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    Reposting the repost of the rules since the hacker attack deleted it. The rules may not be exactly the same as the first repost so please read them again.

    If you have any questions regarding the following rules please PM a member of staff assigned to the roleplaying section or a super moderator, presently, your best bet is me.

    - General Rules -

    1) If an RP dies/is locked/ is deleted, you must seek permission of the section mod for that area (that would be me at the moment) or someone higher before you can restart it. Restarting locked/dead threads will result in a warning unless you have permission.

    2) This is an open forum, friends/family only RPs will not be allowed and they will be locked. This is the same for all RPers. If you wish someone to be removed from a thread, then contact the staff about it so we can maybe resolve the issue.

    3) Any thread that has gone for 30 days without a new post will be deleted, if you are going to be away for that length of time then please inform me so that I know to keep your thread running.

    4) RPs created solely for the intention of violence will not be tolerated, this includes threads of the sort: "YEAH LETS GO KILL *insert name here*" Threads such as these will be closed immediately. I see this sort of thread often from a particular member, I will be issuing warnings.

    5) Please watch your overall content, there are some RPs I have seen where the RPers have overstepped the mark regarding relationships or violence, remember there are younger members here too please. In addition, there is a 20-word minimum for all posts in this section, so kindly think before you post.

    6) POLLS are not allowed in this section, post them and I will be editing them out unless there is a very good reason for them to be kept.

    7) This rule is very important as it is the one that I see broken the most; RPers can only make 10 RPs at a time, anymore than 10 and they WILL be locked. Keep making them and I will give warnings. ONLY 10 ACTIVE THREADS ALLOWED FROM ANY ONE MEMBER AT ANY GIVEN TIME.

    8) No flaming or bashing in your RP, if there is a problem contact a mod, flaming and fighting occuring in the thread will result in thread closure.

    9) No more replies to threads saying things such as "Is anybody going to join?" or "Why aren't people joining?" or anything of that sort. It is useless and off topic and although posts don't count here posts such as that are certainly not necessary. Posts such as those will be deleted. Be patient, eventually someone is likely to come in to your RP.

    10) Two person Roleplays are no longer tolerated. Two people can roleplay through visitor messages, personal messages or IM. An RP with two people for whatever reason, as in all the other members left and are not returning, you aren’t allowing members into the thread when there is only two of you, etc will be closed on sight and you may dispute it to myself or any Roleplaying Staff member.

    - Special Policies -

    I.) Regarding Retries:
    Retries will only be permitted under certain circumstances.

    You must PM a mod/admin if you wish to start over for it can be a waste of server space and clutters up the forum, annoying other members. After you've requested a retry - while also explaining your reasons as to why you think you should be allowed one - the mod/admin will decide whether your thread is worthy of a retry or not. They will then close the previous thread.

    A retry may be granted if:

    1. The previous thread got out of hand.
    2. Too many participants became unavailable.

    A retry may not be granted if:

    1. People simply lost interest in the thread.
    2. The previous thread gained no attention.

    If the retry still fails to achieve it's purpose, it may also be closed.

    II.) Regarding threads with 4,000 posts or more

    Due to recent events, (database errors, don't we all love them) it has been decided that all threads with 4,000 or more replies must be closed and a version 2 started in their place. Although throughout the rest of the forum the limit is 5,000, I've spoken with a few of the other staff and we've agreed that the limit should be a bit lower here just to be sure. Can't be bad to add some extra precaution. I've created a list of all RP's that this applies to.

    If you are the creator of one of these RP's, please follow the following steps:
    -Create a version 2 thread in the same section as the version one is currently in
    -PM me letting me know that you have done so and I will lock the old one.

    Hopefully this will help and the dbe errors will become less of an issue. C:

    III.) When and when not to post in the General RP Lobby

    Role-Playing Arena (Otherwise known as the General RP section or RP lobby):

    ~Summary: This is the general area of the RPA; Not a subsection, the main lobby.

    ~What to post here:
    KH themed RPs
    Other video game themed RPs
    ~Common instances of wrong threads being posted here: This is where I have seen most of the mistakes. Since this is the general area, lots of people overlook the subsections and post all types of threads here. I have also seen the mistake of having Crossover RP's in this section as well- remember that this section is for RP's with ONLY KH characters and OC's in REGULAR KH SETTINGS only- this means only places and such that occur or could occur in the KH universe. RP's about KH characters in shopping malls, amusement parks, etc. DO NOT belong here.

    Also I'm going to be making updates with new stickies and such in each of the sections, all of whom will be linked here once they're created.

    IV.) Regarding which members of staff to contact for RP related queries

    At first contact a Sectional Moderator assigned to the roleplay section, if they aren't online or do not get back to you within a few days (I'd say 3-5) contact a Super Moderator. If neither a Sectional Moderator or Super Moderator is online either leave a message to one or if the situation is dire contact an Administrator.

    Thanks for reading~

    KH-Vids.net staff
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