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  1. Venixas25 Moogle Assistant

    Jan 16, 2011
    My girlfriends house :)
    The mad serial killa no intro to dis flow,
    Quick blow to bimbos who try to duck nas and hips flows,
    mines are included but you took the wrong turn ho,
    ho ho yo ho the pirates have new codes,
    chillax and take off a mega load,
    Cuz im Rabbit slow pokes feels like im fresh off of 8 mile road,
    you fools need to go back to re edit visit the exit i leave cats in royal dishonor fukn beheaded,
    so as soon as you said it i posted a message,
    master of the con-artist wit TNT with a scoop on Leverage,
    Got my man Logan coming into the Corner,
    and take over the cats and leave em as former,
    rappers that had somethin to spit whether it was ballistic or scripted and thought they cud bring something twisted,
    its all over cus we comin to burn up the kitchens im not spittn like daffy when his tounge is all friken,
    twisted im off in da rocket or spaceship,
    You better keep from trippin or tie up ya laces
  2. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    We don’t shoot sh** up dog we gun it down. We walk up on *****z and run em down. Fu**ing with us damn your a clown. Homeboy understand this aint your town. Wanna talk sh** homie no need to frown. You made this choice now take it like a man. If your too much of a b**** you get the death sentence damn. Me and Rabbit will run up in your hood. Tell Joe, Dman, and Hip-Hob what's good. Give them the green light and its on now. This is because of the choice you made see. We go off on any fake fools who wants to disregard us be. Were pretty scary if you ask me. This is muder past the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree. Because the amount of fakes that are out there. Now and then they need a good scare. I'm back so don't you dare. Come up to me asking for forgiveness. When your whole life you've done nothing but live, and talk sh**. Its crazy how you can even think its ok to ask this. There's no excuse for disobedience to the fullest. I guess your not ready to realize this yet. But there's no time for any regret. You fu**ed up now you outta luck. So what cha gonna do? Please tell me as we slowly make your being deteriorate from this world its ture. All this will happen to you. The next time you think to highly of yourself, the wealth, the crew, the cars, the clothes, the girls, and not the fam. Because you'll be 6 feet under faster the anyone at war in Pakistan. No offence to anyone that may know someone out there. God bless those lost on both sides. In war we are all guilty and in the wrong. I hope people understand we all have that one song. The song that can help make a change in this world. But with the fakes out here its will be hard to achieve this goal when all the so called good people sell their souls. So do take in the mistake you just made. Naz, Rabbit, Hip-Hob, Joe, and Dman will really change the game. Money can change people, but when you got something to prove. I hope money is sa in your ready to lose. Because were coming after you and giving back to those who you stole from. Now we can play hide and seek, but your the one who will always stay on the run. The way I dish sh** out is crazy. Fu**ing with me like you and I had a baby. Damn homie slow down your not my lady. Your like a groupie who pays just to see me. The reason you do this is simple. You wanna see if I rap to the point where its critical. To anyone that thinks they are ready to step up. Like Mr.Ignorance thinking he can do the impossible. Take me down and make me stoop to his level. Its something out of the ordinary. Before that happens hell may have to freeze over do you understand me? Want me to speak in another language be? Ok let's make it Japanese... Watashi wa kore o rikai dekiru koto to omoimasu. Moshi nihongo ga rikai dekinainaraba, watashi wa anata o tasukeru koto wa dekimasen. I told you the way I do it is big. Bigger then anything you claimed to have put inside your girlfriend kid. Your nothing but a problem to me. But I'm an exterminator so I won't stop until your kind has jack to be remembered by. Its sucks how when this is over no one will cry. I guess the only way for you to be noticed is to die. But then everyone will be happy. This includes all those people you made feel crappy. Well this is my time to go. Have a nice sleep in your casket bro.

