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    Jun 4, 2009
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    Found a prompt and want to challenge your friends with it? Got a hankering to write but not a, you know, actual story in mind? Or maybe you fancy yourself a sort of freelance writer, a drifter, and you don’t wanna settle down to a boring job in the Networking section (Critiquing Partner? Please, I’m a Loner) and you need a place for people to come to you when they need a one-shot written but can’t figure out how to words for smarterest sentencing.

    If so, this is your subsection! Here, you can post those prompts, and make those workshops, and challenge anyone to anything you can dream of!

    Er, within the KHV rules, of course. Here are a couple more just for this section; stick with ‘em and everything should go fine. Probably.
    1. Only one Workshop thread per member. There’s really no need to have more than one.

    2. No bumping threads, please. If you posted a prompt and it just doesn’t take off, try not to force it. There’s gonna be another prompt for another day, you’ll have your chance to shine.

    3. Don’t spam these threads, please. Remember, posts count in this section, so while feedback and conversation are certainly welcome, posting one-sentence remarks or gifs isn’t the best idea. If you don’t have anything of note to say, don’t say anything at all.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.