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  1. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    O_O Errrr... J-Joe you should add a lot more to that. The end you had it, but don't use Young Money's weak Asses as inspiration... No matter fact let me try

    You can't spit kid can't can't spit kid
    You can't spit kid can't can't spit kid
    You can't spit kid can't can't spit kid
    Now you got my mans Joe polluted be prepared to get hit

    Sick and tired of these young ass cats now
    Always talkin about that swag sh** its like wow
    For the simple fact they seem to always praise
    To many weak *****z that claim they now got it made
    Maf*cka I'ma tell you that my hate
    Is the big thing that's making you so great b*tch raise the stakes
    Get your fans to go against me Ima hit em with that haze
    Leavin their head clogged, but I'm behind bars for dayz
    Not sure what I mean here let me explain
    I'm behind bars means I got so many insane
    Lyrics that will clog your whole brain
    F*cking you up so hard, but the thang is
    What I'm doing is so plane
    Barren a wasteland for these other lamed brained
    Self-Proclaimed #1 Rappers in the game
    Again this sh** is a claim
    So how in the f*ck can you be the best rapper up in this thang
    Why is it these soft cats get the good money
    While these raw cats tend to get funny
    Dummy bummy type of respect
    Did you maf*ckaz forget what made you
    Wanna do this in the first place?
    Naw 3way-ing yourself, swag, and wealth did it my bad
    So my plan is to mess up this whole entire spectrume
    Make you *****z turn to Dum-Dums
    Cause my lyrics are like conundrums
    Yea what son f*ck you wanna do now
    Licking that d*ck up before you go down...
    LOW not sure if you wanna keep it a secret or get plowed you stupid hoe
    Either way you take my metaphors you'll still look so slow
    Either you change and say sorry to what you did to Joe.
    Or I just come to your place and do my UGLY BOY SWAG
    Putting Toe Tags on you muthaf*cking Hoe Bags
    Sh** I'll have to trash everything you kids say you got
    B*tch that's from footlocker you got no Class so watch as you get clocked
    I shop at a place for real legitimate gentleman
    Real Men go to the library ever heard of em?
    Guess not so be a video show hoe and let that p*ssy pop
    Make a ***** drop his stocks
    So you can get hit from the top
    Knowing how hot the spot is
    Cause he makes all of his future kids
    Go all inside the pot
    Wanna come trick!?!
    Hahahahah yea homie I'm just having fun with it
    I clown around too much, but the world still won't get this
    I guess that's why people claim to be the best when its for some stupid sh**
    If its to better society that's when the spot remains open and you better believe it.
  2. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Yea look at this heavy hitta make phony mic wielders become mute spittahz for wanting a taste of life
    That is until I who worked in strife told em their actions weren't right so we settled it in lyrical fight
    I had to make sure my first verse made his best seem like a horse carrying a hearse going to the dirt
    They thought saying I lack swag would get me mad and have baby fit like a those bombs over them oil lads
    How sad so I made them take it back by simply putting it shouldn't be a diss and make em take a whiff of that weak sh**
    Leaving them with e coli for that crap they spat up but made their heart detach from the back and shat out their soul
    For something I easily stole without breaking out what I have told long ago to those who know how real flow is supposed to go
    Wanna beef then get ready to see how my heat becomes something weak *****z hope it won't seek
    Out their streets so the rep they have will still beat like that red pound that I'll silence to put in a graphic context
    The real concept of me spitting out your subconscious to prove I got the better way of dealing with child like nonsense
    And yet everything around you still will be binned down to the ground to conclude I run laps that'll surround
    All those clowns that said they'll hold you down till the stopping of their pound which is weird cause the reaper found 6 of those in town
    Dumb sounds that you hold near and dear like beer you drink to ease the weary blindness which comes about when you take
    Some of my lyrical teachings turning into verbal beatings for weaklings who are in this thing for that bling, rented ring, used games and things
    I got it new and returned it so that you could hold it like you accomplished and earned it, but something in the distance I'll stay infinite
    Have the reporters keep on repeating it until the sins they commit comes to light over some ridiculous rumor the tabloids had to hype
    So that night would be that one type of sex fight to simply have you understand since now a days that's all people seem to want
    Girls to flaunt the goods and guys to have them scream sounds until they stop the hard pound for a quick bit
    And the skit becomes a dirty bit when its flipped and another wants to walk the streets just cause the heat of the love juice guys secrete
    Very deep so it would seep all inside that cave and those brave souls would have to make the other citizens evacuate
    Because he wanted to ejaculate more immigrants into the new state but the hot hate the people had caused more than a quarter to dissipate
    Or evaporate into jet streams flowing into those wet gates which many have abused but few properly used so which is part of the reason
    Why people snooze those love blues and just wait for the juice to ooze out and be done with loose cannon
    Call her a name again and get wasted by the iron man in your own territory ending the story on that note so my joke won't choke
    Those who provoke those soaked in garbage so just remember you were the silly sucka who wanted to start this
  3. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Hahahahah man these young cats out now just talk about anything and it becomes hot. So let me try it...

