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    Here's what's gonna happen. I'm going to give you a bunch of phrases that describe situations (like "Darkest hour" or "Rescuing a friend"), and you're going to pick a song for each phrase, as if you were in that situation and the song is background music. Interpret each phrase however you like - Whatever comes to mind is valid.

    To make this actually deserving of a postcount section rather than, say, the Playground, it'd be awesome if you explained your choices as well, or just painted a picture of your scenario and how the song fits in. (If a mod decides this is more Playground material anyway, move away - I shan't be miffed).

    Phrases (in template form) in the first spoiler, my own soundtrack in the second.

    [b]Main Theme •[/b]
    [b]My Hometown •[/b]
    [b]Battle (Generic) •[/b]
    [b]Goofing Off •[/b]
    [b]Trouble in Town •[/b]
    [b]Call to Action •[/b]
    [b]Battle (Worthy Opponent) •[/b]
    [b]Leaving Home •[/b]
    [b]Wondrous Sights •[/b]
    [b]Battle (Rival) •[/b]
    [b]Through Dark Caverns •[/b]
    [b]The Coming Storm •[/b]
    [b]Tragedy Strikes •[/b]
    [b]Battle (Desperate Struggle) •[/b]
    [b]Awakened Resolve •[/b]
    [b]To the Rescue •[/b]
    [b]My Last Journey •[/b]
    [b]Battle (Final) •[/b]
    [b]Homecoming •[/b]
    [b]Epilogue •[/b]

