Top 5 Top 5 8th March – 21st March

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    I was going to make this a top 10 instead of a Top 5 but due to circumstances I’m gonna have to make this a Top 5 for the two weeks instead. Sorry for any inconveniences.
    Anywho, here’s the Top 5.

    1. Kingdom Hearts - Shock

    Submitted by: kngdmhrts2
    Song: Shock by Beast
    Details: I liked this, it has great flow and wasn’t over using anything. It works well with the music and the scene choices fit it well for the beat.

    2. How To Save A Life beta
    Submitted by: bluekingboy
    Song: How to Save a Life by The Fray
    Details: It was quite a slow video which is good, I’ve seen a lot of people over step the pace once the drums enter but you’ve done a good job keeping it at a good flow and with some good scene choices.

    3. Until the Day I Die Kingdom Hearts
    Submitted by: Swordmaker
    Song: Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year
    Details: This is pretty good for a first AMV. It kept up with the song and had good scene choices. You’ve nailed the timing but there were a few rough transitions and a few times a split second of another clip popped up.

    4. Kingdom Hearts GMV-His World-Zebrahead (Pitched)
    Submitted by: Mewtwo434
    Song: His World by Zebrahead (pitched)
    Details: Not sure what’s with the pitching of the song but the editing was fast and didn’t really slow down heavily and there was some decent inclusion of gaming clips which isn’t all that well pulled off by a lot of people.

    5. Kingdom Hearts A Little Less Sixteen Candles
    Submitted by: orlando.
    Song: A Little Less Sixteen Candles by Fall-Out Boy
    Details: There is some interesting scene jumping transitions and use of scenes, but there was a lot of flashes which I had to get used to while watching it. It’s still not bad for something you say you didn’t really know what you were doing at the time.

    Let’s see what you could of won a speedboat.
    If you haven’t gotten a pin before, you’ll be getting one now.

    I'll probably stop with the Bull's Eye jokes and do something like the Generation Game next time.
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    :wow: No waaaay?...I'm first??...Thank you! ^^ *now faints*