    Yea.... Yea.... Yea... I snap backs makin them ooze I snap backs makin them ooze I snap backs makin them ooze wanna get tatted up I'll leave you forever bruised.
    Ok now time for me to really go in...

    Sick feelings bubbling up inside of me
    Call Mario cause I need a plumber see
    He'll get rid of the sh** that's out now be
    Funny no one will take this seriously
    So let me snap your back and give you inoperable tats homie
    Wanna walk like you got swag?
    I gotta tell you something about that
    That sag is what makes you an easy target
    A jail term for *****z that thought they were hard as sh**
    Until they got nuts in their happy meal
    Wonder why its no big deal?
    I guess cause everyone guy wants to know how it feels
    To have an eel thrust in and out of their sacred in
    But what comes out....

    Naw man I can't do it. I have too much talent for that weak stuff ahhh....

    Yo... Yo... Yo... Cloud 9 is what I'm on right now. Cops can't get to me cause I'm the sheriff in town. I'm watching over you all so when you fall for someone I'll make sure you got a soft landing son. She's talking with me helping me see she will be part of the reason why I see no evil in society. As high as she makes me gives me the ability to measure the strength I have as we. Not one, but two can you count or shall we go back to skoo. It's ok skool isn't for everyone but yo when you end up on the run you wish you were on a roll. Not the black list, but the principles guest list...

    No no no what the hell... Ok now watch this...

    She brought me back to who I am a person of physical love. I will give unto her when she accepts my proposals for better living and a bigger budge. It you see with this I can help get what she wants before she can even spit it. Back in my face making that one less trip to Chase Mr. Ben's friends. And yet again *****z always have to come in to try to disrupt the inactive hate. If they want it then I'll serve it them colder than the judge giving out free lives, for them, for him, for her. I confer that it'd better to get the cold shoulder cause an avalanche of icy debates making that Great Wall break, crumble and fall. But it's not that important since I block them reporting them as jam, and gunk. So the technician will concoct something addicting. I'll have all of that sh** in my kitchen so if anyone wants to whisked as wisps and my problems seem to be gone with the wind. Such a sin as I pin my dreams down making it into a reality. But if this is the new me doesn't that mean I have a duality like personality that harasses thee when I try to get someone to like me. Better to have them fight me so the make up will be sensual art that all of Leo's work will be overturned as the bed trys to do work. Holding in all of that lovely weight not able to escape this trick sh**. Oh well too bad now time for me to get advised not to use this knife and cut open all your rights to compensate for the poor's sake. Think I give a f*ck about how life should go stupid hoe I'm not Nicki Minaj confused about blowing jobs over like A Rod did with those white curved frauds. Making them go out of the park even when it's dark knowing that people's bedtime will come earlier if they can't make it in a dime. No wait I meant nick cause if that big hand hits ten then nines are gonna make you wish time would rewind so these hot rocks couldn't miss you. Bed Time is early today since I'm here to solve that parade of happiness, but not the parade that has activists in it some sick twisted sh** now that I think on this. Too bad when I go hard these suckaz want longs rods to dig in their garage and bust out with long lost sod. What?? Nope sorry they shootin up dust so that won't make a difference on the imprint for those who reference hits as record breaking mixes. Fake illusion tricks kids to fall in love with you... No never her she's too much for em leaving them in the cold brrr... I can give you heat, but it will make you go cold again like a shot of pot sniffed from a jacked pot of crack rocks wrapped in socks sold for cops to cop and make a prof. It by corrupting sh** givin it to the street so that same heat I bare they'd share with the rest of the populous causing them to turn flat rock over to their tops. What jocks the cops turned out to be see to me they’re bullies who are in control of what we fear for dear life. Breakin a law will cause you to work in strife like a 30's wife. Since hubby lost the fight had a ***** tight so that anger from losing made the wife get bruised so then kids would lose one important aspect of their life. Respect since daddy did it that's how life really went. When I get her to be mine things will get bent, and I will make the blue socked jocks run for the fence. Too much power for me is crazy simply because I’d slice the head off of the 1st Lady that sees what I do is wrong. I need swag and sag to be a man. Don't stumble my way ever again ok, but hey you lost your dome so what more can I say? Sl*t still wants nuts to bust all over the rust she has in her butt... Ewww tough stuff now because my class knows when I pass that weak ass lowered stash trash type of havoc. This is too sick for me to try to twist and stick with it with simple trust issues I got thanks to you. She changed my thought process making me nice for less than a... SEC!!! WHAT YOU THINK I REGRET THE DEBT I PUT YOU STUD TOUGH THUGS IN!?!?!? Shut the f*ck up and get back in the kitchen as these real women find the one that will complete them. I'm fond of her, but will she find me? I hope she does cause not too long ago I said things like this to her see. I don't mess around when one person can make my heart skip pounds and pounce out from my chest into their arms. She got me so now I have to get chillin then like killin like a villain right to stand tight for her fights making sure she's tucked in safe at night. Wake her up with breakfast by her side, and want more of her lovely water ride. Kinda took it too far, but soon little kids will call her a star, and say thanks for having them. Literally having them not like a play date, more like a good date rape, but without drugs in the birthday cake. Or the milkshake so anyways I hope she will have even better days like she has made me have. I love it when she can get me mad and want to grab, and attack that.
    Hahahahhahahahaha hahahahahahahah yea!!!
  4. Sora's Apprentice Merlin's Housekeeper

