Two Nomura Interviews + Kingdom Hearts X Verification

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    Hey everyone, I know I'm pretty late for the first interview, as I was trying to find a source, but I managed to find the origins of it thanks to! Also there's another recent Nomura interview, that was posted in the 2ch boards, I'm not sure if it's from the Ultimania or Famitsu. However it talks about things Nomura wishes he could improve on the game. Which hints what may be possible in the next Kingdom Hearts Franchise!

    First thing first however, here's an interview that was translated by KHN's WingsofaButterfly202's friend, and put up by Tomogirl.

    Who will be the main character, and on what platform? About the next game that we've all been wondering about.

    Interviewer: About the new KH title that will be announced after summer this year (2007), will that be a direct sequel?

    Nomura: Hmm...I'm not sure how much I can say (laughs). I'll start of by saying that it's not Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Interviewer: So this game will be a side story?

    Nomura: That's right. My own feelings are that I would like to give Sora a break from large adventures for a little while. So I'm thinking of making the next game's story focus on other characters.

    Interviewer: So by a little while, do you mean that Sora's journey from Kingdom Hearts 2 hasn't finished?

    Nomura: Yes. If you're talking about the mysteries that started from Kingdom Hearts 1, then those were all revealed. In the ending of Kingdom Hearts II, there was a scene where Sora received a letter from the King; for Sora, I would like you to consider this as a new beginning. The truth is, until the very end, I was considering whether or not to include a scene showing them setting off on a journey after reading the letter.

    Interviewer: So, let's talk about this new story, which doesn't have Sora as the main character. What sort of story will it be?

    Nomura: Well, I need to start with the story depicted in a Birth by Sleep. Aside from that, there's the story of how the King found his keyblade in the world of darkness and other things like that. Myself, one of the things I most want to do is to give Roxas more of a role to play. I think it would be interesting to flesh out more of the year he spent between his birth and disappearance. Or making Riku the main character, and writing about his desperate fight while Sora was asleep, and things like that. You get the impression that Riku summoned Roxas to a place of shadows, and that Riku is a master of shadows, so I would like to give him more exploration in the game.

    Interviewer: Will there be anything different in the game system?

    Nomura: I'd like to try something a little different to the previous games in the KH series. I'm not just talking about the next game, more about the next project, so I can't say that it will just be one game (laughs). For the Kingdom Hearts series, being made with our company and Disney, both companies have things in mind that we would like to make reality, so there's always at least two things we want to do.

    Interviwer: What platform does it look like the next game will be released on?

    Nomura: Hmm... Probably a hand-held platform. Right now we're working on titles for the PSP (FFVII Crisis Core), Nintendo DS (This Wonderful World) and for mobile phones (MONOTONE), so I wouldn't be surprised if it were on any of those platforms.

    Interviewer: Is there any chance that this game may be released on multiple platforms?

    Nomura: We haven't considered that in the development. If possible, I would like to make a system that suits the platform. But in contrast, in terms of ideas, I would want ideas that could be released on any platform.

    Interviewer: The more I hear about the next game, the more exciting it sounds, but for the fans the first thing to do is to see KH2 Final Mix's secret movie isn't it?

    Nomura: Yes. I'm worried that we made the conditions for getting the secret movie too hard, but through reading this guide, I hope the readers will be able to see the secret movie. Finding a way to defeat (the new boss) is tough, but I've seen it done, so I know it's not impossible (laughs). If you're able to see the new secret movie and turn your thoughts to the next Kingdom Hearts, I'd be very happy.

    Moving on now, here's the second interview, that was recently posted, the poster, only put of a basic summary of what Nomura said, however that makes it much easier to read it.

    Improving the Combat of Kingdom Hearts

    Here are the following things Nomura stated he wanted to do, or problems that occurred in Kingdom Hearts II.

    - "I was hoping earlier to mix combo's with magic for more variety, however this had to be taken out due to small issues with the system."

    - "The Keyblade's stats never impacted on the game as much."

