Zexion's Will (Chapter 1)

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  1. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    Another story about Zexion. He get's driven insane by everyone in the Organizaton,and dicide's to get even,with a very Chaotic spell. I got the idea for this from a Buffy episode. Well,here's the first chapter!

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 1
    ~Zexion's Rage~

    Zexion was sleeping on his bed. The sunlight softly caresses his face. He slowly opened his eyes. He sat up. 'What time is it?' He wondered. He turned and looked at the clock on the stand beside his bed. It read 10:00 am. 'WOAH!! I forgot to set the alarm...' He thought.

    He slowly stood. He got changed into his Organization uniform. He then walked over to the stand beside his bed,and grabbed his Book. He walked out of his room and down the hall.

    He walked into the kitchen,and saw Vexen sitting at the table. He was reading a FullMetal Alchemist manga. Zexion took a seat next to him. "So,is there anything major going on today?" Zexion asked,placing his book on the table and opening it.

    "No,absolutly nothing will happen today.." Vexen said. Vexen flipped the page in his manga.

    "Good..I want to just relax today..." Zexion said.

    They sat there for 7 minutes,silently reading.

    Demyx ran into the room just then. "WHERE'S MY SITAR??!!!" He yelled.

    Zexion looked up,annoyed. "How should I know?? It's YOUR Sitar.." Zexion said.

    Demyx sighed. "I don't know what happened to it..Zexion,can't you,like,locate it with a spell or something?" Demyx asked.

    Zexion sighed. He looked down at his book. He flipped the pages untill he reached a page close to the front. "Find the Sitar of this kid, reveal it so it is not hid." Zexion said.

    Zexion got an image of the Sitar sitting against the wall in Demyx's room in his head.

    Zexion snapped his head toward Demyx,glaring. He then got up and punched Demyx off the top of his head. "OWW!! What did I do??!" Demyx yelled.

    Zexion conitnued to glare. "What? Are you blind?? IT'S IN YOUR ROOM!! You know,the place you sleep in?" Zexion said.

    "Oh..oops..hehe. . ." Demyx said. He then ran out of the kitchen.

    Zexion shook his head. He grabbed his book and walked out of the kitchen. He was in the living room. He turned on the PS2,put Haunting Ground on,turned onto the t.v.,grabbed the PS2 controller,and sat down on the couch.

    He waited for it to load,loaded his game file,and he was running through the castle as Fiona. He sat there playing for about 4 minutes,looking around the castle for items and stuff (which,by the way,he had beaten this game 2 times).

    Then,the music suddenly turned to Riccardo's theme. He had Fiona start running down the hall,trying to get to behind a door. She was about to reach it-

    "ZEXION!!" Xigbar yelled.

    Zexion jumped and dropped the controller. He looked over at Xigbar,standing up. "What??!!!!! What's wrong???!!" He asked.

    Xigbar pointed at the screen. "Game Over." He said. Zexion looked at the screen,and it reverted to the main menu.

    Zexion looked at Xigbar. "You.." He said. "I can't belive you are THIS evil.." He said. He walked over and turned off everything,put the controller back,and walked out into the hall.

    He walked into the Sparring Room. Saiix and Marluxia were in the middle of a fight. Marluxia took a strike toward his neck,while Saiix blocked. He then threw his weapon back. Marluxia jumped back. He then threw his weapon at Saiix's face. Saiix slammed Marly's Sythe to the ground,then charged foward,and did an upper cut. Marly evaded it to the right,and tried to punch Saiix in the face,who caught his fist and threw him back.

    Zexion decided to be mischievious. He spread his hands out,and yelled "FREEZE!".

    Ice encased Saiix and Marluxia,up to their waist. "I have got to work on that spell..." Zexion said.

    He then stepped between them. "What did you stop us for?" Marluxia asked.

    "Yeah,I was so going to thrash Flower Power over here." Saiix said.

    "No you weren't." Marluxia said.

    "You were so going down.." Saiix said.

    "I was going to thrash YOU!" Marluxia said.

    Zexion smiled and simply walked away. 'They are going to be there a while..' He thought.

    He walked into the living room. Luxord and Xaldin were watching Jaws.

    Xaldin looked up and said. "Look,here comes magic man..And magic man hasn't taken out the trash. No,he was too busy sleeping...to good to take out the trash were you? You really should do what your supposed to..or you'll have more to do.later...It is a good idea to do your job-"

    "Shut Up!! You ramble more then Xigbar does..geeze." Zexion said. The both of them chuckled as Zexion walked into the kitchen.

    He saw the trash barrel and picked up the trash bag. He walked out,and got rammed in the side by Lexaus,causing him to fall on the ground,along with the trash.

    Zexion looked up and glared at Lexaus. He got up and picked up the trash.He walked down the porch and dropped the trash into the barrel. He looked up and saw Lexaus laughing at him.

    Zexion just walked back inside,ignoring Lexaus. He walked through the kitchen,back to the living room.

    "Nice look for you,Zexion *snicker*." Luxord said.

    Zexion turned to them. "What?" He asked defensively.

    "Yeah,the soda soaking your hair gives it..class." Xaldin said. They both laughed at him.

    "Huh?" Zexion said. He pulled a strand of his hair infront of his eyes,to see that it was,in fact,soda drenched.