    Aug 15, 2011
    This is my first time posting here. And i aint that good at this i normally only make hooks.
    Here goes nothing (Sorry if its short)
    yo, lets jump to a day
    When ever time of stress melts away
    a paradise in front of your eyes
    To me there's nothing to despise
    Until you turn to me and say we need to talk
    in my head i snap and ready to walk
    I wait for hell to freeze over for this to go on
    Keeping in my anger trying to be strong
    Im not an easy one please
    But come on, not even life is ease- ay
    I know my carrier is probably crap
    Right now im making zap
    a white boy trying to rap
    like eminem first discoverin crack
    I dont know where im supposed to go
    or when im done with the show
    no need to get hostile
    even though i am like a boss while
    you sit down at home
    regret heavy as chrome
    bang, one shot kills a man
    no matter who gives a d*mn
    Thats all i got so far, i will have more later
  5. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    O_o yesss you did it nice one there dude nice!!!
  6. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Now when people who always are tokin on weed smokin are the cause of deformity in the community
    But you see I am here to take vengeance upon those who are the masterminds behind it all
    Hiding behind a ehhh not so great wall
    Because all this hate is something not many are able to take
    This will cause an overflow of great debaters who are extravagant massive exaggerators becoming elusive exacerbators the greatest of all haters dick riding masterbators asking for mediators
    Wait for that to happen like military units not using gats and start clappin
    On some ranger danger stranger who ask to use their own house to change to
    Something more suitable for their death
    Already did that when he lost his bet to the Tek
    Back to what I was saying before
    I'll make your girl become a wh*re
    Slap you across the face and tie you tongue to door
    Open and shut it until your jaw disconnects
    So your speech will be discontinued
    Make the top spot in the NY Blues
    Sorry ***** you snooze to lose not having a choice to choose
    Whether or not you want to do something good for the spot
    Had one two many chances so now I gotta go dumb with all these internet dances
    I guess that's why your girl prances
    Trying to get very sensual with the wrong fella so
    I won't down a hoe I'll just drown her yo
    Tell the team about what I did and get away with it
    Now that I have chosen your girl here's what's up with her
    First my dick's so big it'll leave your b*tches jaw broken
    At first she was a loud talker now she's soft spoken
    She can't talk about my sh** to anyone or else she'll get to chokin
    Maf*cka I'm hopin with this she'll quit smokin piff
    Take a load off before I use my scrolls like a boss
    Teleport out of there as I toss my emotions of her to the side
    And go to that girl I want to take a nice ride with
    Gotta be rich, no wealthy before I can ride with someone so sexy
    Not saying she's shallow I just love the ways she looks
    Leave these other suckaz hangin on like the operator did when the rapist raped the dentists with precision and meant for deadly hits
    I don't even have a understanding to this at all
    I'm the one who put this up?
    But that's just like how the radio plays the same plain weak sh** knowing the money is in the truck
    But this thing I got in my car will leave you huffing and puffing like that Big Ol Star
    Not really a star but has one as a badge like glad has bags so your enemies can be cut up soaked in acid needing to stay put
    I doubt you can even do that so now you see why I always stay on the attack
    Still not gettin it count those lucky stars because I'd break and take you to the other side
    Think you a G now just wait for that all access to the gray's caddy's ride
    Not golf its a car, but that line of people behind you cryin finally ridden of that filthy art
    Not like you can even call it that, but what ever people now a days spit is a lot more than w-whack.
  7. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    About time for those too weak for speech to deplete in the streetz or be prepared to feast
    On your feet as I eat more and more of those who adore those that bore anyone under the age of four
    Leaving *****z with a slurr as I get more complex in the sect for a sec with no motion for anyone to detect
    Yet *****z know what my moves which is part of the reason why I put my face in books kid
    I love the education revelation so I can stop regulations trying to become intelligent slowing down competition
    Wanna make a petition but then becomes a violation for not seeing the big picture
    I'll cause a splinter to split her open like scissors as I select where I should erect no ejack in her
    Not sure if she knows I have my mans free as a nose sniffin in those lines that would impose on your judgement
    To complex yes I know you don't get it so I'll get some rubbaz and blow em up
    Make it drop all over that body hot sticky oozy gooey make her woozy or can create another her or me
    See!!! N-naw I doubt it so I'll pout like I had gotten bit or kicked cause that little sh** can't handle a funny diss
    Oh well not givin a care so I'll throw more than my hands up in the air and watch as red jelly fools pollutes
    Those red vapors don't give a hoot so I'll just shoot until the mist clears
    Hittin these *****z like deer in the headlight
    But I'll swing so hard it just might cause some fright
    No time to be pumped up just shoot sl*ts up the butt and walk away hot stuff
    Wait I meant my rock is hot and will drop more kids than the King of Pop
    He didn't do it but I still went through with it and I know this I'll come after anyone after my team, but will slowly show it as
    I promote Platinum hits
    Look and sniff, toke, and piff, snort, and kiss hang on still too young for it
    Ok enough of that I'll roll harder while I get a match to become the starter of the this lyrical combustion
    Gettin blown off like Yellow Stone Super Explosion
    Wipe the face clean off changin it into some insane stuff
    Too much yuck and guck like what the f*ck sl*t out of luck cause your stuck in a rut with a dusty nut good stuff
  8. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Gotta do one for this site man, and there's a lot of people I need to show how swell they are, and coo so let's go....

