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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Apr 17, 2013.

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    That's right everyone! Social Groups are back. I know this was a very popular feature in our vBulletin days, and I know I promised for a long time that they'd be back "soon." I am sorry for the delay, but they're upon us now.

    To enter the Social Groups area of our side, hover over Community on the navigation bar and select Social Groups. You'll be brought to the Groups area of the forums. From here, you can hit the Create New Social Forum button to make a new group, or just browse through and see what groups interest you!

    Groups can have open membership (anyone can join!) or moderated, meaning a group moderator must approve membership. In a moderated group, users can request membership or be invited. Members can be invited to open groups, and thrown out of either.

    When you create a group, you can appoint moderators. Just like our staff, these moderators have some special powers within your social group--they can edit or delete posts, sticky threads, etc., so only appoint people you trust! Please note that our regular staff has full power within groups, and that group content is visible to everyone.

    The best way to understand groups is to use them, though! We're excited to see what you all do with them. Please note that normal members can create up to seven groups, and Premium members up to thirteen.

    I know the big question on everyone's mind, though, is whether or not you can reclaim the content from your old vBulletin groups. We have backed up the data from them and have a method for moving the content from your old group to the new group. It does require some manual work, so importing content from old groups will be open to Premiums only for now. Once Premium requests for import have slowed, it will be opened to all members. While you wait, feel free to recreate your old groups and start posting!

    Premium members can request an import within their subsection--I'll be posting a thread within there shortly.

    Have fun guys! If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask within this thread.
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Apr 17, 2013.

    1. Technic☆Kitty
      Yay ^^ You're the bestest Misty. I'm so glad to see groups back again. Outstanding!!

      I had no idea you were already working on this. Thanks a bunches ^^
    2. Vagineer
      I'll check this out soon. Nice reference to the numbers 7 and 13 BTW. XD
    3. Technic☆Kitty
      I just found this, and it's not really a biggy or anything, but the bottom right "new thread' button inside a group looks cut off. Not sure if it's an intentional design by Waindigo or you guys, I was just wondering.


      EDIT: When you say 7/13 groups, you mean actual forum/categories, right? Like, there's no limit on threads within a group, right?
    4. kingdomheartsgeek
    5. Llave
      Oh I see what you did there, 7 light, 13 darkne- nvm.

      Thanks Misty.
    6. Misty
      That's actually a known style bug I'm working on fixing, I'll get to it asap--I've been delaying bug fixes for 7.0 while I work on these. =] Thanks though!
      Yes, I mean the actual groups. You can have as many threads/posts within a group as you would like, and you can join as many groups as you want, too. The limited is only on groups you create.

      Blame Plums for the 7 lights 13 darknesses business. P:
    7. Technic☆Kitty

      Okay, that's what I was thinking ^^ Thanks Misty.

      Also, I find it weird I don't get the reference but my original username was Night171 (close) and I have an obsession with light/dark. Kudos for making me once again believe everything is connected in some way XD

      Again though, awesome job with the groups Misty. You're absolutely fantastic ^^
    8. Plums

      Anyway, awesome job pooplord. :b Looking forward to remaking my babies. *u*
    9. Llave
      Can we not have social groups pop up on the "what's new" unless maybe you join or something? It's confusing as heck in relation to the actual forum. I mean not that it is for me per se but alas.
    10. Misty
      It's either all on or all off unfortunately but I'll turn it off, I agree.
    11. Technic☆Kitty
      Users can always choose to watch a social forum (group) for both new threads and replies (what I did) instead.
    12. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      So the fact I can create up to 13 groups makes me one of the 13 darknesses...
      strangely, I approve
    13. Misty
      Just did the first successful move of old group threads to a new one, so you guys are aware. c; Working beautifully.
    14. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee

      I noticed an "Edit Avatar" option. Will this edit the group's avatar, or will it also affect mine?
    15. Amaury
      Best way is to try it and see. :3
    16. Meilin Lee
      Meilin Lee
      I did, and it's telling me to pick an image no bigger than 0 bytes... meaning something's wrong.
    17. Misty
      Should be fixed up, sorry about that. It will change the group's avatar.
    18. Light-Rune Maven
      Light-Rune Maven
      Sweet! never was on when these were around, I look forward to trying them out! Thanks Misty! Now we just need the pin shop to open.
    19. KHblader
      It's the first time I read about these social groups, they seem interesting! This forum always amazes me!