    He then stomped off to his room,listening to his commrads laugh at him. He walked into his room,got a knew set of clothes,and stomped off to the bathroom to take a shower.

    When he was in the shower,he was deep in thought. 'How do I get those 2 idiots back? And Lexaus deserves something too. Man this day's a drag. What's next? Roxas attacks me?? Xemnas tells me to go to Hundred Acre Wood to Bounce around with Tigger and Roo?? I'm taken away to the funny farm???!!!! No,no calm down...I'll be fine..I just have to think of something good....'

    ~After His Shower~

    Zexion walked out,and to his room. He sat down on his bed,and opened his Book. He started flipping through the pages,looking for a good spell. Suddenly,Demyx ran in.

    "Zexion! Zexion,you've got to come see this!!! Roxas and Axel are having a HUGE fight!!!! This is AWESOME!!!" Demyx yelled,he then ran out of Zexion's room.

    Zexion sighed and closed his book. 'I can't get anywhere in my book...' He thought,becoming REALLY annoyed. Then again,living with 13 other people is tough...

    Zexion got up and walked out to the main hall,where the 2 of them were fighting. He noticed everyone but Saiix and Marly were there. In his mind he found it amusing..

    He walked over next to Larxene. She looked at him and said. "You know,you could always stop them.."

    "Why?? They are too dull to kill eachother..actually I should tape this.." Zexion said.

    Zexion suddenly was shoved to the ground. He looked up to see Xigbar standing there. Zexion jumped up.

    "What's your problem??" Zexion said,getting into a fighting stance (Yuri's stance,for anyone who's ever played Shadow Hearts).

    Xigbar laughed. "Aw,com'on Zex! I'm bored. Lets fight!!" He said. He also got into a fighting stance,weapons drawn.

    "Hey! No weapons." Zexion said.

    "Darn." Xigbar said, he made his Laser Guns dissappear.

    Zexion ran tword him and tried to punch him in the face,but he teleported behind Zexion,who accidentaly hit Larxene. She turned on him striking with her fist,Zexion backed up and evaded it. He spun around quickly to see Xigbars fist comming for his face. He teleported behind Laxene,who caught Xigbar's fist,and twisted it. He then kicked her leg. She then tried a leg sweep on him,but he jumped aside and rammed into Luxord,who then turned on him. He threw a card at him,but he and Larxene jumped out of the way,and Zexion was hit. He then held up his hand "Fire!" He yelled,and a fire ball shot from his hand,and Luxord jumped aside,so Lexaus was hit with it. Lexaus then kicked Luxord for no reason. Luxord then punched Larxene out of confusion. Xigbar made his weapons appear,and shot a laser bullet at Zexion. Zexion ducked and evaded it,he then ran over to Xigbar and punched him in the face HARD!!!-

    "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!!!!!" Xemnas yelled,walking in the room. He saw everyone but Saiix and Marluxia in the room. Zexion,Xigbar,Larxene,Lexaus,and Luxord were fighting eachother. Roxas and Axel were in a seperate fight. And Vexen and Demyx were watching on the side lines with amusement.

    Everyone froze. Xemnas walked up to them. "What are you guys doing? Causing chaos?? Or having a party?? Well..I KNOW your all fight just to fight??? Well,I hope you relise I will find the one who started this.." He said. "So,who started it?? You KNOW what would happen..if you don't come forth now..."

    Xigbar pushed Zexion foward. "He started it!" Xigbar yelled.

    "XIGBAR!!! You liar!!" Zexion yelled.

    Xemnas walked over to the door. "Zexion. Come." He said,seething with anger.

    Zexion sighed,looked back and saw everyone starring at him,and turned back. He started to trail behind Xemnas...

    ~Throne Room~

    Xemnas was sitting in his chair,Zexion in his own.

    "Zexion..you aren't supposed to start brawls..." Xemnas said.

    "I know..." Zexion said 'I DIDN'T start it...' He thought angrilly..

    "Do you remember what happened last time? Last time,Demyx was stuck in bed for a week...." Xemnas said.

    "I remember.." Zexion said. 'THAT wasn't my fault either...' He thought.

    "Don't let it happen again..." Xemnas said.

    Zexion jumped down out of his chair. He walked out,and down the halls to his bedroom. He slammed the door behind himself. "THAT'S IT!!!" Zexion yelled.

    He put his book on the floor,opened on a certain page. He graber 6 candles,and placed them around the book,in a circular pattern. He said "Flame Touch",and his hand lit on fire. He touched the wick of each candle,and then sat inbetween 2 of the candles. He started reading from the page.

    "In the darkness of my mind,I need power to be mine,no more pain,no more sorrow,I'll have my way tommorow,and the days after." Zexion said.

    A rush of wind blew the candles out,and his book shut. He got up and put the candles away. He then picked up his book and put it on the stand next to his bed. He then layed down on his bed.

    'Now,things are about to get interesting...' Zexion thought. He rolled over and fell asleep...

    So,what do you guys think of the story so far? If you have any ideas/questions/or commets, please post them! Thatnk!

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  2. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    Zexion's Will (Chapter 2)

    This chapter basically explain's the mission Xemnas decides to send the Organization on. The next chapter starts the REAL adventure...

