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    Piggybacking off of this -- I have in numerous occasions explained Libre's role as an admin to those who asked. If nobody asks, I can't help them. Seriously to those who are reading/watching this whole thing unravel, if you have questions just ask them. It doesn't have to be this big guessing game.
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    Alright! Before I get down to my response, I just want to thank B and anyone else who posted here regarding this issue, because it is an important issue to be concerned about, and I'm glad that you decided to share your feelings with us rather than just disappear. I appreciate all the feedback, I really do, and it genuinely hurts to see my friends just disappear (ngl I have actually cried when some people leave the discord server lol idk if that makes me just overemotional or what but it's the truth) so I love that you were open about this and gave us a chance to address the problems you've been seeing.

    As for those problems, I agree that the staff is due for an overhaul. There are major problems that need addressed, and ngl, activity is one of them. That said, a major staff overhaul is already underway. Discussions regarding a structural reboot were opened in the staff section on December 29th, and a new system was agreed upon after much planning and discussion. The work towards implementing the new system was started on February 7th, the most noticeable change being the two new Supervisor usergroups outlined in this thread. In addition to the new Usergroups, the staff section is being completely reorganized and our policies and procedures updated and many sections rewritten to better fit our current staff team and userbase. We also have a five-year-plan for the site, a plan I've named "Plan X" and everyone else is humoring me with, lol, despite how corny it is, and we have a complete schedule for 2018, planned up until the last day of December, with new and returning events as well as scheduled section-reboots (such as the Writer's Nook Reboot we launched in January) and, teaser alert, the launch of a new Youtube Community channel and several projects therein. Which, as a note, is a big part of why you haven't seen people like Explode or Krowley around a whole lot: They've been doing a lot of work to prepare for a more active Youtube presence, and as such have been devoting their time to External Influence while leaving Internal Influence (events) to Aelin and I. Again, teaser alert: We're planning on launching the new Community Channel sometime early next month, and rebranding our current channel as a Cutscene Hub, so watch the front page for an announcement about the new channel once March rolls around!

    Also, I've got permission to 'leak' a little something for you guys, to show you a bit of what we've been working on behind the scenes, so I give you the new banner we're going to put onto the Cutscene Hub channel:
    KHV Cutscene Channel Banner - TEASER.png
    Depending on whether the viewer is using Desktop, Mobile, or TV, they'll see this banner in whole or in part, and I've tested it on my personal account. It's not perfect, (DO YOU KNOW HOW IMPOSSIBLE IT IS TO FIND QUALITY DiZ AND XEHANORT IMAGES IN THIS ART STYLE LOL) but it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself XD

    So that's one thing we've been putting a lot of our focus on, and I especially want to mention Explode and Krowley again, because seeing them on your list is understandable, as they've been 'absent' from the site, but simply not fair, so I hope this clears that part of it up. But yeah, I'm really excited about some of the plans we have for our Youtube channel, though it will take a lot of time before things really get rolling.

    Which brings me to my next point: Even little changes take time to implement, and we're going whole-hog, massive change. It's going to take time before the results start to show, so I'd like to respectfully ask for a bit of patience with us as we figure everything out and adjust to the new Staff Infrastructure we're still in the process of setting up.

    Also, while I do appreciate you for taking a stand and addressing the issues you've outlined here, that do need to be addressed, people have pointed out - and I agree - that to call people out in such a public and direct way is kind of crossing a line. XD I don't intend to see you punished for it, because as I've said, I agree with a fair chunk of what you've said, and also because I believe that sometimes, desperation at a perceived lack of change calls for open and blunt communication. That said, I would like to see this discussion continued more privately, and respectfully offer to open discussions regarding the other problems you briefly mentioned as wanting to tackle next, over private chats with me and/or other members of staff, if you're willing.

