The Gems of Prophecies

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    Ten Gems
    Ten Chosen Ones
    Two Prophecies
    Two Sides
    So yeah, I decided to get this dream roleplay started. I'm going to keep editing it since I have curfew soon, so I'm going to put in as much info as I can right now.
    It's 4392, technology keeps developing, and people are happy. What more could they want?
    Things will change, though, for people unearth a prophecy made at an unspecified date. It tells of ten magical gems with extraordinary power. If wielded, the user would gain unimaginable abilities. But none have found them.
    A decade later, another prophecy is found. It says that a year after the second prophecy is found, world wide disasters will come. What could it be? Humanity is not going to find out, for they WILL find the gems and stop this, as the prophecy states that the gems will help stop the evil that will claim the planet.
    Perhaps you could be chosen by one of these ten gems...Who knows? They say the weapon is as good as the user, to be guided...But what if it was the other way around? Perhaps the gems will guide the wielders...
    Gem bearers will bear one of ten gems, but they wont get the gems at the beginning. It will be much later on. Helpers are part of a secret organization that will help the gem bearers. Stealers are people that are part of a large group bent on stealing and keeping the gems for themselves.
    Character Form:
    Description: (Pictures are allowed)
    Bio(Optional, but preferred):
    Profession: (Gem-bearer, helper, or stealer?)
    Ten Gems
    Gem of Water
    Gem of Earth
    Gem of Fire
    Gem of Air
    Gem of Light
    Gem of Darkness
    Gem of Emotion
    Gem of Peace
    Gem of Chaos
    Gem of Unity
    If a gem is taken then it will be crossed out with the character name next to it.
    There are also three gems that are larger than the others, and have special qualities, but until they're taken(or all ten, I'm making this up as I go :p), I won't reveal what they are.
    So...Make your choice.
    1. Swearing is allowed
    2. No godmodding
    3. No powerplaying
    4. No metagaming
    5. Please familiarize yourself with roleplaying terms, such as IC(in character)and OOC(Out of character). Don't forget char, short for character, or also muse.
    6. If people are acting mean towards you IC, IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY FEEL THE SAME WAY OOC.
    7. May add more, it depends.
    Character List
    Name: Poke
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'8'
    Description: He's got light-blue eyes, black hair, light skinned. He wears a black t-shirt with a red hooded zipper sweater, outside, he has dark-blue jeans, and he's got white-rimmed, white-nosed and black shoes. And he's got a belt with a special pocket made to fit virtually anything inside(Thanks to technology)
    Personality: A fun loving little jokester. He likes to play around, but he knows when to get serious.
    Profession:(Gem-bearer, helper, or stealer?)I'll take the last remaining gem there is.
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