A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future: Sora and Kairi's Wedding

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    Sora and Kairi's Wedding: A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future

    (I've been wanting to get this off my chest for a while now. Here's my theory on what was in that letter at the end of KH2 and who you get to fight as in the prologue of KH3)

    It was months ago that Kairi had first shown the bottled letter to Sora and Riku. The letter had said that being a "Princess of Heart" from Radiant Garden, Kairi had no choice but to return to her homeworld. Kairi's worried expression grew deeper as they read further. In order to become the rightful ruler, though, she was required to (Riku smirked at this line) be married on her 16th birthday. Clueless as ever, Sora didn't understand anything in the letter except that Kairi had to go to Radiant Garden.

    "Don't you get it, Sora?" Riku was telling him a few hours later as they relaxed on the fallen palm tree. "She has to get married or else she'll forfeit her right to rule Radiant Garden." Sora sucked thoughtfully on his sea-salt ice cream bar. While they were gone adventuring, Destiny Islands managed to get a shipment of sea-salt ice cream.

    "But don't you think it's too soon? I mean, we're finally together again after these two years and we haven't even gone out on a real date yet!" Riku let out a short laugh.

    "Just be glad that she actually gets to choose who she marries."

    Sora winced as the alternative scenario played through his mind. "Right, Kairi could've been forced to marry Cloud."

    "And you're saying like that's a bad thing?" Kairi said as she unexpectedly appeared from behind them. "I don't know, Sora, the way his hair is more spikier than yours can intrigue a girl's interest." Sora stammered for a response, but Kairi only giggled at the fact that she had just made Sora jealous.

    They spent the first few months looking for a loophole, anything that would save Kairi from being a ruler at 16 years old. With the limited time they had before the date of the wedding, they couldn't ask many of their friends for help. In short, they were pretty much royally screwed. And now after months of preparation, after weeks of teaching Kairi how to properly wield a Keyblade, the biggest day in the history of the kingdom was upon them. The biggest day for both Sora and Kairi.

    Thanks to a combination of Cid's Gummi ship experience and Merlin's magic, Sora, Kairi and Riku's friends had left their worlds to attend the wedding. From Tarzan to Hercules, Ariel to Mulan, they all showed up carrying oblong, thin packages along with wrapped gifts as well. Goofy was in charge of security, so nothing would get past him...

    Yeah, right.

    Of course, Riku was Best Man. Donald was Ring Bearer. Selphie was there as Maid of Honor and Aerith was Flower Girl, naturally.

    And as Master of Ceremonies, who else could be better for the part but King Mickey?

    The wedding march began to play and Sora could only stand there in his wedding garb, desperately trying not to summon his Keyblade by pure adrenaline rush.

    Aerith and Donald walked up the carpet, a mismatched pair, but a good one. Then a silence hushed over the crowd as they waited in anticipation and suspense. Would the Princess actually go through with this?

    The answer came as Princess Kairi, the beautiful bride in her long, flowing white gown was led with the crook of her arm by Riku. Sora was completely breathless as Kairi came up the aisle, her veil barely concealing a shy smile.

    The place was set. The bride and groom were here. Time to begin.

    "Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to join..." As the King went through the usual ceremonial text, Sora and Kairi looked at each other with uncertainty.

    Kairi felt slightly light-headed. "This is all happening too fast! We haven't even done anything as a couple yet! Oh my god, my heart's beating! I can't believe this is happening! I'm getting married! I'm not even an adult yet! Why me?!"

    "Calm down, girl" Namine's voice whispered in a far corner of her mind. "Just believe in yourself and you'll be fine."

    "Easy for you to say," Kairi replied back. "You're not the one standing here."

    Sora was having similar thoughts. "I love Kairi and all, but this is ridiculous! We're just teenagers! We shouldn't have to deal with this! But if this is for the sake of the worlds, we're going to have to let it play through."

    "Hey, you think you have it tough?" Roxas' voice echoed in his head. "I'm getting married to Namine! And I haven't seen her since we got to Destiny Islands!"

    Riku stood slightly behind Sora, smirking. "Man, those two look like they're about to fall apart. I'm glad it's not me up there right now."

    "Do you, Sora," Mickey continued shaking Sora out of his thoughts, "take Princess Kairi to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health; so long as you both shall live?"

    Sora looked at Kairi giving her a nervous smile. "I-I-I do." Sora stammered.

    "And do you, Princess Kairi take Sora to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health; so long as you both shall live?"

    Kairi looked at Sora with shaken confidence in her face. Her lips parted as she started to say the two words that would finally join them in holy matrimony.


    KABOOM!!! The ground burst wide open like an exposed scab of the earth and darkness seeped through the room, filling the entire wedding hall with portals of darkness. Black and white entities appeared out of thin air, waving their appendages like insecticidal pests.

    "Where'd all these Heartless and Nobodies come from?!" As if they were expecting this fight, the wedding guests drew their weapons out of nowhere, preparing themselves for battle.

    "Uh, Goofy?" Donald began. "I thought you were in charge of security."

    "Yup!" Goofy thrust his chest out proudly. "I'm Captain of the Royal Knights!"

    "Then how'd all the wedding guests bring their weapons inside with them?"

    Goofy shrugged. "Gawrsh, I dunno. All of 'em were carrying long, thin boxes for the weddin'. I thought they were the presents."

    Donald crossed his arms and started tapping his webbed foot in impatience. "Were they wrapped?"

    "Hmm..." Goofy took off his hat and scratched his head. "Now that you mention it, I don't believe so." Donald smacked his forehead in disbelief.

    All of Sora's allies that had ever fought alongside him charged at the rapidly increasing number of uninvited wedding guests. Despite the good guys combined power, the Heartless and Nobodies had their giant allies summoned to the field.

    "Darksides and Twilight Thorns?" Riku cried. "There's going to be no end to this!"

    "Together we can take them," Sora said in his usual confident show of bravado. Riku just smiled. Flashes of light burst out of their hands as they summoned their Keyblades for battle. But before Sora and Riku could make a move, a lightning-fast blur dashed past them. Kairi's Keyblade was already halfway in making contact with a Heartless as she soared through the sky.

    "How dare you ruin my wedding! You foul, loathsome..."

    Sora and Riku stood frozen in place. Neither of them had seen Kairi lose it before. There she was, her red hair flying against her white wedding gown, screaming like an amazon. Her Keyblade hacked and slashed through Heartless and Nobodies alike.

    "This was supposed to be the happiest..." she grunts as she delivers bone-crunching blows with each word, "day...of...my...life!"

    The boys could only continue to stare in stunned disbelief. "Hey, Riku? You think we should help her?"

    Riku raised an eyebrow. "She's your wife-to-be. You tell me."

    Sora shrugged. "I guess the wedding's off then, huh?" And with that, Sora and Riku run into the fray.

    So, with the wedding ruined (much to the relief of both bride and groom), and Princess Kairi owning the enemy with her Keyblade, the prologue of Kingdom Hearts III begins...
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    OMFG, I Now worship you. You managed to be funny while going through a serious tone in the storeh, something I can't do. This is also a much different take then what most people have been doing. Goofy is as... goofy as ever too. Continue, lyke, now.
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    Continue the story?

    Continue it? Well, to be honest, I wasn't exactly planning on making a full-fledged story out of this. I just wanted to show my take on what I thought the letter contained. I mean, Riku was smirking, Kairi looked worried and Sora's face was blank. This was pretty much the only scenario I could think of that would explain the expressions on their faces...

    ...but, if there are people out there that actually want me to continue this scenario... :laughing-smiley-004
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    Yeah, real smooth Goofy... but seriously, great story! Continue it!

    *Narrows eyes* That's an order.

    Lol! ^_^
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    "Another Side, Kairi's Story"

    (Against my better judgment, I decided to try and continue this scenario. Besides, I think it'd be fun to tortu...I mean, write about Kairi. :sideways: I already know how it's going to end. I just need to connect the main points together...)

    "I can't move in this stupid dress!" Kairi cried in frustration. Trying to fight in a wedding dress was like fighting in waist-high snow. Her usual feline-like agility was virtually negated. Sure, she could move quickly over short distances. But when it came to moving from one enemy to another, she might as well be wearing a suit of armor.

    And that wasn't the worst part. If she jumped too high over the battlefield, she might expose her...Kairi shuddered with embarrassment at the thought. There was only one thing to do. She looked around for the two people who could help her.

    "Selphie! Olette!" Selphie was busy guarding Olette with her nunchaku. Kairi cleared a pathway through the hoard of Heartless surrounding them.

    "Kairi!" Selphie looked a little flushed, but still had a lot of fight left in her. "We were wondering where you ran off to!"

    Kairi, Olette and Selphie made their way to a temporary safe spot behind a pillar. Kairi had no time to lose. "I need you guys to do a favor for me."

    "Of course," Selphie said cheerfully, "name it!" Kairi took a deep breath.

    "I need you to help me take off this wedding dress."

    Olette's mouth gaped open. "Are you serious?! Out in the open?"

    Kairi blushed slightly as Selphie answered the question. "Well, Kairi still had second thoughts about the whole marriage thing, so..."

    "...I wore my traveling clothes underneath." Kairi finished.

    "You what? Isn't that a little...unbearable?"

    "Hey, this wedding dress is like a corset, okay?" Kairi fidgeted a bit, obviously uncomfortable. "It's hard to breathe in this thing and it itches like crazy!"

    "Not to mention it makes your butt look big." Namine quipped in the back of her mind.

    "This from a girl who doesn't even wear a bra." Kairi playfully shot back.

    Namine chuckled. "Look who's talking."

    Instead of responding with a snappy comeback, Kairi turned to Selphie. "Can I borrow your boots, please? It's hard to move around in these heels." Selphie grinned. She lifted up the hem of her bridesmaid dress to reveal a familiar pair of white laced boots.

    "Good thing we're the same shoe size," Selphie said.

    Olette shook her head with amusement. "One of these days, you have got to show me where you buy your outfits."

    "Believe it or not," Kairi was saying as she started unlacing her front, "I made the outfit myself. You know, something cute, fashionable and easy to move around in."

    "Not only that, but it seems to attract a lot of guys' interests as well," Selphie added.

    Taking off the dress was a lot easier than expected. After Kairi put the boots on, she swung her Keyblade out in readiness. "Alright! Now let's..."

    KACHAKAROOOOM! The girls were knocked off balance as a pillar of earth erupted from beneath them, scattering them in different directions.

    Kairi tried to get back to her feet, but the G-force wouldn't even allow her to lift her head. She could only lie helplessly as the earth beneath her body forced its way into the sky. The cries of battle seemed to diminish as if someone was quickly turning down the volume knob. When she finally felt the ground coming to a complete stop, Kairi propped herself up with the Keyblade. Kairi shook her head to try and clear her vision. The area around her finally came back into focus.

    It was like Destiny Islands being destroyed all over again. The skies were tinted with a purple hue, debris being whipped around the earthen platform. She remembered that Sora had been in this exact situation a few years ago. She staggered toward the edge of earth and couldn't believe her eyes. She was miles above Radiant Garden. The only hint of battle was random flashes of multi-colored light in the distance.

    "No..." She didn't think there was any way for her to get down from there. She couldn't glide like Sora or survive a 100-story freefall like Riku. Something in the back of her memory was nagging at her. There was something about this situation that Sora told her to keep an eye out for. In a corner of her heart, Kairi could feel that Namine was worried too. It took her a few seconds to realize she wasn't on this forsaken rock alone. She slowly turned her gaze over her shoulder.

    "No...way," she whispered. The dark being with spindlish legs. A heart-shaped hole through its torso. Tendrils masking its true face.

    A Darkside.

    * * *

    "No! Kairi!" Sora and Riku could only watch helplessly as Kairi's form sped out of view. Nobodies and Heartless kept on coming, but at the moment, the two Keyblade wielders were given a quick interlude to the fighting. Even though Sora was resting, though, his heart rate started to increase. All he could think about at the moment was how to rescue Kairi. His eyes scanned throughout the battlefield for an ally that could help him. Tarzan was out of the question. Same with Aladdin, Hercules, both Jacks or the King. He had no idea where the Flying Carpet was. Then a flash from his chain of memories sparkled in his mind. There was only one ally that could fly. "Peter Pan," he realized.

    Sora started forward, but Riku stopped him. "Sora, wait a minute."

    "What are you talking about, Riku?" Sora couldn't believe Riku's hesitation. "Kairi needs our help!"

    Riku gave him a stern look. "There's something that you should know. She wanted to tell you, but she never found the right time to do it."

    The tone in Riku's voice had Sora's complete attention. They sat down against one of the many round pillars of the building.

    "When she was kidnapped by Saix," Riku began, "she wouldn't stop crying. She knew you would do anything to find her, even if it meant walking right into the Organization's trap. But when I gave her that Keyblade, she was able to hold her own. As much as you were fighting for her, she was fighting for you as well.

    Sora was about to say something, but decided against it. Riku continued.

    "After the King, Donald and Goofy went back to their world, she made me promise to tell you..." Riku hesitated, knowing that what he was about to say could never be taken back. "She said that if she ever had to fight alone, don't go after her."

    Sora looked at Riku, stunned. "But why? She..."

    Riku shook his head. "She's a whole lot stronger than you give her credit for, Sora."


