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  1. Scarred Nobody Where is the justice?

    May 14, 2007
    Instead of posting thread after thread of poems, I'll just post them all here. I've been writing a lot lately, so I hope I have a lot to post soon.

    This first one is one I wanted to write for a while. The idea came when I was insanely depressed and I still feel that depression. It's just a way to express my feelings.


    In the middle of the night, I awaken,
    my body aching, hidden from the moonlight.
    It is a problem I cannot escape.
    My nightmares enjoy keeping me awake.
    When I sleep, there is no safety for me,
    no censors from my darkest fears.
    I only stand, maybe a weapon in hand
    to face the things I hate the most.
    The pain through my body is hardly bearable.
    And yet...my nightmare never seems to stop.
    Opening my eyes, leaving my bed
    a new Hell awaits my impending arrival.
    For these monsters are worse than that of myth and legend.
    They like to pretend they are human
    and these hateful creatures wish to see me fall.
    If I stand, they win. If I fall, I lose.
    My only realm of peace is in my nightmares.
    At least those monsters can't harm me.

    Comments are appreciate.
  2. Maka Albarn It's called love

    May 7, 2008
    Fairy Tail
    Not bad for a poem. But I could not help as I was reading to think of it as a story of some kind. Which is probably not a bad thing. Poems are pretty hard to write, took me a while to get it and I'm still learning. To me it seems blocky and not flowing, but that's probably what you were going for. Keep it up. ^^
  3. Styx That's me inside your head.

    Sep 16, 2008
    Finding solace in the lesser of two evils demonstrates just how intense the fear and loathing of and against human beings can be. This was a very powerful poem, and I'm glad you decided to post all your poems in one thread.
  4. Scarred Nobody Where is the justice?

    May 14, 2007
    Thanks everyone for the comments. I kind of wanted it to be a narrative, so I guess mission accomplished? And yeah, in a pretty dark place in that one.

    Wrote one yesterday. It's a short one, and I wrote it for the family of the person who gave me their heart. It's untitled, since I don't think a single word can describe it.

    We follow the stars that guide of way
    Some paths cross on most unfortunate days.
    But, sometimes one life acts as a sun
    One may live while another has just truly begun.
    Your sacrifice, my gratitude, how much you will not believe.
    And with this gift you gave, I'll prove that you can trust me.

    Comments are appreciated.
  5. Scarred Nobody Where is the justice?

    May 14, 2007
    It's been a long time since I wrote a poem. XD It's odd how inspiration finds me at the strangest of times. This time, I tried to use a bit of a rhyme scheme. Like always, comments are well appreciated.

    Empty Graves

    Traveling the long abandoned path
    following along e aftermath.
    Abandoned is simply the road and he;
    above him, all others were flying free.
    The memories of their smiles and their glee--
    Oh joy, they were once a sight to see--
    but all that they do now is flee
    as the boy walks the abounded road to the cemetery.

    Lovely gravestones litter the abandoned place.
    Each of these friendships taken in haste.
    To the love of his life, he placed a red rose,
    but it had turned black as the memory flows.
    The story of a princess who was simply given all
    and the foolish prince who she simply left to fall.
    A heart left broken, taken in the air
    to face the world that was selfishly unfair.

    To the graves of the friends he once knew,
    he gave pieces of his heart, placed them on the grassy dew.
    They had left him once they became bored.
    That was all the love they could afford.
    Still, the boy loved all of those that had let him go,
    those who ditched him on the abandoned road.
    Before he left, he cried a small song.
    Then the breeze came. And he was gone.
  6. Odamadillo Twilight Town Denizen

    Jun 6, 2008
    Here, there and everywhere.
    Ok Tummer that was a quite sad poem but it was powerful too. You told a story and I felt I could see the scene with my own eyes. That is something that is really hard to achieve with a poem so you should be proud.
  7. Scarred Nobody Where is the justice?

    May 14, 2007
    New poem is new


    I always see you, though I wish not to
    At times when I believe the lie of normality.
    A reminder that you're still there
    meaning that I am here as well.
    Both a guardian and a curse I
    cannot deserve or bear. So why am I
    the one who carries you inside?
    On those dark days, when the darkness comes,
    you're small light somehow keeps the shine.
    Even on days where I wish you to fail or gone,
    deep down, I'm happy you are here and mine.
  8. Scarred Nobody Where is the justice?

    May 14, 2007
    This poem I wrote a while ago, but posting it today because it is the one-year anniversary of my heart transplant. A while back, I named the heart that I received since I don't know the identity of the person who gave me my heart.

    Her name means...

    By Joseluis Solorzano

    The name I gave her means Village Protector,
    The warrior, whatever the challenge may be. She
    battles whatever attempts to harm her village, let it
    be disaster, disease, or demons on the inside.
    She has become my protector, a guardian
    who appeared as sudden as a lightning spark through
    the Heavens and the Earth, creating a beautiful
    but terrifying image that attracts our eye. She comes
    to those who need her the most, taking on
    the identity of the person she guards.
    The name I gave her also means "mass of fire"
    similar to the fate of the Phoenix.
    The chick rises from the ashes of the world. Before
    she can rise though, the scarlet bird must set fire her
    majestic wings, inclosing itself in a ball
    full of flames and pain. Through this, life
    starts again, allowing the new body
    to fly higher than before possible.
    That's why her name is Homura,
    which translates to "heart of fire"
    The name I gave my heart,
    Homura, in order to save me, caused a scar
    that will be a constant reminder of her sacrifice.
    I gave this name to a woman who is a perfect stranger,
    to honor her with a name that matches
    not my own struggle, but the power of her love.
    My constant guardian protects me, becoming a
    "Heart of fire" that never stops beating, always
    going, headed on the next adventure,
    Because of her, our wings will soar, blazing the
    blackened skies with a fire that may outmatch
    the terror and beauty of the lightning.