Completed: Time After Time

Discussion in 'KHV Chorus' started by Aelin, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Aelin Best Waifu

    Jun 30, 2011
    British Columbia, Canada

    Ah February the time for love and time for songs about love, and that is why we did a love song. Time After Time has been the chosen for the song of February and it is wonderful. To be honest the mixing of this song might have not been the best, I was doing it the same week I found out I lost my job and was struggling to focus, so enjoy everyone's beautiful voices instead. Enjoy and look forward to our March Chorus, come vote for our next chorus song here!​
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Discussion in 'KHV Chorus' started by Aelin, Feb 25, 2018.

    1. Lauriam
      Ugh why am I so quiet again. XD I need to start making my lines louder when I send them in, lol. XD That said, it sounds nice, thanks Gabi! ^.^
    2. Mish
      This was actually a lot harder to record than I thought it was going to be, but I think it turned out really nice!
    3. Arch
      (Not-so)Pro Tip when recording: Find a way to see if you're clipping while singing at normal volume. (Clipping is when your audio is so loud that it distorts. Most programs have something that measures audio levels and will go into "the red" when you start clipping.) Once you've got that set, turn up the gain and crank it until your normal voice almost clips so that when you record, your voice is louder. It is always better to have recordings that are too loud(without clipping) than it is to have recordings that are too soft. You can turn down a track that is too loud but turning up one that is too quiet gets messy really fast. Of course I could be preaching to the choir here and you all might already know this.

      Anyway, great job guys. c:
    4. Day~Dream
      Great job everyone! (I gotta work on my timing next time XD)
    5. Yozora
      Wow this was really cool.

      I would like to join in sometime.
    6. Glen
      Dear god I was so quiet in this one D: