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Apr 29, 2011
Feb 13, 2011
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Apr 29, 2011
    1. Midnight Star
      Midnight Star

      Um, I haven't got an account on youtube, and despite being on this site I haven't got a clue about any of your kingdom hearts questions. I'm just here for the community/spamzone/rping. I'm really sorry, I'm relly not the best person to ask about this kinda stuff. You'd probably be better asking anybody else on this site.

      Really sorry about that, but it's good to meet you and I hope to see you around.
    2. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      I managed to do it, hope you like
    3. Korra
      Hey, make sure that when you post it's not off topic; I'd suggest reading the rules again so you know what is and isn't allowed.
    4. KeybladeMasterJoe
      hey, and sure
      idk how to make gif pics and ok
    5. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      To post a thread you just gotta pick a section that fits of what your asking for.then at the top click where it says "post new thread" write what you want and down below click "submit new thread"
    6. kingdomheartsfan_567
      ok man i understand its ok
    7. Korra
      I don't know any sites off the top of my head, so like I said, you're better off using Google's search.
      As for requests, you'll just have to go to the Graphic Arts section of the forum and look in the "Requests/Help" section; you can either create a new thread asking for a .gif or ask in a shop that does .gif requests.

      hey big guy i do a project about final fantasy and kingdom hearts look a picture ofit and send it to others to see it
      And sorry, not sure what you mean about this.
    8. Korra
      Hm...I'm not sure if you can use a .gif for a profile picture, but you can for an avatar or signature if it's small enough.
      I believe there's some sites that will allow you to enter a video URL (from YouTube, for example) and select the timeframe to use, so you may want to search Google for that. But make sure it's under the 500kb limit if it's a signature.

      Alternately you can request someone to make you a .gif in the Graphic Arts section, I think there's actually a .gif request thread open now.
    9. Korra
      I know how to, yeah.
      Only thing is I lost the program I used to do it. :/
      Why do you ask?
    10. Makaze
      Probably not, sorry... I am not dependable for requests. Ask someone else around for forum, please. Not to brush you off or anything, but I do not want you promise you anything. I hate letting people down.
    11. Sabby
      They are called GIFs. I personally do not know how to make them. But you can request someone to make it for you. here's the link, either make a thread asking someone to make it for you or post in the threads people have made and you provide the video and the time span of it.
    12. Sabby
      If you have any questions about the podcast then just ask me here or on PM. :) have a good day
    13. Lauriam
      Yo kingdomheartsfan_567. How's things going? Welcome to, the ultimate source for Kingdom Hearts media. I see ur a fan of Final Fantasy. I always wanted to get into that, but never got my hands on any of 'em. So have you played all the KH games? Or just some of 'em? I've only played some of them. As much as I love KH, I can only buy the ones made for the DS 'cause I don't have a PS2 or 3 or PSP. I played the first one once when a friend let me borrow it with their PS2, but that's it. I have a personal question to ask you: Do I talk too much? In real life I'll be lucky if I can get past the introductions without clamming up, but online I can't seem to shut up. Oh well, I guess all I wanted to say was welcome. :)
    14. Sabby
      Nothing much, you?
    15. Misty
      I can't really help you with the visitors thing, but you can upload videos to our portal:
      You have to register there (it's separate from your login here) and we sometimes have issues with it, just a warning.
    16. Misty
      I'm a girl, actually. xD

      But that depends, what do you mean?
      The Archive isn't 100% complete, no, but we're getting it there.
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    i like games my PSN:guitarbeast_56 and of course all kingdom hearts series

    i like playing ps3 and the other stuff