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    Yes, the area where we cut loose in also has some rules we need to abide by which are here mainly for the sake of some semblance of order in our little chaotic zone here. Keep in mind, this area still follows the general rules of the KH-Vids Forum. What changes though, for our amusement, will also be listed here.

    Conduct in the SpamZone

    • Spam IS allowed. This is the one area of the Forums where you can post in threads and go off topic. Try to still have some respect for others, but genuinely, if things are posted here, they usually aren't meant to be taken seriously.
    • This is the one area of the forums where text talk and funny chat is permitted. Using inappropriate language is permitted but please do not go overboard with it.
    • Why so serious? This area is meant to be taken with a light heart. If you are easily offended, there are some sarcastic comments and such that occur here that really are meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Laugh a little and relax in this place. If you feel someone has overstepped their boundaries, please feel free to PM one of the Moderators of the area, Super Moderator or Administrator and we'll look into it.
    • This is a place to have fun but don't do it too much at the expense of others. No one needs to feel miserable here. Overall, just enjoy yourself. But if a person outright states not to joke at their expense, you are expected not to. Continued joking will be considered as flaming and abuse.
    • No flaming or harassment. Please be considerate to all posters here and realize that not everyone shares your points of view or likes the same things you do. Do not incite fights, flame members or harass people. Joking is one thing, but don't be down right rude and obnoxious to other members or warnings will be issued.
    • This area tends to collect our fair share of trolls (people that post to be cruel to others and just want to draw attention and aggression on the boards). Do not fall into their little webs they weave. Don't let yourself get pulled in so that you become enraged by their stupidity and don't waste your time insulting them back as it's what they want anyway.

      If you can, report a troll by Private Messaging an Administrator/Sectional Moderator/Super Moderator, and we will be happy to take care of the troublemaker. While you wait for the issue to be resolved, try ignoring the person's posts in threads and if they make their own threads, don't post in them as these will all be deleted or closed. Basically with trolls, stay cool and collected and don't let yourself be drawn to sink to their level. Do not feed the trolls~​

    • If you want to post a more serious thread, this isn’t the place. If you are looking for cognitive responses to an inquiry you have, consider that this might not be the place for it. The Discussion Area of the forums may be a better place. The General Discussions Area is now is used for topics that don't fit anywhere else but the creator of the thread wants some better feedback. Make sure to read the rules of the section so you know if the topic is meant to be more in there.

    Threads & Posts

    • Double-posting in the Spam Zone is not allowed, despite the fact that there are other things you can get away with. If a post is not auto-merged, a member of staff will delete one of the posts. If double-posting seems to be a habit, a warning will be issued to hope that puts a stop to it.
    • Regarding Necro-bumps. Please do not go scouring through the old posts and pull it up. If it's over a month old since the last post, let the thread be and create a new one if you like the topic. There are some areas where necro-bumping is accepted but since topics here fly by like the wind, it's not such a good thing to do.
    • There's a certain term called flooding, which is when threads are posted in quick sucesscion and in great number. We ask that you please don't fill the first page of with your threads. If there's more than five (5) threads from you in the first page, don't keep making more, and instead wait until others make threads.
    • Duplicate threads made by the same thread creator are not permitted. The rule is relaxed when it comes to some members making similar named threads to another as we seem to love our fads but do not go crazy on this. If it's found to be out of control, threads will be closed.
    • Game threads. There are some threads that are created for amusement purposes which have their own guidelines within them. Please be mindful of the rules of the thread which are usually pretty simplistic since the thread is posted in the Spam Zone. Don't ruin people’s games.
    • Problem threads. If you want threads moved after you have created it here, or if a thread was moved here from another area as it was deemed to fit better here, please Private Message a Moderator of the area, Super Moderator or Administrator to discuss the matter. If a thread is inappropriate because of crossing the lines with the rules regarding gore or sexual content, illegal activities etc. also notify staff and we'll deal with it. Try to not post in a thread that is against site rules if you can.
    • No 'Call Out' Threads. Do not make call out or challenging, dissing threads about other members. Those caught doing so and those others who subsequently post there to incite someone will receive warnings for it.
    • Very occasionally someone will post a suicide thread and we strongly discourage this being done. Suicide threads, whether joking or not, do not belong on the forums, let alone in an area where the rules clearly dictate that amusement and humor transpire. Since some people do troll and feed on reactions, which is mostly the reason these threads occur.

      rather than stirring emotions and responding to the post, please send a private message to a staff member who can close the thread and we will investigate the matter. Do not post funny responses or crass things back on the off chance that the poster may actually be genuine. We have a help with life section, where you may post regarding your situation with suicide. But we are not certified suicide preventers. Your best bet is to go to a professional.
    Content & Restrictions
    • Even though this is a section where spam is permitted, it doesn’t mean that things should be over the top. So we’ll ask that you still take into consideration that this is a website where the target audience are mainly minors. So anything above PG-13 is probably a no-go. If you are unsure if something is out of line, then ask someone from the moderating staff.
    • Try to keep sexual content to a minimum. This means that you will not be posting constant sexual jokes, innuendo or double meanings – too – frequently. Please refrain from graphic details regarding sexual acts. And no graphic images. In short, no porn. Keep your pants on.
    • Be mindful of intolerance.[/]while this area is a nice place to get away from things, you should not use racial, gendered, ethic slurs or otherwise in a negative or malicious manner. Moreover, jokes about sexual assault will often be frowned upon.

      [*]Violent content is allowed to an extent, but nothing overly graphic will be allowed. No excessive gore or violence is allowed. Try to keep body parts attached to the body and in possibly good shape.

    Outside Services
    Members of KHV have created chatrooms and other things for their enjoyment. So here's a little know-how into how KHV works in relation to that.

    • We are not responsible for what happens outside of KHV. So if you decide to go into a chatroom and something happens, there’s the chance that we can’t do anything.
    • Discussion regarding specific services of messaging will not be allowed in some cases. It’s best that you keep it to one thread, if possible. Or in the case of Voxli, the group that was created. General fun references and memes are allowed, but try not to go overboard as not everyone knows what it means and it’s not very fun for everyone.
    • Inappropriate content that is brought over from said services will be dealt with in accordance to the rules. Warnings, infractions and bans will be issued as per the dictated by the rules.
    • Moderating Staff reserve the right to ban discussion and overall advertisement of some services if deemed too problematic or harmful. It's happened in the past, when such chatrooms have caused trouble. If the person in charge does not wish to look for alternatives to stop said issues, all discussion and linking to said service will be prohibited.
    In the end, remember to have fun, but not by being a total jerk. This area is meant for everyone to have fun and we hope it continues that way. Enjoy~

    ~KH-Vids.Net Staff
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