    Main Theme • The Damned Things ~ We've Got a Situation Here
    "Scott Ian on guitar" is one of those things that automatically puts your song in the running to be my theme. I feel like the lyrics suit me in one mood and the instrumentation in another, and the combination has fascinated me since the first listen. The more I hear it, the more attached I get.
    My Hometown • Shoji Meguro ~ Also Sprach Brooks
    A little soft jazz to soothe the soul. Nice even-tempered song, something you could imagine hearing as the backdrop to several static city shots. The progression also has this slow tumbling feeling about it, like a lazy day unfolding.
    Battle (Generic) • Jun Senoue ~ Death Ruins
    FRICK I FORGOT ONE. Well, I spent so much time tryna figure out a song for this that I forgot to do it, but then when I came back I went WAIT. I'VE GOT IT. For something to spring so vividly to mind tells me I just have to go for it. It's rockin', it's rollin', it's ass bruisin' music at its finest.
    Goofing Off • Tsuneo Imahori ~ Winners
    This track is so funny to me. Something about the warped, drunken chanting really gets me, and besides that it's got a nice beat. Fitting for rounding up the gang, goin' out for a night on the town, and gettin' in a whole lotta trouble.
    Trouble in Town • Takeharu Ishimoto ~ Despair
    This track spells "trouble." Writes it out in dark piano chimes and high-pitched, nerve-rattling strings. Not very long, but it gets the message across.
    Call to Action • Shoji Meguro ~ Stray Sheep
    Never been a huge fan of Meguro 'til this soundtrack—Most of it sounds overproduced to me, but his work on Catherine is so vibrant and free. Every melody is so full of personality. This one conveys tension and tenderness at the same time, as if encouraging the listener to press on, though the way may be steep and paved with strife. Then suddenly it crashes down at the end, accompaniment to finally taking that great leap into the dark.
    Battle (Worthy Opponent) • Ryota Koduka ~ Battle - B2
    There simply is no better theme to get you pumped and ready for action. This is the track that lets you know diplomacy has failed, conflict has come to a head, and it's time to get medieval on somebody's ass. When I look for a fight song, I don't want something moody, I want something full of adrenaline; and adrenaline this track has got, in spades.
    Leaving Home • The Tossers ~ The Rocky Road to Dublin
    Had to fit this in somewhere, and where better than as a theme for leaving home? The way it moves quickly on from tearful goodbyes into the journey itself seems like something that would be true of me; I'm the type who'd never leave if I spent too long on goodbyes. And while it portrays a rough journey it also ends on a high note, finding friends far from home.
    Wondrous Sights • Nobuo Uematsu ~ Calm before the Storm
    My go-to track for anything with a "Wonders of nature" kinda theme, and anyone who's played the game will probably see vivid imagery in this track right away. You can just hear the awe and reverence in every instrument. I prefer the non-HD version for the fact that the synthesizers lend it more of an out-of-this-world feel.
    Battle (Rival) • Daisuke Ishiwatari ~ Nothing Out of the Ordinary
    DAISUKEEEE. At first I was trying to keep him out of my soundtrack so as not to look the fanboy, but then I went wait. Who am I trying to impress? It's MY soundtrack, I'll use whatever I goddamned want to. From there it was just a matter of settling on a song. This one has a way of sticking with me—I've never called it my favorite, but everytime it comes on I jam out to it, and I'd say that makes for a pretty good rival theme.
    Through Dark Caverns • Nobuo Uematsu ~ Ice Cavern
    Next to Pokemon GSC's Dark Cave this is THE cave theme for me, and this one's a little easier on the ears so I went with it. Though it is bent more towards an ice cave, I can see it working for a regular one as well, or perhaps a cavern near to the surface with lots of wind blowing through, weird vegetation, and maybe some magick crystals for flavor.
    Tragedy Strikes • Takeharu Ishimoto ~ Amnesia
    Not much to say about this one, it's the quintessential tragedy track for me. No profound sadness is complete without a violin crying to the heavens.
    Battle (Desperate Struggle) • System of a Down ~ Question!
    Might seem odd mixed in with the others, but it's had such a profound impact on me. Fragile, desperate, transient—The track seems to radiate these words, even imprint them and images of them in my head. I picture a blood-drenched warrior striking down soldier after soldier as cherry blossoms float by, or a burst of inky blacknness enshrouding the sky, snuffing out the light.
    Awakened Resolve • Kohei Tanaka and Shiro Hamaguchi ~ The Very Very Very Strongest
    And this one's the exact opposite of the above: a ballad of triumph, grit teeth, and vows bellowed through a bloody throat. An ode to iron determination. The vicious war cry of a man on his last reserves of strength, still so sure of his victory that he pushes through slashed arms and broken ribs to grasp it. It's the turning point, drums booming, brass swelling higher and higher... until, at long last, it dissolves into tired strings. Muscles relax. Breaths release. We've done it, men.
    To the Rescue • Omnia ~ Etrezomp-ni Kelted
    Went through a couple tracks for this one, some of them hyped up, some outright silly—but ultimately I decided on something softer, and that I'd come this far with a pretty serious tone and wanted to keep it consistent. Almost the only lyrics to this song are "Alliance of the Celts," and besides that, it has that sort of comeback melody that I'd expect from a rescue.
    My Last Journey • Kota Hoshino ~ On Satelloid
    Just about anything from this soundtrack is bound to be emotional for me, and I'm surprised I haven't picked more tracks from it. This one I just couldn't ignore; no penultimate theme sticks out more in my mind. It's a little hopeful, a little melancholic, and even has a bit of bass behind it, as of the slow, steady climb upwards to the final stage.
    Battle (Final) • Luca Turilli ~ Prophet of the Last Eclipse
    I don't even wanna comment on this one, for fear of ruining it. Just... see if you can get through the whole 11 minutes. You'll understand why I picked it.
    Homecoming • Home Made Kazoku vs. Daft Punk vs. Justice ~ Give Heart Back to Music | Shounen of Nazareth
    This might overlap a little with my choice for Epilogue, but I wanted to accomplish a lot more with this one. To capture the reward at the end of the journey, the excitement of the hero's return, and my own personal flair in such a situation. PLUS I WAS RUNNING OUT OF ROOM AND REALIZED I HADN'T MANAGED TO FIT IN ANY DANCE MUSIC OR EUREKA SEVEN. SO I DID THE EFFICIENT THING AND COMBINED THEM.
    Epilogue • In Flames ~ Dialogue with the Stars
    Seems like a good closer to me. It's heavy, but also uplifting, and it has a sort of finality to it. The storm has passed, but it's not time to rest yet. It's a credits theme for a hero with many journeys left to take; and to me the end of every story is the beginning of another, so I find it fitting.
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    No special montage music? D:
    But this sounds fun so here's my list. Might not make sense as a whole, but they were just picks that came to mind.

    Main Theme
    My Hometown
    Battle (Generic)
    Goofing Off
    Trouble in Town
    Call to Action
    Battle (Worthy Opponent)
    Leaving Home
    Wondrous Sights
    Battle (Rival)
    Through Dark Caverns
    The Coming Storm
    Tragedy Strikes
    Battle (Desperate Struggle)
    Awakened Resolve
    To the Rescue
    My Last Journey
    Battle (Final)
  3. Laplace TSUKI NO SHIHAI