    The thing I said in Japanese means I hope you're able to understand this. If you can't understand japanese then I can't help you.
  3. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    Tonguetwisting words at the speed of light,
    that’s what I spit when I hit it, aight?
    Ya think you’re the bomb, meh, you ain’t much.
    In fact, if you act like a b!tch here, you’ll get touched.
    Fear rules here and hip-hob delivers
    raps that even give the cops the shivers.
    In a duel, you’re the kitchen knife and I’m the gun.
    In other words, you’ll lose and I’ll win, hun.
    Be sure to take notes, loads of lessons to be learned.
    A yearned victory but the tables I have turned,
    I labelled my name onto your head
    so everyone will know you lost to the best.
  4. Venixas25 Moogle Assistant

    Jan 16, 2011
    My girlfriends house :)
    Hey guys gott another verse to Eminem mayb with my own flow check it

    If theres anybody out there listen to evry word bfore your very eyes,
    ive been ina mental fight, with myself strugglin constantly between the darkness and the light,
    Im styll goin head to head with my mama and even papa, who isnt even here to teach me about nada,
    Baby understand things dont always workout so perfect,
    i get to apoint where i think that comin to see u, to you aint even worth it
    all i want is to know that you understand my point of view,
    cuz no one does except you, and i cant lose my baby too,
    Im tired of havin days that bcome so fuked up,
    that i start to feel each and evryday that this luck has been run up,
    Cuz dammit mom im tryin not to catch attitudes,
    if i fall asleep cuz im tired why do you believe im mad at you,
    And baby you know we go thru similar things so know today was stupid,
    it cud have gone different if you had listend to wat i was really tryna say but see i knew it,
    i shuda kept my mouth shut knowing it wud affect you the way it did,
    but ur all i have now so dnt be the last to give,
    and leave me with nothing this thing with us was minor,
    if i say to the world it didnt matter well i cud call myself a liar,
    Fuk the day im sick of bein in trouble and takin blame unecssarliy,
    im feeling better about this now but honestly..........its barely

    thank you guys for reading ill keep my head up cuz this sh!t is tru.......smh
  5. Venixas25 Moogle Assistant

    Jan 16, 2011
    My girlfriends house :)
    She shows me great affection and care like no one has evr and i love her smile and her laugh the way she talks to me i know she loves me and cares about us and wat goes on between us and our daily lives..........she is my strength and my joy and for that she deserves all my love and affection i gave her my heart and thats all i can give to prove to her she is my all my vibe......theres not much i can explain otherwise i wud run thru four more pages but I love An'NaiD i wont reveal her name but she is me the person i see when i look in the mirror i love you for all time

    Love Da'Hsar
  6. Venixas25 Moogle Assistant

    Jan 16, 2011
    My girlfriends house :)
    Screwed up

    If i may apologize for steppin outta line,
    honestly if i can find the time, to rewind it and show evryone that i wasnt in my right mine,
    Sorry mom and dad and To you baby for all my wrong turns,
    And for going against the things i knew were right and still dishing burns,
    I know where i shud go i know how i shud act,
    And an airplane i cud use to make that wish and take it all back,
    Darlin you mean the world to me i know this means not much to you right this second,
    but im trying to recover and take the second,
    chance that i got to make it right so ill stay up writin this if it takes me all night mom i didnt mean to hurt you in anyway possible,
    i jus get frustrated and have way too many obstacles,
    to face right now and to my dad you will be who you are and that is ok,
    but im ridding myself of these issues all now here today,
    Angel i know we fought and i cant make up for this that easy,
    But i need you more than ever and i know that you wont leave me,
    Cuz i wont leave you im changing to help us out and we can be happy,
    go back to those old days where we use to be laughing,
    so hard our faces wud go red,
    we can get there and look past the evil things weve said,
    Im sorry to evryone including ppl i havent mentioned,
    i hope you get this baby and it grabs evryones attention,
    you guys are my world and i was destroying it myself,
    now i realize in doiing that it has damaged my health,
    im apologizung for being so stupid,
    i know now that ive lost my touch in music so things will go back to the normal and in order,
    Cuz this is the last you will here of The Rappers Corner

    its been great guys truly but i have to get my life back togethr and Relapse from evrything you guys have been friends bros to me and i thank you i love you guys like my own bros Dueces

