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  1. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    And these last few posts was a friendly battle between me and Nas. Y'all should take an example to us and start posting here too, not just for battling, but mainly to spit some rhymes. Be part of the crew and have some fun!
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  2. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Yep I hope you all understand that if you need to vent out. This is a very good way to do it. Hip-Hob is just someone that will help you do that. But as he said nothing but friendly so post up KAY ~,^

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  3. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    I must say . . . I am thoroughly impressed. You kept that sh** together and got up there with the best.
    If I tried to rap a battle with either one of you, i'd probably skip a few beats cause the sweat got in my eye, yall's a threat and I might die
    if I stick around to long, try to even rap a song, pi** you off you may just flip, best believe i'm jumpin ship
    I hope my message is clear, I have a little fear but I'll still give it a shot try to give this sh** a plot

    ^_^ How was that for starters?
  4. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    There's no need to say sh** you already know. The question is when will these *****z grow. The f**k you doin in this town? I don't even know why you talking ***** your nothing more than clown. I'm amazed at why kids say they wanna rap. Not knowing how difficult it is without saying you stay strapped. This sh** really annoys to me the point where people think its violent music to stop these oinks. Parents become ashamed and rap is too blame my child shot so many people in the brain. B*tch what is you saying your bad parenting skills has all to do with this. Like Rhianna please don't stop the music. These fake cats always abused this and now we have to listen to whack sh** today. Here's what I have to say to the kids who think its aite to play with the music they hear today. Not really understanding what real music has to say. You wanna leave school, you damn fool, you think its cool. To follow in the footsteps of people who regret. Not able to make it so this is what they do. Use elementary vocabulary and turn it into words. Its cats like them that make children fly with the birds. I know you heard the word, you f*cking turds on the curb, talking back its absurd, you try to confer your a mac because you tapped that. In your mom's van hot damn what a man. They say rap, and hip-hop degrade women. But these are the same girls shaking what momma made for them. Don't defend people who love to do the sh** anyway. Sex sells right so f*ck what your mom has to say. You talking out your ass be prepared to get smacked. In your house I diss you with doubt in my mind, that I combine time, its fine that my rhymes are worth less then nine dimes, it just goes to show that all women are hoes... Da f*ck...Y-Yea that's what they want you to think I don't get it you talk so much game then forget this... Your mom made you so why do you promote girls, and women doing things to degrade themselves? Is it to retain your wealth or pay for your material sh** like you said f*ck your health. I treat all women like they supposed to be. I respect you if you don't respect me, but I'm not like most guys if a girl deads them they talk sh** and web em. In all of these lies to the point where you have ask yourself why? A lot of people today love to spray but not able to pay for what they did. Its impossible to see the light if all we do is fight. Yea right the f*ck you talking bout? Tell me do you see your parents scream and shout? Its aite homie don't pout, its just what I'm talking about. You need to find peace within before going to help others to find the peace in them. We need no prophet maf*cka just stop it. We need try and help underprivileged people instead of making fun of their financial well being, pissing on them not even considering them human beings.

    Yo Nights that's was outstanding. But you don't have to change your style up my dude.
  5. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    You speak the truth
    I speak my mind
    on second thought
    I'll break this rhyme
    what time is it
    quarter past nine
    why yall looking
    like i'll feed ya this line
    you don't need to know
    a thing bout the game
    to rap up in here
    it's all just the same
    just don't come in here
    try to act like no fool
    you know what we call that
    we call ya a tool
    I just want to end
    on one final note
    when I walk in the room
    you best put on a coat