    Apr 1, 2007

    Main Theme Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne - Title Loop 2 (Because I just love this theme)
    My Hometown Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army - The Lazy Detective Agency (I just feel this theme is very fitting for an everyday life’s situation, also yeah the game I'm thinking off takes places in a pseudo-modern setting)
    Battle (Generic) Sword Of Justice - Death Match DDS (Shin Megami Tensei II) (This one is good but not that good to be a serious battle theme)
    Goofing Off Persona 2: Innoncent Sin - Main Theme B (I didn't understand this one well so I picked a happy theme)
    Trouble in Town Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon - The Wind of Tsukigata (Really gives a menacing yet sorrowful feeling)
    Call to Action Sword Of Justice - Ginza (Shin Megami Tensei) (The way this theme goes really gives a “Let’s get serious” vibe)
    Battle (Worthy Opponent) Sword Of Justice - Battle (Shin Megami Tensei II) (This theme just gets me pumped everytime)
    Leaving Home Guilty Gear 2: Overture - Curtain Call (This theme starts sad, but then it emits a feeling that while it may be a bad thing leaving your home, it will bring surely positive experiences)
    Wondrous Sights Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - Morale (This one was hard, as I don't remember many inspirational/wondrous themes, but I feel this one is fitting)
    Battle (Rival) • Guilty Gear 1 - Meet Again (MEET AGAIN, COME ON, besides, it gives a good mood for a rival)
    Through Dark Caverns • Digital Devil Saga 2 - Infiltration (Really gives a feeling you are inside a menacing and mysterious place)
    The Coming Storm • Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army - Breaking Through The Wall (An enemy has materialized in the physical realm, what will you do?)
    Tragedy Strikes Persona 2: Innocent Sin - Dance of Death (For reasons I will not state because spoilers, this is very fitting)
    Battle (Desperate Struggle) • Shin Megami Tensei IV - Battle B2 (Really gets you in a hopeless mood)
    Awakened Resolve • Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - A Land Bringing About Life (You are hopeless, worthless, then the light finally comes to you, and you are bringed with a strong resolve...)
    To the Rescue • Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army - Go! Raidou (Gives a feeling you are a hero trying to save your love interest or someone close to you)
    My Last Journey • Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne - Kagutsuchi Tower (Gives a last dungeon feeling)
    Battle (Final) • Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne - Normal Battle Theme (Only those that played DDS1 fully will get this lolol)
    Homecoming • Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne - Reincarnation (Everything's back to normal... For now...)
    Epilogue • Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - Scepter of Justice (BEST. CREDITS. SONG. EVER)

    Yeah I know the musical styles don't blend together between themes, but I wanted a more depending-on-the-situation thing.
  4. Jin うごかないで

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    Main Theme Because of the upbeat music and because it's currently my favorite song
    My Hometown i don't really have a reason for putting this song in..I guess it's because SID's been a long standing band in my heart their songs really put me into place e.g feeling at home.
    Battle (Generic) When I was a kid I'd get so excited listening to this song out of everything I really think this would fit for battle music in general for me.
    Goofing Off the calm music suits me when I'm goofing off really and the way the lead singer sings the song and it's what I listen to when I just feel like dozing off.
    Trouble in Town Because. Gai tsutsugami.
    Call to Action Just mainly because of the title of the song.
    Battle (Worthy Opponent) Because this is just amazing and because for the most part I can relate to tsuna so much.
    Leaving Home Mostly for the start of the soundtrack though it sounds a bit sombre I think it'd be what i'd like to have play if I was ever to go off on a long journey and had a chance of death
    Wondrous Sights more towards the beginning of the climax of the song and the start is what would suit this sort of situation.
    Battle (Rival) Just listen to it you'll know why I chose it.
    Through Dark Caverns same as before.
    The Coming Storm this is what I struggled with so I just put another naruto opening in I couldn't really find anything I'd personally use for a coming storm situation.
    Tragedy Strikes Itachi. I'd play any of his OST's if tragedy was to strike i already do really.

    All the below are more or less storm ost's that I feel best suit the situations I don't really have much of a reasoning for putting them in

    Battle (Desperate Struggle)
    Awakened Resolve
    To the Rescue
    My Last Journey
    Battle (Final)

    There we go.
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  5. Scarred Nobody Where is the justice?

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    I decided to come up with a concept for this certain soundtrack. The story behind it is a youthful, ambisious youth is setting off to fight a big bad. He is driven by the idea of fighting for his family as well as those he covets most. Along the way though, he faces trials that not only test his strength, but his spirit. He experiences death for the first time. His group is ambushed, fighting a losing battle. He is left for dead. Finally, he has a realization, hardens his heart, and sets off for revenge. He fights those who killed his friends, and in the end, he is victorious. At the end though, he has a final realization: killing them ultimately means nothing. He brought honor to his community, but it was at the cost of his soul. He feels he has nowhere else to go; he sees himself as an outcast, someone who must keep away from humanity. He creats his own path.

