Top 5 Top 5: 19th-26th May

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    Hey guys! Yet another week has gone by, and that means it's time for another Top 5! Be sure to keep submitting those videos -- there weren't enough for a full five places this week, unfortunately (although the submissions were fantastic!). Don't forget to tag entries!
    Also though, I'd like to clarify something in the rules that was a bit vague (my bad). I'll address that at the bottom of this post.

    This Week's Judge(s): Stardust

    1. Kingdom Hearts III Teaser Trailer

    Kingdom Hearts III Teaser Trailer

    Submitted by: AppleTStudios
    Music: Louder Than Words by Les Friction and Basalt by The Hit House
    Details: Wow, this is an incredible mock-teaser! The cuts, text, and music all feel really authentic and the clips are well-chosen. I really enjoyed it.

    2. Paradise
    Submitted by: minicoop55
    Song: Paradise by Coldplay
    Details: This has a really awesome sense of atmosphere and the footage feels like it fits in with the lyrics very naturally. Great work with the effects, voice layovers, and especially the cuts & fades! There were some effects that I felt were a bit unnecessary but overall, very nicely constructed.

    3. Alive (Dedicated to Starlight2011studios, PrincessKairixXx, and My Good Friend)
    Submitted by: sonicfan23
    Song: Alive by Arrow to Athens
    Details: This is really sweet! Smoothly edited and fits the lyrics well. My only major critique is that some of the lip-syncing was somewhat off.

    4. Mt. Eden - The Walk [FULL MEP]
    Submitted by: lillovedoctor [also featuring editing by Blackcat123pacifica, 1bzoe, & Jrock13Anime]
    Song: The Walk by Mt. Eden/Imogen Heap
    Details: Since this is an effort by multiple people, there's not much I can say specifically! A nicely done MEP, very cool.

    And that's it for this week -- congrats! But that brings me to my next topic,

    Obviously this doesn't apply to this week's results (the rules simply stated "must be related"), but I'd just like to clarify for anyone else looking to submit MEPs or projects with non-Kingdom Hearts footage. It's fine to submit MEPs/collabs with footage that isn't Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/The World Ends With You, but please ensure that at least 50% of the footage is relevant to those in the future, or otherwise submit your part of the MEP for judging separately. Thanks!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Stardust, May 27, 2013.