    Riku held up his hand to silence him. "Why do you think she was training with us all those months? So she would have to be rescued again?"

    Sora turned away from Riku, absorbed in this new information. Kairi was the best thing that ever happened to him. He remembered how much his heart ached to be with her throughout his quests. He remembered the times that he fought to find her, to protect her at all costs. "Kairi, I've looked everywhere for you..."

    But then he remembered. In order to wield a Keyblade, one's heart had to be strong enough to use it. The fact that Kairi was able to wield one at all proved that she was far from being a damsel in distress. "After all," Sora realized, "she grew up with a bunch of warriors as friends, right? Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, me and Riku; we were all fighters. Okay, the other three haven't gone into any final fantasy's of their own, but they could still fight. Not only that..."

    Sora turned back to Riku and smiled. "Yeah, you're right. I keep forgetting that our hearts are connected. Her strength is combined with yours and mine."

    "Exactly." Riku looked pleased that Sora finally understood something he said important the first time around. "Well, enough of this then. We're going to need to help the friends with us right now before we can help the ones that are out of reach."

    Sora and Riku stood up, limbering themselves up before diving back into the fray. "You know," Sora said as he worked out a crick in his back. "I think one of us should've at least taught her how to Trinity Limit."

    "My thoughts exactly," Riku replied. "Which is why I taught her some abilities that she might need just in case."

    Sora looked at Riku with a dumbfounded expression. "Do you like, plan for all of this or something?"

    Riku grinned. "I'm not a total sap like you, remember?"
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    This is really great, and funny. You have to continue!

    And LOL, "they hadn't gone into any of their own Final Fantasies".... XD

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    The part where Namine and Kairi were talking made me chuckle.
    This is just too good.
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    Kairi vs. Darkside

    Kairi charged at the great beast, slide-dashed underneath the creature's legs and swung the Keyblade for all its worth. She might as well have been swinging at shadow. Despite the look of substance the legs had, they were as transparent and non-existent as the darkness itself. Darkside raised its giant fist and swung with the force of a sledgehammer. Kairi stumbled backward as the beast's hand plunged into the ground, pools of darkness started to ripple beneath her feet. She ran a short distance away from the creature to catch her breath.

    Kairi started cursing herself. "That's great. I'm starting to become as hopelessly reckless as Sora."

    "Well, his heart is a part of yours after all," Namine said.

    Kairi's eyes narrowed as she concentrated on Darkside. "Alright, what did Sora say about fighting this thing again?"

    While she was contemplating, Shadows started to materialize out of the darkness. "More Heartless?!" Kairi readied her Keyblade. "Now I'm sorry that I made fun of Sora about having problems with these things."

    "Kairi," Namine said, "I've been digging around in Sora's chain of memories and it says that the upper half of Darkside is the most vulnerable to attack."

    Kairi froze for a moment. "Wait, you still have a connection with Sora's memories?"

    "Only up to the point when you and I merged together. Everything afterwards is all his."

    "Upper half, huh?" Kairi muttered. She ran forward, her hands gripped tightly around the handle of her weapon. The Shadows sensed her presence and leapt with mindless abandon. All they cared about was the fresh heart pulsating within their vicinity. They had no concern with the piece of metal that she was wielding until they realized that it was a Keyblade that ripped through their bodies.

    Finally seeing her as a potential threat, Darkside plunged its other fist into the ever-expanding pool of darkness. As Kairi got nearer, it removed its hands from the ground, pulling out an orb of dark sparking energy that pulsated with a sinister aura.

    "Its upper half's out of reach!" Kairi yelled in frustration. The creature threw its creation into the air, where it exploded into smaller projectiles that rained down on the battlefield. "Oh no." Not knowing what else to do, she swung her Keyblade wildly at any random projectile that fell near her. The objects that made contact with the ground burst, leaving traces of icy hot debris to fly out dangerously like shrapnel.

    "And Sora didn't teach me how to use Reflect yet!" she complained.

    "But he did teach us Magnega, right?" Namine asked. Kairi grinned at the reminder. She raised the Keyblade above her head.

    "GATHER!" A single orb instantaneously appeared yards away from Kairi and started drawing the falling debris to its core, obliterating them. "That was easy." Kairi turned to face her opponent again. "Now where were we?"

    Undaunted, the behemoth plunged its fists into the ground again, this time summoning orbs of darkness which started closing in on Kairi. "All right, it's finally in range!"

    "Look out!" Namine yelled. As the gravity orbs homed in on Kairi, her body went into automatic as she did a quick triple axel in the air, deflecting the spheres of energy away with her Keyblade.

    "Glad Riku taught me how to Aerial Dodge," she thought as she landed on Darkside's forearm. As she struggled to keep her balance, her hand made contact with its surface causing a cold, uneasy chill flowed through her. Kairi knew that if she thought about what she was doing, she would definitely lose her balance. She ran up the forearm, focusing intensely at her target's head.

    She shifted her balance as she pulled the Keyblade back. She smoothly plunged it into the Heartless' head like a machete through butter. If it had a voice, the Darkside would probably have been crying out in pain. The critical blow struck true. Feeling Darkside's solidity start to evaporate beneath her, Kairi immediately jumped off, landing neatly onto the dirt. She turned to see the creature buckle over before fading into nothingness.

    Kairi let out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness that's over."

    Namine sighed too, but in disappointment. "It's not over yet, girl."

    "What are you...?" Suddenly, bands of light materialized over her wrists and ankles. As she stared curiously at them, the light started to grow steadily brighter before engulfing her vision. Kairi could feel her entire body go numb as the light washed over her. She ordered her hand to grip onto the Keyblade no matter what.

    "What the..." As her eyes started adjusting to her surroundings again, the feeling in her body returned to her. There was no longer any wind or debris flying around. Kairi felt relieved that she had managed to maintain a firm grip on the Keyblade. What attracted her eyes, though, was below her. She was suspended spread-eagle in space, no longer above Radiant Garden, but some type of inter-dimensional dreamscape. Directly below her was a perfectly circular platform etched with what looked like a stain-glass window painting of Sora. "Where are we?" Kairi asked as she struggled to get free. "And why am I restrained like this?"

    "This would be the Station of Awakening." Namine explained. "Sora and Roxas both fought here once."

    "Really? It seems so peaceful here."

    "Don't let your guard down," Namine warned. "We wouldn't be here unless you're being tested for something."

    "Tested?" Kairi repeated. "What do you mean by that?"

    Namine was silent for a moment. "I'm not sure," was all she replied.

    The only thing that worried Kairi at the moment was that the more she struggled against her bondage, the more her skirt started to ride up.

    "If the guys were underneath me right now, I'd probably die of embarrassment," Kairi thought apprehensively as she tried not to think about her precarious position.