    Kh-v doesn't beg or plead for people to join
    They become new members not sure of the point
    They see a vet and ask Who are you?
    Who am I will reply like that one guy who gets in trouble for trolling why?
    Get the question answered, but you're still in those pampers so you need to get a change of clothes in the hamper
    Now this kid thinks the new gear isn't too shabby until they find out its nothing but crappy
    Now they become crabby until Sabby utilizes her powers making them turn happy
    Huh wait no let me reconsider that idea as we go on to another part of this song
    It's not Clear so you can see everyone inside this colt... the vault be
    Not to be mean it just seems all of this will be taken as a diss
    So you can kiss the fist of hits until you get it sh**
    Now all will seems to be hazy see I'm not crazy, but ladies lately most of us are lazy
    Because of the Mist see Miss please don't let the hate become Misty for us
    It won't be fair for those who care to share the dare that all new members are scared to tell
    I guess my Mike will hurt the heart as well
    We seem to dwell in the past to much
    I guess KH-V has become too tough for mister hot stuff with a rough clutch on reality
    We played you so hard you seem to be living in duality

    Yo wow hold up that was really bad bring out that raw flow please enough these kids aren't ready

    Aite check it when coming on to this site
    Better hope to whoever you plead in, and believe in will help you get though this
    I will not notify those new clowns that you may die in if can't take a high pile drive from the sky
    Errrr... I mean if you can't take some jokes then I guess you choked and will lose the vote for those who spoke
    Just to get some form of a quote from those that has soaked in jokes so long ago
    Little tots are too slow like that net they got explorerin their new set
    So will you guess what's next??
    Yes I'll tell you just from my POV
    Don't worry its not a sex tape where you hurt yourself and got an STD
    Not able to see what I mean well my beam will gleam over your screen blocking your peripheral
    So you can't aim with precision
    And hoping none of this sticky fluid will reach the kitchen
    Wow that must be pretty insane to have that much aim for a little screen game
    Your still not understanding me mane?
    I guess I am going insane for those too lame to understand how plain what I'm sayin really is
    Think of how they would explain this to their kids?
    Hahaha must have to use Bing so that thing will slingshot from the condensed spot
    Wow I guess their daughters would find this hot since when they add their 2 cents it will expand
    Faster than we got bombs to Gan A Stand
    Only this stand lasts up until the morale is down
    It can increase if the playfulness won't cease from release and speak with watery heat?
    Huh what f*ck are you even sayin anymore?
    I'll show you as I play connect four with you jaw, and this saw
    Repeat the step until I got all of those insides jokes that can be used as a rope and to choke as I poke you from the other end
    Not again is he going from being very touchy to hurry up get to the car honey?
    Not many have the ability or eligibility to conceive the greed or schemes to cause the simple mind tends to bleed
    From other silly meaningless things
    Guess Kh-v has become more of problem than what the original blueprints had made it out to be
    Note that once you join leaving isn't easy peezy lemon squeezed in me seeing holes
    Now we gotta get that soul for your vision back damn bro
    I mean give it some soul before we consult with those who got the power to say it is or isn't so
    Silly hoe unable to make the choice so I'll make it for you
    Once you open this door none of this will ever come to haunt you
    That is if you follow the rules, but fools who don't go to school won't think following anything is cool
    That's when things get hot which will make you get your top popped
    As the rest of the body drops from your heads spot
    We just would take that thing you hold dear, but we will steer clear from things that reek of fear
  9. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    There's a lot of thing that's funny too see
    Why I help some people and these *****z aren't f*cking with me
    It's as clear as glass which I spit on cause I don't get slim fast
    Tired of the way I look, but that's not what other *****z were telling me before they took
    My kindness as weakness
    Part of the reason for this is because I didn't disagree with this slash it slash sh**
    I loved to help people out
    But now they ask for help I'll let em pout
    I want them to shout so I come out and take vocal cords hang em on the door
    Push it like its a doorbell
    Dude you're a sick man what the hell
    What on earth, what in the heaven has gotten to you?
    I would say, but I took my own voice away
    Now they wanna treat me like I'm some bum
    F*cking idiots ask for my help when they start some
    F*ck I look like your mom
    Turn around so I can slap you with this bomb
    Well more like fist which you will kiss and your teeth will be dismissed
    Now people are understanding that they are outta luck
    Tryin confuse me like I'm some blonde sl*t
    And if I were to get intimate they'd call it a dumb f*ck
    Now your love struct but can't get it up so you ask for my secrete stuff
    Better pay attention before you move up
    They find out what you got will make them up chuck
    You wanna ask what the f*ck until you realize your covered in nut
    Oh well not my problem
    I'm only here as a subordinate giving out the wrong coordinates when it was supposed to be simple
    But complex like gettin proactive on that pimple
    Now I fly like the Fuji Blimp woo
    I was on Cloud 9, but I woke up and saw I was behind the times
    Being rude is the proper definition of fine
    Like you dine to grind wind to shine suck for some lime
    LIGHT!!! Yea that's right I'll dropkick your kid as he rides on his first bike
    Hang on there's an app for that so I'll snatch his battery pack, and have my AR who's 15
    Return it back with some amazing speed
    That little punk wouldn't stop crying geez
    I said I'll give it back
    But you have to get on a real bike as a matter of fact
    Learn how to do things before you start introducing
    "The One" to your parents