    Thanks ^_^ but I am fine with trying different styles to help me improve upon my own.
  6. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    *****z always wanna follow, but never lead. No wonder why every race says the black race always bleeds. No help, no care, and no love. Its even hard for us to accept hugs. Saying we've been hurt to much when we hurt ourselves. Keep complaining that blacks are never able to retain wealth. Saying the white man does this, Asians do this, Indians do that leaving the black people with jack. I hate that take it back its because your doing nothing to change things from being like that. Man its so sad how black people pull the race card when they get mad. Not all its just when I hear it I think that they a dumming our community just a tad bit. Its very reckless leaving me restless when I walk the streets and have to fear this. Can't walk like this, try and not to say that, people are looking they may panic fall back. I hate the way things are today no matter how many leaders try and speak out on this. It seems the young generation doesn't give a sh**. Then again its how they are taught too so that's something else that can be fought. Food for thought... What homie I bought... My stuff from home so please leave me alone. Wow he bought his lunch he won't fit in with the rich bunch. Damn he hates his life, wait surprised he beat his wife. Naw man its alright because as a kid he never would fight. To bad now he's done its sad that he did it with a gun. The killer is on the run that killer is us. You tease people and make their mind just say shush. Is this why there's a stereotype where black people get the gats and bust. This is irrational highly outrageous. Its sucks because the people killing other people is highly contagious. The only wrong thing about that is that I keeps seeing on the news that blacks kills blacks. I can't find out why's that. Its because they don't get it, say something and regret it, get their crew and settle it. Now more people are dead and gone try to bring them back with a sad song. Its not right that the truth has to be so sad. Its just that good doing black people apparently have no right to get mad its so bad. *****z wear plaid are just **** so stay back. Why's that gays are whack and evil is what were taught. The thing is gay people help fight battles with us while you fought. Against them to have the freedoms like us blacks did way back. Its just unreal how they deal. With all this heat as they see us lay in our defeat. The way we treat others because they aren't "Normal" is just despicable. All of this hate is so critical and its trying to get rid of you so what are you gonna do? Let it imprison you make you do its biding woo. What's good with you dude saw your best friend from high school his wife too. Found out it was a man hot damn. This is the reason why there's no time to try to waste is because there's so much hate in every race. Trying to compete to make everyone retreat and beg and plead on their feet. Don't understand why we do this and just miss out on something so good. Just look beyond the things in your hood.

    My Darling hate is burned within me My Darling its impossible to take it out of me My Darling Hope you understand this is the way I am My Darling I can change it but I can't be the only one to do it so follow me.

    Alright do your thang man ~,^
  7. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    I call em up
    stock it and cock it
    then I lock em up
    pop em and drop em down
    right down into the ground
    yall no what i'm about
    with me you show no doubt
    my crew rolls with 45's
    looking at 25 to life
    I keep on moving and shouting
    but my people keep dropping
    I will not even start pouting
    i'm just gonna start popping
    blast em and mash em with they own guns
    cap em and rap with words that make em run
    I don't need to fight
    I got people to do it for me
    though that isn't how I lead
    why my people all adore me
    I don't know
    right now anything goes
    I could care less
    bout b***** and h*es
    care more about my homies
    my friends for life
    watchin em all fall down
    the edge of a knife
    I can't keep goin on like this
    people all know its
    just a matter of time
    before I cannot rhyme
    my words will lead to crime
    my words will cause you all to die
    my words are just all lies
    the truth you see is I
    am crazy, i'm just insane
    they keep lookin at my brain
    but look at the words i've lain
    then take a minute to regain
    your confidence in what you say
    what you say you cannot lay
    them words like I do perfectly
    I lay em in a way that's perfect to me
    get over it
    you cannot seem to see
    exactly why it is
    that you cannot be me
    i'm just too original
    now we at the end
    I have to go and save a few
    of my crew, yall's my friends
    my homies, yall has got my back
    always ready to attack
    anyone who goes against me
    never ridin on the fence see
    you may think i'm a little bit crazy
    never too lazy to where I
    never do a thing, it's hazy
    but just go against me and you'll be pushin up daisy's

