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    RP Setting​

    Imagine a world of magic. A world of wonder. A world of good. A world of evil. A world where the elements can be Molded, where mystical creatures walk the land, where the energy from life itself can become one's weapon. This is the world of Laifel.

    About This World​

    Laifel is a world that is vast in size. Featuring 8 different continents, This RP will take place on the Continent of Demoir. Demoir, The land where The War of Angelens and Demons took place. A long, forgotten war that took place a millennium ago. It lasted for 10 years before the Angelens, with the help of the people of the land, managed to beat back the Demons and seal away the rift that leads to the depths of the Demonic Realm.

    Demoir Is still under the creation stage. Feel free to help out. :)


    Read the rules before playing.
    1. No god powers
    2. Use proper grammar and spelling
    3. color code your character
    4. Killing other people's characters is allowed with their permission.
    5. Please only ages 13 and up
    6. Try to not use curse words. Words like Damn is fine.
    7. Romance is ok, but don't go into the "Ha cha cha" stuff :p
    8. You cannot control other people's characters.
    9. Be sure to at least skim through all the information about this rp
    10. be courteous to others
    11. Crossbreeds cannot be half Lizard, Demon, Leecher, Angelen, or Summon.
    12. Powers should make sense.
    13. PM me your characters before posting them. Only post them if I give you permission.
    14. Try to advance the story in a way that will allow others to join in. And no "I knew it all along" BS please.
    15. I will give you two warnings if you constantly break the rules. The third warning will result in the death of your character and you will not be allow to play in this RP again. If you continue to post after that, I will report you to an admin.
    16. Type "Pezz is the Greatest!" on your first post so I know you read the rules.
    17. Try to have fun! :)

    Creatures of the land​

    Humans- No need to describe them. we all know what humans are. Humans are allowed to have one of three powers. They can either use telekinesis, magic, or they can be a Shaper. For more info on these powers, view the section "Human Powers".

    Fairrels- Animals with human characteristics. Some appear more human than others. there are several different tribes. Fairrels are faster than humans, have quick reactions, and each tribe specializes in its own style of Martial Arts. Occasionally Fairrels use weapons. Their weapons almost always are without blades. Fairrels prefer to squat instead of sit.

    Types of Fairrels

    • Cat Clan - The Cat Clan (CC) Prefer living in the trees. All of them have cat ears and some have tails. A few even have retractable claws and fur.
      Just like normal cats, the CC can leap great distances. The CC specializes in martial arts that is 80% Kicking and 20% Punching. They are graceful in their movements.
    • Wolf Clan - The Wolf Clan (WC) live in the woods and like to stick to the ground. Similar to the CC, WC members all have Wolf ears and some have tails. A few have non-retractable claws, fur, and sharp teeth. Their canine teeth are larger than human canine teeth.
      The WC dislike humans due to the fact that many of them have been hunted down by humans. WC members can jump great distances but not as great as the CC. The WC's Martail arts is 20% Kicking and 80% Punching.
    • Lizard Clan - The Lizard Clan (LC) Are cold blooded and savage in nature. Unlike the other clans, the LC have no visable ears. Instead, they have small holes on the side of there heads. All of them have sharp teeth and claws. Some have tails. A few have scales. none have hair.
      The LC are predators and are feared by humankind. The LC hate Humanity and wish to see all humans dead. they sided with the demons during the ancient war. Many were wiped out during the war.
      Because they are cold blooded, The LC prefer warm climates and cannot survive long in the cold. The LC are not good jumpers, but they are adept in Climbing. They can climb the smoothest of surfaces. Their style of fighting is 50% kicking and 50% punching. They have no need of weapons since they have claws and teeth. The LC does not wear shoes.

    If you have any other ideas for a clan let me know.

    Cylians- A Wise race of creatures who can have a lifespan that lasts for thousands of years. Cylians are like the Elves of this world. They have eternal youth, which gives them the appearance of a child. Cylians look exactly like humans except their ears have a small point to them. Adult Cylians have the appearance of someone in their very early teens (they look no older than 16). A Cylian is considered an adult at age 500.
    Cylians are one with nature. If nature were to vanish from the world, they would all die. They have the ability to speak with any object that is a part of nature (rock, plant, whatever) by just touching the object with their hand. In addition to that, each Cylian is born with the ability to manipulate a single element. Such elements includes Plant, stone, Metal, water, fire, Wind, etc. The Cylians refer to this power as "Molding".
    Cylians that can mold Mold metal, make the greatest of weapons. likewise, those who Mold Stone, make architectural wonders. Some Cylians enjoy living with Humans instead of their kind.