    B-Rabbit out for good.....
  7. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    I’m armed with a lot of dangerous things, sh!t,
    y’all don’t know whom you’re hangin’ with.
    It’s Hib-Hobscene, the famous wordsmith,
    breakin’ limbs with vocals and emceewit.
    Got a lot of experience, as my rhymes will show.
    I’m not jokin’, nor boastin’, I’m just telling so.
    Here I go.
    Imma hit your body from the head ‘till the toe,
    Spit rhymes in the face ‘till you can’t handle no mo’.
    Although you say no, you’re addicted though.
    I’ll explain it this way, as an old saying goes:
    once you go Hib-Hob, you ain’t going back no mo’.
    Also wanna say kudos to B-Rabbit, my bro.
    Fo’ sho’ you’ll be missed here man, I’ll stay a fan though!
    Good luck in further life, I’m sure you’ll do fine.
    Thanks for being here, man, Imma call you one of my kind.
    As for the rest of you guys, you are the best!
    I’m spittin’ here endless, sometimes relentless,
    and you guys keep supporting me, makes me kinda speechless.
    Therefore wanna end this sh!t with this:
    God bless you all, your support is priceless!
  8. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    I am the monster beneath your bed
    Red is the color of the fluid that I’m about to shed
    Let me out of your fantasy so I can go berserk
    In the darkness under your bed I already lurk
    Let me in, you jerk, so I can teach you some manners
    What’s the matter, already about to empty your bladder?
    You haven’t seen sh*t
    In fact, I am more terrifying than Stephen King’s IT
    You’re a painful zit that needs to get popped
    And there’s no way of escaping it
    You cannot opt for another way out
    Now sh*t’s about to get serious
    Don’t try to oppose
    That act is so wrong that it becomes tortious
    That’s it, I’m done and justice is served
    I unnerved the thing that was getting on my nerves.
  9. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Things we say have an effect on our lives. So why do we say things to make others cry? What is it to satisfy our own thoughts of depression? No wonder why we may stay in this recession. If we keep thinking that we above others not caring for one another. Screw em they aint my fam we don't come from the same mother. Its pretty sad really why people want to help others out, but can't when it comes to the community. Please don't scream at me its not needed. I'm here to tell you that I will never be defeated. By something little as to helping others out. In fact I do this like its my job so no one will pout. I hope we can all take it easy have fun, chill out with the family. People trying to talk sh**, don't care won't phase me. I hope you see this is who I be, and what I do take a look at the crew. Excuse me if you find this to be very rude. Don't take offence to this its no diss I promise ya. If you want it be then I'll be sure to agree to what you gotta say. To shut you up the adult way. Its all good homie take in what was said today. Not funny to try and come back, you so whack just being random doing this for fun. If I wanted to try I might have got kicked out because the amount of people that would cry. Cry for the fool thinks it ok to try to comeback at this when from the start its me being random not a diss.
  10. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    I wrote this for Dman23 so he can see how easy it is to come up with some sick flow. I hope you all like it...

    Dman coming at ya homie can't you see that I be the man. Your girl gets out the limo better get back in as fast as you can. See I'm a bad maf*cka, I will hurt you badly stupid f*cka, Nas got my back don't say sh** to your motha. How can you be the boss when simply I am the man. Like Rick Ross, but in my own way. 23 means 2 shots coming at you from 3 ways. Not that way, but if it was then it would me my girl and yours at my krib to stay. I've had it with these suckaz talking down to me. When I'm the boss so try to take this crown from me. See my shots fire so fast you'll need to hire. Someone who's more fit for this attire. Come at me dog you wack. Talking that good sh** you'll get smacked into next century. That's when your heart rate will return to normal be. Can't you see I'm a threat come say sa in kid I'm always ready. Never underestimate me Nas homie I'll kill this track be. If you come on it will be wrong for this to even be considered a song. See his girl said I'm a lick your... no hands not just because your Da man. You always got a plan because you do more then people say you can. Your a bad maf*cka, will protect me from these sorry no good f*ckaz, got a style like no other, bring that pain to any sucka.
    Yea I know Dman is back got bet you know I'm strapped. With that heat ready to eat any clown that wants to step up to me.