    It works well with the theme, how someone will always fight for what they feel is right, whatever that may be. Of course, that blind fury may just eat up who you are.

    It's very much a story of maturity, and not trusting everything on face value alone, a lesson I am very used to and fond of. (Also think Attack on Titan, Ender's Game, and Captain America: Winter Soldier)

    Here is a link to a playlist of the songs LInk

    Main Theme – Fire and Fury (Skillet)
    My Hometown – Twister – KINGDOM MIX – (Kingdom Hearts 3D OST)
    Goofing Off – It’s Time (Imagine Dragons)
    Trouble in Town – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked (Cage the Elephant)
    Call to Action – Hero (Skillet)
    Battle (Worthy Opponent) – Circus For a Psycho (Skillet)
    Leaving Home – Do You Hear The People Sing (Les Miserables)
    Wondrous Sights – Everything is Awesome (Tegan and Sara ft. The Lonely Island)
    Battle (Rival) – Bleed it Out (Linkin Park)
    Through Dark Caverns – Demons (Imagine Dragons)
    The Coming Storm – Roads Untraveled (Linkin Park)
    Tragedy Strikes – Empty Chairs at Empty Tables (Eddie Redmayne)
    Battle (Desperate Struggle) – Ready, Aim, Fire (Imagine Dragons)
    Awakened Resolve – Go The Distance (Norm Lewis)
    To the Rescue – Strike Back (We As Human)
    My Last Journey – Not Gonna Die (Skillet)
    Battle (Finle) – Magia (Kalafina)
    Homecoming – Hands Cover Bruise (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross)
    Epilogue – My Way (Frank Sinatra)
  6. Spike H E R O

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    Lol There will be NO consistency to this.

    Main Theme •

    "Whatever way that the wind blows". Sounds about right.

    My Hometown •

    That first verse describes this place perfectly >_>

    Battle (Generic) •
    Grunts would only take up 30 seconds of my time, any way.

    Goofing Off •
    "Goofing off" is my equivalent to couchin' it all day long and napping when there's nothing to be done.

    Trouble in Town •
    Those first 30 seconds feel so right for this, no?

    Call to Action •
    "Get the suit".

    Battle (Worthy Opponent) •
    There's something smug about this song, and I can be quite the cocky little p**** when I'm having fun.
    Leaving Home •
    Don't know what I can say about this one. It just feels right.

    Wondrous Sights •
    Echoing guitars to highlight an expansive horizon, and the chords queue in right at that breath-taking moment.
    Battle (Rival) •
    "They must've realized it the moment they saw each other. That long before they had ever met, this destiny awaited them. They were not like ships passing by the night. They understood each other better than anyone else, and each was focused solely on the other."

    Through Dark Caverns •
    Is there any cavern darker than the lonesome mind? I shudder at the thought...

    The Coming Storm •
    Foreboding as all Hell, yet stylish about it. Disaster doesn't need to be loud about what it does, it just needs to get the point across.
    Tragedy Strikes •
    For those moments where everything stops and your heart skips a beat and for 5 seconds all you can do is watch as your brain pulls itself apart.

    Battle (Desperate Struggle) •
    Just listen to the lyrics, really.

    Awakened Resolve •
    "What does a man find once he's been pushed into a corner to face the darkest cradles of his very being? Maybe it's something that isn't even human at all...."

    To the Rescue •
    A badass is never late, nor is he early, he always arrives precisely when he means to.

    My Last Journey •
    "I'm not going there to die. I'm going to see if I'm really alive"

    Battle (Final) •
    "We end this. Now."

    Homecoming •
    Home is where the heart is or something, right?

    Epilogue •
    I always thought this was the best for a credit-roller.
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  7. Cat~ Transformation

    May 1, 2009
    Most of these are gonna be from OSTs, but I'm limiting myself to one or two songs from any given soundtrack/album.