    "Just be glad you didn't go commando today." Namine replied. "At least you're not wearing your teddy-bear underwear anymore."

    "Hey! It's my sixteenth birthday! I figured it was time to go into something more comfortable!"

    Before Namine could reply back, a Nobody with sharp, broad shoulders, tentacle-like tendrils erupting from its neck, giant pincer-like hands and a bulb for a head snaked its way into Kairi's view..

    "EEEK!!" Kairi shrieked. "How long has that thing been there?! It didn't look up my..." The thought made Kairi's face burn fire-engine red. "Namine! You're a Nobody, right? Isn't there any way to talk with it?"

    "Hello! I merged with you, remember? I don't physically have a body anymore!"

    "Just what is that thing?" Kairi asked nervously. "And why is it staring at me like that?"

    "It's called a Twilight Thorn and it usually plays around with its prey." The Nobody's "face" loomed closer to Kairi's struggling body.

    "Oh my gawd! It's not going to kiss me, is it?!" Kairi asked in a panic. "I never even got to kiss Sora yet!"

    "Kairi," Namine sighed, "I think you need a serious vacation."

    * * *

    "LIGHT!" A crystal sphere of light enveloped Sora. He could feel the warm, pleasurable feeling of power rush from his heart into every point of his body. The sphere shattered into nothingness to reveal Sora's Final Form, the Keyblades Ultima Weapon and Fenrir hung in the air behind him as he hovered two feet off the ground. He was now at the same head height as Riku.

    "What the...?" Riku looked at Sora in disbelief. "You wore your traveling clothes underneath your tuxedo?"

    Sora shrugged. "Hey, I was having second thoughts, okay?"

    Riku stood there silent for a moment. "Uh, Sora? Hate to break this to you, but your tuxedo," Riku indicated the scraps of cloth flying around Sora's glowing form, "it's just been incinerated by your Driving." True, the only remnants of Sora's wedding garb were the floating embers falling gently to the ground. Sora slapped his forehead in frustration.

    "Oh man, Tidus is so going to kill me." Riku was about to tease him about that point, but then he noticed Donald and Goofy fighting alongside Queen Minnie and King Mickey in the distance.

    "Wait a minute," Riku started slowly, "I thought Driving into Final Form causes Donald and Goofy to disappear."

    "Surprised?" Sora smirked with a confident air. "Well, I found out two ways to get around that rule."

    "How so?"

    "First, since Roxas' heart is in sync with mine, my Drive Forms' expectancy increased to an infinite degree."

    "Which means you can pretty much drive whenever you want for as long as you want?" Sora nodded. "I think this Final Form would've looked a whole lot better than that tuxedo you were wearing."

    "Yeah, it's more comfortable too. The tuxedo was starting to give me a wedgie."

    Riku shook his head in amusement. "Hopeless. Anyway, what was the other way?"

    Sora gave Riku a mischievous grin. "I activated the cheat code that allows me to Drive without losing party members."

    (Note from author: There will be a small interlude in order to work on other creative writing projects...for class. :nono: )
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    ... Namine sounds like not-namine.
    edit: this sounds a lot like Code: Lyoko.
    Also, Kairi seems way too concentrated on what's below her skirt.
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    I like it so far! Keep writing :)
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    Amazing! Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!

    I never would've thought of Kairi going on her own adventure. It's a great concept. I'll definitely be looking to see how it turns out.

    Awww. *kicks school*

    I hate it too. Last week I couldn't work on any of my stories becuase I had to write a narrative.
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    Kairi vs. Twilight Thorn & an FFVIII reunion.

    "Look out!" Namine cried. The Twilight Thorn pulled back its arm, readying a punch. Kairi could feel one of her leg restraints start to give way. She had to time it just right...

    As soon as the fist was in range, she yanked her leg backward and kicked out as hard as she could. Her boot made contact with the soft jelly-like skin, causing its appendage to be deflected back into the Nobody's face.

    Unfortunately, as soon as Kairi's leg came back into position, her leg restraint locked back into its immovable state. Undaunted, Twilight Thorn's hands wrapped itself around Kairi's suspended form and ripped her out of space, breaking her bonds. She immediately tried to squirm into a better position to attack, but it giant hands were too high up her body for her to swing with any force. It was about to fling her into the air when she shouted, "Let me go!"

    Stunned that its prey had a higher-pitched voice than any boy that it usually fought would have, the Nobody curiously lifted her toward its face. "Wait, what are you doing?" Kairi yelled. Still bewildered, the Twilight Thorn started to probe her body, its thumbs poking around in her armpits.

    "NOOHOHO! STAHAHAPP!" Kairi squealed, unable to help herself. "THAAHAAT T-TICKLES!"

    "I'm thinking this Nobody's ever seen a girl before." Namine observed. Kairi couldn't care less as the intense ticklish onslaught continued. While she was wiggling and giggling, the Twilight Thorn started to slowly move its roaming thumbs toward her...

    "You perv! BACK OFF!" With untapped strength, Kairi hurled the Keyblade smack dab right into the Nobody's face causing it to drop her. The force of the attack sent it flying off the platform.

    "Oh my gawd," Kairi panted, wrapping her arms around her chest. "That felt sooooo wrong."

    "Maybe because it was someone other than Sora that was doing it?" Namine asked slyly.

    "Quiet, you," Kairi snapped, still red-faced. She looked around the platform, but Twilight Thorn wasn't anywhere in sight. "Where'd it go?"

    "Kairi! Above you!" Namine warned. Kairi turned her gaze upward and sure enough, the Nobody was hanging upside-down in the air.

    The platform started to rumble as it tilted toward the creature. Kairi desperately tried to keep her footing, but soon the slant was too great and the reverse of gravity resulted with her falling upward. Twilight Thorn charged up a ball of sinister-looking energy as big as the world and hurled it straight into Kairi's path. The entire universe seemed to move in slow motion.

    "AHHH! I'm gonna die!" Kairi screamed.

    "Calm down! We're not going to die!" Namine yelled in a barely concealed panic. "Nomura said that we play a big role in KH3! They're not going to kill off the love interests! Try throwing the Keyblade!" she added.

    "Are you crazy?!" Kairi shot back. "I'm not going to..."


    Kairi was practicing near the shoreline with Sora, the waves lapping against her feet. His arms were wrapped around her from behind as his warm, strong hands readjusted her grip on the Keyblade. She could feel his body's inviting warmth pressed against her back.

    "But what if an attack is coming and I can't avoid it?" she asked, trying extremely hard not to blush.

    Sora's lips gently brushed against her ear as he whispered quietly, "If you can't avoid the oncoming attack, it's best to charge straight through it."


