The Secrets of Tyrrus

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    [Imagine Kara's perfect face here]
    Kara grimaced at the appearance of the strange thi-people. Really now, they have voices and clear consciousness and quite possibly souls. Even animals are people, and not things. Just because they choose to be creepy people doesn't mean you have to limit the importance of their existence. She chided herself, while feeling her hand slowly and steadily move for a weapon of some sort. Inside her head the wheels were spinning quickly, multiple tangents of thought colliding and crushing each other in a dance so heady it was almost anxiety inducing. Dylan had said to "give them a second" just before they had appeared. And there didn't seem to be a single shaken syllable in his voice, any indication that he was anything other than calm. A small piece of her trust in him chipped, falling away like a crack in an iceberg. And Kara didn't give out very big icebergs of trust to begin with. If he wasn't planning on sacrificing her soul to these th-people, or if she survived the attempt, she was going to be having a frank conversation with him. And possibly a shiv to a non vital area of the body.

    She tilted her head to indicate that she heard
    Lucian, though she would have to argue that the word "sane" should probably not be used in regards to describing any of them. Hiding her uncertainty and slight amounts of fear behind cynicism, she folded her arms, her human hand grasping the cold metal of the hidden dagger handle.
    "I don't know, I was quite enjoying the elegance of their speech. It holds a certain amount of majesty, wouldn't you say? Nobility, even. Something we desperately lack." She let her tone turn biting on the last word, but otherwise didn't let her cool facade slip. "The knowledge bit is pretty tempting, though." Depending on the price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.