Traditional Art The three cuties from Karneval

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  1. Chie Satonaka Twilight Town Denizen

    Oct 10, 2011


    this was for my desktop of my new laptop... Felt like drawing the three main boys from Karneval (the Tsundere, the Man-Child, and the Half-human LOL) BTW Tsundere is Gareki (the guy in pink, cuz pink is a manly color), Man-Child is Yogi, (the blonde guy with a dark side to him), and the Half-human is Nai (silver-haired kawaii shota).

    I used the colors from the anime, using the dropper tool. I used the pen tool for the base color, and the marker tool on another layer with the "Fringe" effect on.

    How is it?

    PS - to fans of Yogi, please don't kill me. the first version i uploaded, i forgot his allergy patch ''orz I'm sorry >__<