Youth of the Keyblade Weilder ~1~

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    Jan 30, 2007
    czar casm
    Sora walks on the beach,only 8 he usually goes onto the island alone with his boat all alone,but now he comes with a companion, a new girl that has come to town, Kairi the same age as Sora"What a nice island!" She says shocked "So.....Did i introduced Riku to you yet?" Sora asked "no........i'd like to meet him". They go across the bridge to find Riku swing his wooden sword skillfully he was a year older than Sora and Kairi, 9 "Hey........whats...........up Sora?" he gasped while swinging "This is Kairi, the new girl!" Sora introduced
    "Hey Kairi, whats up?" "Nothing much, Riku.... just touring the island" Kairi responded "I'll go with you guys cause Sora does not know much so---" HEY!!!!"
    Sora interuped "IM RIGHT HERE!!!!!!" Kairi giggles Sora,Riku and Kairi go around the islet it is sundown they sit on the Paopu tree talking and already acting like a group of freinds should do "Hey guys.....When we grow up we should get off
    this boring island and go to another world!!, cause i know this aint the only world this is I mean........ Kairi probably came from another world!so why cant we?
    Riku blurted "How could we get to another world?" Sora questioned
    "Lets make a raft!!!" Kairi mentioned "We gotta remember this when we are older alright guys?!" Riku said "Kay" Sora and Kairi responded. "GOOD"Riku said

    Sora lying in his bed he made to paper dolls then put them in the little toy ship he had gotten as a gift he hung it up there was only a boy and a girl in it .......Sora and Kairi, Riku was missing from the newly binded gang of kids he gazed at it "Sora time for bedtime!!!" his Mother shouted from downstairs,"Kay mom!' Sora shouted back he slipped under the covers for bed, he dreamed off:
    He is in the secret place that Riku and Sora had recently discovered there is the mysterious door, he touches the door he finds darkness leaking out then the door exploded and swallowed into a dark room he could not see his hands he could not even see where he was walking "where am i????" Sora asked he sees a yellow key shaped figure he walks towards it but then everything dissapears before his eyes the darkness is now bright white the yellow figure is gone and then he finds a blonde girl then......... RINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!
    his alarm clock awakes him from his slumber.
    to be continued in the 2nd story(On the best FAN FIC LIST!!!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.