    Not like they cared but its always good to share
    Right Brother Bear as he would make em snicker and glare
    Into the eyes of lies that sodomize for lives to atomize the trust
    But it gets better as you spread cheddar for the love of the other
    Not for the actual and if I have to get factual the cracks in yo backs may cause splats to heart, lungs, stomach, ALL THAT
    Not right for the mini minds they say
    But you let em on the internet of today
    Ok like what I do is so bad
    I'll laugh as your kid does the Ugly Toy Swag
    Yea Toy cause they're nothing but a ploy to destroy the fragile innocence within our lil golden joys
    The detester who's a bystander with a Kan Jam as I KABLAM her
    And straight Jam her into the Mother Land sir
    But all of this is a blur so I confer to concur there's others just like her that use their purse as a hearse and a curse instead of what was
    Supposed to be choosen unto you instead of into not been through or hit and run through, or a drive thru
    Not that I see you, but can you see me type of 1st degree plea
    Oh now it isn't funny since I talk about it
    You were told about this but said YOLO I'm young so I don't give two sh**s
    Bout what dumb people
    Serenade in hateful aid as you get played like the Green Beret
    Names are so deceiving and yet intriguing as we keep on seeking help from those who stay above eating
    The good life while us lonely folk work for their strife
    Now it isn't right, but we fight over sh** that isn't even ours and claim to look beyond our sight
    Yea right were humans all we can do right is fight for light that was gonna build a site for those in flight
    Not airline just having infinite airtime
    Need to know how the line goes I'm happy to show a hoe
    What they wanna know, but that isn't like me bro
    Ehhh my name means helper but I'm not Certified like Dr.Pepper
    To be honest that one line should have been clear to see
    I'll dig your grave to set that trapped spirit free
  10. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Always on the run quick
    Duck, cover, hide, and shoot back trick
    Got cowards on your squad when its just me what a b*tch
    This is no wonder why *****z say some dumb sh**
    Like I know he's not trying to violate so I'll square dance to set you straight
    I'll bill fakes to build gates on great lakes as I view from my empire estate
    Of incredible minds that flow organically with time when they shine for mine never 9 to grind
    Sl*t stuck as the f*ck gets outta her or him as a matter of fact
    Want me to make it a gay track?
    Huh 8 track please take it back
    You just said gay
    Yea boy gay means happy so run away to say hey to AK ok
    Nice word play you bum hope you dodge the shoot from this gun
    Hope you can take in a face drenched in sweat thanks to the sun
    You like fire you want that heat well watch as I invade you girl giving her happy feet
    Awww man that's weak I've sunk so low how dare me not admit to liking homo's
    Same what though you ask...
    Homo means same like a blast from the past the same person just a different attitude
    Dumb b*tch showed me no gratitude so I gave her some of my mad mood.. SWINGS
    Get it swings as we ditch the ring and get video bling
    Those waxed shiny things not pressurized cha ching
    People work hard for it and only adore it when others start to gawk at it
    Like a crack addict when they saw a white karat so they too could inhale some of that nice lavish
    Aroma in a big home brah that was stolen from the other normal guy
    No one bothered to say hi so he made sure all would say goodbye when everyone dies flying in those airlines
    Where the only fine is for the family to find where the time has been as they put Jasmine to comfort those has beens
    Get it has been not of the was here used to be
    A lot of you slow *****z still will never understand me so I'll let my mind run free
    For about 3... Naw why not take five to survive those that collide to better their tide
    Of gifts and good things
    Never giving like me in which all run down hoods sings
    Those who are at top why not help?
    ***** my life is too good so I'll piss as you whelp and weep on those streets
    Where the same feet never miss a beat until the heat comes
    That's why all those good minds run to be shown a good time to rewind the shine until the ravine spills that wet slime
    All support sh** many adore it so they wait on shore for the little bit of a cool wave and split within it
    Yea you must all not get what is being done here so I'll just swallow a match as you drink beer and shoot fear until you explode
    Now we all fold down no fall around the heads of the town
    What heads the only person that should run me is thee, moi, nope they can't have it
    So they'll just end it like reader rabbit got em at a young age
    Wanna get a Jump start you sl*t well fart and I'll use a flamethrower to those words until they're burnt crispy objects landin on the curb
    Very violent for typed words you jerk of a guy
    I'll look up and watch as your sins arise so I can take em in
    Get Aqua to cook as I murder you all in the kitchen straight missen the point of me going in like this
    You will never know until you get your hands on your sh** and read for a bit while getting a piece of your wig split
    Stupid b*tch thinking this is any of your concern
    You only concern yourself with me when you are gettin burned
    From those I warned you about
    With no fear or doubt but you just don't get it
    I'll twist a doorknob gettin you wet quick
    Get this I'll turn you on when I open the door you sick wh*re
    No one can unlocked an already opened door
    See what I did there with that word play?
    Understandable so I'll Han Solo
    With the black keys on my Grand Piano
    No I meant for her to please this Pee Mist
    Almost sounding like that forbidden word that could insert into her
    You still can't understand what the f*ck I'm saying can you
    I can't get hard without jerking for a bit so I can really get into you
    Psychotic trick has gotten the flu so I got to get blue
    Can't expand anymore so I'll just hang dangle guys into the clear sky
    Until then no one can stop them from saying why... NOT
    I need to leave before they get a warm feelin up in their secret spot.
  11. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008

