Video Game Bloopers/Outtakes

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    Basically, you create a blooper or outtake of a Video game where the final produced line never got there in the end or a intential or unintentioal mistake the character does.

    Kingdom Hearts

    Ansem's Heartless: Kingdom Hearts! Fill with me the power of Jello!
    Sora: You're wrong, I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts is... CAKE!
    Ansem: Cake?! But...why?!

    Tarzan: %$£"!
    Sora: Er... Jumanji?

    Yuffie/Kairi: But's your heart they really want, because you wield the Keyblade...
    Sora: I'm so glad you're okay Grandma.
    Yuffie/Kairi: Grandma?! -inserts we are experiencing technical problems-

    Riku: The darkness will destroy you.
    Sora: ...Riku... what the hell are you wearing? Are you...?
    Riku: No! It allows more movement!

    Sora: ...Oh you HAVE got to be kidding me, I'm singing in Atlantica with Ariel? is this High School Musical?!

    Xenmas: Then allow me another question, you accept darkness but yet choose to live in the light, so why is it you loathe us who teether on the edge of nothing? We whow ere truned away by both Light and Dark? never given a choice?
    Riku: That's simple, it's because you ripped off Star Wars.

    Let your imaginations run wild!