    Man that took forever -_- not even sure what it's about . . . random rap rant XD
  8. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    Hib-Hob’s back
    On a brand new track
    Now tell me one thing that I lack
    None, done. What the heck?
    You think this is fun? Are you on crack?
    This guy, a ***, wrecking his brain
    To think of an attack ‘till he goes insane
    Let me explain the situation nice and clean
    This is a horror flick and you’re the black guy
    You’re gonna be the first to feel my verbal wrath and d-d-die
    If you wanna live, you’ll have to c-c-comply
    ‘Cause when I unblind rappers of y-y-your kind
    With my enlightening raps of d-d-dope rhymes
    You either co-operate or tell this world g-g-goodbyes
    I guess we’ll just wait and see what your decision’s gonna be
    But be damn sure this ain’t the last time you heard of me
    As you can see I keep rapping here for no reason
    Mainly 'cause I think it's hilarious
    Like I care, I'm f*cking random
    And my fandom loves it, in fact
    They love me so bad they wanna marry us
    I used us instead of me
    Simply because us rhymed with hilarious you see?
    It doesn't have to make sense, this is a rap in the 21st century
    Ah, where are the times where rap still made sense
    Back in the day when rappers earned less than 50 cents
    Nowadays they're more poppy
    They started rapping on beats that're less hip-hoppy
    More sloppy, do you copy?
    Luckily there are emcees like me
    Who make fun of these fake ass rappers that have the tendency
    To act all gangsta when they're actually
    Glee pussies to the tenth degree
    Anyways, I'm outtie, catch ya later
    Oh, and to VMA genious pain in the ass 'lil Wayne?
    Yes you f*cking faker, I'm your biggest hater
  9. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    You know . . . I'm not even sure it's worth it, to bust a rhyme for all these posers . . . wait what you mean Nas and Mickey is in the house . . . D**N well let's get out there then.

    Hey yo, I gotta let yall know
    we got two players up in the flow
    no I won't introduce you I gotta start this show
    they know it's bout more then just spouting
    all kinds of nonsense and talking smack
    you can be vicious and not attack
    just take the time to think about your rhymes
    and how your gonna piece em together
    cause once you spit em your done forever
    you cannot go back and hit the rewind
    I know some of you may think it's hard to find
    the right words that your looking for up in your mind
    don't worry if you f**k up to you I will be kind
    not, i'm just playing bout those words that your laying
    you think your something special then hear what i'm sayin
    yalls just posers who like to think you got what it takes
    to be in this game, you do not know how far you must go
    you cannot do even half the s*** I do
    just take a look at the people you see on the streets
    they'll tell ya what it means to cling onto your beats
    you see that's all they got, not like you you see
    you probably have no clue what it takes to be
    what it makes you see when you think for thirty
    hours straight you running and you cannot stop
    then you hear the sirens and you start to hop
    you cannot outrun em but still you try
    just don't take it to far or you'll fu****g fry
    you think you gonna make it big
    I could snap you like a twig with just my words
    you do not realize how absurd it is to be here right now
    surrounded by all the people who look out for me
    for now you see, if I simply, gave the word up on you they'd be
    without hesitation, you best sign your resignation to the game
    and pass your man card up, just keep on being a pup
    now get the f*** out of my crib
    maybe one day you'll realize just how hard it is
    but by then it will be to late, and no debate
    can bring back the time you lost
    then you look at me and see the rhymes i've tossed
    and still to that day, when the people hear my name
    they remember me for me for being real
    go ahead with these words you try to steal
    take em I don't give a d***
    fake a** poser's without no plan
    just look back and to this day
    over and over I want you to play
    how you should've, could've, would've
    listened to my words
    but you f***** that up
    now you placing third
    actually make that fourth
    cause I in fact know two
    people who can rap
    much f*****g better than you
    well that's all for now
    gotta go and try for first
    and if your gonna be rapping
    then worst comes to worst
    I will be placing third
    up in the rankings
    and the riches I'll be taking
    could have all been yours
    if you'd listen a bit more
  10. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Alright cool cool check this out we got Nights and Mickey on here. Yo how you gonna kill it? I gotcha ya check this out give me 13... no 8 lines and I'll make sure people fear Naz, Mickey, and Nights

    Please tell me why underdeveloped nations are not hatin on everyone and livin their life? These cats have no time to waste on hate or debate to set things straight.
    They do work and bury that sh** in the dirt. Don't know why we don't follow instead we just love to swallow weaker nations up and not give a f*ck. They got sa in we like and cop it.
    Too bad these nations come back and say its time to get dropped b*tch. Punk ass you punk b*tch you dumb snitch. Talking out your ass and going back to your clique. Try and stop me!!!
    I've worked harder than you or anyone in your family. That ***** crazy is what they try and say. Too bad they try and stop them with the KKK. F*CK THE KKK AND ANYONE WIT EM!!!
    All you ignorant nut suckaz can rot in piss. I've grown tired of your bullsh**.So many people say they forgave ya, and you wanna put them in the grave brah? Naw let me take you way back.
    To the time you hunted, raped, sold, and killed blacks. The hell you doin thought white meant pure. Your pure evil I'm not supporting you anymore(Like I did that anyways.). And you go and try to do this sh**.
    Too bad you mess with them and get sent to your grave quick. Please we need to stop em yea man f*ck that. Its hard enough being here and I'm black. Its just goes to show how ignorant...
    Catz like them don't understand. To become good you got to be the bigger man. Forgive people and just live with a positive song with in you. Don't get the gats, or the crew. Live it to the fullest and its done I went pass 8 lines, and still leaving these haterz on the run.