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 2
    ~The Black Materia Mission Shall Commence~

    Zexion felt something shaking his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes,and turned his head to see Xigbar. "What do you want,Braig?" He asked,annoyed. He tended to call Xigbar,Braig,when he was annoyed.

    "Uh..you were sleeping late again." Xigbar said,pointing to the clock.

    Zexion rolled over,and sat up. He looked at the clock,and saw that it read 11:00 am. He looked up at Xigbar.

    "So,someone finally got smart and woke me up..." Zexion said. "I can't believe it.. *shrug* So,what does Xemnas want today?" Zexion asked.

    "He wants us to find a Materia called The Black Marteria." Xigbar said.

    Zexion sighed. "He ALWAYS makes US do all the dirty work. Why doesn't HE go fetch the Materia this time?" Zexion said.

    Xigbar shrugged. "Well,I'll give you time to wake up. Besides,I want to go have a round of target practice before we head out." Xigbar said. He walked out,closing the door behind him.

    Zexion sighed. He then got up and got dressed. He sat back down on his bed,and grabbed his Book. He opened it to The Will Spell page. He read it,and reread it,to find it doesn't explain how to activate it. Nor does it say how to stop it.

    He looked over at a large candle,sitting on the table across the room. "I will that candle to light." He said. Nothing happened. He looked at the door. "Uh..I will the door to open?" And still,nothing happened. 'Hmm...maybe I said the spell wrong??' He thought.

    He closed his book and stood up. He then walked out,and down the hall. He walked into the Living Room,to see Luxord waiting for him.

    "Xemnas is calling a meeting in the Throne Room." Luxord said.

    "Why?" Zexion said.

    "I don't know,Saiix told me to tell you this..." He said.

    Zexion shrugged and they both started to walk to the Throne Room..

    ~Throne Room~

    Everyone was seated,waiting for Xemnas to speak.

    "Everyone's here finally. Good. Now,I am going to search for The Black Materia this time." Xemnas said.

    Everyone starred at him like he was out of his mind. "Why? Are you sick or something?" Xaldin asked.

    "No,I've decided to search for it myself is all." Xemnas saaid.

    "Great! See y-" Demyx started.

    "Hold it! Who ever stays here has to clean the ENTIRE castle." Xemnas said.

    A couple of sighes and groans came form the Nobodies.

    Every one of them (exept Xemnas) said "I'm going."

    Xemnas chuckled and said. "Only 6 of you can come..."

    Zexion quietly said to himself. "Me,Xigbar,Demyx, Axel,Marluxia,and Roxas should..."

    "Zexion,Xigbar,Demyx,Axel,Marluxia,and Roxas are coming." Xemnas said.

    Everyone not mentioned sighed in synch and jumped out of their chairs. They then walked out. Lexaus looked back from the doorway,and said "We do too much for you,Xemnas. We should get paid!" He then ran out the door.

    Xemnas ignored him. "You know WE have to get our hands on The Black Materia..before anyone else does. If we lose this chance,we lose out on A LOT of power. Enough power to wipe out 13 worlds in 5 days.... We MUST get that Materia..." Xemnas said.

    "Well..wouldn't it be more fun to wipe those worlds out by burning them?" Axel asked.

    "Well..some of us can't burn stuff by touching it. Why don't we flood the worlds instead? We could be flying by in a gummi ship,look down,and see a blue sphere..." Demyx said.

    "I'd rather look down and see orangy-red sphere,instead.." Axel said.

    "You wouldn't be able to see red! It'd be covered in smoke!!" Demyx yelled.

    "How about causing a REAL world war. World v.s. world. That would polish off 2 worlds!" Xigbar said.

    "I'd like to gather 1000s of heartless,release them onto worlds,and let them overtake the keyholes. That would take out LOADS of worlds." Roxas said.

    "Not with all those Keybladers out there.." Marluxia said. "We should release killer plants onto the worlds,and killer flowers. Then let them implant themselves into the soil,tainting it with poison! Then they will tap into the worlds core as their roots slither down into the soil!! THEN they will COMPLETELY overtake the world,turn it green,and all the worlds will be full of MY underlings!!!!!" Marluxia said.

    Everyone starred without a sound...



    "Uh..well....I think it would be better if we just get The Black Materia and take over everything that way." Zexion said,breaking the silence.

    "I agree." Xemnas said.

    "I really wish we could drown th-" Demyx started to say.

    "SILENCE!!! I am the Superior!! We will get The Black Materia and overtake the worlds through THAT meathod!!" Xemnas yelled.

    "You haven't had your coffe this morrning,have you Xemmy?" Axel asked.

    Xemnas glared at him..

    Marluxia made his Sythe appear.and he started rubbing the blade lightly. "I'm the only one who needs to go on this mission..the rest of you can go clean..." He said.

    Zexion jumped down. "Com'on you guys. Let's get this over with." He said.

    Everyone jumped down and walked out. They walked down to the grand hall. They stopped infront of the gates leading outside the castle.

    "Let's split up each time we reach a world. Right now,we have to pick a world to go to..." Xemnas said.

    So,what world would you guys like to see them go to?

    FireNanaki's Stories + Vids:

    What do you think about the story? If you have any ideas/questions/or comments,please post it! Thanks!

