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    Hello everyone! Just wanted to steal a moment of your time and go over a recent change that you miiiight have noticed, what with the sudden appearance of pink and teal usernames, lol. Basically, we’re shuffling things around and changing the way we do staff, and part of that includes New Staff Usergroups! Right now, we’re introducing two new Staff Positions: Event Coordinators, and Media Managers! I’m sure you all have some questions, so let’s try to answer some of them straight off the bat, ‘kay?

    Q. What the heck is an Event Coordinator and Media Manager anyway?
    A. These new positions are designed with the purpose of supervising all work related specifically to Events or External Media Sites. See, we’re trying to grow, to change, and to create a great, fun environment for people to just make friends and love KH. This means events and lots of ‘em, and a greater presence on social media.

    Event Coordinators are tasked with planning, scheduling, and managing all events on the site, delegating responsibilities to those who volunteer and making sure that all the little details are taken care of and each and every event runs smoothly. Media Managers are tasked with managing all work related to Youtube and Social Media; overseeing the staff members who have volunteered to run the facebook, twitter, and tumblr page, and being in charge of the Youtube Account (oh and fyi, some really fun changes are coming to our Youtube over the next couple of months, so keep an eye on the front page for more updates!)

    Q. So, what, you and Aelin aren’t going to be moderators anymore?
    A. No, we’re still going to do moderating work, it’s just our main focus is on executing events. We’ll still be around to move threads and delete posts and all that fun stuff, as well as we’ve both got our own subsections we’re in charge of moderating, but we’ve also got a full year of events scheduled for this year, and with all the work that’s going into them, we’re going to be making that our main focus.

    Q. Does this mean Explode has been demoted??? ‘Cause that ain’t cool!
    A. No, don’t worry, Explode hasn’t been demoted, lol. These new positions are Supervisor positions, and as such, are going to be treated on par with Supermods. That said, we won’t all have the same powers, otherwise why create new positions in the first place? Each position has its own work-specific set of powers, and the Supermods and Media Managers don’t share the same ones, so Explode is pulling double shifts as both a Supermod and Media Manager, because seriously who would want to demote this guy? He’s awesome. XD

    Q. Are there going to be more new Usergroups in the future?
    A. As a matter of fact, there are! In around a year, perhaps, we plan to implement three more Usergroups among staff: Party Planners, Editors, and News Director! Party Planners are going to be moderators who work under the Event Coordinators and volunteer to help with as many events as they possibly can, while Editors are going to be moderators who work under the Media Manager to help run the Social Media sites as well as take an active role running our Youtube channel and helping with the projects we’re going to start up over there. The News Director, meanwhile, is going to be a new Supervisor position in charge of overseeing all the work done by Reporters and coordinating with the Events and Media groups to provide adequate news coverage over all forms of social media. We don’t need one of these yet, but we’re looking to the future! You know, when KH3 wins Game of the Year and then all sorts of cool merch will come out for sale and the voice actors will be attending cons and all that fun stuff, lol. XD

    Q. So… what does this mean for us, exactly?
    A. Don’t worry, this change isn’t going to overthrow the delicate balance that is KHV. (At least, I sure hope it doesn’t, lol.) There’s nothing new or different you guys have to do, and like I said earlier, Aelin, Explode and I will still be doing all the stuff we normally do. We just have different colors now, basically, and wanted to let you all know why. XD

    If you are interested in applying for staff because of any of these new positions, please apply as a Moderator or Reporter first. We'd like new people to get their feet wet before tackling something more specialized.

    So, have a great day, see you all around, and seriously we’ve got a great year planned for everyone, so stick around and keep an eye on things, it’s gonna be awesome. ^.^
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