    - "Before I was hoping to add a bit more flare to High Jump *laughs*"

    Although this is not much, we can expect a more detailed interview with a scan in the near future hopefully.

    Finally about Kingdom Hearts X, some of you are confused if this means the name of the next Kingdom Hearts game is called Kingdom Hearts X, I'm going to clear this up once and for all.

    Kingdom Hearts "X" the X factor, just like they were in the Organization, is the common letter used for "Unknown". Which means they are unsure what the next Kingdom Hearts name is. This is a common thing, seen among games that have a spinoff, but their titles are not announced.

    Sources: KHN and 2ch.

    I apologize for the lack of updates recently, however we still have some things in store for you all.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Xaldin, Jul 25, 2007.

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      I really hope it's all consoles.
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      I hope they make it for either PSP or DS... but I hope that the PSP wins! x
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      I Want Ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Psp Would Look Better But I Dont Have One Ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      this is good info man I hope the game is for PSP or Wii. XD
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      geez, if this turns out to be a hand held game or a game that's on anything but the PS2...i'm gonna be pretty emo. XP still, thanks for the new, xaldin. you're awesome.

      it's the first time i've been on the site for updates since i've been occupied with harry potter. haha
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      Ashwa <3
      Oh if its not on PS2, I'm going to be a very sad panda...... but I'm excited with the news!!
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      Thanks for the info.

      I hope it'll be on the PS2. If it's on a hand-held, it won't be that good. In my opinion....
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      wow i cant wait im so excited !!!!!

      but its sad that some of the disney charaters wont be in this one !!

      least they will tell what happened during the time when sora was

      a sleep!!
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      i am rather confused... but if the game isnt go n 2 b called kingdom hearts and its not in the general story line i guess its ok 2 hav a different characters idea. like if its a story bout how the keyblades came and stuff that would b quite interesting,

      but still... i would rather them work on KH3 and bring sora back so we can continue the KH story!! =D
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      Nomura is the greatest man alive. I cant wait to see what they have in store! Thanks a bunch for the interveiw, Xaldin! ♥ *runs off to rant*
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      OMG!!! im really exited about this next game. i just hope that i'll be released in PS2
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      WOW the nomrua interviews are getting me more and more excited about the game! i hope it will be EVEN BETTER then Kh2 final mix that would be WICKED! i love it sooo much CANT WAIT!!
    15. Reyxsim
      blargh... random ideas

      If it were Riku being the character you control (lead), at least leave the Drive Gauge (Dark Gauge) for him so he can go back and forth from Normal Riku and Dark Riku.

      If Mickey, just some more moves for the little guy.

      If Roxas, All of his attacks from the Sora and Roxas Fight in KH2FM as available moves, and add Sora's moves from KH1FM to his repitoire [spelling unsure]. In addition, have him in his Twilight Town Clothes and an unzipped Organization XIII trenchcoat.
    16. DarkRi

      That took a lot off my chest. Thanks
    17. xemnasfan
      if the main controlible character is riku they better scrap his dark mode or fix it.
      i'm not going to sit on the ground swinging soul eater for several minutes till i realize that he won't attack enimes in the air and jump.

      and please to god don't say it's going to be on ds or any handheld, how will i get the footage i want in the quality i expect!? i don't ever plan on buying one because i don't want to have to learn another contoler style.

      i'm already asking myself the first question about crisis core if it ever comes here to the us.

      if this next game gets on cellphone only i will drop the whole series besides what is already out.

      bad stuff aside
      i like that the battle problems are getting fixed now if the team members could do more damage like in the first game we'd be set.

      i've let the team characters fight on their own and they do squat, it's actually kind of pathetic really becuase they'll go after one nobody and take several minutes to kill it without my help.

      also i hope that they show the destruction of hollow bastion sometime.
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      That is seriously fantabulous news, thanks for the update!!
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      Roxas is Hot

      More Roxas! That totally made my day!