    So pretty much he wrote something and asked me if it was good or not. It needed more spice so I told him I'll fix it and made it into that. Dman I hope this is all good my dude.
  11. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    Sorry dude but your rap’s trash
    Raps of a ten-year old
    Like Ketchum Ash
    Go catch’em boy, I know you want them balls bad
    But still, you’re my comrade
    So I won’t start trollin' ‘U mad?’
    But might I add that when you do get mad
    Oh man, in that case
    You might as well forget peace
    ‘Cause then I’ma punch ya black eyed
    Not physical, but lyrical
    In this titan vs titan rap fight
    I know I’m vicious
    And you’re my b*tch
    So you can start trippin' to the kitchen
    And do my dishes
    You better listen though
    Or I’ll kick ya where it itches
    And let you rap in higher pitches
    My rhymes are tight
    They’re the jaguars of rap
    Now it’s your turn
    Make a move, or shut your trap
  12. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Its inevitable for clowns like you to come up to me because I'm so incredible.
    You say I'm your b*tch, but your on a leash. Your barking at me as I walk past you on the same street.
    Your loud barks don't even phase me must be crazy. Thinking I'm your lady, doing your dishes and sh**.
    Too bad the only thing you clean are grown men d**ks. Stuck on an acid trip. Cause your think your words are animals.
    You'll be like Zack and Cody doing kid commercials for Danimals. How tough do you look now?
    When all I have to do is copy you and beat with your own style. Please little man just step down.
    *****z wanna imitate to feel great let me set you straight. You shouldn't take a yard when you weren't given inches.
    You'll be 6 feet under before the doctor can give you stitches. Its weird how I said that I murder cats with my lyrics first. This is part of the reason why your ass will be left to rot in dirt.
    Make a pact with the devil to think you can beat me. I'll execute as you give Satan head be. I live my life taking my enemies down, spitting and shi**ing them out, leave them without style, make you say wow, once you realize I'm not even going all out.
  13. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    Oh please Nas
    I’m cleaning the dicks of grown men?
    I thought you had class
    Now I see you’re just a jackass
    Trying to become a legend, a classic
    Without having the grades to pass my test
    I’ma show ya how it’s done
    Let the master be the sun
    To enlighten your clouded mind, aight?
    First of all, before makin’ sh*t up
    Get your face out of the priest’s cheeks
    And brush your teeth before talkin’
    ‘Cause ugh, your mouth full of priest feces, it reeks
    Yeah, I’m on a leash
    ‘Cause when I’m free and released
    I’m not an animal anymore, then I’m a beast
    And then I’ma feast on clowns like you
    Rip’em apart in pieces
    And then glue’em back together and call it a piece of art
    I wasn’t given inches, I was blessed with metres
    Call all your female friends, I made’em believers
    No use of makin’ a pact with the devil
    He made a pact with me
    He asked me to have mercy on his soul
    When I banished his ass to hell
    Yeah, that’s how I roll
    This is freestyle Ken
    All you gonna do is lose
    Now shoo you little ball-fan
    Before I make a Barbie outta you
  14. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    This guy...