    Kairi knew what to do. She positioned her Keyblade straight over her head and "needle-dived" right into the sphere of energy. A giant explosion started ringing in her ears as both she and the Twilight Thorn fell toward the platform and hit the ground, hard.

    "Ow..." Kairi moaned, massaging her back. "That was so not fun."

    "Come on! Hurry!" Namine said quickly. "Now's our chance!" The Twilight Thorn seemed to have been weakened due to its sudden outburst of energy. There was no time to lose. Kairi tightened her grip on the Keyblade and charged at her target with an Amazonian war cry. She hacked and slashed at its most vulnerable spot, its head jiggling with each blow like jelly. Finally, focusing all her frustration and humiliation from being violated by this creature, she leapt into the air yelling, "NEVER AGAIN!" and plunged the Keyblade straight downward into its non-existent skull.

    As Kairi ripped out her weapon from its head, the creature stood up, went stiff as a cracker and collapsed onto the platform with a gigantic crash. Its body started to evaporate into darkness. Purplish, black smoke-like waves covered the platform, eating up all visible color. The darkness started to seep over Kairi and for the first time in a while, she could feel fear pulsate through her body. She attempted to wave off the darkness, but her efforts were in vain.

    Painful memories started to resurface. The Heartless were swarming the island. She ran to the secret place behind the waterfall, but it was a dead end. The Shadows were creeping closer...She didn't know whether to scream or cry. She was all alone. The last thing she had said before the Heartless had taken her was...

    "SORA!" Kairi cried. As soon as his name escaped her lips, a bright shining light burst from within her, eradicating the darkness. She could feel a warm, comforting feeling flow throughout her, Sora's voice whispering, "I'm always with you too..."

    As she lay on the ground, Kairi took a few deep breaths, her panic starting to subside along with the warm pleasure that had countered it. "Are you okay?" Namine asked gently. Finally, Kairi sat up and rubbed her eyes.

    "Yeah, I'm okay. What just happened?"

    "I think that you just proved yourself to be a Princess of Heart," Namine replied.

    "Where are we, anyway?" Kairi finally looked up to take in her surroundings. They were in an open-air circular room, lined with waterfalls and white keyhole-shaped coves with hazy blue auras inside them. A beaten-up computer console sat in the middle of the room. Kairi looked up toward the horizon and gasped as she saw Radiant Garden's castle towering in the distance. "At least we're still in Radiant Garden."

    "There seems to be two exits. A tunnel and the door."

    "Let's see..." Kairi pushed back a stray hair that covered her face. "Let's try the tunnel first since it seems to lead outside. However, as soon as she got close enough, Kairi noticed that a glimmering barrier of light blocked the passage. She tried to push against the barrier with all of her strength, but it wouldn't budge.

    "Well, that stinks. I guess, we have to go for the door."

    Kairi cautiously pushed one of the double doors open. All she could see was a bright, white hallway with a cascading waterfall lining the inside. "It looks safe enough." She started to move forward. Kairi hadn't even gone down the length of the hall when suddenly, Nobodies started to jump out of thin air.

    "Nobodies, huh?" Kairi tightened her grip on the Keyblade. "We can take them!" Before she even finished her sentence, more Nobodies appeared out of nowhere, closing in on her. "On second thought, RUN!" Kairi ran as fast as she could back to the door, the creatures chasing after her. She dived through the open doorway and shoved it closed; squishing sounds emanated through the door as the enemy collided right into it.

    "I don't think even a Keyblade could get rid of all of those guys!" Kairi huffed as she struggled to catch her breath.

    "Remember when Sora and Roxas were arguing about who had the better Keyblade combination?" Namine said. "Roxas was all, "I kicked your butt with Oblivion and Oathkeeper! If I knew that you could summon your Keyblade into your hand, I totally would've beaten you!""

    "Oh, yeah!" Kairi giggled. "Then Sora was like, "You've got to be kidding me! It's Ultima Weapon and Fenrir, no question! You've got your balance of attack and the right amount of combos. Not to mention it's called "Ultima" for a reason! And Fenrir HAS to be uber-powerful because we got it after we beat Sephiroth!""

    Namine chuckled. "What is it with guys and naming inanimate objects, anyway?"

    "I totally agree. I mean, "Follow the Wind", "Decisive Pumpkin", "Sweet Memory"...who comes up those names?" Kairi and Namine laughed at the ridiculous idea. After they finished, Kairi suddenly said, "Oh, that reminds me, when we get back home, I need to put Paopu Poochie in the washing machine."

    "You're right," Namine agreed. "He's starting to give off a fruity smell for some odd reason."

    "Anyway," Kairi said, changing the subject, "the tunnel's blocked by some type of light barrier and on the other side of the door is about a thousand Nobodies whose sole purpose is to keep us from leaving. Who in the world would build a place like this?"

    "I think I know where we are," Namine said slowly. "When I was being held at Castle Oblivion, I remember Vexen said something about "backing up the Organization's data." Look around; there's thirteen coves, each holding a weapon."

    "So this place was built by the Organization?"

    "Looks like it. And it seems that their security system was to keep whoever trespassed trapped in here so they could study them."

    Kairi didn't like where this was going. "So what you're saying," she clarified, "that in order to get out of here, I've got to fight against each of these simulations?"

    "That'd be my guess."

    Kairi sighed. "And to think I started this day worrying about getting married..."

    * * *

    "Olette, are you okay?" Selphie asked. They had lost consciousness for a few minutes after being blasted into the air. "Where's Kairi?"

    Olette shook her head. "I don't know! I just woke up a few seconds before you did. Maybe someone else saw her."

    "With all the action and confusion going on, I wouldn't get my hopes up." Selphie replied, hopelessness in her tone.

    "Wait! There's Seifer and Hayner!" Olette pointed out a group of kids that were surrounded by Dusks.

    "Seifer?" Selphie repeated. "He looks familiar."

    "You've been to Twilight Town before?" Olette asked surprised.

    Selphie shook her head. "I've never even been outside Destiny Islands before the wedding." She put her weapon at the ready. "Anyway, those friends of yours look like they could use some help."

    Not owning real weapons, the group had equipped themselves with their Struggle bats. Rai, Fuu, Vivi and Pence were doing their best to fight as well. Of course, the foam bats couldn't even touch the Dusks. "Hey, quit playing around and fight!" Seifer yelled in frustration.

    The Dusks danced around in their wavy hypnotic motions, stopping only to scratch or whip their opponents with an appendage before dancing out of range. Selphie led Olette through a crowd of Heartless toward the group. As soon as they got to the crowd of Dusks, the Nobodies started to attack Selphie and Olette relentlessly. Selphie may have been skilled with her weapon, but it wasn't fast enough to make contact.