    Leechers- Leechers are like the Orcs of this world. They are minor demons that were left behind during the war. Since then, they've been breeding in the mountains, swamps, Caverns that lead underground, etc.
    They are humanoid creatures without eyelids. Their skin is gray and hangs loosely from their bony body. They have patches of hair and rotten yellow teeth.
    Leechers are surprisingly strong. They are cruel creatures that enjoy nothing but killing. They show no mercy to their prey. Leechers do make their own weapons, but even without a weapon, they are dangerous. Upon cornering their prey, a Leecher will bear hug the victim and bite a chunk off the victim's neck. Leechers are feared by all creatures alike, besides Demons, Summons, and Angelens.

    Demons- Ancient terrors that were banished to the Demonic Relm. Demons are horrifically powerful. most demons take two forms. A Human form, And their true form.
    A Demon's true form looks like something from a nightmare. Most Demons have a true form that looks like a mixture of animals fused together. However, there are a few whose true form is not a mixture of animals. They can also be composed of plants, or other things like a skeleton of a monster with a body composed of an acidic slime.
    The most powerful and ferocious of Demons mainly take on a human form. These ones have the power to heal and to do unimaginable feats. they are greatly feared even by other demons. Only a few of these exist. This type of demon has it's own name. They are called Devils (due to lack of a better name :-/ ).
    Every demon has it's own unique abilities. no two demons are the same. They cannot die from old age, but they are mortal. Demons can be slain by normal means, but it takes plenty of effort. Even in their human forms, they are dangerous. It is wise not to take a demon on by one's self.
    As of right now the Demons are thought to be sealed away in the Demonic Realm.

    Angelens- Creatures born for a single purpose to protect the world of Laifel. They can be thought of as good Demons, except these are not creatures that look like living nightmares. Only a few exist.
    The most powerful ones also mainly take on their human form. They refer to themselves as Angels.
    There are more demons then there are Angelens.

    Summons- Powerful creatures whose power rivals that of a demon. Only Five exist; their spirit is locked away in ordinary looking gems. The gems are scattered across the land. A summon can only be awakened once the one, that is destined to become its master, appears.
    Summons are intelligent creatures that obey their masters orders. Even evil people can have summons. A summon's personality reflects it's master's actions.
    Upon obtaining a Summon, The Master will have a teleconnectic link with their Summon. They won't be able to hear one's thoughts, but they can feel the others feelings. Because of this link, Master and Summon will always know when the other is in danger.

    Note: Summons are RPed by the same person who RPs their master. 4 of the Summons are taken. There are 1 more Summons available.

    Vampires- Suggested by The Joker. We all should know what vampires are. If you don't then tough. I'm not spending another hour typing it up :p.
    The vampires of Laifel are ancient people from a Cursed Kingdom. They live on the island that is now called Sin Isle. (I'll make an updated map)
    Vampires have super human speed and excellent night vision. They are not killed by the sun, but they are blinded by it. Vampires have the ability to fly short distances.
    Vampires also have the ability to control an aspect of an element. like smoke or Heat from fire, vapor from water, etc. This was suggested by Garxena.

    Crossbreeds- Beings whose parents are of different races. Crossbreeds cannot be half Lizard, Demon, Leecher, Angelen, or Summon. Crossbreeds can make for some of the most interesting characters.

    Human Powers​

    Magic Uses the mana of the world. Using magic can be very tiring. Only a few humans have the power to use it. For most people, it takes years of practice to master. People who can use magic are called Mages

    Shaping A technique that uses an energy, similar to mana. The energy is called Lineve, and it is what all life forms are composed of. It is the energy that give life to creatures. the world is abundant with this energy. There is always excess Lineve that floats in the air.
    There are a few Humans that have the power to shape this energy and use it to fight. The most skilled humans will use it to create platforms, shields, weapons, etc. When Lineve is Shaped, it distorts the light, making it visible to the naked eye. Again it takes years to master and is very tiring. Using an excess amount, of this energy, at once can ultimately kill the user. People with the ability to shape are called Shapers.