    Main Theme ~ Splash Free - STYLE FIVE I realize that this song seems weird, but then I saw the translated lyrics. It fits so well for me -- plus I used to swim as a kid and I live in a place surrounded by beaches and pools. I also just happen to adore it in general.
    My Hometown ~ Heartbeat, Heartbreak - Shoji Meguro It's calm enough that I could walk around town, and yet the lyrics work for a tense/stressful day. Overall, it's a flexible song.
    Battle (Generic) ~ Rapid Storm - Akitaka Tohyama Just a generic battle theme for a generic group of baddies/beasts.
    Goofing Off ~ AOE Suite Second Movement 5P+3P - Hiroyuki Sawano It's just generally goofy enough. I feel like anything more would be too much goof...
    Trouble in Town ~ Escape (Bloody Beetroots Remix) - The Toxic Avenger First off, loads of the civilians would just be trying to escape. And when there'e trouble in town, I think of a song that can pump you up for the first real boss battle.
    Call to Action ~ The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy It fits. What more can I say?
    Battle (Worthy Opponent) ~ Psychedelic - Takeharu Ishimoto Tough enough for a battle theme, but makes it feel like there's more on the line than the generic theme.
    Leaving Home ~ Aren't We All Running? - 65daysofstatic Sad, but hopeful of the journey ahead.
    Wondrous Sights ~ Light Your Heart Up [MAKO COVER] - Judee Zee I like the original version 10x better, but the voice on this one is as cheerful and goofy as I'd be seeing the world for the first time. Plus, those lyrics are such an accurate depiction of how I'd react to... everything.
    Battle (Rival) ~ Collapse - Saosin Lyrics are fitting, and I feel like it works considering the people I might call rivals.
    Through Dark Caverns ~ On My Own - Saosin To me, dark caverns mean isolation. Isolation means you're alone with your thoughts and regrets. And odds are that after a few hours of wandering, they might start eating away at you.
    The Coming Storm ~ Night of Fate - Yoko Shimomura Thanks to Kingdom Hearts, this is the only song I picture when thinking of an oncoming storm.
    Tragedy Strikes ~ Farewell and Into the Inevitable - Sam Hulick, Cris Velasco, and Sascha Dikiciyan This is the sort of music I'd picture playing if I lost someone I cared about. It'd show my sadness, but it'd also show that the journey must go on.
    Battle (Desperate Struggle) ~ God Wears Gucci - blessthefall When you're in deep shit, I feel like you picture all the lies everyone's ever told you, so this song came to mind.
    Awakened Resolve ~ Guren no Yumiya - Linked Horizon The realization that you can overcome whatever's thrown at you. That's what this theme means to me, and I feel like it's the embodiment of awakened resolve.
    To the Rescue ~ This Will Be the Day - Jeff Williams It's the underdog's theme, and it works for someone unexpected coming in and saving your sorry ass -- or you going in to save someone else's.
    My Last Journey ~ Solar Sailer - Daft Punk It wouldn't be as crazy and hectic as you might expect. Instead, it's reflective of all that's happened up until this point.
    Battle (Final) ~ Transformation (Transformed) - Takeharu Ishimoto I'm not the biggest fan of this remix, but for a final battle it works better than the original. And again, lyrics are fitting -- show the transformation I've gone through from beginning to end.
    Homecoming ~ Ray of Light - Shoko Nakagawa It's essentially Ed and Al's homecoming theme in FMA:B, but it's so fitting. It builds up slowly, like you're climbing that last hill before you see home again. The lyrics might tell a different tale, but it talks about wanting to become stronger and someone else getting to know you, and I feel like that works. For me, the lyrics talk more about the past, not the future.
    Epilogue ~ Father and Son - Daft Punk I've always loved this song. It seems fitting that at the end of such a journey, the song would have a hint of melancholy and remembrance of all that's been lost.
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  8. Hiro ✩ Guardian

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    Link to the first track.

    These are all just songs that I really love from various video games and anime, and I chose them because I feel they truly represent what I'd do in the situation they're assigned to. And they may seem like a garbled mess, but that's because it's a story of finding self-confidence and finding who you really are. As you discover more of yourself, they coincide more and fit together more easily.

    Main Theme •
    Melissa- Fullmetal Alchemist Opening 1: Reason I chose this song is because it talks about severing yourself from the past and your wounds and moving ahead with your goal no matter what. I have always been fond of that message because it is literally one of the biggest things I struggle with when I make a mistake that sets me back. Besides that, it's a really great track.

    My Hometown •
    Peaceful Days- Chrono Trigger OST: This one should be rather self-explanitory. It's the first town you visit and it's a really calm and peaceful theme that fits before all hell breaks loose.

    Battle (Generic) •
    Discussion -HEAT UP- Dangan Ronpa OST: Chose this because it's fast-paced and fits for a battle, but at the same time it manages to make me feel like I need to keep a level head and win.