    What is a materia?
  4. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    Materia are basically stones that contain magic inside. They are from Final Fantasy VII.
  5. 2Foxxie4U ~The Forgotten Crusader...~

    Oct 22, 2006
    The internet! Duh!
    What they said...


    It's nice... You might wanna do a tiny grammar check on word so that it's a little cleaer, but other than that...

    Gawd, I'm so tired... -_-;
  6. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    Sorry if it's hard to read sometimes. My keyboard messes up alot... Sorry..
  7. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    Zexion's Will (Chapter 3)

    So,I decided on Hollow Bastion. This is going to be a long story,let me say... Anyways,Hollow Bastion is a combo of Hollow Bastion from Kingdom Hearts I & II. The castle is mainly the same in KH I. The town is mainly the same as KH II. A little bit I've tweaked,but that's all pointed out. Anyways,here's the next chapter!

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 3
    ~Hunting Through Hallow Bastion Part 1~

    "How about Hallow Bastion?" Demyx said.

    "You only want to go there because they sell

    cheaper Sea Salt Icecream..." Axel said dully.

    "Oh! They do?? Let's go to Hallow Bastion!!!"

    Roxas said,excitedly.

    Axel sighed. "You act like such a kid,Roxas.."

    Axel said.

    Zexion sighed. "It is a good place to start..and

    I fear a fight will start if we don't..."He said.

    "Fine..we'll go to Hallow Bastion...." Xemnas

    said quietly.

    Zexion looked over at Xemnas. 'He must be

    thinking about his old days there..Yeah..I

    remember...when we first we in the castle. We

    were there for 1 month,then we turned into

    Nobodies. We left and came here... And soon

    enough,we gained all of the Organization

    members...' Zexion thought.

    Zexion looked over at Xigbar. 'He remembers too.

    I REALLY hope we don't run into DIZ...' Zexion


    "Let's go." Xemnas said,kinda forced.

    They all formed Corridors Of Darkness...

    ~Hallow Bastion/Market Place~

    They appeared on the center platform in the Maker

    Place. They all looked around.

    "Wow..It's bigger then in my dreams..." Roxas


    "I've never seen it either..It's HUGE..." Axel


    "Are there ANY flowers ANYWHERE???" Marly


    Demyx noticed a stand selling LOADS of Sea Salt

    Icecream. "SEA SALT ICECREAM!!" He yelled.

    Demyx,Axel,and Roxas ran over to the stand. Marly

    looked at Xemnas and shrugged. He walked calmly

    over to the stand,too.

    Zexion,Xigbar,and Xemnas turned to eachother.

    "So,where should we try first?" Xigbar asked.

    "Lets try Ansem's Study. He might have some notes

    on his computer about the Materia." Zexion said.

    Xemnas nodded. "It's the only possible lead we

    have on it..." He said.

    Zexion walked over to the 4 Nobodies standing

    around the Sea Salt Icecream stand. He decided he

    wanted one as well,so he walked up to the

    stand,and bought one.

    He was about to bite into it,when Demyx yelled in

    his ear. "YOU LIKE SEA SALT ICECREAM???!!!!!"

    Demyx yelled.

    Zexion elbowed him. "OOW!!! YOU IDIOT!!" Zexion

    yelled,holding his ear.

    Demyx laughed a little. "Well,I never knew you

    liked Sea Salt Icecream!" Demyx yelled,still

    laughing. Zexion glared.

    Xigbar then walked next to Zexion. "Does anyone

    have any money? I want some Sea Salt Icecream,but

    I'm broke..." Xigbar said.

    Demyx was still laughing. Zexion looked at his

    icecream,then turned ti Xigbar and put it in his

    hand. "Eat it." Zexion said,and he started to

    walk ahead.

    Xigbar started eating it and the party started

    fallowing Zexion...

    ~Merlin's House (a.k.a. Abandoned House)~

    The party of 7 nobodies passed by this house.

    Roxas looked in the window,and stopped walking.

    Zexion saw him stop,and he stopped too.

    "What is it Roxas?" He called. The rest of the

    group was still walking.

    "Look." Roxas said,and pointed in the window.

    There was a computer inside. "Why is there a

    computer in there,Zexion?" Roxas asked.

    Zexion stared for a moment. "I don't know.." He

    said. He walked up to the door.

    He tried to open it,but it was locked. He kicked

    the door 4 times,and it busted open. He walked

    over to the computer,Roxas fallowed.

    Zexion tried to turn it on,but it failed. He kept

    pressing the button,but it stayed off. He started

    to growl.

    "Let me try." Roxas said. Zexion moved out of the

    way,and Roxas stepped in his previous place. He

    made The Bond Of Flame appear in his hand.

    He started whacking the computer with his

    Keyblade. He struck it 20 times,then gave up.

    Zexion got mad. "Stupid computer,turn on!!" He

    yelled. The entire system turned on.

    Roxas looked at Zexion. "What was that? A spell??

    Next time,just cast a spell..." Roxas said.

    "I didn't-"

    Roxas looked at the computer. There was NOTHING

    on it. Absolutly NOTHING. "What the heck?? This

    computer's empty. There's not even an Internet

    access. It's totally empty..." Roxas said,


    Zexion walked a little closer to the computer. He

    crossed his arms. "Hmmm...That's not right. There

    should be SOMETHING on it..." Zexion said.

    An Internet access thing appeared on the screen.

