The Hot Girl Paradox Fail

Discussion in 'Help with Life' started by Serbkiller, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Serbkiller Destiny Islands Resident

    Jul 21, 2008
    The characters:
    Hakan: My closest friend
    Sara: My ex who is the hottest girl at school. She nice but a bit ****ty.

    So yesterday me an my friend we late for class, sprinting for class in an empty hallway (the jaws song on the PA system can have that effect) and Sara was walking down the hall the opposite direction. Since our breakup I just completely not acknowledge her existence so I was looking dead ahead. Then she screams "****!" she had one of those shirts on where there are no shoulder straps. Apparently it was a little to big too. So when she moves her books away from her chest and they get caught on her shirt. They pull down her shirt and bra. So she freaks out and tries covering herself back up but the shirt is ripped and etc. So it took her about 20 seconds to cover up. We looked away (as hard as it was to do so) and kinda just walked on. Lucky for her no one else was in the hallway. So the problem for me and my friend now is she thinks we are perverts. Perverts for looking (but we looked away after we saw what happened) and ****ers for not helping her. So today one of her friends said to me "What the hell did you do to Sara?!" So it seems like she didn't tell them what really happened. Now I'm afraid they are going to spread it like wildfire not even knowing what happened. I know she won't because she still is a nice person. I don't want to say what really happened because then she'll be completely embarrassed and hate me even more. It really upset her too, she was crying after school when walking to her home. She didn't realize I was watching I guess.
  2. P Banned

    Oct 5, 2007
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    Well now you've got the reputation of a pervert, so you probably should have gotten an eyeful anyway.

    Best thing you can do is just explain.
  3. Repliku Chaser

    What a not so fun experience. I guess I'd either just blow it off or try talking to her and say that you were not being a perv and don't really also want to tell people what really happened because it would be very humiliating for her so if she and you can be neutral on this issue, it's probably the best for both your reps. Tell her you would have tried to help her but rather than looking away respectfully, there was really not much at the time you feel you could have done there and the next best thing you can do is to say nothing to anyone who asks what happens because that can tarnish her more than anyone else.

    Hope things get better for you. These things tend to die down as long as the people in the center of the situation don't go on about it and add fuel to the fire.
  4. Serbkiller Destiny Islands Resident

    Jul 21, 2008
    Thanks and no, things weren't getting better. So today Hakan thought it was
    a ''glorious sight". Hakan (who is in every single class with her) said she's been acting so weird around him. He also mentioned he won't do anything and it's up to me to fix any problems that could happen (way to go ****er). Irony: Hakan was making fun of her latter in the day, it happened with me not even realizing it. We were walking up the stairs at dismissal and she was behind us and I didn't realize (one had pressing against her shirt) and he said "Ervin can you hold my books, I wouldn't want to pull a muscle and fall down the stairs and rip my shirt" I was laughing but then I saw her! She was behind us and it looked like she was about to cry so I told him to shut up.

    Although this is kind of ironic I have to say seeing her cry felt good. Vengeance was all I could think off! It's not that I really care that much about her, but more about my social status.
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    So, I gather you made an accidental move, and it seems like you don't care about her. Yet, you don't want to build a reputation as being a "perv".
    The thing I would recommend is to simply stay calm, and be contempt of yourself at all times. Tune out all the people that wanna spread this rumour. Focus on your own life, bro.