there's kh3 spoilers in here and i can't think of a better title

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    Can you imagine, can you IMAGINE. Your homie asks you to come on in to this sketchy ass place and he's like "yeah there was this girl i hit up 10 years ago and she got stuck here and i wanna go find her again" and you're like cool. cool this is fine. you go to this beach that this guy saw her at a few years back and there's just huge ass mosquitos everywhere and you fight 'em off temporarily until they suddenly suck you in a vortex and you can't breathe and you hear yourself inner monologue and you finally wake up on the same beach and he's there wonderin if yer alright and you are except your weapon is broken and your hair suddenly changed.

    no no wait. can you IMAGINE you're all excited to bring a friend back, that you probably have feels for cause he makes you feel like you have a heart, with some weird stuff that's probably necromancy but you've definitely dabbled in worse and you find out when you're called in from your training that he looks EXACTLY like this other guy. but it turns out you also met this guy 10 years ago. you've met them you just forgot completely cause you definitely would have mentioned this to the other guy before and they acknowledge you and you're like "wait christ okay i do know this guy cause he knows my name"

    IMAGINE doing all the work and having everyone laugh at you for being inexperienced when you're the one literally getting everything done

    imagine if kairi actually became more than an object
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    Imagine reading all that and knowing that three out of four actually happened and the one that didn't happen is the only one that should have