    Yo Naz that's what's up man, but hit em one more time. You sure??? Yea man show em what you got. How many lines??? As many.... SIKE that would be OD yo hit em with that 4 door sh** u feel me? Yea I got ya who's my target? Young Money and Lil Wayne stupid sounding maf*cka pollutin the game with those lame brain easy to say insane rhymes. Aite I got you...

    Young Money!!!! Yea I know I see ya, but the thing is money is all you have and sa in I need brah. I hate it why you *****z are out here making a mistake in this b*tch. F*ck Wayne...
    And his Fake ass hits. Too bad no you better not get hit. I hate it how he needs to have the bloodz backin him sh**. You got that much money then help us in IRAQ stay strapped they packin em.
    Big gunz big stuff you aint tough. Your crew can't help you what you gonna do? Spit sh** that's it no real hits. You slacken I'm sorry but Young Money needs to start packin. Yea check it ok...
    Your the leader, but I'm the president. I'm sorry but we can't sell this sh**. SIKE your dumb lines need hard time for sick rhymes. Too bad you need to smoke so you won't choke. I know I went pass 4 but this cat needs to start takin all of this stuff to a day walking whore. Even he wouldn't do him or his gang. Someone below a hobo way to go. No show so go blow you monopoly dough. To some show below this earth WOOO!!!

    Aite cool cool you got it calm down let Mickey and Nights really kill it. Aite yea, but then those fake rat bastadz may think they good enough to come back from this. Wait Naw man they stuff compared to us is nothin ahahahahha
  11. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    I'm gon start real slow, just to let you know, which way i'm gonna go while i'm talking to you
    I don't have the time, to slow it down, i'm about to blow this f****n town, throw the whole thing out
    If you got what it takes to try and take me on, you can try and show your stuff show me just how strong
    you think you are but then you're not, cause man you rot this s*** I plot this b**** with seeds I sow and then I grow
    my words will flow and then its o-ver . . . you won't ever stop me cause i'm four leaf clover . . . luck ain't even in this poser . . . i'm about to mow you over like a dozer
    You can try and keep up with the speed at which I rap, you'd have better luck trying to cap a rat with a grain of salt, don't think for a minute I will halt to say goodbye
    I won't even stop to die, no matter how many times i'm shot I still roll lookin fly, no matter how many times I won't ever f****n cry
    Even if I slow it down you won't know what i'm talking about walking about like you think you understand you keep up with that attitude you'll see the back-side of my hand
    Your not even worth my time, every second I waste I lose a million dimes, wasted on you you think your big but man let me tell you ain't nothing fig
    I could easily, take on three of your crew to late they flew out when they saw me coming, you best start on running cause i'll hunt you down no matter where you go, whether it's a mountain or plateau
    I take the bullets out my gun just to show you I mean business, honestly this is really f****n fun but not for you now is it
    You think I make these raps with s*** I get off the TV, but I will prove it here tonight this s*** is all from me!
    My name is Night 171 get it right your f****n dumb cap your a** down with my gun, are you gettin the picture son
    My homies name is Nas, he likes to spit em fast, raps rhymes that blow you mind he does it in half the time that it would take you to open up your eyes, man you all think your this great your all just f****n flies
    My other homie is King Mickey, now you may think he's sticky, just listen up and hear it, we call him maple syrup, cause his words flow so smoothly you might just start to fear it
    You put us all together now what do you got, three of the greatest rappers just put on the spot, we will hit you with our greatest shot, and it may not seem like a lot but when you turn around and think you won't even f****n blink before you turn back around, now you know what we're about
    Oh yeah and maple syrups not really what we call Mickey, I just needed something so I could use sticky, but why do you get to be so picky, f*** ya i'm not even rhyming anymore mother f****r . . . now go somewhere else.