    Telekinesis Not much to explain here, we should know what it is. Moving objects with the mind. Not as tiring as Magic or Shaping, but a prolonged overuse can cause bleeding form the ears and unconsciousness. Death can occur, but usually the user would fall unconscious before that happens. This is a very rare gift. suggested by Mrs. Baggins.

    Character Layout​

    PM me with your character layout. I'll look over it to make sure it works.

    Name (full)-
    Powers (if any)-
    Side- (Good/Evil/Neutral)
    Weapon (if any)-
    Background (Go into detail please! The more, the better!)-

    The Story​

    In order to banish the Demons from the world, Six powerful Angelens sacrificed themselves to create the seal that would banish the Demons to the Demonic Realm. These six Angelens stored their life force into six different crystals. The crystals were then used to create the seal.
    Afterwards, each crystal was entrusted to the races of the world. One went to the Cylians, one to the Cat Clan, One to the Wolf Clan, and Three to the humans.
    Time moved on and the war was forgotten. However the time for a second war was close at hand. The crystals were weakening as was the seal. It wasn't long before the first crystal cracked. The loss of that single crystal released a weaker Demon; A parasite, of sorts, that would latch onto and take control of its host. The Demon worked it's way from host to host, till it finally came across one with the power to govern an entire kingdom. It had taken a King.
    The King had rule of the Kingdom called Ilianam. The kingdom quickly went on a decline. Crime, famine, and disease plagued the land of Ilianam. The King began to make rash decisions and punished those who had done nothing. He eventually even had his eldest Son beheaded.
    Tristan, the King's younger son, could no longer sit still and watch his father destroy his own kingdom. He confronted his father, and, in doing so, was banished from Ilianam under penalty of death.
    Our Story begins With young Tristan. The boy with nowhere to now call a home.


    Note: each character will have a link to the page with the post on who the character is except for Tristan. He's on the first post

    Tristan Alzeire - Pezz
    Venuzsa - Pezz (post 165)
    Naserrea - Pezz (post 256)
    Karchit Jahirie (Karchit the Sharp Tooth) - Pezz (post 262)
    Zack Taelin (The Shining Dragon) - Pezz (post 1387)

    Becka - scarred_heart634 (post 4)

    Lanan Curas - lilbueno (post 14)
    King Bryne Alzeire III - lilbueno (post 38)
    Ras'tepa - lilbueno (post 38)
    Azazel - lilbueno (post 175)
    Rubira - lilbueno (post 268)
    Zuiden Virh - Lilbueno (post 836)

    Trenyan Blizzard - StarSeeker99 (post 16)
    Trenyan's three wolves - StarSeeker99 (post 261)
    Lythorne - StarSeeker99 (post 469)
    Kurt Klaiv - StarSeeker99 (post 739)

    Aduial Brún - Garxena (post 44)
    Aidou Hanabusa - Garxena (post 44)
    Sameire Alzeire - Garxena (post 208)
    Benjamin (Ben) - Garxena (post 732)

    Eleanor McKynley - Mrs. Baggins (post 81)

    Charles the XIII - SXR13_92 (post 173)
    Torrent - SXR13_92 (post 296)
    Raphael Sanguore - SXR13_92 (post 413)
    Sonia Marquee - SXR13_92 (post 804)
    Rosine - SXR13_92 (post 1005)

    Haffen'dur (Haff) - Legion (post 660)

    Gemini Alvia - Princess_of_hearts
    (post 753)

    Eärendur Eve Vardamir
    - JedininjaZC (post 833)

    Alira Lived - riku1186 (post 936)
    Ekaf - riku1186 (post 936)
    Lauren Clark - riku1186 (post 1207)

    Kael Louis (pronounced Louey) - AxEL0220 (post 1408)

    Characters that need taking​

    These characters will play a crucial role in the game! None available now. More to come soon.