    Was walking through a forest
    Saw trees that didn't belong

    Like, people just put'em there
    Not natural at all

    They felt out of place
    So I chopped'em down
    Now, nature's happy again
    The invader's gone
  12. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Can't we all try to compute, or reboot those mistakes we've introduce while making it dissolve
    No n*gga I mean evolve to those that recall of who you thought you were
    I was with some sl*ts but now all of that is a blurr
    Stupid trick tried to be chilly so I went to the always Sunny Side of Philly
    What was she gonna do to me?
    Never thought of it until I was hit with a chick flick over some dumb sh** with an additive
    Yea Preservative of Emotions that isn't natural so I had to shadow the hoes for some time
    Until I was fined like Rewind for taking what time originally placed for all to see
    I'm a Paradox B*tch so none of what others think scares me
    Well I can't say that since I still have her by the back
    I would never have your back as you back stabbed thee
    Tree or root to that community that was once promised see
    How can someone take that so lightly as a n*gga politely invaded your privacy
    Making what I thought I could try more than 3 into 4 sum
    Almost had it that way, but a lot of the girls friends were gay
    Yea way to go f*ggot you keep going on with that f*ggot sh**
    Like you weren't tryin to whistle Dixie while incorporating no deeply investigating Massive Mandingo D*cks
    Well besides myself I was stuck on slick slippery not furry but pink and sexy type of spliff
    Huh what does that even mean?
    I understand what you are getting at until spliff?
    Silly kid spliff sounds split which would induce that I was trying to get my Rooster Teeth to eat out the truth for a bit
    I would easily make a cute caboose mute for the time being
    As I produce some hot line for blind seeing
    Again explain please
    I would but you'd have to get the f*ck up on your knees
    Implying a lot of things there, but you smart ass cats can always google share
    Oh Boo DAMN YOU naw its all coo until I see through the honest chu
    Yea I stole that sh** too
    By now people should know who I'm talking about, but I'd love to give a few shout outs
    That is until I got those cock blocking fist scouting love story sounding playful emotion in visions
    As you try to look for stuff to eat in the kitchen
    Better start fishin for some fish in chips when the Brits hop to chop the slop in
    Give them *****z some tops as I plop up out of the blue
    Sh**... Thanks to you and what you know how you do the stick just grew
    The addictions causes the charged convicts convictions all thanks to the one that grew
    On you well more like in you cause the moans made show it was true
    Not those home alone fake phony homies home see phone me for the honest reality
    Not so warmly anymore so why don't I knock the f*ck outta your door and leave
    Something blows up and now its all sky high leaving Santa's Comet to say why?
    Well more like ask
    Santa until his lying lawyer or more like close brother Satan blows up the scene quick fast
    I just used some hard cold emotions in a flask and lit a match to your ass
    Dropped the flask to impress the task as it was handled the correct way
    Trying to be like Sir Withers with a Lovely Day
    Naw n*gga your gonna need some Clipse to survive this Nightmare ok
    Freddy F*cking Four Fingers won't haunt you since I already f*cked you with less than two
    I did three holes those, but the p*ssy is the best way to see who's man enough to claim to be gay
    Did it again ok not much more to say, but suck it off, no Suck it up
