The Seal of Light: Kingdom Hearts

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    Sep 24, 2013
    Okay, i thought in something, and this is my exclusive idea.
    Is the story of a young man named Wave (波, Nami, Wave) who live in a world completely surrounded by darkness.
    he travels all his world with his friends, meets all sort of people, fights beings of pure darkness called Anothers (別, Betsu, Different), With his best friend, Fella (仲間 Nakama, Buddy) always by his side
    along the road, Wave, fall in love for Sound (音声, Onsei, Voice) a girl who risk her live many times for him.
    Wave has finished the laundry when he see a Squirrel holding a jewel while running from a floating man,
    Wave, by having a great love for the nature, ran to help the Squirrels, they both fight the man that in the end get the jewel, he put together with 12 others and a huge blow cast Waves and the Squirrel to the other end of the world.
    Once they wake up, both of them can understand each other.
    Wave and Fella travels all arround the world, helping people, defeating Anothers, collecting the 13 dark jewels, and makeing friends who actually help them out.
    Along the way, people join them as a crew or a party
    In a place called Nishiragy Village, Wave is told that he is just a body made to keep Kingdom Hearts safe,
    that makes the people start calling him "Waves of Light", "HIkari", and "Light".
    Once they climbe to the top of a hill named "Where the love find their path", Sound reveal to Wave the she is a body created only to secure Kingdom Hearts, and if it grow too powerful and unsable, or if someone manage to control it's powers, put an end to him.
    At the last battle, all people the player helped join as a back-up team, the more side quests done, the less enemies to fight.
    After the last boss, fella is killed by the boss, Waves get Raged, and seal the boss in the dark jewels.
    Waves give up living, and revive Fella at the cost of his own life
    Sound: LIGHT!
    Fella: N-no, why...
    *Sound picks Waves sword*
    Sound: Where he goes now?
    View: I think... He made out of this world and... Is free now
    *Sound raises the sword*
    Touch: I sure hope so
    *camera look at Wave sword shining at morning rays*
    Fella: don't worry, he is all right, and I assure that we will

    Kingdom Hearts​
    *Wave float at​
    Castle Oblivian​
    B14 Slepping​
    *Wave ope​
    the eyes*​
    Voice: go back​
    to sleep​

    now be hones:
    what you guys think?
    it deserves to be a game?
    it is nice or bad?
    got any ideas?

    EDIT: Here a random cut-scene from Reconnect Kingdom Hearts