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    What are you a cop?
    The world is filled with beings more powerful then anything mankind's faced in it's brief existence. It is more dangerous now then it has every been. But for all the danger and evil there is good. Great heroes arise to combat the threats. But when a threat too powerful for one hero attacks, they band together to defeat that evil.
    After that day I saw the need for them. I financed this team, and I made sure they didn't make the same mistakes as the superhero teams before them. Though we of course found our share of hostiles, some villains and elected government officials who felt beings this powerful all together was just as dangerous as who or what they fight. But I don't think bringing them together was a mistake. I still stand by me choice. They were strong, smart, and capable. They were irregular.
    -Sebastian Cromwell, CIA interrogation room. One week after the Irregular event.

    Ok this is a superhero RP. We're going to be roleplaying as a team of superheroes from the time they formed up to the catastrophic event that they were the center of.

    1. Follow our KHV overlords rules. Of course.
    2. No goddmoding or powerplaying. (Although I might do some for the sake of the story. But it won't too much.)
    3. Try to keep it PG-13. I don't mind romance and swearing, but still keep in mind the forum rules.
    4. No killing or controlling others characters without said persons permission.
    5. There's not going to be days or anything like that. But do try to post at least every two weeks. If this is going to be a problem just contact me.
    6. This is going to be a comic book-like RP. So don't be afraid to throw in some twists.
    7. If you have a villain character you'll have to wait until I introduce the villains.
    8: You may use NPCs.
    9. No insulting or bullying people outside of the RP.
    10. And finally if you have any ideas to improve the RP or rules or anything else just contact me. This is a no judgment zone.

    Character sheet:
    Appearance: (You can link or describe or both.)
    Origins: (Your characters backstory. If you want to reveal your characters origins in the RP that's perfectly fine.)

    Username: lord-insan-E-O
    Name/Aliases: Tray Kane/Archer
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Good
    Appearance: He's a average height Caucasian male. He has long blonde hair that he keeps in a pony tail. Most of his body is covered in scars, he has several on his face. he is fairly muscular and in tip top shape. In his street cloths he just wears something simple, such as a tee-shirt and some jeans. As Archer he wears a jet-black leather jacket over a thin grey hoodie and he keeps the hood up at all times. He also wears a pair of black gloves and jeans. He uses a special pair of goggles to conceal his identity. He has three quivers on him, one large one on his back and two smaller ones attached to his waist.
    Origins: Born on the streets he learned at a young age to look after himself. One faithful day when he was twelve he was being savagely beaten by a group of thugs, which wasn't unusual for him. Tray never backed down from them and impressed a passing by 'business' man. The 'business' man sent his 'associates' to 'take care of' the thugs. The man, only known as Zeus turned out to be the leader of a highly covert league of assassins known as Olympus. Zeus took Tray under his wing, affectedly adopting him.
    Tray was immediately trained to be a assassin along with Zeus' own son, Damien. Tray was immediately adept at martial arts and quickly mastered all known forms to man. He also master using various weapons but found himself preferring to use a bow. Not to be out done by Tray, Damien took up a bow as well. Damien grew a hatred for Tray as he felt he was his fathers favorite. While Tray was oblivious to Damien's hatred, as he thought they just had a friendly rivalry.
    Over time Tray grew tried of the endless killing his job brought and left the league. Zeus sent some of his best agents to bring him back in but they all were killed by Tray. Zeus eventually gave up on getting Tray back and fell in a deep depression, as Tray was like a son to him. Damien, now calling himself Apollo, saw his father as weak and tried to take over Olympus, but failed. So in the dead of night Apollo killed his father and framed Tray. To keep up appearances Apollo made Tray public enemy number one. So now Tray stays one step ahead of the league and being a vigilante.
    Personality: He is typically cold and distant. As he is afraid to get close to someone in fear that they will think of him as a monster due to his past. But he is always willing to help those who can't help themselves with a sarcastic attitude.
    Powers/Abilities/Equipment: While he has no powers himself his strength, agility, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, and senses are above average but not superhuman. He is one of the best hand-to-hand combatants on earth. He has near perfect aim and rarely misses his target. He is adept at using nearly every weapon known to man but prefers to use a bow. He is a master strategist and taction. He uses a highly durable compound bow. He employs a variety of trick arrows, that include regular arrows, explosive arrows, electric arrows, non-lethal impact arrows, smokescreen arrows, teargas arrows, and many more. He is fairly gifted at developing his trick arrows. He wears a special pair of goggles that has many functions. They can zoom in on targets miles away, and have a night vision, thermal vision, and x-ray vision modes. He is also a skilled driver and pilot. He has a special high performance motorcycle that has a variety of different functions.
    Other: Keeps a collapsible steel baton and a survival knife in case he runs out of arrows.

    Name: Damien/Apollo
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Bad

    Appearance: This but has a large quiver on his back.
    Origins: Born and raised in a league of assassins known as Olympus, he was the son of the leader and was treated as a prince. He was the most talented trainee, or at least until Tray Kane showed up. Due to Tray's success and love in the league Damien grew bitter and jealous. He did everything in his power to one up Tray, and it only worked half the time.
    When Tray left the league and his father Zeus in his depression, Damien tried to take over the league but failed. Unable to defeat his father outright, he decided to use trickery and deceit to kill his father and frame Tray for the deed. Now in charge Damien devotes quite a bit of resources to hunt Tray down.
    Personality: He is sadistic, and power hungry. He is completely driven to achieve his goals, no matter what they may be.
    Powers/Abilities/Equipment: While he has no superpowers his strength, speed, stamina, durability, and reflexes are all at there peak. As he received the same training as Tray he is a master combatant, strategist, taction, and marksman. He is adept at all forms of weaponry but tends to use a recurve bow. He doesn't use as many trick arrows as Tray, as he shoots to kill. He uses regular arrows, explosive arrows, and smokescreen arrows. He uses a machete incase he runs out of arrows.

    Other: Sometimes he uses more conventional weapons.

    Name: End
    Age: 10,000
    Gender: None
    Alignment: Bad
    Appearance: It is a navy blue ink-like blob. It can change into various forms and sizes.
    Origins: A artificial being made by a race of physically inadequate beings to defend them in war with another race. Their creation proved to be the perfect weapon, as it decimated the opposing force. The monster started evolving in unexpected ways, as it began taking various strengths from their enemy. Overtime the two warring races found peace with each other, but under the condition that the creation would be destroyed. Both sides did their best to destroy it but nothing worked. Eventually they decided the only course of action is to shot the monster into the sun. And so they did, but they under estimated their creation. It fought back and sending the shuttle it was sent on off course.
    After centuries of drifting off in space, it finally landed on Earth. It is the threat that brings the Irregulars together.
    Personality: Tends to act like a animal but is extremely smart. It is sadistic and enjoys killing and causing mayhem.
    Powers/Abilities/Equipment: End is liquid being that can change it's shape. It can form basic weapons from it's body such as swords, axes, etc. It is nearly indestructible, it is weak to high pitched sonic vibrations. Electricity can reduce it to it's liquid state. Ice can also slow it down. End also has the ability to copy different attributes from various species.
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