    Ahhh sh** no matter how I go through with this it'll still make you look like a sl*t
    I like what is being said man this is so fun
    I'd wrap more than circles around you like a heat seeking rocket son
    To run laps around the fastest talker in town is so nice to me
    Got to say hello to you're friend but she too is p*ssy
    How dare she tell you not to talk to dude?
    Stupid b*tch this is so much subliminal sinking no more drinking no really more drinking
    I gotta wait to reach that age of the next page until I get the sex role in that play
    I left one unharmed until I went in my Spec ops and got the right digits
    Now all that has to be done is make the call to hear that twit fall
    Well fall out of love with one stud to be back with a harmful middle class thug
    I know too much, but being a thug not so much
    I get my things from games so when I get to see the real thang I want to hop up back in bed
    All of the back lights on to trust no one including that son
    Not sure what it'll come up with till that back stage prop comes in through an airdrop
    So I'll need to kill them all to make that only collective call
    You all wanna be part of it so you gots to be the *****z to start it
    Naw I'll leave with real sob stories to change the image of who is the real me
    I mean I can always go back to f*ck *turntables scratch* but too disrespectful until I get what I want yo
    Doing different poses like Moses no those who choose for us not us who shalt choose for thy self
    Ehh f*ck I'll just live off their wealth and claim to be the perfect ideal of real human society
    Now I have to be the main resource of supplies to major proprieties
    I find this odd see cause when the block is hot 9/11 is what we call for cops
    That was until some buildings dropped causing a disruption in political corruption
    F*ck outta here with that sh**
    *****z still were doing what they could do best
    Keep relying on the lies they told to voters in the skies
    So the ones below were praying to those that didn't wanna go
    They wanted to stop the flow of bloody, hang on muddy, no soggy water bro
    That isn't fair for my fair lady was singing a stupid ass tune
    Which got some kids to bloom singing it too
    Now what in the f*ck is a n*gga to do?
    I could tell those who knew what I meant by that, but I want you to figure it out with no slacks
    Google it man that's what you doing anyways
    Why not google what made the sci-fi like events to happen ok
    L-Look inside of you for yaba daba doo boo boo
    Shut it up kid enough of the random j-j-j-gibberish
    I could scribble so the drool drizzle and still sell more then she do
    No Ashlee I mean well sing to what I know to be true
    Do a stupid jig and blame the n*gga behind you
    Still jig and got *****z mad jelly
    Cause as they lay on their belly haters do parodies of me on TV
    Well as they say MAD TV you mad bro cause I got daddy to be good to me and not my sister WHOA!!!!
    Doesn't matter though cause I still got that country Hoe Down
    Tie her up so WWE can throw down
    Got some jams to play while in the square pound
    Sleep when I'm told to so I can make you look better... Sue
    Yea I'll sue cause this money isn't fast enough
    So please don't be afraid to touch you stinky Lemon Rut
    Thought I was gonna say something else huh?
    I should have but got to many complaints way back
    So I stick my middle finger up and say THINK FAST!!!
    As the screams lower I just wanna thank the term
    Ok Girl Roll Over
  13. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    This one goes out to all of my enemies, and to those I thought were ones I could count on