    Zexion blinked. 'Every time I say something,It

    happens. It could POSSIBLY be just coincidence,

    but I seriously doubt it...' He thought.

    When he snapped out of his thoughts,he saw Roxas

    was on the Internet. Roxas was searching for

    Black Materia. The list said it was empty.

    "What?" He said.

    "I know DIZ's Computer will have information on

    The Materia,so let's go,Roxas..." Zexion said.

    "Okay." Roxas said simply. He then ran off to

    catch up to the rest of the party.

    'The Will Spell DID work. Roxas would have

    usually wanted to search the computer more....

    Alright I get how this spell works. When I say

    what I want,it happens...' He thought. 'Meh,I

    could have a lot of fun with this!!' He thought


    Zexion then ran out of the house,and ran to catch

    up with the group...


    Zexion ran into the Bailey,and saw all of them

    standing at the windows. He walked over,and

    looked out the window Marly was. "What's up?"

    Zexion asked.

    "The Castle...I always wondered what it looked

    like..." Marly said. He was leaning against his


    Zexion stayed silent as he stared at the castle

    he once resided in...

    ~Flash Back~


    Zexion,as Ienzo was standing against the

    wall,arms crossed,and he was staring out the


    "Ienzo,what's wrong?" Xigbar (as Braig)

    said,walking up to Zexion.

    "Look at the castle...It feels..empty." Ienzo

    said. He looked up at Braig. "Doesn't it?"

    "Yeah...I've noticed it too." Braig said. "Why..?

    Why does it feel-"

    "Incomplete?" Ienzo finished for him.

    "Yeah..." Braig said.

    Ienzo looked back out the window. "I want..."

    ~End Flashback~

    Zexion looked at Xigbar. 'I don't know what I

    said that day. I asked Xigbar,and he refused to

    tell me..he knows. He knows what I wanted back

    then..What did I want?' Zexion thought.

    "Let's go." Xemnas said.

    Everyone started to fallow him.

    'What..do I want now...?' Zexion thought.

    In my stories,Zexion had a tough life.

    FireNanaki's Stories + Vids:

    Anyways,what do you think of the story so far? If you have any ideas/questions/or comments,please post it! Thanks!!
  8. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    Zexion's Will (Chapter 4)

    Now,I can already see a FLOOD of FlashBacks happening,and they'll peice together,one by one...Anyways,here's the next chapter!

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 4
    ~Hunting Through Hollow Bastion (Part 2)~


    The 7 Nobodies reached the platform,to see a FireLion lying on it's side in the center of the platform,trying to stand. They all stopped.

    "Vivi!! Use your magic!!" The FireLion called.

    A short mage holding a full wood staff jumped up onto the platform from the other side. He held up his staff. "I-I-I can't!!" The shy creature called.

    "Vivi!!" The FireLion called.

    Sephiroth walked onto the platform. Zexion recognized him. He's had 4 encounters with him,3 of which didn't go so well...

    Sephiroth walked up to the Mage named Vivi,and held his sword up to his face. He then looked at the FireLion. "Where is Cloud..? Mother calls..I can't stay too long..." Sepiroth said.

    The FireLion forced itself to stand. "You WON'T hurt my friends!! OR my home land!!!" He yelled.

    Sephiroth laughed mysteriously. "Look..visitors..." He said,looking at the Organization Members that stood there.

    'I've had enough of this...' Zexion said. He figured now was a good time to try his spell's powers. "Hey,Sephiroth. Get back on your own damn planet..." He said darkly.

    Sephiroth quickly sheathed his long sword. "Mother calls..." He said. He faded away...

    The FireLion and Mage looked at the Nobodies. They walked infront of them.

    "Thank you for your help. Sephiroth is insane..and he has to be taken down..Before he gets his hands on the Black Materia..." The FireLion said quietly,deep in thought.

    "What?!! HE want's the Black Materia??!!!" Demyx yelled.

    The fireLion looked up,with serious eyes at Demyx. "You REALLY don't want it..TRUST ME..." The FireLion said.

    "Red XIII,we can't stay..you know that." Vivi said.

    The FireLion named Red XIII looked back at Vivi. "I know..our friends need us." Red XIII said. The 2 ran off quickly.

    Vivi stopped,and looked back. "Don't use it..." He said. He then ran off to catch up to Red XIII.

    The 7 Nobodies formed a circle. "So,that silver haired freak wants or Black Materia,huh. He looks like a freaky old dude..." Marly said out of NOWHERE.

    Xemnas and Zexion glared at him. "Uh..EXCUSE ME Marly..." Xemnas said.

    "Marly,your trying to get Xemnas to kill you,aren't you?" Zexion said. He shook his head. He then walked ahead. "Com'on,let's move." He said,still walking.

    The rest of the group walked behind Zexion...

    ~Ansem's Study~

    The 7 Nobodies walked into the room. There were reaserch notebooks,books,papers,ect. EVERYWHERE in the small round room.

    Zexion looked around. His eyes landed on one thing in particular. He walked over to a wall,and placed his hand on a paper that was pinned to it.

    On the paper was a drawing,it looked like a 7 year old drew it. The drawing was of Zexion and Xigbar,standing back to back,weapons drawn,in The World That Never Was.

    "Mixok..." Zexion said quietly.


