358/2 Days Xion Final Boss Help?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts Help' started by Guergy, May 30, 2019.

  1. Guergy Moogle Assistant

    Jan 13, 2012
    Can anyone help with me Xion? I heard that Xion was a fairly difficult boss and I need a strategy/setup to help me deal her.
  2. DeadDeadDead Merlin's Housekeeper

    Sep 2, 2018
    it really depends on what level you're on and what u have equipped. Im a bit rusty since i have played 358/2 days in awhile.
    each stage gets semi more harder

    heres some gear to keep in mind

    Ultimate - The downward aerial can be a bother at time but if you can chain the combo, it works nicely. It hurts a lot! If you need heart points, stick some ability slots into that sucker.
    Pandora - Great item, in my honest opinion. It has a slightly longer combo than the Ultimate's but it's bonuses aren't as great. However, still good.
    [you dont get zero gear until after beating the game. go to moogle shop]
    Zero(1) - (Oathkeeper) You get defender
    Zero(2) - (Oblivion/Two Become One) Grand Slam
    Zero(3) - An overpowered Kingdom King(+) and gives you second chance.

    magic make sure u have couple Aeroaga, Firaga, Curaga, potions,

    have round block, arieal recovery, super glide epuipped