Birth by Sleep BBS plot theory (My 2nd theory)

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    Its been a long time since I posted on kh-vid. Some old members might have read my other theories. After watching the new leaked trailer, I came up with a new theory about BBS's plot. Hope you guys enjoy

    My theory is based on the secret trailer of kh2fm+ and kh2, the new leaked trailer and magazine scans. I will discuss about the connections between Sora, Roxas, Ven, Terra and Master Xehanort and a timeline plot. Furthermore, I will discuss about Ven's, Aqua's and Terra's keyblades briefly. I will begin with the timeline plot
    I will use shorthand very often in this theory so I put a list of them up in the appendix part, but they are very commonly use on this forum.
    VAT= Ven, Aqua, Terra
    SRK= Sora, Riku, Kairi
    MX= Master Xehanort
    DS= Dark Soldier
    BBS= Birth by sleep
    COM= Chain of Memories
    SDG = Sora, Donald, Goofy
    KH = Kingdom Hearts

    Timeline plot
    Why do I call this a timeline plot? This idea came from the ending of kh2 and the secret trailer of kh2fm+. I assume everyone have seen these two short intriguing movies so I don't have to explain them.

    Official timeline

    KH:BBS----> KH1----> KH:COM---> (KH:358/2 or KH:coded)-----> KH2-----> ?

    My assumption on timeline

    Real KH:BBS------> KH1------> KH:COM------> (KH:358/2 or KH:coded)-----> KH2------> Altered KH:BBS------> KH3

    Don't worry if you don't understand the timeline above, I'm about to explain it and my theory begins here. Originally, as we know the timeline of Kingdom hearts is like the diagram of the official timeline: KH:BBS leads to KH1 then KH:COM and etc...

    My theory on the plot begins here. Heartless cannot be completely destory as far as we realise by far in the series. No matter how many heartless SDG kills and the amount of keyholes they seal, heartless are there. As officially confirm in the past when KH:BBS was first announced, the new enemy is not heartless and heartless and nobodies never exist during that time. The origin of heartless, according to the KH series so far, began from Ansem's apprentices heart experiment on Xehanort.

    Xehanort's Memory
    Therefore, I predict that Mickey's letter is actually the key to unlock the plot of KH:BBS. Although there are no official confirms on the content of Mickey's letter, however, I believe Mickey inform SRK that he discovered a way to destory the heartless completely. In order to destroy heartless, the origin (Xehanort) must be destory. It could only be achieved through one method, which is to travel back to KH:BBS and prevent the real Master Xehanort to achieve his goal by fusing with Terra to create the Xehanort in the future.

    Xehanort's memory is the key to travel back to KH:BBS. I do have a theory on how they obtain Xehanort's memory but it is not supported by anything so I will not post it. The only assumption I have about the location of Xehanort's memory is inside "The Room of Sleep" which creates an artifical data world of BBS that provides a portal to the real BBS world. However, this cannot be proved from any evidence so far. This idea is also derived from the idea of the process of entering "The World That Never Was" in KH2.
    (I put this under the appendix list too along with other videos)

    Ven = Roxas= Sora
    Mickey cannot go back to the past, or else there will be two Mickey. Sora is chosen for this mission. Sora is put into sleep in "The Room of Sleep" and his heart is extracted and datalised. Since Sora's body is put into sleep the datalised heart takes the form of Roxas and is transfer to the memory of Xehanort which is the artifical world of BBS. This artifical world becomes a medium or portal that leads Roxas to the the real world of BBS. "Birth by sleep" is explained in this situation. Therefore, Ven was not suppose to appear in the original history of Kingdom Hearts. "Birth by sleep" can also be interpret as because of Sora's attempt to alter history, something was born in BBS which weren't suppose to happen. However, something went utterly wrong which cause Roxas/Sora/Ven to lose his memories

    You might wonder where I got this idea from, well remember from the new leaked trailer where we see Terra and Ven in Destiny Island's watching Riku and Sora. Its not that Terra is picking his successor, but it is actually Ven telling Terra who he really is after he recover his memories

    "We're friends
    Therefore I wanted to ask you something. Erase me"

    Ven tells Terra that he is not real and he realise that one day he will have to kill Terra since Master Xehanort fuses with Terra to create the Xehanort in the future. Therefore, he wants Terra to erase him.

    I guess I will leave it here for now, since I'm going to have dinner (very hungry after my 3hrs exam). More to come guys, but I hope you guys enjoy reading my theory so far and feel free to post any comments.
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    I am sorry, but I really hope you are wrong.

    I hate time travel with a passion. It never works, especially when it gets confusing, like how you have detailed it.

    I have nothing against the theory except for the quote from Nomura that Roxas is not Ven or vice versa. Also, Ven looks to have a completely different fighting style to Sora. He weilds the chaserblade backhand style. Also, the chaserblade lacks a keychain.

    Terra's speech about mastery. What is that?

    Ven looks to give into the darkness. Sora never would do that.
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    I realise its really difficult to connect my theory to the trailers, it just a brand new idea that I came up with since some parts of my last theory doesn't seem to match with the leaked trailer now. I try my best to explain it. Thanks for the reply, provides information on theory holes that I can fix up.

    It does get confusing because what I'm trying to emphasis is that Ven's appearance violated the history of Kingdom Hearts which generates a new type of being. (Quoted from the trailer: "A fate that occurs not by chance")

    From the trailer, I doubt Ven actually gave into darkness, it felt like MX forcefully alter his heart but deceive Terra into believing that Ven submitted into the darkness and is not qualified to wield the Keyblade. Assuming both Terra and MX know that Ven/Roxas/Sora is the chosen keyblader in the future, his submit to the darkness cannot be qualified to wield the keyblade. However, this is just to deceive Terra

    "Those who have submitted to darkness are not qualified to wield the keyblade
    Already, that man is a monster infused with darkness
    Defeat the darkness and correct my mistake!"

    "I don't care about being master. This power
    I use for my friends!"
    I guess you are talking about this part PikaPower. If Ven never appeared, Terra will never thought of saving a "friend". I assume from the magazine scan which depicts Terra with maleficent and the trailer
    "I believed you'd find your way by now--
    Cross the wall between the light and darkness to me
    I'm tired of waiting for you, Terra!"
    His original intention was to give into darkness but Ven's appearance change Terra which also messed up MX's plan to obtain Terra.

    I go on to this later
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    Oct 5, 2007
    I wonder where the apprentice of Xehanort fits me he's the Xehanort we know now. Maybe he's the one that MX was talking about when he said correct my mistake...or a new character that we have yet to see because he mentions another man(you wouldn't call Ven that).
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    Jun 19, 2008
    358/2 Days
    358/2 Days begins at the ending of KH.
    It progresses in CoM.
    It ends in KHII.
    Also, leave the theories about the plot poeple, the plot may be 100% genius but the game might backfire it.