    Got majorly random on this one . . .
  12. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Yo Nights killed it again man check it here's how were gonna do it this time. Yo spit some ill sh** right. Your homies do the same thing... Naw f*ck it. Yo spit some ill sh**.

    Right, Now what is going on? *****z getting mad reckless and its just a song. Did I mention that the KKK wants to get in this too? So F*CK EVERYONE THAT'S PART OF THAT CREW!!! Anyways I just want you to know. I have all intentions to kill anyone that wants to step up. Bury those clown *****z in the dirt. Damn I do work when it comes to causing verbal hurt. Typed in this case, but it makes no difference because the pain would be worse if this was face to face. I'm here to let these fake kidz know who I be. I want them to know I'm a highly educated black man and I'm free. So try and stop me, but it will suck because I got heavy hitterz in the crew. Rabbit but he'd pretty much kill ya. No one will save ya, and the doc won't transform ya. Don't ask Chris Brown for help ok sir. It won't work I know this because him and I went at it. He pretty much made me become a tired ***** who's had it. But I still hit em with the nice rhymes then he and I took back all that lost time to make new rhymes. Mickey my dude is just icky because he leaves his targets baffled, and sticky. Well his targets girls anyways, not to say there's anything wrong with being gay. The thing is he's not, but if someone like that came in here he'll still mess you up boy. Mickey and I went at it the same he made a ***** get tired quick. The thing is we did the same thing and honestly didn't give a sh**. We kill it and it keeps going. This something easy for us instead of having those gats and bust. Out on random people we see and pull the trigger to let these bullets free. The only bullets we let free are the lyrics coming form our mind, not from our behind like many do. Its true that this over line will just completely sh** on you. Nights knows where its coming from. He'll step on you then go to your son. Let him watch as he c*mz on your daughter son. She had to learn the burn you didn't concern yourself with you dumb sh** eat d*ck as we confirm who she's siding with. And Nights didn't c*m on her that way. Your girls a dike she loves that 3 way ok. Sorry to say, but she didn't do that either. We taught her how to really show herself in public. Not with that attitude like f*ck it. He came in her mind not from behind like your own son wanted to. Do but that ***** now smells like boo boo. Should I say do do that means your son is dead The thing is no lead went into his head. He did it to himself because your punk ass couldn't maintain your wealth and the health. You see now your baby girl is shining not winding or grinding on *****z she doesn't even know. So F*CK YOU AND YOUR DEAD SON WOO!!! I'm happy that you know the crew man. Joe and Dman are in it to hot damn. What now you got nothing to say. So I'm a tell your wife to come on so we can play. Do it nice do it right, making your wife the CEO of her dream company aite. I care and cater to all women's needs. Not you because you act like a female dog still in training waiting to get played.

    Oh sh** keep it going... Aite I'm going back in....

    With a little bit of this and a little that, and crack, some smack, and a nice trick. The only thing you have become is a run down clown b*tch. So stop it bringing everyone down with you. No one is riding or tryin die for ya. Don't you get it, don't then do 9 sets b*tch. I don't wanna keep going this hard, but you don't understand when unless your drunk in a bar. I'm a star within my own mind. These words will kill one day at a time.
  13. NightofNights Merlin's Housekeeper

    Dec 20, 2009
    In the always forgotten dream
    Hey boys sorry to break the moment but I've got a few things to say.
    Just cuz I'm a girl don't mean I cant sway,
    or make a rhyme
    to go along with the time.
    But I aint sayin that you're being sexist
    or at all being rasist.
    Though I'm a white girl
    living in a white world.
    I've got the heart of a husler
    but it doesn't mean you can cuss her.
    You all here are my crew
    and I wish more people knew
    not to mess with us
    not that I'm makin a fuss
    cuz we can take em
    and break em.
    And make em come to an end
    cuz we're done playin pretend
    though this was just a spure
    I hope I'm making myself clear.
    That we're all tight
    and we're ready for any fight!
  14. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Ok wow now NoN is killin them you make sure they know... 13!!!