    Username- Pezz
    Name (full)- Tristan Alzeire
    Race- Human
    Powers- Is a master at Shaping, will eventually have a summon.
    Age- 19
    Gender- male
    Side- good
    Weapon- Twin Blades made from Lineve. They have no real physical form.
    Background- Son of King Bryne. Tristan was recently banished from his homeland, for stepping up to his father's harsh rule, leaving his younger sister Sameire, behind.
    With nowhere to go, Tristan wonders from place to place. Our story begins with him in the Fishing Village of Triwn, located on the shores of the country called Baflee. Baflee is Southeast of Ilianam.
    The Power to Shape has been in Tristan's family for ages. At a young age he was taught how to master Lineve. Tristan rarely uses his sword, instead he likes to Shape twin blades out of Lineve. This can give Tristan the element of surprise in battle, for he'll make his twin appear out of nowhere. Likewise, he can make them dissipate at anytime as well. Tristan Lineve Blades can easily slice through many materials, Including weak metals. Tristan prefers keeping his identity a secret. He rides a female Stallion, grayish in color, named Mist. Tristan is a tad of a show off, but is good at heart.
    Appearance- Hazelnut brown hair, cut short, and pale blue eyes. Being a member of the royal family of Ilianam, Tristan has a tattoo, of his family's crest, located on his back right shoulder. Because he was banished, Tristan no longer wheres fancy clothes.

    Map of Demoir​

    Work in progress
  2. Vladimir Makarov Gummi Ship Junkie

    Mar 15, 2009
    Username- keybladewarrioroflegend
    Name (full)- Shawn Alan Burrows
    Race- crossbreed (half wolf)
    Powers (if any)- has high strength and speed
    Age- 17
    Gender- male
    Side- good
    Background- when he was a little boy he learned how to survive on his own and live off the land. he was orphaned recently by the king. his parents had done nothing wrong. last year, he nearly died from a disease. he survived and came back even stronger.
    Appearance- [​IMG]
    can i have a summon?
  3. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    OOC: Sure! :) Man, these things are going to go pretty fast, lolz. I just don't want everyone getting them all at once, ok? That could make the game kind lame. don't forget to give your character an appearance. Ooooo, I forgot to add a weapon slot. He doesn't have to have a weapon though.
  4. scarred_heart634 Traverse Town Homebody

    Dec 13, 2008
    In bed
    Username- scarred_heart634
    Powers (if any)-she can do stuffs with water
    Age- 420
    Gender- female
    Side- (Good/Evil/Neutral)- good
    Background (Go into detail please! The more, the better!)- she doesn't have any family really, and if she does she doesn't know where they are.
  5. Fayt-Harkwind Where yo curly mustache at?

    Mar 16, 2007
    Ooo, this brings me back to my days on Diablo II.

    Username- Fayt-Harkwind
    Name (full)- Valinos Quint, goes by the nickname Nox
    Race- Cylian
    Powers (if any)- Molding of stone. (Would I be allowed for him to be able to bring life to statues? You know like Golems)
    Age- 756
    Gender- male
    Side- Good
    Weapon (if any)- A longsword made by his father and a set of throwing knifes.
    Background- His father was a legendary Weaponsmith who crafted mighty weapons for kings. His father died of an illness leaving his only son Valinos the final weapon he crafted as his own. When he was old enough he began crafting statues with his abilities. As time progressed he learnt a way to fight and how to bring his stone works to life for brief periods of time. He travels in order to create statues, his works of art.
    Appearance- His eyes are a bright blue and his black hair is of medium length that is almost swept to one side and sticking up in places. His skin is extremly pale white and he has a boney complection and figure. His clothes are like that of a woodland elf and are multiple shades of blue. He is rather skinny which does not reflect his fighting style or ability.

    Username- Fayt-Harkwind
    Name (full)- Bolverk Terra
    Race- Demon
    Powers (if any)- He can use a demonic etheral fire which resembles the glow from his body and he can manipulate his spear like it was part of his own body from any distance.
    Age- unknown
    Gender- male
    Side- Evil
    Weapon (if any)- A spear that resembles his demonic form.
    Background- as a Demon he was a great threat in the war being able to bring down many soldiers with a single strike of his strange demonic spear. He was classed as a Devil due to his combat level. He gained power by devouring the souls of those he kills to increase the orange glow which sustained his life. By the time he was sealed he was seen as a deadly monster who would kill without remorse. Once he becomes unsealed he won't have as much of his power due to him being imprisioned for so long.
    Appearance- Demon form
    Human form: He has blonde hair and typical white skin. He wears a loose clothing except for his pants which fit him perfectly. When he uses his powers his eyes change from hazel into a burning orange which actually resembles the glow from his demon form.

