3 that weren't the ending, I did feel like the writing in between was too simplistic and not thought out Kai Leng. Seriously? Could have done something far more interesting than SPACE NINJA, especially one that....ugh...uses a katana in the technologically advanced future.

      And yeah, that ending is still terrible.

      My Mass Effect romances in order are Tali, then Liara, then Traynor, than Kelly, then Miranda.

      Also, sorry Misty, I don't get the hype for The Order 1886 yet. It looks good, sure, from the third-person gunplay and the story, but...not really hooking me with the yet. Maybe you can convince me? I haven't watched all of the videos for it yet.

      (damn shame you couldn't do the podcast last week, I was actually available for once :P )
    4. Misty
      Yeah I have a lot of problems with the writing in Mass Effect 3. Kai Leng was definitely a joke but I think my biggest would be the lack of emphasis on and story behind your squadmates -- which, I get it, you've established them pretty well over the course of the previous two games, and Mass Effect 2 is basically "how to create great characters: the video game" (gee I wonder why I like it so much). But in ME3 they just feel like shadows of their previous selves -- aside from your love interest, Liara, Kaidan/Ashley, and the Citadel DLC, there's hardly any (meaningful) one-on-one interaction with them. In previous games, and BioWare games in general, I love observing my party members' individual character arcs and seeing how they develop, interacting with them and learning more about them. It makes the prospect of losing them much more gruesome, which is why it's so tough for me to imagine people dying at the end of ME2 (I saved pretty much everyone).

      And again, I get that it's the last in a trilogy and the characters are well-established by this point, but that doesn't mean they can't evolve. Let's look at Return of the Jedi -- probably the weakest of the original trilogy, but Luke, Han, and Leia all develop in meaningful ways despite being explored well in the previous films.
      I APPROVE, though I never liked Chambers much. She seemed like 2nd tier LI, but I never pursued her either.
      need I say more????

      No but for real, part of it is just that it looks so beautiful. Even if the gameplay and the story end up being crap I know it will be an amazing visual experience which is something that matters to me. The setting is really cool even if it's not terribly original. We don't know much about the story yet but basically the whole like... lore behind the Order is so interesting. Also this:

      I know I'm unreasonably hyped for the game and I don't really expect anyone to get quite to my level, ha. But in terms of PS4 games I'm pumped for this is presently top of the list.
    5. libregkd