    Ienzo was 10 years old. He was being held back by 2 heavily armored guards. They were standing infront of a black mansion,and a man stood infront of Ienzo. He looked alot like Ienzo,but he was around the age of 28,and his hair was straight back.

    "Why..why are you doing this?!! WHAT THE HELL'S THE MATTER WITH YOU??!!!" Ienzo yelled.

    The man back-handed Ienzo across the face. "SHUT UP!! YOU AREN'T MY SON ANYMORE,YOU DOG!!!" The man yelled angrilly.

    Ienzo looked up at the man,his "father". "Your a monster..." He said quietly.

    "Tsk. YOUR the monster! You and your damn books!! Your no good for ANYTHING!!!" He yelled. He then snapped his fingers.

    A girl,the age of 12,walked over. She was holding Ienzo's favorite book,The Book Of Illusions. He came across it when he was 4 years old...

    "Here father." She said,handing him the book.

    He held up Ienzo's Book. "You LOVE this book,though. This one,you cherish more then being great..better then what I want,don't you? You BRAT..." He said rottenly.

    Ienzo stared at one of the ONLY things he clung to..the only thing he could use to escape the oblivion his "familly" put him through...

    His father pulled a lighter out of his pocket,and flicked it lit. "I want to see your expression to losing THIS..." He said evily.

    Ienzo's eyes widened. "NOO!!!! NOT MY BOOK!! PLEASE NO!!" He begged.

    His father laughed. He slowly rose the lighter up to the book's cover,and it lit on fire.

    "NOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Ienzo yelled,tears slipping down his face.

    He looked at the girl. "Brother! Your EVIL!! You DESERVE to lose EVERYTHING!!!" She said,giggling.

    Ienzo's eyes shifted back to his book. "YOU are the monsters. I want-"

    ~End FlashBack~

    Someone was shaking Zexion's shoulder. He sharply turned around to see Xigbar.

    "Are you okay? You..were crying..." He said quietly,so noone else would hear him.

    Zexion wiped his face off. "I'm..fine." He said slowly.

    "You sure?" Xigbar asked.

    "I said I'm alright,Braig..." He said.

    Xigbar nodded and walked out,into the Computer Room,which the others were headed to.

    Zexion looked back at the picture. He stared at it,then ran to catch up to the group....

    ~Computer Room~

    Zexion ran in,and saw Xemnas was searching on the computer already. "I found it." He said. Zexion walked up behind Roxas,and looked over his shoulder (since he could).

    "Darn! No good..." Xemnas said. He turned to face everyone. "I can't find the location..." He said.

    They all groaned in annoyance.

    "So,where do we go now?" Demyx asked. "We have no leads.."

    Axel yawned. "Well,it's getting late. I think we should get some sleep before we go on..." He said,stretching.

    "I agree.." Roxas said,cracking his knuckles.

    "Fine. We'll take a rest here. But we're getting up early,so don't get too comfy..." He said.

    Axel,Roxas,and Demyx groaned. Zexion crossed his arms and sighed. 'Oh boy...this is going to be a LONG trip...' He thought...

    So,they are going to spend a night in Hallow Bastion. Will anything happen?? I don't know yet. Anyways,let's see how Zexion can fair. And,REMEMBER WHAT ZEXION SAID TO MARLY!!!

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    Well,what do you think of the stroy so far? If you have any ideas/questions/or comments,please post it!! Thanks!!!
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    I like your description of Zexxy's past. =3

    UP! ^-^
  10. Nanaki Broken in six places

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    YAYS!!! Thanks! I'm going to reveal the rest of that memory,because that one is FAR from over!! I already have bits and pieces planned out,and I'm just looking for the right times to reveal them,that's all. Thanks again!
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    Zexion's Will (Chapter 6)

    Now,the Mysterious Nobody is staying in this!!! So,let's get on with the story,shall we?

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 6
    ~Marly's Problem...~

    ~Zexion's Dream~

    Zexion was Ienzo,and he was being held back by the 2 guards. His book ablaze. He shifted his eyes back to the book. "YOU are the monsters. I want to watch YOU 2 BURN!!!" He yelled in his rage.

    His father stared at him,with very cold eyes. "Your going to jail. And 2 nights later,you'll be beaten to death. THAT is your fate,you BEAST..." He said,in a dangerously low voice...

    Ienzo looked up. "Grrr!! I HATE YOU YOU JERK!!!!!" He yelled.

    His "sister" giggled. "Your going to die PAINFULLY!!! Hehe!" She said,cheerfully.

    "Your leaving now. You will NEVER be my son again..." Ienzo's father said.

    "KOMI!!! WHERE'S KOMI!! LET ME SEE MY BROTHER!!!!!" Ienzo yelled,tears sliding down his face.

    "He doesn't want to see you." His father said coldly.

    "You lie! YOU LIE!!! KOMI!!!!!" Ienzo yelled.

    The guards started to drag him off.

    "Goodbye,my X-son..." Ienzo's father said,his sister laughing.

    "KOMI!!! KOMI!!!!!" Ienzo continuously yelled...

    ~End Dream~

    A light shone across Zexion's face. He slowly opened his eyes,and saw the door was open. He sat up. "Wh..wha..?" He quietly said,rubbing his right eye.