    Not able to keep fake catz out there stable enough to be on the same world as us. Dumb clown I want you to get the gats and bust. It won't work ya jerk stop its making me sad. *****z who are
    Obviously new to this ludacris hotter then luke warm kinda sh**. I'd spit you up you no good dumb f*ck jocking on my nuts is now in a rut. It gross but you have to take it up the butt. I hope that you
    Now are able to see that people walking the wrong way won't be here to stay. Not here to play talking again alright I'll bring out this AK.
    It sucks but listen to what I have to say. No way you take the quick route, and see the boot, in your case an automatic gun that makes civil war vets run. DO IT NOW RUN RETREAT!!!!
    It shoots out more ground than you can cover with you feet. You lay there to bare all of this hate you sick prick tick tick BOOM is all it will take. *****z come out to debate a lot of sh**.
    But they won't state the fact of why they are even here I want fakes clown to know that all of this bs in life has got to go. You hatin on me bro so think I give a f*ck? I don't sit down don't ever stand back up.
    There's feelings out there you can't dare to share talking out your ass so light up a flare. So everyone will know who you are this fake clown ***** I know they're mad bizarre.
    It'll hurt ya jerk to see what you've done. Left innocent kids to be laid out in a f*cked up sun. That sun is actual of cloud of discretion, deception, no talents who get erections. Off there own sh** its sad because you got no d*ck trick.
    I go hard so far you've seen what I'm capable of. No bud, no thug, can stop what I'm made of. I don't care how hard you say you are. It won't matter as I watch as your brainz splatter.
    Then your life shatter into itty bitty fragments that take up space. Throw your ass out so I won't hear this weak sh** waste. Another radio, T.V. set anymore. I will bury you and your weak sh** at your door.
    F*ck you come up here for its not likely for you to understand me so don't bother. Talk sh** prepare to have blood slobber.

  15. NightofNights Merlin's Housekeeper

    Dec 20, 2009
    In the always forgotten dream
    Wait nas you talking about ages, or the pages???

    Whoa dude don't OD cuz dude you got the key,
    plus the car, since we're not up to par.
    You gotta get us home so we don't gotta go with tha po.
    We gotta roll, cuz we've got tha dough!
    Though everyone's all up in our faces, though they need to speed up their paces!
    Cuz once we get goin, there's no way showin'
    how bad we'd screw em up, though they're about to give up
    we'll just keep beatin' em, we defeat them like Invader Zim!
    Though with tooth en nail, not with rays or pails.
    We goin' on a rampage, we're rockin' like Champlain!
    Tearin' em down, cuz all they are are f*ckin' fake clown!
    Make em bleed make him pay, they 'aint goin' to see another day!
    They 'aint see no more sky, cuz we're goin' off high.
    While they're goin' down below, and participate in hells rodeo.
    Ya we aint' goin' see em no more. We've settled the score.
    Though no matter what, we'll always be in a rut.
    Cuz no matter where we are, we'll be the star,
    that everyone's hattin', just cuz we aint fakein'.
    So we'll always stay an fight. Never takin' flight.
    We're all back to back, ready wack.
    Some time's we're gonna lose, and we have ta chose
    who's goin' to be the distraction, that raises our fractions.
    We may lose a few, and we may break up the crew.
    But we'll always each other, we're all sisters an brothers.
    No matter what happens, we'll be ready to zap ems.
    Cuz we're the most bad a**, and we're ready to kick a**.
    though usually it's bros, before h*es
    sisters, instead of misters.
    But that's all goin' to change, even though it's strange.
    But ya it's goin' down like that, whatcha goin' do you f*ckin' bat!?
    You're a witch, and a god damn awful b*tch,
    You don't know sh*t, and you're acting like a ditz.
    You don't feel the acks and pains, of those we've lost yet gain.
    You're just a prick, livin off daddy's d*ck.
    You can't tell a f*ckin dog, to a disgusting hog!
    Though once you look in the mirror you'll see much clearer.
    That what I say is true, cuz really you look like poo!
    You're so damn ugly, I can't see why you act so smugly.
    Just cuz daddy's got the damn money, doesn't mean it's yours honey.
    Either way you can't touch us, so you better quite with the fuss.
    Or we'll slice ya in half. You be that baby calf,
    and we'll be your butcher, though you may be a looker
    the plastic mask 'aint goin' to save you, hell now it's goin to break you!
    Though you taunt and mock, doesn't mean you've got a c**k,
    or a set of balls, all you're gonna do is fall.
    We won't be helpin' you, but you already knew
    that right? So go on take flight.
    Go cry to daddy, it doesn't make us the baddie.
    Though if you wanna play that game, it's all the same.
    You're goin' to be f**ked up, if you don't learn to shut up.
    Now it's time to take a breather, but it don't mean we're done neither.
    We'll let her wallow in pain, just to see what she gains.
    Then we'll start again, until it reaches an end.
    Till then we'll be back, next time won't be so slack.
    Maybe next time you won't live, unless you've got something to give.
    But we don't want your money, hell didn't I say this before honey?
    It's only your daddy's dough, none if it's yours though.
    Now it's time to cruse the coast, before I over dose,
    due to repetition, do you need the definition?
    Though please remember, we are the group members.
    We're as tight as Doctor.D, and Slim Shady!
    With Nikki Minaj, no it aint a mirage,
    hell ya the duo, turned into a trio!
    Alright I'm finished, don't think I've diminished,
    I may of OD, but ah oh well
    what's the worst that could happen, it's not like I'm drivin~! XD