    Just stop what you're doing and pay attention to me
    If you're hard at listing I'll give you a lobotomy with all those hated feeling you have towards thee
    I would have just let it slide, but your not tall of enough to enjoy that ride
    The way you almost shocked me cause I was swimming in deep waters
    Caught a couple of fish, but that sh** was too salty for it to be
    Something so true and sweet like taffy with none of the outside interference
    *****z asking me for money like they don't have insurance clearances
    For this let me mix it up a slight bit for I was on that H and R Block flow
    Lending money to these *****z under me for the fun of it
    The thundering bit comes when the loan isn't paid
    The interest is lowered instead of raised for they thought it would just fade away
    Naw B*tch I'm more than the sick then swine and bird flu
    When I speak that sh** will cause an outbreak like SARS WOO
    See I'm just sick of seeing you but the bath salts got me want to just eat out your eyes
    Get shot 9 times and fight back like I had 10 lives
    I feel no pain with that type of instant roid rage insane type of game
    You insist that we stay cool trying to friendzone me
    Last person to do that is now in the graveyard see
    I'm not the simple guy I once was
    I'm not a baby who needs hugs
    I'm more along the lines of dismembering those I had close ties with using tree vines
    Have Tarzan swing by shoot him in his thigh, make him scream until he dies
    And leave you to watch asking why
    Soon you just won't be hoping you lose go to a safer place until you wake up still being chased?
    Huh how does that even happen unless it was a dream
    That dream was to stay with the team, but I left and now will make all regret for coming in connect with me
    You got so much to say, but to me not so much of a talker stupid sl*t
    The speech in which you speak should deplete as you get choked in the cheeks
    Not even hiding in the sheets right?
    What stays in the dark comes to the light which is why I hope you've come prepared to fight
    Having an idea of what I can do to you as you would try to undo the damage Dr. Who did saying his revenge is inoperable
    Dumb b*tch you got someone unstoppable in an improbable total deconstruction rampage
    What you have built up within will come crashing down
    As if it were Link cut logs
    Once that's done everything you thought was true will just be a widows tale in his story
    Ending very gory for an adolescent 18 year old boy be
    As we conclude this very decent plot of revenge
    Is the outcome of what is planned what he wants?
    I doubt a lot of sh**, but just not this
    You attention loving wh*re get on some decent decor with some lavish shopping with Madison Zamor
    You dress to bore not even the poor could adore what you wear
    Heck I doubt their poor asses could even pay to stare
    Nasir how dare... How dare me what?!!
    I don't have to keep my thoughts to myself if she already is in a rut
    I help by making the whelp keep on going
    Until they explode and want to be the next runner up
    I'd run her up with this tap she'd have to get checked out from my quick jab
    Leaving her covered up as if she was Arab in the sun sir
    Sounding ignorant as f*ck but I don't care its summer
    Better have a proper coolant for that provoke for a heat stroke
    *****z claim to sound dope when they were runnin with me
    I slit their hamstring so they can't be rushed to an I.V.
    Put you in for an I.O.U. for an I.C.U. on your tombstone when you make it to heaven
    But then you wake up in a pool of wet cinnamon cement
    I'll throw in some pepper flakes and crushed talc to make it into hot powder
    Boil you and throw in a match to create Flaming Clam Chowder
    You seem cold well this will heat you up, as you vomit I hit you with nun chucks
    Now you know I'm just sick as f*ck god damn you're now stuck in a rut
    The ashes from those slow asses heated molasses surround you in a fire storm
    Well a wild fire which I caused cause she wanted to take a cloth
    Get some water for those hot flashes
    Wanna know what's hot your eye lashes on hand sculpted Gothic stained glasses
    Might have thought of accepting those passes but you said you needed a break
    In desperate need of a break so take a menopause
    I'll shove your ass up a chimney heat it up so that Santa Clause will see a bad girl
    Have each deer bite your ear spit pee and make you fear what I may do to you
    Tell em a bad boy is the reason for your being here
    If his fast fat ass comes in I'll beam a f*cking onion ring to his ding a ling
    Make sure the time bomb is set to ring as I jet up out this thing
    Wanna complain it's too cold cause of the snow I'll throw you a canister of dry ice silly hoe
    I guess me being the young buck is stuck like a duck in an oil spill cause the doe got sad so all animals become ill
    I can give you ill so all of us will chill for a quick mill
    So I can give you uppers that will leave you lower than Down Syndrome
    Think it can't get worse so next time you check in your purse that Vicodin prescription I wrote it down with a Klonopin
    For the fear I put in your veins easily ease up and slither away as the pain from coming in contact with me will always stay
    Piling up hearts and just throw them away like I erased you from my contacts hoping all in your life is better this way
    Figuring out how wrong the assumed position turned out to be
    All of it makes sense since it all ends with me