    Goofing Off •
    Dancer in the Street- The World Ends With You OST: This one's a silly theme that I never could figure out why it was a battle theme. It's perfect to remind you to enjoy what you're doing and to cut loose.

    Trouble in Town •
    Despair-Syndrome- Dangan Ronpa OST: It's in the title. When the town is in trouble, despair is always the first thing that comes to mind as a feeling. So as the citizens flee in fear and the despair that they could lose everything catches up, this is playing.

    Call to Action •
    Dandandanganronpa!- Super Dangan Ronpa 2 OST: I picked this because it shows that there's still hope for the future, which is what this song represents in the actual game as well. It's also really funky and kind of carefree.

    Battle (Worthy Opponent) •
    I Burn- RWBY Volume 1 OST: This song's lyrics really fit how at first I seem like a person who's not a threat, but as soon as you get me mad, I can level planets. Like a fever I'll take you DOWN!

    Leaving Home •
    Main Theme (Synthetic Orchestra Remaster)- Final Fantasy IV OST: It represent's a hero's journey as the hero leaves home and has to save the world. It also gives the illusion of a journey full of both happiness and sadness at the same time.

    Wondrous Sights •
    Beautiful Ruin [Summer Salt]- Super Dangan Ronpa 2 OST: This is a really relaxing theme that is just calming overall and gives the illusion that there's little danger.

    Battle (Rival) •
    Battle 2- Chrono Trigger OST (Unreleased track): This theme is much more adrenaline pumping than the first battle theme, and makes me think "Hey, I gotta beat this person because they think they're better than me!"

    Through Dark Caverns •
    Mirror Mirror (Piano and Violin Cover)- RWBY Volume 1 OST: To me, caves are a lonely place that seem good to reflect on life and choices that we make. In the lyrics, the song states:

    Mirror, tell me something,
    Tell me who's the loneliest of all?
    Fear of what's inside of me,
    Tell me can a heart be turned to stone?

    Mirror, mirror, what's behind you?
    Save me from the things I see!
    I can keep it from the world,
    Why won't you let me hide from me?

    So like I said, a cluttered mind wants to reflect on what they've seen and/or heard, but only the truth, which would lie beyond the caves.

    The Coming Storm •
    I May Fall- RWBY Volume 1 OST: It's a song that tells you that when you stand with friends and fight your worst demons, only then does our courage truly show and we must keep pressing on.

    Tragedy Strikes •
    Vogel Im Kafig- Attack on Titan OST: This song plays when Eren's mom dies and he swears vengance against the Titans. I would feel the same way if I lost someone close to me. The song's title is German for "Bird in the Cage", which is how I'd feel if someone close to me died; trapped and alone.

    Battle (Desperate Struggle) •
    Attack ON Titan- Attack on Titan OST: This is the berserk theme where it's an all or nothing fight and we have to press on to win or lose it all and fall right here.

    Awakened Resolve •
    Before my body is dry- KILL la KILL OST: This is the song that would play to symbolize that the objective of our quest is found and we have to get it done before we suffer another loss. We also have to discover the killer of the person who died beforehand without losing our way.

    To the Rescue •
    From Shadows- RWBY Volume 1 OST: This is a song of redemption. After being treated like animals and suffering a heavy loss, we have to strike from out of nowhere to prevent another loss.

    My Last Journey •
    Red Like Roses- RWBY Volume 1 OST: This is a song that's pretty much all music and few lyrics, but it is meant as a prologue. It ties in all the main characters' main goals and preparation for the final confrontation to achieve those goals.

    Battle (Final) •
    Red Like Roses Part II- RWBY Volume 1 OST: The music is actiony, while the lyrics describe a feeling of abandonment experienced from -you guessed it- the loss from before. The second singer's verses are the thoughts of the person who was lost asking the other to not make the same mistakes.

    Homecoming •
    Crossing Field (English cover by AmaLee)- Sword Art Online OST: The song that reflects on the journey and the realization we weren't right for the hero role, but together we make up for what each of the others lacks. We guided each other and didn't give up. We made our past scars disappear and became heroes.

