Dream Drop Distance Theories on 3-D and BBS:volume two

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    So, after much thinking I came across some realization I hadn't thought of before.

    Okay, so Sora and Riku are "resetting" everything they've learned since it was improper. So, going off Terra passing of the keyblade to riku's speech, and the fact that ventus resides within Sora there may be a possibilty of some Terra and Ven based, or similar moves for them. Even in the TGS trailer, they look a bit similar to the two male heroes of BBS. (say Terra's a villain, and I'll be ticked. He trying to make things RIGHT.)

    Next off, the "drop" part of dream drop distance. This mostly is based off a 2 second clip from the TGS trailer. Now, if you have a I-phone or mobile device that can access YouTube, find the TGS trailer. Yes, you the reader. Now when you get to about 0:27-0:28, pause the video. Now fast-forward, but before you zoom in on the video. A, sora is falling straight down, and B, just before the camera cuts to Sora in traverse town, you'll notice a small group of little black dots moving towards Sora, as well as some rather distorted scenery. Dream eaters, perhaps? Your thoughts on this?

    Now, BBS volume two. The game everybody says isn't a game. I think it is. Or, as I've recently thought, perhaps BBS is a game collection. Take me seriously. BBS(I) could encompass KH, COM, and DAYS. It could. Or it could be the HD remake we are anticipating so much. Or it could be as some have said, telling Riku and Mickey's absance in Kingdom Hearts. Other characters featured but not included, are Aqua, Roxas, Xion, Xenahort, Xemnas, and young Xenahort, as well as Sora and Ven. Note Sora disappears in a white-sephia tone, and Ven disappers in a black-sepia tone.

    Your thoughts?