    Username- Fayt-Harkwind
    Name (full)- Drayne Garul
    Race- Fairrels, Wolf Clan
    Powers (if any)- Strength greater than any of his race and the ability to create a powerful blast of wind from his howl.
    Age- 37
    Gender- male
    Side- Neutral
    Weapon (if any)- a large bo staff.
    Background- He was raised from a young age to be a warrior and developed a incredible strength for this reason he grew up to be a proud guardian of his clan. When doing business with a staute making Cylian who called himself Nox his forrest village was slaughtered by human hunters and when he returned it spawned a vengeful rage which increased his strength beyond any before him in his race.
  6. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    OOC: O.O Wow, three characters already, lolz. yup, you would be able to bring statues to life.

    I don't have permission to view this picture.

    I'm still waiting on some people. We'll probably start today. I'm going to construct the basic map of Demoir. We can all work on it together once I finish. shouldn't take long.
  7. Fayt-Harkwind Where yo curly mustache at?

    Mar 16, 2007
    OOC: I've changed the picture.
  8. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    OOC: K, got it. :D

    Alright, I posted what I have so far of the map, on the first post. So far i only have two locations with names. I still need to add in a swamp though I'm not sure where to put it. Feel free to help.
  9. Fayt-Harkwind Where yo curly mustache at?

    Mar 16, 2007
    OOC: Maybe the swamp could go between the two places you have already on one of the water veins since swamps have water.
  10. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    OOC: Good idea! I'll get to work again.
  11. Vladimir Makarov Gummi Ship Junkie

    Mar 15, 2009
    OOC: could his weapon be a large sword?
  12. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    OOC: of course! :D

    Ok, I have an updated map.
  13. The Joker Gummi Ship Junkie

    Jun 17, 2008
    Mile high.
    Username- The Joker
    Name (full)- Greagory "Bane" Freeman
    Race- Crossbreed (Half human, half Vampire)
    Powers (if any)- Strength and speed. Can sometimes fly.
    Age- 33
    Gender- Male
    Side- Neutral
    Weapon: A long slim sword.
    Background- Greagory's father was a criminal. Bane never learned the crime, but when his father fled the town, he and his mother took the blame. She went with him to prison. He grew up there, seeing the dark side of humanity. When he was 9, his mother died before his eyes, the warden stating that it was "amusing." The warden told him he was the bane of his existance, and released him into the general population of the prison, or as Bane would come to know it, home. When he was 20, he broke out of the prison. As a homage to the starting of his life outside prison, he takes up the name Bane at times.
    Personality: Depends on time.
    Appearance- Tall. Broad shoulders. Bulky. Deep accent. Black cloack. Brown shaved hair. Brown eyes.

    Username- The Joker
    Name (full)- Mortalitas Nova
    Race- Demon
    Powers (if any)- Being a gambling demon, he has made bets with humans for there souls. If they lost, they became part of his collection. Once a soul joins his collection, he can summon it.
    Age- 800
    Gender- Male
    Side- (Good/Evil/Neutral) Evil
    Weapon (if any)- His gambling cards
    Background (Go into detail please! The more, the better!)- Born into a family of gamblers, Mortalitas quickly learned that every second of his life was a gamble. His motto became, "I deal with the cards fate deals me, and I always win."
    Appearance- Looks young, black hair, black suit. Regular sized.
  14. Boy Wonder Dark Phoenix in Training

    Aug 31, 2008
    Username- Lilbueno

    Name (full)-Lanan Curas Luna

    Race- Half Cylian, Half WC (Has a Summon)

    Powers (if any)- besides the regular wolf abilities, has the ability to mold Wind, Summon

    Age- 17 in appearance, 425 in actual years

    Gender- male

    Side- (Good/Evil/Neutral) Neutral, switches to good later on

    Weapon (if any)-Uses his own martial arts, but wears a Gauntlet on his left arm with a crossbow attached.