    He then saw Demyx standing there. Demyx quietly snuck over,and fell quietly to his knees next to Zexion's bed.

    "What do you want,Demyx?" Zexion asked.

    "Marly's gone! I can't find him!!" He whispered.

    Zexion yawned. "He probly went to get a drink." Zexion said.

    "No. He's gone,I'm sure of it." Demyx said.

    "Well.what do you want me to do about it?" Zexion asked.

    "Can you use some kind of spell to find him? Like you did with my Sitar??" Demyx asked.

    Zexion sighed. "Look. I'm tired. I'm annoyed. Marly is-"

    "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! MARLUXIAAAAA!!!!!!" Xemnas yelled.

    Zexion and Demyx looked at eachother. Demyx turned himself around,and cracked open the door wider. The 2 Nobodies saw Marluxia fly backward on the ground,and looked up. Xemnas walked infront of him.

    "Don't EVER attack me in my slumber AGAIN,XI!!! What the hell were you thinking??!!!" Xemnas yelled,holding a Laser Blade at Marly's throat.

    Marly chuckled. "Are you mad? Well,take a slash,go on,I don't mind." Marly said,pointing at his neck.

    Xemnas cocked his head to the side. "This isn't like you,Marly. Are you..drunk or something?" He asked.

    Marly laughed insanely. "I'm not drunk! YOUR the drunk one,Mansex!!!" Marly said,laughing.

    "Ma-mansex??!!! ALRIGHT!! YOU ASKED FOR IT FLOWER POWER!!!" Xemnas yelled.


    Xemnas and Marluxia looked at eachother. Xemnas made his Laser Blades dissappear. Marly stood up,and dusted himself off. They looked at eachother for a couple minutes,and silently walked back to their rooms again.

    Demyx and Zexion looked at eachother,and sat there very quietly for a few minutes. Demyx then stood. "I'm going to bed." He said. He then scampered off to his room,closing Zexion's room door behind himself.

    Zexion shook his head. He looked to his left to see Xigbar asleep. 'NOTHING can awaken The Freeshooter...' He thought.

    Zexion laid down. 'What a weird night I've had...' He thought. 'Well..whatever. I'm getting some sleep,and I'll deal with this in the morning.

    He rolled over on his side,back to the door. 'That Nobody..the one that attacked me and Xigbar...His name...' He thought.


    Zexion was sitting in the Library. He was reading his Book,studying a Stop Spell.

    "Hello..Zexion..." He head the voice of that Nobody from before call.

    Zexion stood up,Book in hand,and turned to see him standing there. "You!! You attacked Xigbar before!" He yelled.

    "No..no fighting. Not today..." He said,looking at his claws. "My name is all I came to tell you. In exchange for the info a few weeks back..." He said.

    "Freak! Get out of here!!" Zexion yelled.

    "My name is Kashima. And I look foward to our next fight. Syonara..." He said. He teleported to who knows where...

    ~End FlashBack~

    Zexion laid,staring at the ceiling. 'I need some rest.' He thought,wanting his mind off any problems in his sleep. He closed his eyes,and drifted off...

    So,what lies in store for them in the morning? A new world,that's what!

    FireNanaki's Stories + Vids:

    Anyways,what do you think of the story so far? If you have any ideas/questions/or comments,please post it!! Thanks!!!
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    This story rocks! I love the random-ness, and how it's funny, and serious! I can't wait for ch 7! :D
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    wow another good fan fic rate 5 lol vexen reads fma manga x3 i wonde what vol i love that manga good job i love it gonna read chap.2 =3
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    DO PRIDE LANDS!! Do Pride Lands next! =D I was gonna make some kinda random fanfic about that, but I've got too much on my hands right now, so I wanna see YOU do it! :D

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    hmm destiny island >D lol but theres not enough info there so colisuiem
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    god i'm so curious of what he wanted to say damit i'm gonna read chap 4 its really good keep it going
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    that was so sad of ienzo past i almost cried i even felted how horrible it was i hate...his sister and his father his father is the monster not him! god hes horrible i feel like huggin zexion when he was thinking of that
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    this is sweet but ienzo life was harsh i cant believe he had to grew up like that i hate his ****in father he should go to jail jus by doing that i cant wait until chap 7 comes oout :D
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    Thanks you guys!! And that FlashBack will be completed in the next chapter! I try to connect everything as much as possible,and make sence of it. I'm glad you guys like it!! Thanks!
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    Zexion's Will (Chapter 7)

    I picked The Pride Lands! BUT,they will arrive there next chapter. This chapter is going to swap between some past events of Zexion,so,if you get confused,tell me! Okay,on with the story!!

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 7
    ~Flood Of FlashBacks~


    Ienzo was thrown into a cell,and landed on the floor. He got up on all fours as he heard the steal door of the cell close. He stood up,and turned to see the door closed,and the guards walking away. He ran up to the door,and tried to open it. It refused to open. He shook it wildly. "LET ME OUT!!!! WHAT THE HELL DID I EVER DO??!!!" He yelled. He stopped shaking to door to his cage,and stood there,tears sliding down his face...

    ~Swich FlashBack~

    It was the night he was to be killed. Ienzo was curled up in a ball,sitting on the cold stone floor. His head was down,eyes covered by his bangs.

    "AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Came the yell of a guard.

