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    Wikileaks recently released over 20,000 emails from within the Democratic National Convention. The contents of these emails prove widespread corruption, including that manipulation of the press we like to theorize about. Among proof of bending over for large sum campaign donors and lobbyists, the usual corruption, they proved that the election itself is rigged. Yes, you read that right. The emails contain clear and undeniable evidence that senator Bernie Sanders was intentionally pushed out of the race by organized resistance within the committee.

    The leaks were quickly followed by one of the largest offenders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigning her post as DNC chair.

    Who then immediately gets hired by Hillary Clinton's campaign.


    What does this mean? It means that we finally have indisputable proof of something that everyone already knew: Your opinions, your votes, your beliefs in the system, do not matter. The opinions, donations, and beliefs of those at the top of it, do. The system is rigged.

    Several sites and news sources have been compiling explanations in readable forms. Snopes has the best I've seen, shown here. If you have trouble swallowing this news, please read it. Read the emails themselves if you think it's misinterpreted. Do whatever you have to do to accept that this is a real thing that happened and it's not going to go away when you wake up in the morning.
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    What a f#%kin' shocker. When you know so many people—not even just friends, but acquaintances, classmates, people you overhear on the street—who want to vote for one candidate and none who want to vote for the other one, but the other one wins, nobody suspects something is up? This mini-documentary already made it pretty clear to me that the system is rigged. I can only imagine how many states had these exact same problems.
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    This system HAS been rigged for years. And no one even bats and eye and thinks it's just "conspiracies". But honestly? This won't change many peoples minds, as important as this is. Most general public are sheeps. ( I'm a facebook activist lmao)
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    I mean, of course they rigged it against him.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm as angry as anybody over it. I've been rooting for Bernie hardcore. But he's not a Democrat except when running for President. That's obviously because of the flaws of a two-party system. Still, the Democratic Party wants an actual Democrat -not an Independent or Democratic Socialist or what have you- to represent them and keep them in power. I didn't expect them to go that far to rig the system against him, but I don't understand why anyone wouldn't expect the party to prefer Hillary and push her over anyone else. Again: I'm not okay with it at all and it is definitely corruption (not the kind Hillary's actually accused of so often, but that's a different topic) and at its very core, it's party politics. We've seen similar with the Republicans and Trump (though Trump still got the nomination). Hell, I see it with local elections occasionally. It's ridiculous and horrible, but the Democratic party always wanted a Democrat representing them.