    Background (Go into detail please! The more, the better!)- Lanan was born after a Cylian named Rhon Luna fell in love with a Wolf Clanner named Dissidia. As he grew up, the other wolves shunned him because his Cylian hertiage was so close to human, so he lived with his father in the Cylian homeland. Around age 387 (which i'm guessing would make him a preteen in Cylian years) He came home to find his father torn to shreds next to his mother's body. He saw adult wolves covered in blood standing around the bodies. One of the wolves revealed that they followed Dissidia to Rhon's home to kill them because of their romance. The wolves then set their eyes on Lanan. Lanan's emotions got the best of him and his powers went out of control. As he howled, a strong wind shot out of his mouth and blew the wolves against the walls. He then lunged at the leader's throat and bit down, killing him. He continued to kill the other wolves, and only one escaped. After his parent's burial, the village's elder told Lanan that the wolves snuck into the village and no one saw them attack. Lanan did not believe it, even though he's only a young half-Cylian, he could sense the malicious aura in the wind coming from the wolves' murderous intent. He accused the elder of letting the wolves pass and kill his father and mother because the elder himself disapproved of the romance. He then left the village forever. Little did he know that the elder did let the wolves sneak in the village, but they fooled him into thinking they would only kill Dissidia.
    Lanan now wanders the land looking for a purpose in his life. Unlike other Wolf Clanners, he bores no hatred towards humans. He has a minor dislike towards Cat Clanners which he blames on his "instincts". He hates Wolf Clanners for their hatred of humans and his parent's death. He used to hate Cylians as well, until he realized that his elder was one of the few "narrow-minded" Cylians. Lanan blamed on the elder's old age. Lanan is dissapointed about his Wind-Molding power because he marveled the ability to mold steel and Earth, but he wields this power easily and sufficiently.
    He stumbles upon the Ilianam shortly after Tristan's exile and his adventure begins.

    Appearance- Because of his heritage, Lanan has an odd appearance. His wolf characteristics go against his Cylian genes. He's about 5 feet 4 inches tall and looks humanoid in general. He has spiky black hair with two gray wolf ears, with an odd point on their tips, coming from the side. He has whisker shaped lines across his face (think Naruto) and sharp eyes. He has a tattoo on his face that makes him seem more feral. He has sharp fangs, but a human-ish face. He wears a light armor with no sleeves and has regular hands but paws for feet. He has a light coat of fur on his torso (except for his arms) which reaches down to his knees. He has a long tail which he's proud off. On his left arm, he has a gauntlet with a small crossbow on it. He carries the bolts on his right leg.

    OOC: My first RP! Let's see how it goes....
    Question: What kind of summon can the characters get? Since Lanan's half wolf/half Cylian will he receive one of those two or will he be able to take one of the Summons that went to the humans?
  15. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    OOC: Summons are completely different from the crystals that seal the Demonic Realm. The crystals store life energy from Angelens that sacrificed their lives to seal the Demons.

    Summons are Spirits, of sorts, that have been locked away in an ordinary looking gem. These gems a hidden throughout the world in the most dangerous of places. just by looking at the map, you may be able to figure out where a few of them are (hint hint: Mountains, Bog, Desert, That island surrounded by Sea dragon filled waters).

    I'm leaving the looks and powers of summons completely open. That way we can get some interesting things out of it. Just be creative.

    Time to get the show on the road.

    BIC: It was late at night, a crescent moon hung in the sky. Not a sound could be heard from the Village of Triwn. Tristan had never been to Triwn before. It was a fishing village on the shores of Baflee.
    What a peaceful Night. Thought Tristan. I think I'll find an Inn to rest at here.
  16. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    Remember, Cylians live for thousands of years. A 17-year old Cylian is something like a infant, in theory.

    I already can feel the countless hours spent on this Roleplay this summer.
    ***Get come tea/coffee before starting to read this***​

    Username - StarSeeker99

    Name (full) - Trenyan Blizzard (self-given name ; real name long since abandoned)
    *Pronounced : Tre-nay-an

    Race - Crossbreed - 3/4 Cylian, 1/4 Wolf Clan
    (Son of a half-Wolf Clan and a Cylian)
    *Has more characteristic of a Cylian than a Wolf Clan.