    "We need help!" Pence said. "And better weapons!" As in answer to his pleas, a familiar scarred warrior wielding a Gunblade appeared, slashing through each Nobody as if they were soaked paper. "What the..."

    "You kids alright?" Leon asked, his sword at the ready.

    "Who are you?" Hayner asked.

    "A friend of Sora's. You sounded like you called for help."

    "We would've taken them down eventually," Seifer scoffed. Leon raised an eyebrow.

    "And who are you supposed to be?"

    "He's Seifer, y'know?" Rai said proudly.

    Leon looked Seifer up and down. "Haven't we met before?"

    Seifer eyed the Gunblade and gave him a smug glare. "I think I'd remember a lamer like you."

    "What'd you say, you little punk?" Leon growled. Seifer waved the comment off with his usual arrogant swagger.

    "Rai. Fuu. Vivi." Seifer motioned toward his gang. "I've had enough of this place. We're going back to Twilight Town."

    "Agreed," was all Fuu said. And with that, Seifer and his gang strutted out of there.

    Leon watched Seifer silently for a moment. Finally he said, "I've only met him two minutes ago and already I hate his guts."

    "Don't let it get to you," Pence said. "Seifer's always like that." That's when Leon gave Selphie a strange look.

    "Aren't you..." Leon started, but then shook his head. "Never mind."

    (Note from author: Here you go. I was working on this instead of working on my homework. Shame on me. :xp:
    Of course, it's common KH2:FM+ knowledge where Kairi and Namine found themselves. And it's pretty predictable where I'm going with all of this. ;) Both Sora and Kairi may both be Keyblade wielders, but they both have different fighting styles. Let's see how she takes on her first challenge...

    And with that note, now I REALLY have to get back to my homework. Hopefully, this was enough to hold off until next chapter. Kairi and Namine, you cute, sexy vixens. :inlove: See you when I get back! :sigh: )
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    Amazing chapter.
    I must say that you are the quickest updater for fics on this site.. from what I've seen. It seems like you update every day! Hey, I'm not arguing with that. ;]
    Good job.. and update even quicker!!
    Eek.. I'm excited for the next part.
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    between an erupting earth and an exploding sky

    The FF8 stuff totally cracked me up.

    And I'm SOO excited to see Kairi fight the Organization members XD


  15. Destiny's Force Mess with the best, lose like the rest...

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    Kairi, The Key of Destiny & FFX: Tidus' Deja Vu

    (Note from author: Something I hate about my personality sometimes is that once I have a project that I'm excited about and still interested in, I tend to forget everything else just to finish it. My KH Ultimate Team-Up series was one of them. This might end up being another.)

    "SORA!" Sora's head jerked back as Kairi's outburst echoed through his head.

    "Kairi?" Sora looked around, but he didn't see any trace of her. Sora and Riku had just escorted the other six Princesses of Light to a safe-room in a hidden wing of the castle. Riku noticed Sora's sudden flinch of movement.

    "Sora, what's up?" Riku asked. However, one quick glance at Sora's worried expression told him everything.

    "Didn't you hear her just now?" Sora asked. Riku shook his head.

    "No, but I'm assuming you did." Riku said. "Your hearts are connected after all."

    "It sounded like she needed help!" Sora yelled in a panic. He couldn't understand why Riku looked extremely serene at the moment.

    "Calm down. I'm pretty sure she's all..." Riku's thought trailed off in mid-sentence. Something was starting to click in the back of his mind. And with Sora focusing solely on Kairi, he hadn't figured it out yet. "I think someone's messing with us," he whispered.

    Sora's eyebrows shot up. "Really? Who?"

    "Not sure. But for some reason they specifically targeted Kairi out of everyone here. They can't be trying to open the Door to Darkness again, because the other six Princesses of Heart are still here." He motioned toward the safe-room being heavily guarded by King Mickey's royal knights. "This battle, this whole fight..." Riku's eyes narrowed. "...it's a distraction."

    Riku broke into a run with Sora Supergliding above him. "Where are we going?"

    "We need to regroup with everyone else and fast! Because if I'm right," Riku huffed, "the marriage will be the least of our problems."

    * * *

    Kairi and Namine decided to work from right to left, starting with a blue hazy cove holding a shadow of a key. As soon as Kairi touched it, a bright light obscured her surroundings. When her vision finally came back, she found herself on the platform with Sora's etching again. She held out her Keyblade in a ready stance.

    "I really hope it's not that Twilight Thorn again," Kairi said nervously. "I SO don't want to be groped like that a second time." She shuddered at the memory.

    "Except by Sora."

    "Yeah, except by..." Kairi stopped herself. "Ewww! No! What's wrong with you?!"

    "Hey, I don't have a body of my own anymore, okay? Even a girl's other consciousness has needs too."

    Random data streams appeared, twisting and turning before their eyes, until they took form of a human being slightly taller than them.

    "I'm guessing this is our first opponent," Namine said.

    Two shafts of light shot out of the being's hands, instantly forming into...

    "Keyblades?" Without warning, the black-cloaked figure immediately charged toward Kairi. Taken off guard, she barely had time to put her own Keyblade up in time to parry the attack. The figure attacked relentlessly. All Kairi could do was dodge, leap back and deflect his attacks.

    "Who are you?" Kairi asked.

    "Someone from the dark," came the reply.

    "Wait a minute," Namine said suddenly. "That voice sounds awfully familiar."

    Kairi leapt back from a giant swing. She heard the familiarity too. "Roxas?" She swiped back with her Keyblade, but all it made contact with was his hood, revealing Roxas' impassive face.

    "Roxas, please! Don't you know me?" In response, Roxas' Oathkeeper managed to nick Kairi's arm. She bit back the tears that were starting to form by her stung arm and concentrated on blocking his strikes.

    However, Roxas' attacks were too fast for Kairi resulting in her being cornered. His Keyblades started to hammer down against hers with unrelenting fury. She desperately tried to hold her Keyblade steady, but since this was Sora's other half, she wasn't strong enough to withstand his constant flurry of blows.

    Finally, with one quick swipe, Kairi's Keyblade was sent flying out of her hand landing ten feet from her. Acting on pure instinct, she quickly leapt toward her disarmed weapon. Unfortunately, Roxas was faster. Before she even took one step, Roxas transformed into light and used his Oathkeeper to pin her Keyblade. Without hesitation, he shoved the Oblivion into Kairi's face causing her to land painfully on her butt.

    "ROXAS, STOP!" Namine cried. The data projection stopped in surprise, for Namine's voice had come directly from Kairi's mouth.

    "Wait, Namine? Did you just..." That's when Kairi noticed she was no longer in control of her own body. In fact, she didn't look anything like herself anymore. Her hair was blonde, she was wearing sandals and a (surprisingly comfortable) one-piece white dress.

