Warnings, Infractions, & Bans

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    Punishment Process

    Currently, we have three levels of punishment for behavior that breaks our rules.
    1. A verbal warning, usually in the form of a staff member sending you a message asking you to tone down or alter your conduct.
    2. A profile infraction.
    3. A ban, in which you will be unable to access the site.
      • Depending upon your actions, a ban can be anywhere from a day to forever.
    Your punishment is up to the staff member(s) dealing with the situation; if it is something truly terrible, we may skip one or more of these steps.

    The following actions are usually ground for temporary bans or timeouts:
    • Alternate accounts or account sharing
    • Excessive warnings or infractions
    • Bullying
    You will be considered for a permanent ban if:
    • You are a permanently banned user on a new account
    • You have faced one or more temporary bans and have failed to alter your behavior
    • You post any sort of pornographic content
    • You threaten to hack the site or any user
    • You hack the site or another user's account
    • Any other serious offense
    If you feel you have been unfairly punished or treated by a staff member, by all means contact another staff member via personal conversation or instant message.

    Ban Appeals

    Permanently banned members are allowed to appeal their ban after at least nine months have passed since the original ban. If you are interested in appealing, please email contact[at]kh-vids[dot]net with the following information:
    • Old username
    • MSN or Skype address at which you can be reached (if none, email will suffice)
    • Reason behind your permanent ban
    Upon receipt of your email, the staff will consider the appeal request; if the appeal is approved for consideration, we will begin investigating your previous ban. If the appeal is rejected for consideration, you may appeal again in one year.

    Certain bans may not be appealed. If you were permanently banned for any of the following actions, please do not bother with an appeal request. You will be turned down.
    • Hacking, attacking, or intentionally harming the site
    • Being banned again, after an appeal
    • Creating alternate accounts with malicious intentions or actions that would directly harm the system
    • Posting illegal pornography (e.g. child porn and loli)
    Further details regarding the process and your return to the site will be outlined by the staff when you reach that point in the appeal process.
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