    Powers - Master Ice Molder.
    Can make nearly any item out if ice, even weapons (although they break after a few hits). Has also some Ice-related powers, such as shooting an icicle barrage. Cannot make keys to unlock doors, unless he's got a mold for the key, a copy, or enough informations as to what it's supposed to look like.

    Age - 389 years (Cylian teenager)

    Gender - Male

    Side - Neutral.
    - Usually conflicts with normal Cylians.
    - Attemps to ally with outcast Cylians.
    - Secret ally and friend of the Wolf Clan. Helps them with his Molding powers.
    - Sometimes sells his Molding services to humans.

    Weapons -

    Main -
    A metal Wing Sword. That's a concept I invented (at least, I've never seen it before). Here's a sketch of the weapon :


    Secondary -
    Everything he can make out of ice.
    - Usually, a Wing Sword identical to the real one. Sometimes goes Dual Wield until the second sword shatters. (Think Roxas)
    - Often, an Ice Shield. It can take a few attacks, then shatters. (Think Vexen)
    - Sometimes, he will make his main sword much longer and larger with ice (think Leon powering up).

    Background -

    Son of a Cylian mother and crossbred Cylian/Wolf Clan, Trenyan was subject to racism from both races. The worst was that he was considred a "repeated mistake by the nature" ; his father was a crossbreed, subject to rejection himself. Thus, his birth was seen as a repeated crime. His father was banished, and his mother send him away.

    Trenyan grew up (which, for a Cylian, means the first few centuries of its life), in a town separated from the most Cylians. The inhabitants of the town were mostly rejected themselves, either because of their descendance, wither because of their acts. But they were all understanding, and solidarity was extremely present.

    In order to part with his past, rejected by his people, and even his mother, Trenyan changed his old name for the one by which we call him today. He also had feelings brimming with hatred and rage for most of his life, made even more powerful by his animal Wolf Clan genes.

    After having mastered sword fighting techniques, and become an Ice Molder, he gained some respect in his village. His feats were impressive at his young age.

    Unfortunately, his town was attacked by Cylians seeking to eradicate the "infestations that ruin the nature". Trenyan fought fiercely along with those he could call "family", and won the first battles. A tragic event occured during one of the fights ; one of the soldiers Trenyan killed turned out to be his own mother. She apparently had very anit-crossbreed ideas, and thus joined the eradication campaign.
    Trenyan, berserk with rage fueled by his Wolf side, turned into a monster on the battlefield, killing, and striking fear even in his allies.

    But the town's victories only angered further the Cylians, who send their main armies to destroy the town. Unable to hold against such horde, most of the villagers fled, and the town was destroyed.

    Trenyan lived for half a decade on its own, helping humans with his Ice Molding talents, in exchange for temporary shelter and money. He also sought revnege on Cylians, and thus gathered information on them.

    One day, Trenyan arrived at a Wolf Clan village. After making some money with his Molding skills, he spent the night there. However, the village was attacked during the night, by other memebrs of the Wolf Clan, rebels with ideologies different from the Clan.
    Trenyan, seeing the battle, joined the non-renegade Wolf Clan, and fought off the invaders. He ended up defeating by himself a great part of the attacking party. Furthermore, the rebels attacked again the following night, and Trenyan repeated his feat, gaining the Wolf Clan's friendship. Unlike Cylians, they would not reject him, not aftre he'd proven his usefulness, at least.

    The young corssbred Cylian had adopted, more in symbolic than anything else, an infant wolf, a real wolf, from the Wolf Clan. This was the Wolf's Clan way of saying thanks, and Trenyan decided to live in their lands.

    Recently, a few decades ago, Trenyan discovered a few survivors of the town he grew up in. Happy to find back people he knew, he joined their tribe, which lived in a small village in the Wolf Clan lands. The tribe was hidden by cliffs and forests, and only the Wolf Clan knew of their existence. The tribe was constantly helping the Wolf Clan with all kinds of Molding services, in exchange of protection, secrecy, and sometimes supplies.