    Noticing guys features is nothing but gay. No offence if you roll like that, but here's what I have to say.
    Its ignorant clowns like you saying trying to diss someone just to be noticed. Its clear to me that you want me to focus. On something as little as you are.
    Childhood sing-a-long, but your no where close to being a star. Matter fact your far from it talking the same sh**. I'm tired of weak stuff like this.
    You need to understand that you have a weak style like a new born child. Innocent until made corrupt open your eyes you sick f*ck.
    Your spitting out nothing but trash and people had it. None of my female friend would want to deal with someone as weak as you sh**. If I tell it would be nothing but a lie be.
    No one would believe me when I say. This clown ass cat named mickey wants to step me. Honestly this is the epitome of your best. Saying that your giving me a test.
    Let me use those words against you then you try your best. To create a method where you won't feel hurt on the inside when I reply back to it. Nothing but bs to the fullest.
    Coming with some weak mimic rhymes you heard from something else. I say something since no human would want to give you help. You need to find the light within. Before you roll up to take out this kingpin. N-Naw I'm nothing but a kid that has the ability to split a wig, with the intentions of a cold blooded killer. Without the use of violence get with it.
    You need to get up without using a stool. Fake clown were not in school no one is giving you tools this is the real world. Grown up or stay down because *****z like you is why our population stays with frowns. Some people do right and wrong but acting like you mean something in a song is just stupidity. You can't get anywhere while acting in a manner such as this be.
    Next time do some research before you go up against me.
  15. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    You say I mimic and call me a cat?
    Sh*t man, I think I must be a copycat
    Nah, just kidding, my rhymes are self-made
    And I don’t need aid to make’em
    I just use my brains
    And lay’em down on my paper
    There’s no need for research here
    Instead, I spit’em off the top of my head
    And give orgasms to the ears
    By the way, to make this clear once and for all
    I really don’t wanna be a f*cking star
    And just for the record, you’re not even close to being one either, not by far
    Now we’re at it, let’s talk about your game for a while
    I’m afraid it’s so lame it makes me yawn all the time
    I might as well compare it with an arcade game
    In the beginning it’s entertaining but after every session you play
    It gets stale and when that happens, people dump it all the way
    But still, I’ma call you lady luck
    ‘Cause you have the means to become rich as f*ck
    People are ready to give you lots of bucks
    For a blowjob and a f*ckity f*ck
    In other words, giggity giggity, you suckity suck
    You’re the ugly duckling in the rapper’s corner
    You *** even lack the skills and the confidence to make a comeback after this
    You loaned your place here, now it’s time to give it back
    So please, do us a favor, go back to your clan of ‘swans’
    Y’know, the people who don’t rap, where you truly belong
  16. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Yo this kid's intelligent is mad low what *** bro. Doing nothing but flaming and making yourself look like some dumb ass****. Coming to the rap corner, but this is about raw talent bro.
    Keep telling you I'm just me. Never wanted to be a star or even try to make it. Cause I'd be like you a dumb fake b*tch. I'm quick to kill a ***** know who I be my dude. Your talking nothing sh** all in all being rude. My dude is copying off of Family Guy I ask why? Would you copy someone who's straight and were still in a debate. Why you keep saying sh** that is all you do. Giving head to all the kids in your school. Your VP too. Ewwww that's not even normal for a kid to dream of that kinda sh** bro. I say dream cause I don't wanna assume too much. You talk about what I do in a rush so you want bust a nut. From me replying back to you lame sh** its wack. To be honest dissing you is nothing more then sneezing in a tissue. You take in everything and I still throw you out. Nothing but a low class hooker, but your pimp won't allow you to pout. I'm not your pimp though its your own mind. Jerking off to yourself in the mirror as you take it from behind. Enough of this 1st grade trying to diss play let me bring it to you this way. Your a little square mother****er trying to get to who? Talking all that good sh** with you punk ass clique. Too bad maf*cka your time to get hit. Can't do nothing but pray hoping your wig won't get split. This is my warning to you cause your mad slow. Stop fronting nut lova let them thangs go!!!