    (daamn.. uh I really don't mean all the bad things about that girl.. who I don't even know where it came from... but uh ya :sweatdrop: an sorry for all the swearing! AND the ODing a bit!)
  16. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    I know you're not, cause I drive and still I rot my teeth with this fifth of jack, try to make you see that i'm comin back, drive around a second time try to bust a couple rhymes but I can't cause i'm too far gone, I won't stop until there's none, nothing left for me to drink, smoke or pop and then I think, why do I need all these things, what do these things truly bring, nothing to me but hoplesness imprisoned by this senselessness beginning to understand what it is that makes a man, but I go another round all because I haven't found that which truly could bound me to this earth and the birth of a brand new day, try and stop me then they say, you know you done f****d up right too late i've done lost my sight, i'm blackin out and attcking pow, knocked your a** down to the ground, grab your head I start to pound, punch your face in make it bloody, while I listen to some Cuddi, I try to stop but I cannot you will only get a plot that's two feet deep shallow grave and then I weep, why'd I have to go and lose my mind right now here at this time it's hard to find the words that can express how I feel, decide to ask forgiveness so I kneel down and say a few words that probably sound absurd cause i'm ODin on the spot, starting to get so hot, so hot i'm sweating and lettin all of these poser's fly, used to I would make em die at my feet, but now you see, i'm losin it and I cannot beat the urge that i'm feelin to stay on the verge, the path of destruction sucks so very much and you don't even know which way I am gonna go but it's okay it's over now, your time's up I shot ya down while you trying to clown your way around and slip by everything I do b**** is fly, never again will I ever get that high up on my horse and make me use the force I hold inside while I try to hide it I can't, running for so long I start to pant over and over again in my head, dang I might as well be dead, try now to hear what I said, break this s*** and take my med's . . .
  17. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Aite yo give em that nice sh** mane. I gotcha...

    I guess you didn't kno'
    I'd b back fo mo'
    Everbody's on da flo'
    Goin, Goin, out of control
    Set it off on yo left dawg
    Set it off on yo right dawg
    Set it off, ***** I said set it off
  18. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    *kids playing in the background*
    No, it's my turn . . .
    okay, it's your turn . . .
    *car pulls up*
    daddy's home!!

    *music starts*
    I look out the window to see
    see a strange man lookin back at me
    that isn't who I wanted it to be
    I was lookin for my daddy but
    daddy isn't here where's he at
    momma's talking to the guy in black
    momma started crying, why so sad
    what's wrong momma I asked
    momma didn't answer but the man did
    basically said s*** hit the fan kid
    daddy won't be ever coming home no more
    cause daddy went to heaven and you're
    not gonna have to worry ever again
    we will take care of you cause the governments your friend
    and one day there's gonna come a time when
    you're old enough to make a decision
    well so much for that look at me now
    ten years later and i'm still just no one, how
    how could this happen they was gonna be around
    when I needed em most they left me in the ground
    buried in the cloud that hover's over me all day
    no matter what those f****n people say
    I don't have all the time you got to play
    play a game I will not stay
    I pack up my bags then I run away
    this f****n government has got ta pay
    pay for what they done ta daddy cause he lay
    he lays in the ground and I didn't even have time to pray
    pray for daddy cause he was lost so long ago
    pray for momma who after it all had nothing to show
    pray for the people i'm gonna f****n blow
    blow em sky high that'll show em won't it though
  19. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Hahahahah*I see these fakes dying.* Yo that's how you do it kid, but still look over there.*I see more clown catz putting people down and thinking they hot sh**.* Oh aite bomb first on em.*Here the sounds of reloading. And mad guns cock back. I pull up on em and the crew and I bomb first.*

