Who is rikus true love pairing

Discussion in 'General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts' started by fangirl_101, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Goofy Twilight Town Denizen

    Oct 30, 2006
    >_< Oh yeah, I did forget to mention Selphie, or the possibility that it was Riku who took Alice from the cage... (wait, Alice didn't show interest in other worlds...)
  2. beth higdon Traverse Town Homebody

    Feb 22, 2007
    yes she did. in the movie she wished too be in a wonderland. Quote "I keep wishing it could be that way, because my world would be a wonderland."
  3. Sanda Kingdom Keeper

    Mar 29, 2007
    Forget Riku.
    I like to focus on the best OTP ever: ManSaix...;)
  4. Tonks Gummi Ship Junkie

    Oct 3, 2006
    in my pants.
    Ah, that would be such a cute pairing.

    But I don't think she's about...14.

    Wasn't she like, 12 in the movie or something? xD
  5. celeborn81 Destiny Islands Resident

    Apr 3, 2007
    I think he's fine as a loner. In the first Kingdom Hearts, RikuxKairi was plausible, but it looks like he's grown out of it. Personally, Riku's thing for Kairi seemed more like a crush than anything. (And crushes can be pretty extreme.) But they're still good friends, which would explain why Kairi recognized Riku.

    Namine was an intriguing choice, and completely possible too. For those of you saying Namine belongs with Roxas, people don't have to love only one person. The love would have been very tragic too, seeing as it would have never worked out. That's to say if there was anything there.

    SoraxRiku... Just no. I have nothing against yaoi, even like some of it (AkuRoku, par example), but... no. Riku and Sora have been best friends for most of their lives. It makes sense that they're close. But that doesn't mean they have the hots for each other. As some other people have mentioned, regarding the scene in TWTNW.... Sora had no idea where Riku was. For a great part of the game, he could have been dead for all Sora knew. Kairi was safe and comfy on her islands, and even when she was kidnapped, Sora knew where she was and that she was safe. (As safe as one can get when a prisoner to Organization XIII, but nevertheless, they weren't going to do anything to her.) So it makes sense that Sora would break down when he finally finds Riku alive.

    If Riku were to get a love interest, I would prefer it weren't so obvious. Something a bit more subtle. Like becoming good friends with some girl and their feelings for each other gradually growing. Riku seems like he needs someone to confide in. (And no offense to Sora fangirls, but Sora isn't exactly the brightest bulb around.)
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