    I open that offer up to anyone who wants to talk. Just come talk to me or anyone on staff you feel comfortable with, and we'll listen to what you have to say, talk about what we might be doing to solve that problem (while still maintaining our Staff Confidentiality Agreement, of course) and relay your problems to the rest of the staff in as efficient and productive way we can. If you want to make Group DM's on Discord with some of us, that's fine too, and will hopefully make it easier to communicate with each other and get these issues dealt with in the correct manner.

    Finally, to conclude my statements on the matter, I'd just like to drop that the 2018 Focus Group Survey is permanently open, and although most of the questions do relate to events, there is a question for whether or not the survey-taker feels like they'd want to stay on KHV and why or why not, as well as an open 'comments' section, so if anyone has any opinions they'd like to air anonymously (except not anonymous to me, but I don't blab lol) but don't feel like they've got enough to say to warrant opening a DM conversation about it, feel free to fill out the survey or even just parts of the survey, and send it to me to pass on to the rest of the staff.

    I really do care about what you all have to say, and I welcome any opinion as a chance to learn what you want to get out of this site. And hey, if you talk to us about what's bothering you, we might just surprise you and reveal we're already trying to change. <3
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    I think this is all very well said and it brings up a lot of good points. (Also the banner looks super great)

    Like, as a former staff member I know a lot of discussion does go on in the staff section in terms of bouncing around ideas and doesn’t necessarily always makes it way out so to speak.

    That’s why I sorta think now going forward, I know y’all don’t wanna give away all your secrets because you want to keep us surprised, and sometimes ideas never come to fruition, but I think that posting more threads in the feedback of “Hey guys we’re planning on doing something for the KHV YouTube channel, and we do want to keep you surprised but if y’all have any ideas regarding X, Y and Z let us know” sorta thing. The X, Y and Z could be say, the content, what the art should look like, how to promote it etc.

    That way you aren’t giving away everything that you guys want to do necessarily, but you can let people know that this is a thing that may be happening and we can all sorta give ideas. Cause now that you brought up the YouTube stuff I already have 10 different ideas lol.

    That could be something fun to do, because obviously we can make our own feedback threads but I know for me it’s different when someone starts to establish the conversation, and I think a lot of us may also be a little shy. At least I am, I don’t like making threads as much as replying to them but that’s just me and I can only really speak for myself.

    Thanks for your response Marushi.
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    It isn't always about keeping events or plans a surprise. In this case with the YouTube channel, it is simply a large undertaking. While going forward in the future we would love to hear member feed back, implement some of their ideas and get them involved, at this stage of planning that is more difficult. Currently while still working on the basics of the change and planning the first bit of content, it is difficult to find the time to give member siggestions the time and attention to get them started in such a way that pays respect to the original idea, while working with it to make sure it works for the site in the best way possible. Personally I don't want to have to say "We might look at your suggestions later, eventually when we have more time to consider it." It simply feels more like we don't care, when we do. By working among staff to create the basis for everything first, we then open up time, post launch to address and work with member suggestions, and change and adjust things based on how they are received going forward.

    That being said it doesn't mean we won't or can't include members during the planning stages, we just need to get to such a point we start thinking ahead and planning for that.

    Essentially it isn't that we don't want feed back and want to keep it all a secret, as much as it is a matter of already having ten ideas in our own heads that we are working through and adding ten more means not giving any the time they need and deserve. Going forward however we will try and keep your suggestion in mind and consider opening feedback for projects and events as we create them instead of after launch. Perhaps we will even utilize the premium or contributor section to test some ideas, allowing for it still to be a surprise in large but giving one of those user groups a chance to give their opinion and help us correct and improve our content.
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    I’m baffled and honestly a bit disappointed. Thought y’all were better than tumblr callout culture. Guess not lol.

    Anyway, onto the real stuff:

    I recall this happening a lot. If people participated more, maybe the site would be a bit livelier. HOWEVER, it does seem as though recently the site is suffering from lack of projects. THAT BEING SAID...

    This is a nice way to start! I like the part where you mention prems getting perks! It’s definitely got the right intent with that, so going forward this seems like a neat plan of action.