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    Well hello! It's time for this weeks winners! A good variety this week, some top notch entries but this sadly isn't top 10 so I'm sorry that you're not all winners here. Anyway, enjoy these entries!

    Also, this isn't necessary but when you add your videos to the portal, could you quote the song used as it just makes my job easier as I don't have to search it out xD

    This Week's Judge(s): Ienzo

    1. KINGDOM HEARTS; Something Beautiful
    KINGDOM HEARTS; Something Beautiful
    Submitted by: starlight2011studios
    Song: Something beautiful by Needtobreathe
    Details: I loved the inclusion of footage from the conferences as it wasn't just a tribute to the game but also to the franchise and that was a nice touch. I thought the song went brilliantly and it was beautifully pieced together. The quality of the clips made the real life footage fit in nicely as well so congratulations on that, good quality does pay off!

    2. I Wanna SCREAM 'Till the Word D R Y O U T
    Submitted by: Ankoku
    Song: Read all about it by Emeli Sande
    Details: Although short, I loved this 30 seconds as it encompassed the relationship between Acel and Saix really well. Again, good quality clips and the song was just lovely, it fit together well and I thought the way you used effects was done to just the right level, not too much and not too little. I would like to see more of it if I'm honest.

    3. Summer again
    Submitted by: minicoop55
    Song: Summer again by The Afters
    Details: I'm not normally one for slow songs but I enjoyed this piece, I thought it was filled with emotion and worked well. I just found it very satisfying to watch as it flowed well with the music. I did find the bit with the crescendoing drums and the flashing a little off putting (even though it fit very well!) but I suppose the main focus at that point was the voices (which were done brilliantly!)

    4. I Wouldnt Mind
    Submitted by: starlight2011studios
    Song: I wouldn't mind by He is we
    Details: A heart felt piece with a good use of effects and song, it all flowed together well and was a very good watch but some of the scenes did feel a bit blocky but that is the only negative thing I can really say! Good work.

    5. I believe- Kingdom Hearts
    Submitted by: cloud<3
    Song: I believe by Nikki Yanofaky
    Details: I thought this song was brilliant! I mean, in the context of kingdom hearts it summed up the idea of friendship really well and the clips you used also reflected this.

    Congratulations to all who placed this week!
    Haven't placed yet? Don't give up! Your video certainly was not bad, and you may place in a future week.
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Ienzo, May 19, 2013.