    "Roxas! Don't you remember? It's me! Namine!" Roxas stood silent for a moment, his Oblivion still trained on her.

    "Did you get through to him?" Kairi wondered. After a long moment of tension, Roxas shook his head.

    "No, never heard of you," he said before swinging the Keyblade right into Namine's scared and hurt face.

    * * *

    "Wakka! You've seen Selphie or Kairi yet?

    "Nope! Been busy taking down these *erf* black things!" Tidus and Wakka were both trapped among a crowd of Soldier Heartless. Unfortunately for Tidus, he had never set foot outside Destiny Islands before, so he had to borrow a sword from one of the castle guards. Wakka was using his trusty Blitzball.

    "I never thought fighting for real was going to be this tough!" Tidus complained. Suddenly Wakka was struck with inspiration.

    "I got an idea! Go long!" Wakka yelled. Tidus understood immediately. They had set up a new play earlier and now would be a good time to test it.

    "Who's butt am I going to kick?" Tidus thrust his sword into the ground and leapt off its hilt. "Eeny, Meeny, Miny..."

    Wakka winds up and lets the ball fly. "Here you go!"

    "...Mo!" With a powerful bicycle kick, the Heartless disintegrate by the force of attack. "Score!" Before they could celebrate their victory, reinforcements came completely surrounding them. "What's with these things? There's too many of them!"

    As soon as the words left Tidus' mouth, a red blur rushed past him and in one swift stroke, their new ally took down the entire crowd.

    "Whoa! That was awesome!" Tidus exclaimed. Auron looked at Tidus through his unscarred eye.

    "It seems we were fated to meet. Maybe you need a guardian."

    Tidus looked back at Auron in confusion. "Psst. Hey, Wakka?"


    He jerked a thumb toward Auron. "This old guy look familiar to you?"

    Wakka shook his head. "Nah, never met him before in my life." Then Tidus felt something bump into his back.

    "Hey, what..." He turned to see three cute, young fairies hovering behind him. The one in the pink, flowery dress was rubbing her head.

    "So sorry about that!"

    Tidus raised an eyebrow. "And who are you three?"

    Yuna waved her arms dismissively. "Oh, we're nothing worth mentioning."

    Tidus gave the Gullwings a good, hard look before shifting his gaze back to Auron.

    "Okay, you four look really familiar, but I can't place it..." Tidus turned to Wakka who was spinning his Blitzball on his forefinger. "Does any of this give you a feeling of deja vu?"

    "Hmm..." Wakka scratched his head in thought. "Nope. I think you've just been taking one too many Blitzballs to the head."

    (And yet ends another chapter in Kairi's ongoing adventure. You won't believe how Kairi and Namine defeat Number XIII. And no, it's not the same way Sora did. Let's just say that MY other half isn't done "playing" yet. ;) )
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    New part!

    I likey.
    Keep 'em comin'.

    Man, I wish I had your talent.
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    No Wai?!

    NO WAI?! You read my story?! Sweet. That makes me happy. ;D Yeah, really. I love this story. And the fact that it's updated faster than alot of other fics, makes me love it even more. Well, my story doesn't really have that "major" tragedy thing going on. Just a "tad" tragedy, but a huge tragedy for Sora and what he goes through. But everything I've written so far is thought out, pretty much. And I put a lot of my own feelings into the story at points.

    Yeah, your story is slightly kinky, referring to the Twilight Thorn and Kairi scene. Yes, there are some fics that seem like that, but sometimes the writers dont mean to put it that way. I try to make the action scenes intense and fierce-like. Y' know? But the normal moments.. yes.. are heartfelt. I wish I had your talent for action scenes. I love my main action scene. I just wish I could write action scenes that are extremely intense and heart throbbing, or beating, or something.. ?

    Thanks. :D I work my hardest. Too bad I'm facing writers block at the moment. =[

    Thanks again.. And your writing is excellent. So keep up the good work. :)
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    Dual-Wielding...Namine?! & Takes One to Know One...

    The Keyblade seemed to swing toward Namine in slow motion. Without any rational thought, she instinctively fell back and kicked upward as hard as she could. The move caught Roxas by surprise and as a result, the Oblivion Keyblade was sent flying. With her opponent stunned by the sudden disarmament, Namine blitzed forward, spun around and kicked Roxas against the side of his head sending him reeling.

    "What...How in the world did you do that?!" Kairi said in astonishment. Namine smirked.

    "What? You think all I was good for was drawing? Please!" Before Roxas could recover, Namine twirled into the air and caught Oblivion on its downward flight. The false Keyblade master stared at her in shock. "So, you don't remember me, huh?"

    Now it was Roxas' turn to go on the defensive. He jumped back, completely forgetting that he had Kairi's Keyblade pinned down. Namine hadn't forgotten, though. She slide-dashed toward the fallen Keyblade and grabbed it with her free hand. For the first time since she was created, she felt a rush of adrenaline that she had never experienced before.

    It felt good.
    No, it was better than good.
    It felt great.

    She twirled the Keyblades in each hand; Namine, the dual-wielder. She gave Roxas a sly grin. He stood there silent for moment. Then he charged, the Oathkeeper gripped tightly in his black-gloved hands. Namine ran toward him as well, reciprocating his ferocity.

    Roxas swung Oathkeeper in a downward arc with all his might. He might as well have been attacking the air. For Namine leapt over the incoming Keyblade, split-jumping into the air and came down hard on Roxas outstretched hands with her Keyblades. She trapped his arms in-between her Keyblades with a pincer-like grip. She twisted hard, causing the data form to grunt in pain, effectively disarming him. Before Roxas could comprehend what just happened, Namine kicked both feet into his face sending him flying backward.

    Roxas slowly staggered to a standing position, clearly disoriented. Namine wasted no time as she dropped the Keyblades, leapt forward into the air and landed on Roxas' shoulders, wrapping her legs around his head. "TAKE THIS!" With a rocking backward motion, she used her momentum to lift Roxas into the air and leg-scissor backflipped him to the ground. Unfortunately, this technique caused her to land on Roxas' face.

    "KYAAHH!" Namine screamed as she felt Roxas' face implanted in her posterior. Namine desperately tried to get herself up to her feet and off of Roxas. Every time she did, though, his head would instinctively snap forward banging into her, causing Namine to crash down on top of him again. And with her opponent thrashing about, she couldn't get a good footing to stand up. "Stupid, non-friction sandals!" she cursed. Roxas' arms flailed about as he desperately tried to get out from underneath her. After what seemed like the most awkward and embarrassing twenty seconds of Namine's life, the Roxas Data went limp.

    "Oh my gawd," Kairi cried horrified, "You killed Roxas!"