    Epilogue •
    Indelible Sin- Fullmetal Alchemist Ending 1: A song that says no matter what, we'll always remember past mistakes, but that we shouldn't give up and always press forward with no hesitation even if those mistakes haunt us forever.
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    Finally finished my own soundtrack, which is now in the OP. If anyone wants to post but is still confused on what to do, give it a look! Maybe it'll help you come up with ideas.
  10. Shinichi Izumi Totally Pink and stuff

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    The Place.
    I love this thread.
    Main Theme • Heroes By All Time Low
    "you've made a mess of everything
    (And I'm not listening)

    You're not a hero, you're a liar
    You're not a savior, you're a vampire
    Sucking the life out of all the friends you've ever known
    You're just a train wreck, not a winner
    Up on your soapbox, preaching down to the sinners
    The saints without a cause
    We're not listening

    I'm gonna start a revolution
    Of convoluted disillusion
    (Start a revolution)
    I'll lead a war with no conclusion
    And in my final hour, I'll be a confident coward

    Cause if we stand for nothing, we'll fall for anything

    Yeah this is moving in the same direction
    But I'm a little too spent to care
    Cause it's a battlefield till it blows over
    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

    We're throwing stones though we live in glass houses
    We talk **** like it's a cross to bear
    You're only relevant until you get older

    But not a hero, I'm a liar
    I'm not a savior, I'm a vampire
    Sucking the life out of all the friends I've ever known
    We're a train wreck, not winners
    On a soapbox, preaching down to the sinners
    Saints without a cause
    We're not listening"
    It's a song about judging people for their actions, for being false and "sell outs" and realizing that you yourself became one, and also, keep trying it says a lot of stuff and can be interpreted in many different ways.
    but the "But not a hero, I'm a liar I'm not a savior, I'm a vampire Sucking the life out of all the friends I've ever known" really makes me identify.

    Main Theme (Secondary) Whoa Oh! (Me Vs. Everyone)
    I've got friends in highly low places
    It's been a long time
    It's been a long time
    And maybe baby, you could rise above the rest to meet me

    Whoa oh, whoa, whoa oh
    Why do I put myself in these situations?
    Whoa oh, whoa, whoa oh
    I keep pushing myself
    Even though I can't take it at all [x2]

    You're (not) worth losing my self-esteem
    Your clever words mean nothing more to me
    Than a lot I've heard in a movie
    You're (not) worth losing my, losing my
    Losing my self-esteem
    You're not worth
    Putting myself in these situations

    Whoa oh, whoa, whoa oh
    Why do I put myself in these situations?
    Whoa oh, whoa, whoa oh
    I keep pushing myself
    Even though I can't take it at all [x2]
    "Why do I put myself in these situations? Whoa oh, whoa, whoa oh I keep pushing myself Even though I can't take it at all"
    Ok, if my life was an anime this would be the Opening, because unlike my first main theme which describes how I "feel" this describes many events and actions that actually occurred in my life, you could say they are my main themes, but in 2 different manners.
    My Hometown • Mas Que Nada By Jorge Ben
    A song i grew up with that with that was very popular in my country's culture it's an amazing beautiful song, It's Home to me.
    the black eyed peas released a version and after hearing it I prohibited myself from ever considering them music again, harsh? they ruined a song I grew up with and danced to, this song is like a part of me, and their version was a damm abortion
    Battle (Generic) •
    Goofing Off • DaniwellP's Vocaloid Version of "Nyan Cat"

    this is a song specifically for funny or comedic scences
    Trouble in Town •
    Call to Action •
    Battle (Worthy Opponent) •
    Leaving Home •
    Wondrous Sights •
    Battle (Rival) •
    Through Dark Caverns •
    The Coming Storm •
    Tragedy Strikes •
    Battle (Desperate Struggle) •
    Awakened Resolve • Tsuna Awakens, Hitman Reborn! OST

    It's an all instrumental song but it's a turning the tables battle type of song, very fitting
    To the Rescue •
    My Last Journey •
    Battle (Final) •
    Homecoming •
    Epilogue •

    Will finish tomorrow, have to go to bed now
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    Jul 23, 2011
    uugh this took way too long I had plans.
    there are probably mistakes all over this and i got lazy towards the end but im exhausted and will check tomorrow

    Main Theme - Look Alive, Sunshine + Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance
    Perhaps my favorite start to an album ever, and given the concept behind the album, an appropriate kick-off to an adventure. When I picked this I wasn't thinking "main theme" so much as "the beginning" though the distinction between those is up for debate. I don't think there's much explaining that needs to be done as to why I picked this song over others, just listen and you will completely understand. And forewarning, MCR is going to be on this list a lot. I've been listening to them a ton recently, and their comicbook influences, theatrical style, range, and clear vision all lend themselves well to the different key moments and emotions of a story.

    My Hometown - Do You Know What I'm Seeing? by Panic! at the Disco
    This was never a song of theirs I particularly liked, it was too relaxed even for the toned-down Pretty. Odd. but that's exactly what I was looking for in a "hometown" theme.

