Who is Sora with? Riku?Kairi?Namine?Roxas?

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    You mean you mean Xion and Roxas?

    well for one Xion is dead, she doesn't exist, and two even if she wasn't dead Roxas wouldn't remember her.
    That couple is based purely off of fan speculation. This thread is, slightly, grounded in the reality of the games.
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    Now this is something I agree with.
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    Ok. Lots of answers made me laugh so hard :D
    first of all, Love is Love.
    Gender doesn't matter, really. when I read some posts which say that SE would use male love for earning more money because of the huge yaoi fandom, I'm really just about to leave the KH fandom.
    I can't understand yaoi or yuri fangirls/boys as well as yaoi or yuri haters.
    I do like a pairing because of their story they share and their romantical connection.
    So, and If you think about that for a while, you'll come to the same opinion as me.
    It's totally fine if Sora loves Riku. or if Sora loves Kairi. all that matters is, if they share romantical feelings or not.
    This was something I had wanted to say for such a long time. really.
    And with this knowledge in mind, back to the actual topic:

    As SE said, they won't tell any further information about pairings because they want the fandom to create their own pairings, or to think about who loves whom, by theirselves.
    That's why there is so much potential and intimations for kinda every pairing in the series. It's logical that Sora doesn't have any romantical feelings for Roxas, in fact that Roxas and Sora are the same person.
    I don't think that Sora has any romantical feelings for Naminé as well. They just don't know each other that good and they don't share any special moments with each other.
    But I do think, well it's pretty cannon, that Kairi and Sora are having romantical feelings for each other.
    I think I don't have to explain why, you can just see it in the games that they're both feeling closer than friends.
    But also, I think it's a bit difficult with Riku.
    They're friends. Best friends.
    But would you, as Riku did, travel around the world, set darkness free in you, risk your life, and so on and so on just to rescue your friend?
    It might sound hard to tell, (but yes, I would risk nearly everything for my best friend), but all the trouble Riku went through is much more than an ordinary human could handle.
    And you can't tell me that Riku is just a very kind person and that's the only reason he got through all of this, voluntarily.
    But I really don't know.. if Riku just has a very close friendship to Sora, or has any closer feelings.
    But for Sora instead, I think he only sees Riku as a kind of older brother or simmilar.
    Why you ask? Well.. I don't know. Maybe because I think that Sora truly loves Kairi and also, because Sora is just that type of person...
    It's only speculating what I do now.. and I want to end this monologue now.. haha :D
    I think speculating is the only thing we can do as long as SE doesn't spread any official information about the pairings in KH. But I think we could all agree with the fact that Sora doesn't have any romantical interesst in Naminé nor Roxas.
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    Well Sora and Kairi obviously because during the race in the first game about who will share the papou fruit with Kairi, Riku was joking but I am sure Sora wasn't.[DOUBLEPOST=1390319662][/DOUBLEPOST]Also Xion and Roxas ... That is Basically Sora and Kairi again, Roxas may look like Ventus but the Memories are Sora's and Xion is nothing but Sora's memories of Kairi (Honestly I loved Xion and Hated how some of the organization treated her and now I really hate Xigbar as a person but love him as a Villain)
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