  17. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    Your words don’t even make sense anymore
    Copying Family Guy? Man, that’s called a quote
    In fact, I’ll do another one, so that I’m sure you understand:
    “Yo this kid's intelligent is mad low…” Wait, stop there
    I think you meant intelligence. How ironic, telling me I’m stupid
    When this rapstudent lacks the intelligence
    To write the word 'intelligence' right
    Pfuh, look at this dude, calling me rude
    When all he’s saying is muddafu*ka, assf*ck, b*tch and sh*t
    And well, that’s pretty much it
    As I said before, you suck
    … Wait, ugly duckling, what the f*ck?
    Get off my dick, you prick, or I’ma hit ya with a brick
    Not with a stick, you might like that and start to lick
    After that, I’ma feed you some toxic arse-nic
    I’ma make you sick before the arrival of the medic
    Now, why don’t you act original
    And answer me again how
    I'm a f*cking piece of sh*t that mimics all lyricals
    Like copying everything is part of my tactic
    Yeah, I’m acting aggressive here
    I make this rapbattle look like an action flick
    But still, you're going down
    In fact, I’ll make you seasick and make you drown
    I’ll be the iceberg and you’ll be Titanic
  18. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    I know this kid likes copying be. I've had it this stupid pussy wanted to have a battle with me. Like B-Rabbit, but Rabbit style and class. Your just a wanna be fake how much more of your lame ass rhymes can I take? Saying a quote from a show is still copying no wait more like robbing. Why do you still keep talking your so slow. I thought you where someone with high I.Q. bro. Yo this ***** swears he's doing something good, but your not. I'm guessing that's why B-Rabbit dropped from this spot. Got tired of wanna be fake *****z polluting his mind. You talk so much sh** nothing comes out from your behind. Your nothing but a punk I don't even know why I'm tripping. All your doing is some tough guy sh** b*tch made just chillin. I keep my eye on my foes those close to me. This excludes you because your nothing but a tick prick f*cking with me. See you can't do nothing when sh** hits the fan. I'll gladly be the bigger man and walk away to see how hard you really are. Don't be a b*tch and run to your clique. But I'm really tired of messing with you. The thing is going easy is something I love to do because now I see the b*tch in you. And I love it how this kid says I curse too much. You wouldn't say that about Pac. Boy you'd be hurt so much. I'm not ever comparing myself to him. He's one of the reason why I came to this corner my dude. My turn to be more then just rude. Say something I dare you no one is trying to scare you. But act tough get hit. You can reply to this with your weak sh**. I'll come back a little more stronger. Just to see how much longer I have before I break. This line between us so I can break. That and you up ignorant punk trick you screwed up. Words pop into your head. That sh** will stop, why... Because your dead. I want you to say something that has Rabbit in it please do me a favor. I won't even use that against I'll just get serious. Put your brain in the trash cause that's where it belongs trick. Tell me you didn't wanna copy him to feel the drive he felt. Too bad you lack the skills, tools, talents, necessities to deal with me. But now that I think Pac had a reason to use vulgar language. Me I don't because dissing won't get anything across. I see you needed inspiration to see if your weak rhymes could match up to others. Its pathetic but I'll go easy since your like my brother. Wait I'm lying inside I'm crying for real. I hate it when I go up against those that have not a chance. To understand they are going up against something more then just a man. A real man with a plan be. To escape this prison he's in. That's why I need to discover what I can and can't do. The thing I can't do is continue to battle you. If I get to serious you really won't like me. I've been biting my tongue as soon as this battle started. But tell me I don't have hold back anymore. I promise I'll be kicked off your friends this when I prove I'm not about f this or f that. I did that to get my point across. You don't get it then get dealt with like that wanna attitude you have like some powerful boss. Matter fact I wanna see have you got to say. When I see just a word ignore everything else until you beg for mercy. You wanna see why *****z hate to see me like this. You'll understand this is the same reason why random people don't come up to me and just diss. Real cats quiet cats that did nothing wrong until you mess with them. RIP Pac cause this kid will see the remains of what ever is left of him. Iceberg my sh** is so hot you'll be nothing more than gas. You really wanna see aggressive then copy this. Your flames have died you too far underwater b*tch.