    "No," Namine said, holding her dress closed, "he just fainted." A mysterious twinkle sparked in her eyes. "I'm just glad this isn't the real Roxas, though."

    "How come?" Kairi asked apprehensively. Namine leapt to her feet.

    "Or else I wouldn't be able to do this!" She grabbed Kairi's dropped Keyblade and started pummeling the poor, unconscious body of Roxas. After a few minutes of the assault and battery, the data form dissolved back into computer code from whence it came along with the Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Another bright light engulfed them and they found themselves back in the waterfall room. The first thing that caught their attention was that the cove that held the symbol of the key was now pink instead of blue.

    "Whoa, girl!" were the first words that came out of Kairi's head. "What was with that whole berserker rage?"

    Namine closed her eyes and let out a sigh of contentment. "It's been a while since I've had my own body. I just had all this frustration I needed to let out." She unconsciously started to massage the soreness in her shoulders. "Besides, if I ever get mad at Roxas in the future, I can always remember the pummeling I just gave him."

    "Wow, you and Roxas haven't even gotten married yet and you're already in need of marriage counseling. But what made you so sure that wasn't the real Roxas?"

    "I told you, these are Data backups of the Organization members. Everyone we fight was either destroyed or fused back to their original form."

    "I see." Namine sat down on the surprisingly clean floor, removed her sandals and massaged her aching feet. "Where in the world did you learn those moves?" Kairi asked. "I mean, even I didn't know how to do that!"

    Namine shrugged. "Easy. When I was trapped in Castle Oblivion, I self-taught myself whenever I went to the bathroom."

    "You mean you could've taken down the Organization anytime you wanted?"

    "Uh, no. I was still only 14, remember? I didn't have any weapons. Not to mention they would've killed me if they didn't need me for the whole "Chain of Memories" bit first." Kairi looked through Namine's eyes and noticed something peculiar that she never thought of before.

    "Is this all you really wear?" Kairi asked from a corner of her mind. "Only a one-piece dress and sandals?"

    Namine put her sandals back on. "Yeah, what about it?"

    Kairi would've had a bewildered expression on her face if Namine wasn't using her body at the moment. "Do you realize you're only one piece of clothing away from running around naked?" she pointed out.

    Namine shrugged again. "What can I say? I was created that way."

    "Uh-huh. You mind if I have my body back now?" Kairi suddenly felt control return to her. She checked herself and was glad to find her body was back to its original state of dress too.

    As Kairi stood up, she noticed an odd feeling in her heart. It felt familiar, but she couldn't place it. She shook her head dismissively. There were more important things to worry about. "Alright, one down, twelve to go. So who's next?"

    * * *

    Sora felt a sort of unease in the back of his mind that had nothing to do with him. "Roxas?" Sora inwardly called. "What are you so worried about?"

    In Sora's mind's eye, Roxas had a grimace of disgust on his face. "I don't know why, but I feel extremely dirty and beat-up for some reason."

    "Well, we've been fighting pretty hard."

    "Maybe...I guess it's just my imagination."

    "You two okay up there?" Riku asked Sora as he glided. Running on foot was taking too long, so Riku grabbed one of the skateboards littering the area and used it to cruise down the path.

    Sora nodded. "Yeah, we're cool."

    However Riku didn't seem to be listening. "If I only could open up the portals of darkness, this would be a whole lot faster. Hasn't anybody invented cars in this world?" He stopped himself. "Wait, I don't even have a driver's license, let alone a permit." Then something else clicked. "More importantly, I don't think I've seen a single car in this entire universe!"

    * * *

    Aladdin swiped his Scimitar at the oncoming Fat Bandits. He'd been stuck at this routine for a half-hour already and his sword arm was starting to get sore from overuse.

    "In need of some assistance?" Out of the blue, a familiar-looking swashbuckler landed a few feet behind Aladdin wielding his "Skull and Crossbones" blade.

    "Thanks! I'm Aladdin! You must be the famous Jack Sparrow I've heard so much about."

    "That's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, if you please." Sparrow looked at Aladdin. "Well, Laddie, looks like we have our hands full." Sparrow and Aladdin found themselves back-to-back with the cliff wall on one side and a steep drop on the other.

    Aladdin gave Sparrow his trickster smile. "Bet you two rubies that I can take down more Heartless than you."

    "A pirate always looks to profit. First to thirty, savvy?" Sparrow said as he slapped Aladdin on the shoulder.

    "Fine with me!" And with that, they charged at their opponents, knocking them off the cliff like boulders.

    Five minutes later, Aladdin cried, "Thirty Heartless!"

    "Excellent job, Lad! However, I finished five seconds before you did."

    "Really." Aladdin crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow.

    "Don't take it hard, Laddie!" Sparrow laughed heartily as he slowly made his way backwards. "Just remember that this was the day that you almost..." Before Jack could finish his departing line, he lost his footing and fell over the edge.

    "Jack!" Aladdin cried. He ran to see what became of his ally and was astonished to find no trace of him.

    * * *

    Captain Jack Sparrow laughed to himself as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of shiny rubies. "It doesn't look like 'ol Laddie will need these anytime soon," he chuckled as he rubbed the two stolen gems between his fingers. Then he reached into his other pocket, frowned and double-checked. After patting himself down, he shook his head. "The blasted bugger swiped my compass!"

    * * *

    "Nice job, Abu!" Aladdin said to his faithful partner. He playfully tossed Jack Sparrow's compass into the air. "A pirate may always look to profit, but he should never steal from a master thief."

    (Note from author: Don't worry, I've noticed. ;) Your stories are pretty good too! (Well, the high school one kinda depressed me a bit, as I could relate being in Sora's position :( )

    However, I might take a short break, because:

    1. I've got three essays due next week.

    2. There've been a lot of KH Ultimate Team-Up fans that've been wondering when the "Best Of" video's coming out, and I haven't even started yet.

    3. I don't know how exactly I'm going to play the next fight. Kairi/Namine vs. Roxas seemed to come to me naturally. But next is a chick-fight. Go figure. :sigh:

    4. Other than this fanfic, I'm still trying to finish an update for my other story: "Triple M: Legend of the Chosen One" at the The Mega Man Network Community Forums. It's been at least three months since I last updated over there...

    So, I'll update either when I get the chance, or I'll just disregard everything else to work on this a bit more. Whichever comes first. Because let me tell you, even I'M excited to know what's coming next! :bounce:)
  19. O R A N G E C is the heavenly option

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    Great Job!

    I've got a question, actually.

    Is Kairi only going to fight all of the Organization members and then get back to Sora? Or will another obstacle come in her way before getting home?

  20. DiveIntoTheHeart Traverse Town Homebody

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    Heyas!!! I finally read your ficcy!!! It rocks!!! Love it!!! ^^