    Battle (Generic) - The Only Difference... by Panic! at the Disco
    Like Na Na Na, this song is full of energy and it's exactly what I was looking for in a generic battle song: a light-hearted, energetic song that I could listen to repeatedly.

    Goofing Off - Folkin' Around by Panic! at the Disco
    C'mon. It's called Folkin' Around, that's reason enough. This isn't a "goofing off" song lyrically, at least not for me (while it's fun to listen to, it hits close to home in some places), but the music is fun and carefree and, barring a few lyrics, something I would listen to if I was aimlessly wandering outside.

    Trouble in Town - Fever Dreams by Circe Survive
    There were multiple categories on this list that had me completely stumped, and this was one of them. I knew what I was looking for, but could not find it, that being nervous intensity. Maybe I could come up with something better later, I don't know, but this is what I'm going with.

    Call to Action - Do or Die by Thirty Seconds to Mars
    This was another one that had me stumped, though once I thought of Do or Die I knew there was no other choice. I don't think there's much explanation needed. There may be better "call to action" songs by the band, in fact they have a song that says "call to arms" but this one is all around better in my opinion. The mood of this song is perfect.

    Battle (Worthy Opponent) - Chamber the Cartridge by Rise Against
    This was the category that I had the most problems with. I couldn't think of anything appropriate, but eventually settled for this. I wanted something more intense than Generic, less personal than Rival, and less intense than the other two obviously, and this song fit the criteria well enough.

    Leaving Home - Breathe, Bleed, Grow by Hey Vanity
    Being a song about growth and humanity and having the optimistic tone I wanted this was the only answer.

    Wondrous Sights - Ain't It Fun by Paramore
    This is another one that doesn't fit perfectly but I was okay with in the end. I suppose this would have been easier if I didn't refuse to use songs from soundtracks or scores. It talks about fun (obviously) and continues the idea of setting out on your own from Breathe, Bleed, Grow.

    Battle (Rival) - The Patron Saints... by Fall Out Boy
    Okay. The first time I heard this song was back in like, 2006, when I had just discovered YouTube, and it was in an AMV of the Naruto vs Sasuke fight on the water. As a result this song is forever connected to those emotions, so while this selection may not make sense to some, it make perfect sense to me. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, but the mood of this song is perfect for a rival battle.

    Through Dark Caverns - Interlude by Drop Dead, Gorgeous
    I originally had this as the Trouble in Town selection, but thought it worked much better here. I wanted an instrumental song to compliment the seclusion of being alone in a cave. I also wanted something a little eerie and this has that in spades.

    The Coming Storm - The Sinking Night by AFI
    Not much to be said here, the song does all the talking.

    Tragedy Strikes - The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance
    Oh man, this song. There was no other option in my mind. It had to be this song. Again, doesn't need any explaining. If the song doesn't give you a sense of tragedy, watch the video. In fact, watch the video anyway, it's great.

    Battle (Desperate Struggle) - Sympathy Orchestra by Bury Your Dead
    Throughout making this list I had this song as candidates for each battle theme except for Generic. I just really like this song and wanted it to be a battle theme somewhere and after some consideration this was the only one I could fit it in.

    Awakened Resolve - Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
    The reason I picked this song is because this is literally the song I listen to for renewed resolve in real life. Once again, just listen and you'll get it. That's basically all I have to say about these MCR picks.

    To the Rescue - As You Wish by Alesana
    "I will climb the hills, draw my sword, and take down anyone who tries to stand in front of me... I'll never run away without you in my arms."

    My Last Journey - Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together by Chiodos
    Not much to say here either, the song speaks for itself.

    Battle (Final) - Evening Star by Dragonforce
    The last "just listen to the song" on the list, I promise.

    Homecoming - Fake Your Death by My Chemical Romance
    If you know anything about the history of this song you would know why I chose this. The song is the last song recorded by the band, and has been described as a "eulogy" for the band. There is definitely a sense of reflection here, which added to the mention of heroes in the song make it the perfect choice to end a journey. The lyrics "cause even heroes get the blues" and "I choose defeat, I walk away" are humanizing for a hero figure. Not saying I would want the hero's journey to end in defeat but I do like the idea that he would emerged damaged and that the story could end on a somewhat ambiguous note.

    Epilogue - Zero Percent by My Chemical Romance
    So after all that talk of a somber ending with a damaged hero, forget all of that, the last song is super fun and insanely energetic. And hey, it even says, "this is the bonus stage" which basically makes this the only option in my mind.