    Ienzo snapped his head up. He heard more yells. He stood up,and ran to the cage door. He looked out of his cage,to see a guard land infront of the cage. He knelt down,and saw he carried some keys.

    He slipped his hand between the steel bars of the cage. He snagged the keys. He pulled his hand back,and stood up. He slipped his hand through the bars and reached the keyhole. He fiddled with the keys,and the 5th one unlocked it. He threw the door open,and ran out.

    He ran down the hall,and around a corner-


    He slammed into someone and fell to the ground. He sat up,and looked up.

    A man stood there. He had a midnight blue cloak on,a midnight blue bandana,midnight blue gloves,midnight blue boots,and a sheathed sword on his back. He had dark blue eyes,and light brown hair,necklength.

    Ienzo stared. 'Who the hell is HE??!" He thought.

    The man pulled his large sword from it's sheath,and held it up to Ienzo's forehead. "Who are you?" He asked.

    "I..I'm Ienzo..." He said,afraid.

    "Ienzo..?" The man pulled his sword to his side. "Get up,kid." He said.

    Ienzo stood. 'Is he going to kill me..?' He thought.

    The man stood there. "Why are you here,kid?" He asked.

    "I was...to be executed.." Ienzo said slowly.

    "DAMN THAT IMASHU!!! TRYING TO MURDER SOME POOR KID!! Com'on kid! Lets get you out of here!" The man said.

    Ienzo nodded. They both ran down the hall...

    ~Switch FlashBack~

    They stood outside the massacure grounds. They stared...

    "So,kid? Where's your home?" The man asked.

    Ienzo looked at him,then looked away. "I HAVE no familly..." He said,hurt filling his eyes.

    The man stared. "Sorry kid...do you live anywhere?" He asked.

    Ienzo shook his head. "I don't." He said.

    "Why don't you come with me? There's a world that I think you'll like..." He said.

    Ienzo looked up. "A WORLD??!!!" He said.

    The man looked at him. "Yeah. This world is called Hallow Bastion. It can become a great home for you,much better then Traverse Town. ESPECIALLY better then the 4th District..." The man said.

    Ienzo nodded. "Uhh...okay??" He said.

    ~End Dream~

    "Zexion..ZEXION!!!" He heard a voice call as someone shook his shoulder. Zexion opened his eyes. He looked up,and saw Xigbar.

    Zexion sat up,and Xigbar handed him his washed clothes.

    "Zexion,hurry. Everyones already up!" Xigbar said. He then ran out of the room,closing the door behind himself.

    Zexion sighed and stood up. He walked to the bathroom,and got changed,brushed his hair,brushed his teeth,ect. He walked out and looked over at the wall. There was something pinned to it. He walked over,and saw it was a folded note. He took it off the wall.

    He opened the note. It was a really good drawing of Zexion,and some kid standing next to him. That kid,was his younger brother,Mixok.

    "Mixok..that's Mixok,alright. But,this IS NOT anything he could EVER draw..." He said aloud.


    Zexion was sitting in the Library of The World That Never Was. His brother sat next to him.

    Mixok was the age of 7. He had silver hair (EXACTLY like Zexions),his eyes were a soft light blue,he wore the Organization outfit,and he had a black bandana on.

    "Brother? Who am I?" Mixok asked Zexion.

    "Your real name,you mean?" Zexion asked.

    "Yeah! You said you would tell me!" Mixok said.

    "Your name is..Komi." Zexion said.

    "My name..anagramed without the X?" Mixok asked.

    "Yeah.." Zexion said.

    ~End FlashBack~

    Zexion shook his head. 'Komi,Mixok. I guess it really depends on my age,eh?' He thought. He ran out of the room.

    ~Hollow Bastion/Market Place~

    Zexion ran onto th platform,to see the rest of them chatting. Demy saw him. "Hey sleeping beauty!! About time!" He mocked.

    Zexion ran up to him. "Say that again so I can break your Sitar!" He yelled.

    "BACK OFF THE SITAR!!! Besides,I didn't oversleep.." Demyx said.

    "Children,stop fighting..." Marly said.

    "I'm not a kid!!" Demyx and Zexion yelled in synch.

    Marly laughed. "Whatever. Hey,Mansex. Are we leaving or fighting?" Marly asked.

    Xemnas glared at him. "Shut up,Flower Power!! And yes,we shall leave." Xemnas said,glaring at Marly.

    "Can we go to Atlan-" Demyx was cut off.

    "NO!!!!" Everyone yelled.

    "How about the Pride Lands? I have had some visions of some lion from there." Roxas said.

    "A lion?" Zexion asked,giving Roxas a weird look.

    "Fine,if you all shut up,we'll go to these "Pride Lands" of your..." Xemnas sighed.

    Roxas and Axel cheered. Demyx sighed.

    Zexion struck a thoughtful pose. "Lion?" He asked again. He was half asleep...

    "Let's go." Xemnas said.

    They all made their own Corridors Of Darkness appear,and stepped through.

    Okay,so they are on to the Pride Lands!! Meh,the next chapter is going to be cool. Why? Well,I'm not blowing my plan!

    FireNanaki's Stories + Vids:

    Anyways,what do you think of the story so far? If you have any ideas/questions/or comments,please post it! And,I can't pick what to make Marly,give me ideas,please! Thanks!!!