    Hahahahahahhahahah YO hit this kid one more time.
    Naw man he's not ready.
    No just go in

    Homie your style is nothing more then sloppy. Admitting to me you do nothing but copy fake trick trying to get cocky. I know you saw the other raw sh** I wrote. If I used that in this battle you'd do nothing but choke. Please you have no hope. Why you ask simply your flow aint dope. Not to say I'm the sh** myself, but I don't rhyme to get wealth. I use this as a way to fight fake *****z like you with a loud bark and no bite. If you don't understand by wealth I'm talking about money and things like that. I'm saying it as to get people with sicks ass flows to notice me in rap. I just stay quiet to upgrade myself when there sh** gets tired....

    Hahahahhaha no man stop enough I got it homie ease up.
    You want war ***** yea I said it. I somewhat regret it because now you need to be put to death quick. Bullsh** why you keep trying go up against me in some sh** like this.
    No dude ease up please let him get a chance.
    You want a chance then reply watch as I take your weak sh** and make it fly sky high. Look at what I say closely please. I want you to try and say some smart ass sh**. I don't cater to weak flows that's why I keep pushing myself to get better all the time. Every second each rhyme. Needs to be better then the one before leading up to some sick sh** after.

    Aite I got it hahahahahahah I'm calm now .

    F*CK YOU AND YOUR B*TCH ASS PUNS... Nothing but bubble gum jokes step your game up son.

    Yo cool off man really what's good.
    Aite hahahahah you this kid wanna play I got him.

    Yo kid using puns as his style of rap. Trying to make me look like a fool. Stupid ass let's think back. Half your puns didn't help you. Petrified b*tch scared for his life. You need to use other styles like raw rap man take that. You need to get up, try harder because to me your slippin. Don't ever step to me with puns ***** you trippin.

    AITE PLEASE GO I'm trying to hold him back hurry up.
  19. king_mickey rule Destiny Islands Resident

    Nov 18, 2008
    Y’know, I just do not comprendo
    Why y’always be wanting mo’ than you can comprehendo
    You see, it always seems like yo wanna me to beat yo
    ‘Cause yo just don’t wanna live your life anymo’
    And still, yo continue to try to follow me in an alley
    That’s simply too narrow for an emcee like yo
    Yo wanna diss me
    When yo fell like, this deep?
    Man, let me spell it out fo' yo simple and clean
    You’ll only get one chance to stab me
    When I’m lying in my bed, fast asleep
    My last posts were like a 4-hit combo
    Now it’s time to deliver a Mortal Kombat fatality, the fatal deathblow
    I’ma say ciao to the o-accent for now
    And start the real rant, so, you ready pussy? *miaow*
    Look at lil Nasy here trying to come at me
    You too nosey you lil wannabe noisy, let me tell thee
    In this world where nothing ‘s free
    You’ll have to pay with your own life
    In order to sting like a bee
    Or to turn a blunt kitchen knife into a machete
    But when we duel, I'll always be the victor
    'Cause I'll be quaking your earth with a magnitude higher than 10 on the scale of Richter
    I am the king of the game, in real life and fiction
    If I'd be like a fictional character in let's say, Yu-Gi-Oh!
    I'd still be the king of games, you know, Atem, the great pharaoh
    My nizzle promised a shout and an apocalyptic storm
    Yet fo’ shizzle, all he did was a silent whistle and made it drizzle
    You’re just too stubborn to accept
    That drizzle's the best your rhymes are ever gonna get
    And why keep telling me that I f*cking copy?
    I don’t do that, everyone knows that for a fact.
    ‘Cause dude, if what I do is already that
    Then in that case we better stop using grammar and vocs
    ‘Cause somebody already used’em lots before us
    Once again, they’re called quotes
    I use’em like roads to reach my goals, puns in this case
    And yes, I am all over the place
    Behind and in front of you, left and right
    But again, that’s how I roll in order to reach my goal, aight?
    It’s normal, rappers tend to have different styles
    Mine is using puns
    Yours is telling others they copy other’s rhymes
    I’m curious, what is the ugly duckling gonna make up and say now, huh?
    Again, that I’m like a lowf*ck that copies sh*t all the time, huh?
    Maybe you'll use another rapper that's one of my idols, like Pac
    To "prove" that I’m just another fake rapper in denial? *quack*
    Well, I guess you’ll just keep walking your endless cycle
    Have fun trying to diss me and telling recycled lies
    In the end, you’ll just plead guilty of losing it in your own f*cking trial
  20. nasirrich King's Apprentice

    Jun 7, 2008
    I'll end you on the spot so watch your six
    Hahahaha yo check it out this kid Mickey is trying to go all hard on me and stuff. Saying Pac is one of his idols. ***** you really can't be talking. I'm not going to be here taking hits from some kid that has a Disney character as his name and trys to act hard.