      Thankies for the news, Xaldin.
    20. Kino
      Well, looking back on all the details I just read as they swirl through my mind I am gonna write what I can come terms with right now. am guessing on the statement that roxas was formed as a special nobody you can determine (also a reason why he is able to normally weild two keyblades) that he himself is a nobody but he is his own person. Still due to the fact that he has no heartless I am guessing there is no stability in his heart and probably allowing him to use two keyblades at once. Also there is the possible explination on that there is a stable condition of his heart and he can willingly call out the power of his nobody and his well original self. Most likely though this will become an epidemic later on for him and sora. I know it seems weird saying this but possibly Roxas well maybe his original self is still out there eh and that the one we saw was his nobody forming with sora. This really deepens the growth of sora due to now he has a nobody in his heart thats not his although it still has a link to his heart through the original roxas (though I will have to think that one out more due to Its not a grounded theory in my head, most likely I am right about most of it but I dont know if its actaully soras nobody? or roxas's. Also that brings to thought the maybe in a way the original roxas is heartless or a double nobody). Well anyways due to the fact this has all happened, we will jump back to what can be called an massive intervention( though for the most part an unplanned event) in destiny in kingdom hearts (first volume), the moment kairi's heart formed with soras threads of destiny spread cross the book of life making new life. Well anyways I am losing sight on my theorys so back on track So lets jump ahead to the part where sora recieved roxas's nobody obviously when this happened there had to be repercussions ( and no I dont speak of everyone remembering sora) But really I am stuck on this one and will have to give it more thought once I have to stop remembering all this info. Well obviously we are going to have to ask ourselves where is the original roxas. Well obviously there is that boy in the video of the knights but wait he nomura or whoever stated that is not roxas ( which also brings me to think on my other theory of which roxas joined with sora) Maybe it's not the real roxas but a piece of his kingdom heart (yea i know that the the real kingdom heart is at only two parts but remember we are dealing with people that are almost all nobodys or have one.) so maybe he is the nobody roxas and but with a different name and all and such which you could say he is not the real roxas ( I dont feel like rewriting that theory back more though I know probably if what I write is correct that I gotta anyways so no one gripes cause they dont understand) . Sign anyways lets go onto the statement of what nomura said that " So it is different from a proper keyblade. There are further suggestions that this keyblade is artificial as well." Well obviously a keyblade that is formed from not a pure state of mind that would originally call out that pure states keyblade ( yes I speak of darkness as a pure state and light also) so if riku forms a keyblade not of his own heart even if he is strong physically and such ( and formed with heartless ansem which begins a whole nother thing I will come back too later on) Then we can obviously see his keyblade wont be in tune with his heart making it an incomplete weapon and not fully usable by him ( Or any other being I can think of ) thus sora kicked his *** lol well atleast by story means if you go by game means you kicked his *** cause you were either good at the game or you were higher level). So anyways I will probably come up with more **** to write about later when I read again to remember what I thought of. But I am gonna say one more thing that you can rack your brain on is that when ansem nobody formed with riku it was really another massive interevention. Though not on the same level as sora had but it will in the end be another twist that not most can see coming. See since riku was still of pure heart and had both still dark and light the increase of darkness of when ansem joined with him caused him to indeed become to over run with darkness and later on as we saw look like ansem. But this will arise questions on how he overcame the darkness( obviously because the king helped him aka mickey) but we will look at it this way for a moment. How did the king help him? Honestly were gonna have to think mickey somehow did some dumb **** and somehow it explains why he wears that black coat ( but that is like in my mind, doing the abc's and coming up with C before I came up with B). So I will try to have figure that out but right now I am getting tired of sitting here even though I could say more( a lot more by god I just realized how much I am going to have to write for this sigh, but whatever ) But man I hate extensively typing. For every ******* that complains about my punctuation and not dividing paragraphs, seriously dude I just woke up and if you have that much time to care about that more than what I actaully am writing on about here, you can kiss my *** Idc honestly. namreib