    ***** I told you this how we do it on this side. The f*** is wrong with you didn't you hear!? Didn't get the memo dog!? Aite yo your about to get f***** up boy.
    You wanna ignore the warnings that you seem to get. Talking mad trash our ass will cause some events to happen. I'll get my crew and ***** they packin. They got big sh** that kill you in one hit kinda clips. Stupid p***e your stuck on my d*** and I can't have it. This is so tragic how impudent you've become. Were torching you and you still think you have gained the right to come. Come up to us be talking to use like we have an STD. I mean STI you think you've gained the ability to put us down why? People with STI's will make you pray to god so much faster than I. See they have to put up with bs like this all day everyday 24/7. Not even given a break on vacations. My dude they will break you like they raped you. Think I'm playin they have it the hardest in this damn thing. Its a maf***ing shame how these lames leave a permanent mark in this game. Da hell has the people gone insane? Nope its because these fakes have polluted their brain. Impossible to tell what's improper and a heart stopper dame. I'm no magic man, but I take something out this hat and you'll have to use more then the can. Actual if it were all up to me I'd make sure the doctor couldn't sow that thang back on. Your an infection to the picture perfect populous p****. Pushin up daises if it were up to me. But I can't allow myself to break down just because of someone like you. Ewwww lil ***** that sh** is nasty. Make you Weezy like Lil Wayne so everyone think you sound insane when you do what us people call talking. We can't understand a damn you thing you wanna say. You too busy on that pump because ok the spiked coke from that ashtray. Yea I put pesticide on that sh** ok. Your a pest worthless people wanna see you be gone. Tryin get p**** so you go and smell your mother's thongs. Incest what kind of next sh** is that. Its like doing your sis, but more grown and she isn't as laid back. You wanna try to bring sh** there I'll do it for you. Come talking your mouth around here and there will me dead crazy *****z that will adore you. Time to get rid of you because I'm bored with you. Your sick you give *****z head like shampoo like your an underpaid whore my dude. Its kinda tough for me to say that people would help you after what you did to them hey!!! That's nice but then we got ingnorant people that have the fear of turning gay from doing this. F*** you trick stop saying things like that. Gays have more of a heart than you do so stay back. My dude you don't have any right to make fun of anyone. Go back to being dead or we make you fear the gun. We have the ability to make your rain showers to have a garden of bloody flowers.
  20. Technic☆Kitty Hmm

    Apr 2, 2010
    Indiana, USA
    Yo yo, check this fresh a** s*** I just dug up from the bottom of my mind. It's so sick make you wanna re-re-wind and play it thirty times cause it rhymes so god d*** much it's gonna hurt your f****n nuts cause your d*** is gonna shrink when f****n start to think you know what i'm sayin turns out you don't so you playin it again and again till you can almost get it right, check it my name is Nights and i'm rollin with Dark~Light.

    I know some times I may seem mean, sometimes I may act harsh, but that is just me, and it's only just partial
    of what I truly am on the inside, try to hide, you run and you try to lie, but without even knowing you die
    you walking down the board and hear a faint call, it's me coming at ya with a paint ball, gun for the fun of it
    the fake s*** that you lay down makes a big frown on so many people's faces you anti-clown
    you hear that sound playing in the background, it's the sound of your death the sound of you out of breath
    I had you running for so long to you twenty minutes just to hear the gong the qualm ringing in your ears
    open up your mind and start to hear what it is your soul is telling
    don't ever even fear what the h*** it is i'm selling
    cause no matter what it is you are dying either way, might as well go out in a blaze of glory
    the story just keeps on playin over and over gain, no matter how hard I try I still can feel the pain
    try to cover it up with pp's and parties, try to forget all my worries i'm in no hurry though to get to the show
    i'm on a roll and just when you think it's over you hear just a bit more and feel stupid for walking off
    stage and I start to cough and I ask for my lines but they taking so long I just decide to make s*** up
    i'm so fare gone right now i'm ODin on the spot as I drop I can see the pretty colors, listen to the people start to holler