    I find it awkward how you can even spit with such intense rhymes why you have such a child name. Must be your state of mind thinking it would be possible to try to come to me. Your moronic pondering is what got you here to battle me in the first place. You honestly don't even belong here what a disgrace. Your weak style, I'll abolish it, make you swallow it like you do when you suck d*ck. All your rhyme histories combined couldn't violate me in anyway. You think I can't keep going ok. You and your weak ass puns I have others ways to diss you in rap without saying you copy people so run. Please run far away because here is a place you really can't stay. Listen your brain's inferior to anything you think you can step up to anyone and get in the way of real sh** please sir. Go back to the clubhouse is where you belong, because Mickey fans will hate to see him gets dissed in a rap song. You need the little kids you chill with to give you power and ask them questions you can't answer since your dumb as sh**. Yo my impenetrable barrier, is incontestable to anything you can come up with. Indigestible to the limited mind you have. The intelligence you have to stand up against me is nothing but stupidity. I think that's part of the reason why you act so sadiddy. Trying to reenact something you can't be. An actual rapper that has the ability to challenge me. No step up to me to be precise. I'm not sure why you try to say something why compared to anyone your not even that nice. This flow you claim to have is nothing but making happy *****z get mad. Those glad bag don't work you must be mad take your *** back because you lack the skills to rap for comebacks. You cause things to happen you don't have the talent to stop it. You make events occur that shouldn't have stirred up to begin with. The words that I spit will leave you tongue-tied I don't lie. Its not just you I'll do the same the thing to anyone that thinks they have it. You lack the talent that many say they see in you. The only thing I see is a broken mic and a kid writing some things down for you. I want to see if you understand. I'm 17 but I have the ability to destroy a man. Without doing anything physical, digital, emotional, social to corrupt them bro. Its verbal abuse when they become more aggressive and all I say is so. But in this case its digital which is protecting you. If I said this in your face the respect you have will slowly crumble down like a kid doing a tumble. Into blocks that help build creativity, but for you its nothing creative when you get shut down be. You take a hit from me is like getting hit with with a .50 A round from a sniper and those *****s can't hit these targets as hard as I can. I told you once I'm nothing more then a man. No actual I take that back I've become less then that. The reason for this is because I'm going at it with a kid that has a child icon and thinks he's phat. Hahahahahaha when was the last time anyone ever said that? I don't care because There's no more time to be left for you sh**. Your foolish because this cool sh** he's spitting isn't age fitting for a kid that does heavy hits and... Other abilites he must have got as he watched no good rappers as they fell from the spot. Not this a real one like you see on t.v. but why would a child icon be trying to do hardcore raps be? Its confusing me a lot now so allow me to break it down. No clown has ever been well respected. Authentic *****z are people being prevented from doing what they have the ability to do. But because of people like you that ability has gone to a waste of space, time, money, management, effort its so true. You have to deal with anything to live legitimately. Unfortunately your given a mic and not even an MC. Talking about Pac I wish I knew him. But to be honest your just a f*cking insult to him. I just said his name never try to compare myself to his crazy ass game. This kid Mickey is far under my radar the fake rappers don't even have a clue to who the f*ck you are. I want there to be peace, but *****z like you talk a hard game. But you run on the walkways of sesame street. So now I have to use my lyrics to cease your speech this kid needs to reconfigure his tactics when he's coming at me. He's like an obstacle that I need to put in the hospital because I'm not taking weak sh** lightly like those fakes do when they are forced to listen to you. And say things that aren't true just to try and hype you. What a b*tch this kid really going to attempt to ride on me woo. This kid is making something more then a mistake. You think your a fork in my road lil Mickey I'll just go straight. Break through anything you think you have. This includes anything you used to diss me, those weak ass puns you use and try to beat me. Hahahahah damn dude I'm doing nothing but crying so hard because I think your trying. Damn trying your best to come at me with your ill words yet. Its nothing but story time rhymes the f*ck you doing coming around here with those punk ass punch lines. Its impossible to see how real things out here are. You can't be scared when you try to make another rapper run. Have more then one style son what hell you doing? Its that kid mentality that you have which makes you screwed. If you want it then I'll bring not caring if you have nothing to help you. F*ck your little b*tch ass up that's why I don't mess with kids that can't come up with something that actual means nothing. If you think cause you got a group to back you. ***** you'll get f*ck up with them. Impossible to tell if he's a murderer or if its just raw talent within him. Talk a mean game, but these words will be implanted in your brain and think all the time. The hell was I thinking the dude is insane. Doing everything to try and warn em, teach them a lesson then the family will have to mourn them. Want me to calm down I will, but your b*tch ass has no ability to tame what's in him.