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Thanks to the twitter (@kazu4281) we are able to see Aqua's new model along sides with Terra and Ven. As far as we know, this is a one page print in this weeks, weekly Shonen Jump. But it gives us a great insights to gameplay, worlds and our precious babies and their models!

(Translations soon to come)

What do you think of this gem find? Let us know!
Fearless thought of that... get it, Q and A, like Question and Answers. Hahahaha

It's time for the
KH-Vids Podcast! As you can see we've gotten new Staff Members as of late, and now you get to find out more about them!

Your (lovely) Podcast Host @Calxiyn is joined by @Heart ❤ , KHV Site Reporter, and @Fearless , KHV Site Moderator, to talk about them, their life, and in some cases their love life. This Podcast reveals tons of secrets about your two favorite Staff Members so you won't want to miss it!


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jack pixelly.png

Haha! Welcome to Halloween Town, friends! I'm so glad you could all make it! Oh, I've just had an awful time trying to think of new ways to liven up Halloween around here. Halloween is so amazing, you see, but how can we make people see that when it's always the same every year? It needs something new, something fresh! But, how to do that without compromising what makes Halloween Halloween? But then, it hit me! What's the thing that humans love most about Halloween?

oogie final.png

Free candy?

sally final.jpg

Pumpkin-flavored drinks?​

jack pixelly.png

...W-what's the thing that humans love the most about Halloween after those?

zero final.png

Arf arf!​

jack pixelly.png

That's absolutely right, Zero! Dressing up in costumes! Now, when I heard that that was something that Keyblade wielders were very fond of, I knew exactly what to do! I had a little word with your "admins" here, and they allowed me to bring you all here to Halloween Town for a dress-up contest! I call it...the Unchained Halloween Spooktacular!

We're going to have five categories for entry: Coolest Costume, Silliest Costume, Cutest Costume, Scariest Costume, and Strangest Costume! Dress up your avatar in Unchained x for whichever category you want to enter, take a screenshot, and post the picture in the respective thread! Oh, but don't try passing off a costume set as your entry; we know what those look like! You have to put in your own effort and creativity! You can enter only once in each category, but you can enter as many categories as you want! You'll have from today until 11:59pm Pacific Time on October 29 to submit your costumes! And on Halloween itself, October 31, the winners will be announced!

Site members as a whole will be able to select their own winners by casting votes with Post Ratings! You can use a Like to give an entry one point, or a Creative to give an entry two points! Your votes are limited, however; you can only cast one Creative and two Like votes in each category! While this goes on, we've rounded up five judges who will judge your entries as staff selections! Say hello, everyone!

sally final.jpg

Hello! I hope you enjoy this contest!

zero final.png


oogie final.png

Heheheheh... Ready to have some fun?

sora final.png

Hi there! Nice to meetcha!


...This isn't Halloweentown.​

jack pixelly.png

On the contrary, madam! This is indeed Halloween Town!


Uh...okay... Well, I guess as long as I'm here, I'm happy to help! I mean, I do love Halloween.​

jack pixelly.png

That's the spirit!

Some of our judges may also be submitting some costumes, but they'll only be eligible for Member Selection, to keep things fair. The top Judge and Member Selections in each category will win a delightful new Pin for their efforts! I think it's rather handsome, don't you?


Yes, this wonderful piece of memorabilia can be yours, good friends! That is, if your costumes are up to snuff...

Remember, entries are open until 11:59pm on October 29! Put together the most amazing, astounding, artful outfits you can and submit them here! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Hey, all!

It's been a hot minute since our last big archive update, but today I'm happy to present the entirety of Re:Chain of Memories and Reverse/Rebirth in HD! And for the completists out there, we also have all the text bubble sequences available as separate downloads. You can access it all from our Cutscene Archive.

Apologies for the massive delays. For a multitude of reasons, the entire project fell into limbo for quite a while. But I recently acquired the means to pick things up where we left off, so barring my untimely demise, you can expect to see more updates from us in the coming weeks. It's been long overdue, but we want to put the "Vids" back in KH-Vids.

Big thanks to @libregkd for sprucing up the archive, and putting everything in its proper place.

More to come soon!
The nominations for the 2016 KH-Vids User Awards are now open!

Hey guys! For those who have never participated in the User Awards, or need a bit of a reminder, there are two phases: nominations and polls. A user will not appear in the final polls without first being nominated by their peers, so if you want to see someone in the poll, make sure you nominate them!

Another important thing to note this year is that we had a poll to decide whether the 'worst' nominations would be self-nominations or open nominations and open nominations won. If you feel you would rather not be put on the poll and don't want to know if you've been nominated, please approach a staff member and request it.

Before we begin, make sure you’ve read the general info on the User Awards. If it has left your questions unanswered, shoot me a message or post in this thread before nominating!