The Complete 2011 MEP!

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  1. Stardust Chaser

    Apr 17, 2007

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you the final MEP for viewing! Note that the songs used and editors featured are listed in the description for your convenience =] .


    Months of hard work went into this project, so a big thank you to everyone who contributed -- this wouldn't have been possible without the great support from the community. It's an honor to finally post the finished product, and we hope you enjoy it!​

    For those of you who cannot view it on YouTube for any reason, we have a download available -- click here.
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Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts News & Updates' started by Stardust, Aug 20, 2011.

    1. Iskandar
      this has turned out great. One of the best things to see before school on monday

      I just got a video for falling apart, now i listening to Across the Line. And I might look for some Utada songs

      now I must give out rep to everyone that took part in this, because I must give out something for this awesome video. That, and I need something to do while I listen to music :P
    2. Ienzo
      This was amazing, I loved it and I've fallen in love with about 10 of the songs on it so I'm gonig to go have to do some song shopping. Well done to everyone who took part all of them were really well done. Congratulations!

      I also never expected to hear Superchick in that rendition or I didn't expect the Aristocats xD Also, I just loved the ending xD
    3. Plums
      From when Stardust was testing out the link ololol, I watched it and it was absolutely great.
      All of your videos came together well, and I am jelly of all of you and your mad editing skills. >:

      Favoriting on Youtube and again, great job. c:
    4. Saxima
      FFFFFFFFFF- This was pretty amazing. Leave it to KHV to pull something awesome like this together. I've got songs to go check out now.

      Great job everyone. c:
    5. Arch
      Still watching it and everyone who worked on it did a good job from what I can see. My only problem is that the final product has rather uneven volume.
    6. Ienzo
      Is it possible to get a song list? It may be easier, if not then I don't mind finding them myself.
    7. Stardust
      Ah yeah, it's in the description =P.

    8. Ienzo
      Ahht thank you xD Sorry, I didn't see it as it is on Youtube. But thank you very much!
    9. Sabby
      Woah, fantastic job everyone. this was amazing. I love to see the wonderful talent the members of KHV have. :D I need to finish watching all of it but so far it's been great. You guys should feel very proud and accomplished.

      Great job.
    10. C
      "This video contains content from WMG, SME, UMG, Kontor New Media, YG Entertainment Inc., EMI and The Orchard Music, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
      Sorry about that."

      /wrist goddamn it D: I wanted to see this as well! Oh well, I guess there's always next time.
    11. Kalnet
      Wow wow! I never expect that all of our songs will blend in together very beautifully! Seriously! Good job everyone!

      Oh yeah and thanks to Guardian Soul for compiling our submissions perfectly and also once again thanks to Guardian Soul and Stardust for creating this project!
    12. Britishism
      It's great.
      KH-VIDS is a talented forum, in all honesty. The songs did blend rather well, (although this does have its exceptions), and the variety of mediums and clips kept me interested throughout.

    13. Guardian Soul
      Guardian Soul
      Since some people might have some troubles watching the video on Youtube due to record labels and others might want to put it on their iPod or PSP, here's a download link.

      The format is mp4 and it's encoded with h264
    14. Anzu_100
      This turned out great! :D I must say, this is probably one of the best things I did this summer. So.... when can we do another one? XD Just kidding.
    15. Shinichi Izumi
      Shinichi Izumi
      LIKE button,

      DISLIKE button,

      FAVORITE button

      but where is the EPIC button?
    16. Te Deum
      Te Deum

      Just... wow.

      FML for my like of editing skills......
    17. Josephmahon1
      i dont think i know enough words to say how awesome this video was its defently one of the best meps ive taken part in in a long time
    18. Chevalier
      Wow...guys, this was amazing. The songs fit very well with each other and everything blended almost seamlessly. I feel so proud to be part of this community. You really outdid yourselves.

      Thank you for partaking in this. It's really great to see members coming together this way.
    19. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      Wow just wow. This was done very well. I must admit I am rather envious of the talent you all have.

      Great job to everyone who did this.