Awaiting Feedback Cutoff Issue with Some Locally Uploaded Avatars

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    For clarification, when I say locally, I mean uploaded here rather than using an avatar you uploaded on Gravatar.

    This is something I previously brought up here; when @Plums used the Spyro avatar example in that thread, he had the same issue; however, when he re-edited it, he didn't. I later figured out, with the help of Misty and Makaze, that simply adding .png to an image, like my friend Hero of Time suggested, was not the proper way to convert image formats. Since then I've been converting images properly by using Save As on Paint as well as using Paint to edit my avatars rather than Imgur since I leanred Paint has editing features.

    The issue, however, did not completely go away as some avatars still have the issue, like those Spyro and Asami ones shown in the thread, and now my current avatar as well. However, this is where it gets interesting: not only does it only happen in certain areas where the avatar appears—so it doesn't happen everywhere—if I were to upload this avatar on Gravatar, this would not be an issue. Additionally, this appears to be an issue only on KH-Vids as I tested it on KH-Flare and The Admin Zone, other XenForo forums, with no issue. It was too big for XenForo Community, but highly likely not an issue there, either. I wonder if it's possibly related to this bug report that's still awaiting feedback, which has to do with avatar appearance issues on the member card, though that only started in KH-Vids 9.0, I'm pretty sure, and this general avatar cutoff issue has been here since at least 2014. It could still be related, though.

    Here are some screenshots showing the issue:

    Mai Example 1.PNG Mai Example 2.PNG

    Compared to other sites, where it's not an issue:

    The Admin Zone:

    Mai Example 3.PNG


    Mai Example 4.PNG Mai Example 5.PNG

    Look closely at the bottom of the avatar for KH-Vids and compare it. Notice how part of the bottom is missing and it appears to not be aligned properly as a result.

    Here's the avatar in question:

    Mai (2).png

    Which doesn't appear to have the issue when uploaded in a post like that Spyro one did in the other thread.
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