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    Hi and welcome to the Tips and Tricks section, which is basically my excuse to shout advice at people who prooobably are more qualified than me anyway. XD This section is going to be devoted to guides, how-to’s, and strategies regarding all things writing, whether it’s about DnD, Roleplaying, Poetry, or actual Novels. Beginners to the field of writing can come here for advice on how to get started, while experienced writers can share their hard-learned lessons, or simply look around and see how other writers do things. Writer’s block, dialogue, plot twists, character building… It all can get pretty hard to juggle sometimes, so if you’re in need of a few tips or tricks, this is the section for you!

    Everyone's welcome to post advice here, and as always, there are a few rules to follow that should make things easy and efficient, so that everyone can get the most out of this section.
    1. Don’t post one long guide about everything you know. Treat your Guides like they’re short lessons; split them into parts and label them! Got some tips about writing romance? Figure out a good way to balance writing with the rest of your schedule? Want to post about avoiding the traps of a Mary Sue? Don’t put it all in one thread, spread them out a little. This way, if people are looking for advice on Character Building, they can just search for keywords and find your valuable experience in dealing with the dreaded Sue, instead of having to scroll through ten different ‘Everything’ guides in search of what they’re looking for.

    2. Do not post threads asking for advice. I understand this section is new and there aren’t going to be a lot of guides yet, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, head on over to the new Q&A board to ask your questions there, instead of creating a whole new thread to ask about it.

    3. Do not post actual written works, prompts, Networking adverts or workshops in this section. There are other subsections for posting such things, this section is only for Tips and Tricks about writing.

    4. Don’t spam the guides. It’s okay to leave feedback about the guides you read, but please refrain from posting spam, flame speech or unhelpful comments in this section. If you want to leave a comment on someone’s guide, do so respectfully, and put some thought into your post. I’m not going to enforce some word count minimum or anything, but comments count in this section, so just posting a “good guide, thanks for the tips” comment isn’t helpful, and will be treated as spam.

    5. If you have a question that can’t wait for someone to check the Q&A board and you’re a member of our Discord server, feel free to go to our Writer’s Nook channel and post it there! The channel is a casual, fast-response way to get answers to your questions from anyone who might be online, and is also a good place to meet your fellow writers and build a few friendships as you chat.
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