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    Hey all! I know some have been wondering where PotS and PanS have went in the past couple of months (well, at least Claw and I have), and after much deliberation, we have brought it back to the forums, however, with a new twist.

    As the contests seemed to be getting less and less activity, both PotS and Pans shall now be conducted on an On Demand Basis.

    This means that you, the frequenters of the Nook, will decide when you would wish to participate. Essentially, you decide when the events take place, which offers members a chance to run the show, in a sense.

    Ideally, to hold a session of PotS/PanS, we are looking for 5 Yeses in a thread that will be put in a separate stickied thread. From there, we will hold the contests, and continue from the voting phase each month (or however frequently you want them).

    Furthermore, there is a Literature group brewing (get it because it’s like a coffee shop) in the Forum Families section, which will be host to many members and deal with other events pertaining both to the Writer’s Nook and Literature sections, so be sure to check it out!

    Remember, the activity of the Nook relies on everyone, not a certain person or group. So let’s ban together and show them how it’s done! (Behind our monitors, of course)

    » FAQ «

    • » What is PotS?
      PotS stands for "Prose of the Season" and it's what the new short story of the month contests will be called. This new name is supposed to emphasize the revamping of how the contest will be held, and will have different durations than only a month. It will also have new ways to test your creativity. It will revolutionize the themes used, and its main goal is to help exercise the mind with more challenging, different, but fun ways of writing.​

      » What is PanS?
      PanS stands for "Poetic ars nova Season" this will be new name for the poetry contests which were once held in the creativity corner. Its new name hopes to reflect the new direction it will take. Where it'll make broader use of the poetic creative medium, and thus help explore and teach the members new methods, as well as make them enjoy poetry in new ways, while expanding their knowledge of how to execute poetry and conveying emotions through it.​

      » What's up with the names?

      Chev thinks they're catchy and fun~​
      (And so do we kukuku)​

    • » Okay, so what can I do?

      Hmm...well, you can partake in the contests, as each thread will be posted and given due date. Or you could help out with the contest itself, by either running a round, suggesting an activity for the round, or judging.​

      » What can I do if I want to do any of these?
      You only post in the thread for that round.​

      If you'd like to try judging or recommend someone, please message Clawtooth or Plums explaining why you'd like to assist in judging or why you feel another person should help judge that round. We will also approach people who are regularly active in the section ourselves.​

      » What do you mean by activity?
      Well, the names PotS and PanS encompass many things, so the activity for the round doesn't necessarily have to be writing a story, or a poem. In that sense, it allows for a broad range of creative things to do with writing. If you have a suggestion for an activity for a round, then post it in either the PotS Suggestion thread or the PanS suggestion thread.​

      » How long will these things last?

      Well, normally you'd expect for them to last a month or so. However, depending on the activity, it could be faster or slower. So from 1-3 months tops. We don't want to drag it on, however. So, it stands to mention that the longer lasting activities have to be really special.​

      » What will I win?

      Well, there's obviously Pins involved, so you'd be getting a pin. Pins are still in the works, but we’ll get them out to you as soon as we can manage to do so. Hang in there troopers!​

    • » Criteria «
      Entries will be judged on these aspects
      How well you manage the activity given, and how uniquely and interesting you make it​

      How well is the product presented and edited. Did you have spelling/Grammar mistakes? Is the spacing and dividing awkward?​

      How well you manage literary methods and techniques to deliver the best product possible​


    Please send a message to Clawtooth and/or Plums and we'll be glad to answer you! We look forward to bringing these events back, and even more so to see what you guys have in store!
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