    Since then, Trenyan had been searching the lands for other Cylians who had been persecuted in the past. After finding more of his old friends, and new people who joined, he also discovered that not all Cylians are like those who attacked them. Thus, Trenyan always asks about a Cylian's past, usually much to their surprise, since he wants to go in detail.

    He now lives with his rejected Cylian friends, and his wolves. The plans of revenge against the Cylians aren't clear, and not all agree with any further violence, but a feeling of hatred is commonly shared.

    Thw wolf he received is named "Frost Fang", its mate is named "Lightning Claw", and their child is named "Flame Burst". They were anmed by Trenyan, and despite their name, have no magical capacities. They are not following Trenyan when the story starts ; they are at the village.


    - Trenyan lives for thousands of years. Wolves do not. Therefore, he has the pet wolf he got from the clan, as well as its descendant, and may well raise generation after generation of wolves.
    - Trenyan will slowly lose what's left of his hatred for normal Cylians. He's already on that path ; he doesn't want to be racist, because that won't make him any better than those who destroyed his home. He tries not to fall to prejudice, but often fails.

    Pointy ears like all Cylians... as for the rest, dark red hair spiky, black eyes, somewhat muscular... travels in a black hooded coat (hope it's all right to steal this idea from the Organization :D).
    Without the cloak, Trenyan should look like Yunsung from Soul Calibur :
  17. Boy Wonder Dark Phoenix in Training

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    Lanan awoke in the middle of the night. He looked at the river in front of him for a few seconds until he remembered where he was. "That's right...I just came from Ilianam...what a disgusting looking kingdom." He looked towards the west and saw the desert, in the east there was a town. "Maybe the town has some decent food, I'm tired of raw meat", he thought to himself as he saw the half eaten body of a deer next to him. He stood up and walked towards the town of Triwn
  18. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    Tristan Directed his horse, Mist, to a nearby Inn, called "The Sea Dragon's Tavern". This looks like a decent place to rest. Tristan thought as he entered Inn, while pulling out his purse of gold coins.

    OOC: Btw, we have a new creature. Vampires. suggested by The Joker. See first post for details.
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    Bugger if I know!
    Trenyan had been travelling. His search for Cylians that may want or need a new home brought him far away from his home. "I may find someone once in a blue moon, but I know what's going on in the world, by travelling.", he though. Indeed, there has been some conflicts recently, but that's always the case. What proves that the conflicts of today will be those remembered in history?
    Trenyan spent the last day in the village of Triwn, resting after many days of travelling. "At last I reached the Easter peak of this Kingdom. And still no one found... Of course, I've got in troube thrice by asking too much to Cylians I've met, but thankfully words solved the problem. And I didn't see anyone following me or asking who I was... that's good." Trenyan told himself that he'll spend this night in the village, and leave at dawn. "If I've met no one of interest in Baflee's capital, surely I won't meet anyone is this lost fishing village."

    OCC : "OCC" means "Out of Context", right?
    Also, I need to know where the Wolf Clan's lands are, since my character lives there. I talked about cliffs and forests in my character's story, but you can find those anywhere.
  20. Pezz Kingdom Keeper

    OOC: I'll add it to the map when I get to it, lolz. I'm doing a million different things at once. StarSeeker, you need to clean up your character. Crossbreeds can't be part Leecher. It was mentioned in the Crossbreed section. I've now added it to the rules. Sorry. :(
    Perhaps vampire will work better.
    And OOC either means Out of Context or it means Out of Character. Im not sure with one.

    BIC: "Hello good Sir! How may I help you?" Asked the chubby Inn keeper.

    "You wouldn't happen to have a room, would you?" Tristan replied.

    "I'm sorry, but we are all out. It's those damn Lizards. They've been recently raiding many of the nearby farms. Many of the farmers have been forced to leave their homes and are now take residence in the nearby Inns, such as these. Is there anything else tha-" The Inn Keeper stopped abruptly.

    Tristan poured a pile of gold coins onto the nearby counter. Everyone stared as Tristan looked up at the Inn keeper and smiled.

    The inn Keeper licked his lips as he stared at the coins. "Of course We have a room for you, Sir. You shall have the finest of rooms." Said the Inn keeper as he quickly shoved the gold coins into a near by bag. "Nancy, Go show this man to his room. Oh and kick out that dirty old farmer while you're at it!"
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