When They Cry fan-dub (voices needed)

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  1. Shikou Kingdom Keeper

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    Hello KH-Vids~! Im working on a little project of my own but I cant do it by myself without voices.
    You can send me your lines at takashi94000@gmail.com

    When you send your lines make sure you send them like "shion_line1" in MP3 format. I am still trying to fix the problem with WAV and WMA but for auditions that is a different story you can send them as any format you want for auditions. You can send them to me as attachments or compressed in a ZIP or RAR file.

    Deadline: Sense it is 2 characters auditions will be for 3 weeks so it will end on January 24th, 2012 and the full video will be up on my YouTube account January 26, 2012.

    Shion voice taken by: ?????
    Keiichi voice taken by: ?????
    Script by me because I make my own scripts and refuse to use fan-subs.

    Name: Keiichi
    Type of Character: In this Arc he is pretty much the next target to Shion's plans.
    Age: 16
    Voice Type: Needs to sound like a teenager with a deep enough voice to fit the age of 16.
    LINE 1:Hey, are you sure its ok to be out like this?
    Line 2:What do you want to talk about at this hour?
    Line 3: Hey, whats wrong?

    Name: Shion Sonozaki
    Type Of Character: The heroine of this Arc. She recently lost someone who she loves and wants to avenge him by killing anyone involved with his death.
    Voice Type: For the most part you need to be able to laugh and scream. When she doesn't laugh or scream she has a comforting sound to her voice and can sound mean when she is angry. When she is in her mood (yandere) you also need to sound scared and paranoid.
    Line 1: Yo, long time no see.
    Line 2: *paranoid tone* I think..... I can't stay here much longer.
    Line 3: I've been holding up just fine until now. But.... I can't take it anymore. *small laugh like your losing your mind*
    Line 4: *laugh like crazy* I've won! I've really won! It's all for you Satoshi! *scream*

    NOTE: If you need a clip as a reference here is the clip.
    Full script:
    SCENE 1
    SCENE 2
    I re-wrote a line but Im not sure if I made it any better x_x
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    I have no clue why but I'm in a fan dubbing mood lately so I'll definitely send in an audition tomorrow! Quick suggestion though I think Line 2 is written awkwardly you may want to erase the "-ed" from "wanted"
  3. Shikou Kingdom Keeper

    May 13, 2009
    I knew I was missing something to do before I posted this but I couldn't remember what it was until you pointed it out! Thanks! Im changing it now! Thanks for your interest, I'll be waiting :D

    I actually re-wrote the line because it sounded worse. Not sure if I made it any better x_x