Dream Drop Distance The New enlightened Theory about YMX(Young Xehanort) [MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!]

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    We all know about Young Master Xehanort. He's royal pain. About as much as Vanitas, even if he is in his cloak that looks FREAKING awesome and has glowing red eyes..... So EVIL.... Hey, a good villain makes a good hero.

    Here's what I know so far:
    In one cutscene, YMX knocks Sora out cold. You see things from first person, and you see a guy in a brown cloak(sound like KH1, anybody?) approach Xehanort, when he was, daresay, twenty-ish. He's the guy with the silver hair and yellow eyes, and the freaky grin. Yup. Him. Anyways, apperantly YMX shed his body to travel time AND collect other versions of Xehanort for the main body snatcher himself. Yeah, messed up, right? And guess who was the guy in the cloak in KH1? Young. Master. Xehanort. Oh, and YMX is the Mysterious Figure. He summons the No Name Keyblade. I'm dead serious.

    This game gets better and better.