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Apr 29, 2011
Feb 13, 2011
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kingdomheartsfan_567 was last seen:
Apr 29, 2011
    1. Shadow_Ventus
      well>>> i have ps2 ,nds, gc,ps3,3ds,1 phone :blackberry and i got rid of my twitter and facebook>>> sorry dood......
    2. rikulovr
      haha no well sorta i cant get on my old account so im just not on any more xD
    3. rhaxama
      uhhhhh do i kno you
    4. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Sora!!- I mean Yeah I like it! XD
    5. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Thanks I just merged down the pictures of aqua, the symbol, and a black background. made 3 copies of that with different color charm. I blended the pictures and looks like that
    6. Keyblade Master Matt
      Keyblade Master Matt
      your page just looked really cool
    7. Keyblade Master Matt
      Keyblade Master Matt
      NO I don't know you sorry
    8. AwkwardFailure
    9. Keyblade Master Matt
    10. Shinichi Izumi
      Shinichi Izumi
    11. C
      HEY MAN I'M GEWD WHAT'S UP WITH YO i already haev a forum dude i propose that i'll stick with that one hye another guy told me to another to do another u c so i got part of a trio we have three members it's about nothing and we don't have anything against kingdom hearts III we not racists you know but we have to do something and print a background image of the nothing so it will be lyrical and awzm your threesome will stay a double penetration for now if you agree then just visit a profile on a site for more information or you can send send a message send your welcome for being a patient
    12. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      I don't mean to be rude, but:

      1. Your grammar needs serious work. I certainly hope you don't TALK like that.
      2. I don't like Resident Evil.
      3. I highly doubt KHIII will be released next year.
      alrite sure ill do that kk
    14. khmage1918
      A request? Sure, it will take time though
    15. Misty
      Thank you. =]
    16. JellyBeing
      Dear Strange Member,

      Who are you?
      Please don't blatantly boast your nonsensical words on my profile again. I don't understand what you're complaining about to me for. So please, please, please don't do that ever again.

      Warm Regards,
    17. f!r3f0xx88
      hello thanks for visiting :)
    18. Korra
      Asking you to again read the rules...we don't allow advertisement here, that includes your youtube channel outside of your signature.
    19. khmage1918
      Hmm? What picture?
    20. Mixt
      "The Keyblade War" is an RP series that we've done over the course of 4 or so years now. It began as a behind-the-scenes style story for KH but with how long we kept the RP going the events of Kingdom Hearts are long past. That being said we are very welcoming of new members. We don't expect you to learn everything we've covered (I honesty don't remember a decent portion of it myself). Breath of the Future has just recently started its third chapter so it is a good time to join if you want to. If you want to jump in let either Love, riku1186, or myself know and we'll explain what the current situation is. We are all willing to answer any questions you have.
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    i like games my PSN:guitarbeast_56 and of course all kingdom hearts series

    i like playing ps3 and the other stuff